Samsung Chromebook Limited by Internet Dependency

The Samsung Chromebook Reviewed: Worth Buying, But Limited by Its Internet Dependency | MIT Technology Review: ". . . . One of the big changes to the latest versions of Chrome OS compared to earlier ones is that Google has added a Windows-style taskbar to the bottom of the screen. That helps it look more familiar to a Windows user, but there are still no conventional programs. Instead you must turn to Google’s Chrome Web Store. You can browse the store’s limited selection, and click to add the apps you want to use; the next time you open a browser tab, they appear as icons. You can also add apps to the taskbar across the bottom of the screen for quick access—as I did for e-mail and online documents—or access them all from a menu button there. If you don’t pause to ponder the difference between an “app” and a bookmark (often there is none at all), it works surprisingly well. Apps exist for most things you might want to do, whether that’s play games or edit spreadsheets. . . . At $249, the Wi-Fi-only Samsung Chromebook is worth buying for anyone who wants a cheap, functional laptop that’s also light and responsive. Acer’s $199 Chromebook is probably also a good buy. But if Google wants its computers to make sense as anything more than the cheapest serviceable laptops on the market, it will have to either subsidize 3G data or fix Chrome OS’s offline limitations."

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Time Warner Cable Boosts Download Speed

Time Warner Cable Boosts Download Speed | | Queens Gazette: ". . . . the company is boosting the maximum download speed for Standard Internet by 50 percent this month, from 10 Mbps to 15 Mbps, for customers throughout its New York City service area. “Standard Internet is our most popular Internet service because it’s ideal for everyday use, watching videos online, downloading apps, online banking and definitely for online holiday shopping,” said John Quigley, regional vice president of operations for Time Warner Cable’s New York City market. “And now that our maximum download speed for Standard Internet is 50 percent faster, customers can have a better Internet experience on all of their devices.” Time Warner Cable Standard Internet also includes free Internet security and parental controls software, 10 e-mail accounts and access to TWC WiFi hotspots in several U.S. cities, including New York City, Los Angeles, Charlotte and Kansas City. . . ."

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RIM service fees disappear with BlackBerry 10

RIM's easy money will disappear with BlackBerry 10 | ZDNet: "Research in Motion is taking its lumps on concerns that it won't be able collect as much in monthly services fees as its BlackBerry 10 devices launch. Those fees, roughly $1 billion in revenue a quarter, are critical to keeping RIM's balance sheet healthy. In other words, RIM is really betting the farm on BlackBerry 10 since it may not be able to count on that lucrative fee structure. In a nutshell, RIM collects enterprise fees for things like security and device management. On the consumer side, RIM collects a service revenue fee on BlackBerry subscribers because they use the company's infrastructure. According to analysts, RIM may have nixed fees in exchange for carrier support of BlackBerry 10. Simply put, BlackBerry 10 has to be a hit because there's a weakened service revenue safety net."

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Google Doesn't Want To Share Android Anymore?

It's Becoming Abundantly Clear That Google Doesn't Want To Share Android Anymore - Business Insider:     "Now we have a report from the Wall Street Journal that says Motorola and Google are working together on a new smartphone that will launch next year. The so-called "X Phone" project will be completely separate from the Droid phones Motorola makes for Verizon. (By the way, we reported back in April that Google was going to start making its own smartphones and tablets with Motorola.) The move marks a big shift for Google. After denying it intends to get into the hardware business, Google appears to be doing exactly that by using its own hardware company to develop a new smartphone to its exact specifications. This should also scare the pants off Samsung, HTC, LG, and others that rely on the free, open-sourced Android operating system to make phones that compete with Apple's iPhone. If Google and Motorola make their own phone together, they're instantly turning other hardware manufacturers into competitors, not partners. And what's to keep Google from restricting the use of Android from its competitors, leaving the latest and greatest software features for its own hardware built by Motorola? What are the other guys supposed to do? One solution we've heard Samsung and others are considering is to fork Android to their own specifications. That means modify Android beyond recognition and sell apps and content through their own online stores. This is the same thing Amazon does with its Kindle Fire tablets. The Kindle Fire runs a heavily modified version of Android with all things Google stripped out. Amazon even uses Microsoft's Bing as the default search engine. If Google gets serious about making its own hardware, you can expect Samsung, HTC, and all the others to do the same thing as Amazon. . . . " Read more:

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Amazon Is Undermining the E-Reader Market

Amazon Is Undermining the E-Reader Market It Created | MIT Technology Review: "Last year it seemed that the market might be big enough for both dedicated e-readers and tablets, which cost more but offer e-books, among many other features. E-reader sales rose in 2011 even as tablet sales jumped sevenfold. But now it appears the versatility of tablets is winning out. “People want to do other things on their devices besides read books,” says Selburn. The popularity of tablets forced Amazon, by far the dominant seller of dedicated e-book readers, to cut into Kindle reader sales by offering its own tablet, the Kindle Fire. “If Amazon doesn’t sell tablets and cannibalize Kindle readers, someone else will,” Selburn says. . . ."

