Google Satellites, Global Internet Access

Google’s Satellite Plan Would Boost Global Internet Competition | MIT Technology Review: "It isn’t clear what model Google and O3b might pursue. But O3b’s satellites already offer a superior and cheaper way to deliver high-speed Internet than conventional satellite services. Satellite Internet is traditionally provided by geostationary satellites that stay over a given point on Earth. These satellites orbit at 35,000 kilometers—often adding a 600 millisecond delay to the radio signals going back and forth. Such a delay is generally considered excessive for business use."

Google Invests in Satellites to Spread Internet Access - WSJ: "Google plans to spend more than $1 billion on a fleet of satellites to extend Internet access to unwired regions of the globe, people familiar with the project said, hoping to overcome financial and technical problems that thwarted previous efforts. Details remain in flux, the people said, but the project will start with 180 small, high-capacity satellites orbiting the earth at lower altitudes than traditional satellites, and then could expand...."

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How Big a Threat Is Xiaomi to Apple? (video)

How Big a Threat Is Xiaomi to Apple?: Video - Bloomberg:
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Bloomberg Businessweek’s Brad Stone reports on Xiaomi’s mascot and the other merchandise the company sells in China. (Source: Bloomberg - June 5th)

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Apple CDN, Content Delivery Network, Paid Interconnect Deals With ISPs

Apple's very own Content Delivery Network (CDN) --

Apple Negotiating Paid Interconnect Deals With ISPs For Their Own CDN: "In February I blogged about a new group formed inside of Apple last year, tasked with building out their own CDN to deliver Apple software updates, apps and other Apple related content. Since my post, Apple has been very busy with their build out deploying a lot of boxes running Apache Traffic Server and buying a ton of transit, co-location, wavelengths and other infrastructure services. Their CDN is quickly growing, and it won’t be long before we start seeing a portion of their content getting delivered from their new CDN...."

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T-Mobile voice over LTE, HD voice in Seattle

T-Mobile rolls out voice over LTE, HD voice in Seattle | PCWorld: "T-Mobile USA has rolled out voice over LTE in its home base of Seattle, offering high-definition voice and promising benefits to subscribers from a technology that in time could save carriers a lot of money. VoLTE carries voice calls over a phone’s LTE data connection instead of a 3G circuit-switched network. That may eventually mean carriers can operate just one network, but it could also allow them to offer a broader range of services, including video calling. With VoIP, video chat and other communications services readily available “over the top” from Internet companies, carriers want to get into the game with integrated offerings, called rich communications services...."

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