Editorial: Does Windows Phone even have a chance without Google?: "There's a reason Microsoft is fighting tooth and nail to get Office onto iOS with an agreeable revenue split. There's also a reason that Apple couldn't care less if Pages and Keynote ever end up on Windows Phone, while Google has no interest in offering a legitimate Docs experience there. It's simply becoming impossible to believe that any mobile operating system in the modern era can thrive without a meaningful push from Google. If I'm being honest, I worry that this precise scenario will make or break BlackBerry 10, but at least RIM has a (shrinking, admittedly) enterprise market to fall back on. Microsoft is gunning for the exact same customer that Apple and Google presently hold captive. And the way I see it, it's going to need a heck of a lot of luck to win that customer over using Hotmail and Skype."

Tablet owners weigh in with their biggest beefs | Mobile - CNET News: "Apple's iPad Mini - New to the 7-inch tablet arena, the iPad Mini didn't trigger much in the way of specific problems reported by its users. Rather, people were more unhappy about what the device doesn't offer. The Mini's 4:3 aspect ratio was cited by users as less than ideal for watching movies, which are typically better served by a screen with a 16:9 ratio. The small tablet also lacks the Retina Display used in the larger iPad, another complaint among its owners. And some cited the lack of storage space, though the Mini offers the same storage options as its bigger brother. . . ."

My Dumb Phone Experiment: Week One | MIT Technology Review: "That’s not to say that I haven’t enjoyed some benefits from being iPhone-less. It’s true that “spare change” time–the time waiting in line to order, or waiting for the subway to come–now gets funneled into thinking about projects I’d rather be thinking about than yet another compulsive check of my inbox. There’s undoubtedly something to be said for that. But so far, the brief bliss of moments like these is mostly overshadowed by the dozen other ways I’ve inconvenienced myself. I’m obviously and unequivocally at a net loss."

A Killer App for smartphones: make them emulate dumbphones | MIT Technology Review: "Maybe the rumored “iPhone mini” will help users find a more comfortable middle ground between “always on” and “off the grid,” but I doubt it; like the iPad mini, it’ll probably do everything its big brother can in a smaller package. But that’s okay, because “less power” or “less features” isn’t the solution anyway. Any smartphone is a ridiculously sophisticated device–and it’s more than a bit silly to force ourselves to use it like a light switch: all on, or all off. Like any computer, it can emulate lesser devices with ease and on demand. You wouldn’t throw your own iPhone away simply because your five-year-old child would be better served with a flip phone. Well, sometimes the five-year-old is you–is it too much to ask that our devices be smart enough to help us parent that inner child? . . ."

Google's Coolest Project? Broadband - "According to Eric Schmidt, Google‘s executive chairman, the most interesting project going on at the search giant is its high-speed broadband trials in Kansas City. (Missouri and Kansas versions) The business, called Google Fiber, promises speeds 100 times faster than conventional high-speed Internet services. Mr. Schmidt, who was speaking at a New York Times Dealbook conference in New York, said Google was delivering 760 megabits per second to the customer, and taking 720 megabits a second from customers. “All of the distinctions, like HD, DVD, that we grew up with, go away,” he said. “You really imagine that your computer is really in a data center.” Google is considering introducing  the service to other select cities, Mr. Schmidt said, but would not specify which towns would get the fiber."

Netflix ranks fastest Internet providers. Google is No. 1 - Dec. 11, 2012: "In the first of a new series of monthly rankings, Netflix (NFLX) said Google (GOOG, Fortune 500) Fiber -- which currently only exists in Kansas City, Kan. -- averaged download speeds of 2.55 Megabits per second while customers watched streaming Netflix video last month. That was far and away the fastest speed Netflix recorded -- 16% faster than Verizon (VZ, Fortune 500) FiOS' 2.19 Mbps speeds and 18% faster than Comcast's (CMCSA) 2.17 Mbps average. Charter (CHTR, Fortune 500) and Cablevision (CVC, Fortune 500) rounded out the top five, with speeds of 2.17 Mbps and 2.15 Mbps respectively.Keep in mind, these speeds are only relevant to Netflix's streams, which top out at 4 Mbps. Google's fiber service advertises a maximum download speed of 1,000 Mbps, and Verizon FiOS has top speeds of 300 Mbps."

Sprint Newsroom | Sprint to Acquire 100 Percent Ownership of Clearwire for $2.97 per Share: "Clearwire’s spectrum, when combined with Sprint’s, will provide Sprint with an enhanced spectrum portfolio that will strengthen its position and increase competitiveness in the U.S. wireless industry. Sprint’s Network Vision architecture should allow for better strategic alignment and the full utilization and integration of Clearwire’s complementary 2.5 GHz spectrum assets, while achieving operational efficiencies and improved service for customers as the spectrum and network is migrated to LTE standards. Sprint CEO Dan Hesse said, “Today’s transaction marks yet another significant step in Sprint’s improved competitive position and ability to offer customers better products, more choices and better services. "

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Report says data caps just a “cash cow” for Internet providers

I thought the FTC was supposed to enforce antitrust--guess they have been too busy pursuing meritless cases against Google:

Report: data caps just a “cash cow” for Internet providers | Ars Technica: "Why do so many Americans now live with Internet data caps—and what are these caps doing to the future of broadband? Those are the questions posed by a new paper from the New America Foundation, which wants to shake up the lethargy that has descended over the data caps debate by pointing out just how odd the caps truly are. "Internet service and mobile providers appear to be one of the few industries that seek to discourage their customers from consuming more of their product," write the paper's authors. "The reason for this counterintuitive business model is that in the noncompetitive US marketplace, it is highly profitable.""

Turn your Nook HD+ into an Android 4.1 tablet
Whether you're not a fan of Barnes & Noble's heavily modified (and, some would say, limited) version of Android or you just want the option of a more traditional Android tablet experience, there's now a plug-and-play solution. Starting today, you can ...

Android flaw leaves Samsung vulnerable, users charge
PCWorld (blog)
A suspected fault in how Samsung Electronics has implemented the Android's kernel in several of its devices could allow a malicious application to gain total control over the device. The vulnerability was described on Saturday by the user "alephzain ...

PCWorld (blog)

Nexus 10 review: The so-so Android tablet
... the Galaxy Nexus, to showcase Android 4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich." But today, Google's line ofNexus devices -- the Nexus 4 smartphone, Nexus 7 mini tablet, and Nexus 10 full-size tablet -- showcase not quality but mediocrity. Google's other Nexus ...

You Can Now Reserve A BlackBerry 10 Smartphone Through Rogers: It's Like A ...
This morning saw a flurry of RIM news, including the debut of a beta program among enterprise and government clients, and a firm location for the January 30 launch event in NYC. In another curious development, major Canadian mobile network operator ...


Smartphone Penetration In Europe's Big-5 Markets Now At 55%, Apple ...
But while Apple has continued to hold on to its lead in the biggest market among them, the UK, the tides that have seen Android become the most dominant platform have also put Samsung on to a strong trajectory. It looks like it will soon overtake Apple ...


COMPETITION: Win A 7-Inch Android Tablet From Lenovo!
Huffington Post UK
Android Tablet Competition, Competition, Competitions, Uk Celebrity, Win Andriod Tablet, UK Celebrity News. Huff Post Celeb has teamed up with Lenovo to give readers the chance to win Lenovo's small, yet powerful, IdeaTab A2107 tablet worth £149.

Microsoft, Motorola Mobility want case details kept secret - Software ... - CRN
CRN Australia
The details concern terms of Motorola's licenses with third parties and Microsoft's business and marketing plans for future products. During the trial, which ran from November 13-20, U.S. District Judge James Robart cleared the court when such ...

Verizon Galaxy Nexus Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean (CM10.1) hands-on
Android Community
Today we have quite the treat for all you Galaxy Nexus users. As we all know, the Verizon Gnex is the only Nexus still hanging out in the Android 4.1 era, while Google's updated all the rest to the latest and greatest Jelly Bean. While Verizon updated ...

Android Community

HTC Said to Halt Larger Windows Smartphone on Display Resolution
Chief Executive Officer Peter Chou's decision to halt the project using Windows Phone 8 software leaves HTC with only Android for phones measuring larger than 5 inches diagonally, dealing a blow to Microsoft in its efforts to win share from Google and ...


The best smartphone of 2012: Samsung Galaxy S3
While some Android smartphones struggle to have more than a few cases made for the phone, the Galaxy S3 has had inductive chargers, desktop and car docks, and even a matching iPod Shuffle-like MP3 player made by Samsung. The only phone this year ...


Google, It's Time to Get Serious About Tablet Apps! - Android App ...
By Rita El Khoury
... Google's official endorsement of the Nexus 7 and the Nexus 10 later on. The iPad had dominated the tablet market for quite some time, but it seems as though Android tablets are finally getting the credit, spotlight and market share that they deserve. ... So I wrote “The Best Apps For Your Nexus 7, 10 or Other Android Tablet” — a generic post that would be easily spotted by anyone searching for articles on tablet apps on Google. Inside, I linked to all of our tablet-optimized roundups.

HTC M7 Android Phone Allegedly Sports 4.7-inch 1080p Display ...
By Todd Haselton
Dig the HTC DROID DNA but still want something a hair smaller? It appears the company is working on yet another smartphone with a 1080p display, but this time with a smaller 4.7-inch screen. The phone is currently codenamed the M7 and ...

Nextel Argentina and Motorola Mobility Launch the Limited Edition ...
Thanks to Motorola Mobility's iDEN technology, the handset offers instantaneous high performance communication, push-to-talk (PTT) radio, cellular service, ...

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Who rules the internet? Not the ITU!

WCIT 2012 - the debacle in Dubai--the internet survives, for now:

Who rules the Internet? -
Los Angeles Times
The International Telecommunication Union, the little-known but influential United Nations agency that oversees phone, radio and satellite communications, last week stopped short of fragmenting the Internet into national fiefdoms, as some had feared it ...

Confusion on Internet Future After UN Treaty Split | SecurityWeek.Com: ". . . James Lewis, who follows Internet governance at the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies, said backers of the treaty distorted the facts. "They (ITU) were lying," he said. "It was totally about the Internet." Lewis told AFP the ITU lost credibility because "they swore up and down there wouldn't be a vote, that a decision would be by consensus, and then they took a vote." The outcome underscored a deep divide between the US and its allies, which seek to keep the Internet open and unregulated, and authoritarian regimes that want to impose controls over online use and content. Russia, China and Saudi Arabia have been among countries seeking such changes. .. . ."

UN Bid to Seize Internet Fails but Threat Remains
The New American
Activists worldwide were celebrating after a United Nations conference, which was seeking to hand control over the Internet to an obscure UN agency known as the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and its mostly dictatorial member regimes ...

Confusion on Internet Future After UN Treaty Split | SecurityWeek.Com
WASHINGTON - The freewheeling, unregulated Internet seemed to survive a push for new rules at a UN treaty meeting, but the collapse of talks leaves unanswered questions about the Web's future. A total of 89 countries endorsed the global ...
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New exploit could give Android malware apps access to user data on Samsung ...
The Next Web (blog)
The brilliant minds at XDA Developers have done it again; this time, a user by the name of alephzain claims to have discovered a vulnerability in multiple Samsung devices that gives access to all physical memory. The potential is huge: attackers could ...

The Next Web (blog)

Best new apps of 2012: what to download on your Christmas iPad or smartphone
The Guardian
iPhone/iPad/Android/BlackBerry – Free Pingit, one of the year's ...iPhone/iPad/Android/Windows Phone – Free Netflix charges you £5.99 a month for access to its growing catalogue of films and TV shows, including slick smartphoneand tablet apps. New ...

The Guardian

AT&T Tablet Sale: $100 Off iPad And Android Devices
The Inquisitr
Buyers looking to save some extra cash can also take $100 off refurbished 16GB or 32GB iPad'swith Wi-Fi + Cellular. The latter device can be picked up for just $429. Among popular GoogleAndroid tablets available are the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and the ...

Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean reaching more users
Phones Review
Certain owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 are still using the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system on their handset, while some others such as Verizon Wireless users have only just received the Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean update. Almost two weeks ... The...

Phones Review

Samsung Galaxy S2 Android Update: Gets Ice Cream Sandwich On U.S. ...
Latinos Post
International Galaxy S2s can expect an Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update fairly soon.Samsung has been testing builds out, and from the looks of the leaked firmwares, is close to being finished. If you can't wait, however, you can grab an Android 4.1.2 ...

Latinos Post

Chinese Android Tablet Looks Like Wii U Gamepad
Just Push Start
Chinese company JinXing is set to release an Android tablet that looks very similar to Nintendo's Wii U gamepad. It is called the S7300 “SMART Console” and is a 7 inch screen with a 5-point capacitive touchscreen. Much like the Wii U gamepad, it also ...
Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 Gets XXLK7 Android 2.3.6 Official Firmware [Installation]
Samsung has rolled out the latest Android 2.3.6 (Gingerbread) firmware update for Galaxy Ace 2 in the UK. The update XXLK7 Gingerbread is said to be more stable and bug-free than the previous firmware. Users can access the update via Samsung Kies or ...
E FUN's 7" Nextbook Premium Android Tablet With Google Play Now Available
SYS-CON Media (press release)
WEST COVINA, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 12/16/12 -- E FUN, a consumer electronics designer and manufacturer of fun, easy-to-use lifestyle products, announced that its newest Nextbook Android tablet featuring full access to Google Play™, the Nextbook ...

Google Nexus 10 vs Nexus 7: comparison of 2 Android Jelly Bean tablets
Northern Voices Online
Android tablet market is booming like never before. Till last year or mid this year, theAndroid tablet was seen as a second grade, uninspiring set of products that still carried a sense of second best choice opposed to what Apple and its iPad tablets ...

Northern Voices Online

Android Tablet Clones Original Wii U GamePad Design at C3 News
Christened the "Dual Core HD GamePad 2", yes, even baring the Nintendo-coined controller name, the device is a 7-inch Android driven tablet that bares a strong resemblance to the original debut 2011 Wii U GamePad design. The setup includes dual ...


Timothy Karr: The Internet, Journalism and the Newtown Tragedy
Huffington Post
There was some media head scratching Friday afternoon after a source on the scene of the Newtown tragedy identified the shooter as 24-year-old Ryan Lanza. A Facebook search had Lanza as a resident of Hoboken, which sent local and national news ...

Beware the Chat Room: 11 Internet-Related Plots from '90s TV Shows
The Atlantic
Once upon a time, the Internet was the perfect newfangled plot fodder for television shows. But what was cutting edge at the time seems clunkier than Zack Morris's cell phone today. So fire up that old modem: I've rounded up some examples of the dated ...

The state of broadband access speeds in Singapore
TechRepublic (blog)
Commissioned by Singapore's Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) and published as the Consumer Broadband Report on its website, the report essentially puts local Internet service providers (ISPs) together based on their price and download speed, and ...

Tri-Creek promotes Internet safety : Lowell News
LOWELL | As the use of technology in schools expands with more school districts instituting a one-to-one computer program, schools are reinforcing Internet safety. Debra Howe, superintendent of the Tri-Creek Community School Corp. which most recently ...

Viewing online pornography 'can make you lose your memory'
Daily Mail
According to researchers at the University of Duisburg-Essen, the findings could help psychologists understand why some people with internet porn addictions forget to sleep, miss appointments, shirk job responsibilities and neglect relationships.

Daily Mail

For good and ill, adoption transformed by Internet
The Oshkosh Northwestern
Internet-based tools “are transforming adoption practices, challenging laws and policies, offering unprecedented opportunities and resources, and raising critical ethical, legal and procedural issues,” the report notes. On the plus side, the report ...

Intel stresses critical need for broadband growth to revive economy
The Express Tribune
Despite IT investments in the government and enterprise segments during the last decade, he said, a majority of consumers remained deprived of affordable computers and internet access. In terms of purchasing a computer and broadband connection, ...

Brazil reches 63.5 mln mobile broadband connections - study
Telecompaper (subscription)
The number of mobile broadband connections in Brazil reached 63.5 million at end-Q3 2012, according to the latest Huawei Broadband Balance, published on December 14. Out of them, 80 percent corresponded to 3G devices, 10 percent to broadband data ...

FreedomPop tempts with no-commit 1GB of free home Internet each ...
By Christian Zibreg
The way things are now, fourth-generation cellular networks already match - and often top - data speeds offered by your home's typical DSL broadband. ... So why not just replace your broadbandline with a wireless 4G router? Enter FreedomPop, a startup backed by Skype ... gigabytes each month. FreedomPop made a name for itself with a $99 iPhone case with built-in WiMax modems and free data, providing non-LTE devices such as older iPhones with speedy cellular connectivity.

Boise Guardian | Media, Games, Internet Shape Our Violent Views
By dave
Media, Games, Internet Shape Our Violent Views. December 16, 2012 ⋅ Post a comment. While society struggles to explain the inexplicable in the wake of the latest mass shooting deaths, we can't help but ponder the impact of visual ...
The Boise Guardian

It's Time to Fix the Pitifully Slow, Expensive Internet Access in the U.S. | Wired Opinion | "One of the core issues being debated in Dubai right now is whether governments should be encouraged to mandate deep-packet inspection standards that make it easy for telcos to charge for and monitor internet communications crossing national borders. The U.S. government has taken on the fight against such an international norm in a bipartisan fashion, which is good news. But while our government representatives in Dubai discuss global internet access, it’s worth considering some of the access limitations on our own soil. Here are the facts: Approximately 19 million Americans can’t subscribe to high-speed internet access because they live in areas that private companies believe are too expensive to serve. Internet access is still very expensive compared to the rest of the developed world – a third of Americans don’t or can’t subscribe."

Android Winning Mobile War With Apple

Dec. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Tom Giles talks about social media, twitter, mobile advertising and Google's Eric Schmidt. Giles speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

Google Chairman Says Android Winning Mobile War With Apple: Tech - Bloomberg: "Booming demand for Android-based smartphones is helping Google add share at the expense of other software providers, Schmidt said yesterday in an interview at Bloomberg’s headquarters in New York. Android snared 72 percent of the market in the third quarter, while Apple had 14 percent, according to Gartner Inc. Customers are activating more than 1.3 million Android devices a day, Schmidt said. “This is a huge platform change; this is of the scale of 20 years ago -- Microsoft versus Apple,” he said. “We’re winning that war pretty clearly now.” Schmidt’s remarks reflect Google’s growing confidence in its ability to attract users and advertisers as more customers rely on handheld devices and shun traditional computers. By giving away Android, Google cedes revenue to hardware partners, such as Samsung Electronics Co. Schmidt is willing to make that sacrifice because it drives demand for ads and other Internet- based services that benefit Google over time. “The core strategy is to make a bigger pie,” he said. “We will end up with a not perfectly controlled and not perfectly managed bigger pie by virtue of open systems.” During the hourlong interview, Schmidt also touched on topics as varied as taxes, the economy and Google’s growing roster of competitors. . . ."

Smartphone OS shipments and marketshare (Credit: IDC via
graphic of smartphone OS shipments and market share

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What's bad for Apple is good for America?

Not sure about this--you may want to read full article at link (excerpt below):

Asia Times Online :: Asian news and current affairs: "I hate Apple, for what it is as well as what it represents, and have watched with Schadenfreude the 25% decline in its stock price since the mid-September peak. Sony also rose like a skyrocket, and then lost almost all of its market capitalization. I wish the same outcome on the brainchild of "billionaire hippy" Steve Jobs. Tech stocks are not my field of study, and I don't presume to make a prediction. But I can hope. . . .Apple, by contrast, adapted existing technology - most famously the graphic user interface and mouse pioneered by Xerox - into something cool. . . . What I despise utterly is Apple's supposed patent on creativity, the bourgeois-bohemian ethos promulgated by the brilliant, odious Steve Jobs. His untimely death last year was a sad event, and I do not want to besmirch his memory; it's just, as Will Rogers said, I didn't like the way he made his living. . . .What Jobs understood, and I did not, is that the vast majority of computer users employ the device as a toy. They surf the net, leer at pornography, download music, and play games. They do not write. They text. Their ideal instrument combined a maximum of screen resolution with a minimum of writing capacity and computation. Jobs gave them a funnel to pour mass culture into their brains in the guise of a stunted computer. . . ."

But isn't that what Microsoft did with Windows 8?

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US Ambassador to WCIT drops bombshell, threatens WCIT exit

US drops net regulation bombshell, threatens WCIT exit
As the ITU's WCIT conference rolls on in Doha, the head of the American delegation Terry Kramer has pointed to the big red button, threatening to veto any new treaty it believes puts the Internet at risk. America's delegation has become increasingly ...

Google Fiber nationwide build out estimate: $140 billion | BGR: "according to Goldman, “even a 50 million household build out, which would represent less than half of all US homes, could cost as much as $70 billion,” meaning Google would likely have to take out a major loan just to get Fiber to most major markets."

There Is No Internet Freedom Without Internet and Broadband Competition
Huffington Post (blog)
The unknown history of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in America is an ugly tale of government intervention, not free market enterprise. Most reporters and pundits today call AT&T, Verizon and Comcast et al "Internet Service Providers". They are not. . . .

Crovitz: Would-Be Internet Regulators Need Deleting
Wall Street Journal
In a referendum among the world's two billion Internet users, how many would vote to transfer control of the Internet to the United Nations? Perhaps 100,000, an estimate based on the number of top officials ruling the most authoritarian countries ...

Wall Street Journal

Happy With Broadband
New York Times
First, surveys show that the American people — 93 percent, according to one Federal Communications Commission survey — are happy with their broadband Internet service. Second, nearly 90 percent of all Americans can choose from two or more wireline ...

ACMA wants telcos to push 4G in regional Australia
Following consultation with industry, the ACMA determined that demand exists for the 1800MHz spectrum band from mobile operators, as well as rail, energy, and mining companies, to deploy long-term evolution (LTE) 4G networks. Currently, most of the ...

IOS 6 Wi-Fi problems keep hanging on
Other problems, such as iOS 6.x's false assumptions that all Wi-Fi users want to access theInternet, and that all hot-spots authenticate users via a Web server, won't be fixed by tricks like that. These require Apple to actually address these issues ...

Why dictators (don't) shut down the Internet
Boing Boing
Warren Ellis's Vice column, "How to Shut Down Internets," looks at the phenomenon of Middle Eastern dictators shutting off their nation's Internet during moments of extremis. Here's the money graf: There are two reasons why these shutdowns happen in ...

Boing Boing

Broadcom expects its own LTE chipsets in 2013, stirs up a quiet 4G market
If you hadn't noticed, Qualcomm has a strong grip on the LTE chipset market. While there's certainly exceptions like Samsung's in-house designs, the company is often the gatekeeper for modern 4G. Broadcom chief Scott McGregor isn't going to let one of ...

£500 per household for police to monitor internet
If those costs were to be recouped from the 18 million broadband subscribers in the UK, they would each have to pay £49.70 a year for a decade, he said. A survey last year put the average household's monthly bill for broadband internet at about £26.

Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Egypt unrest, Internet censorship, Wall ...
Tense talks around national regulation of the Internet. The US and its allies are arguing against a proposal backed by Arab states, Russia, and China to require governments globally to regulateInternet companies. Enshrining the proposal in an ...

AFL-CIO opposes UN effort to regulate Internet
Daily Caller
“A group of giant Internet corporations and countries, including China, Egypt and Saudi Arabia—countries that already impose heavy restrictions on internet freedoms—have put forward proposed regulatory changes to the UN World Conference on ...

Daily Caller

FCC's Internet authority in balance
The Hill (blog)
Broadband Internet is classified as an "information service," which the FCC has only limited authority to regulate. Verizon also claimed that by dictating the traffic that it must carry over its network, the rules violate its First Amendment right to ...

Why 2013 will be the year of the Internet of Things
By Jamillah Knowles
The Internet of Things (IoT); the way in which objects around us will gather data and connect to controls or other machines via the Internet. ... The term Internet of Things was coined by the British technologist Kevin Ashton in 1999. Today, the ...
The Next Web

Du presents the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE to the people of UAE ...
Du is proud to exclusively present the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE, the technology giant's first tablet to be powered by 4G LTE mobile broadband, to the people of the UAE. With 4G LTEaccessible...
ExcitingAds! AME Info Latest News

Fear of big money extinguished by Internet | ASU News | The State ...
By Colton Gavin
Here's one of the most amusing quotes I've ever heard: “There are two things that are important in politics: The first is money, and I can't remember what the second one is.” It presents one of many foregone conclusions that we as a society ...
ASU News | The State Press |...

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Congress Demands United Nations Keep Hands Off the Internet

Congress Demands United Nations Keep Hands Off the Internet
The resolution (.pdf) vote by the House, which follows a similar move by the Senate, comes as the World Conference on International Telecommunications opened Monday in Dubai with some 190-plus nations discussing the global internet's future. . . .

Amazon Looks to Make Kindle Fire HD Top Kid Tablet With FreeTime Unlimited - ABC News: "Of course you know about the ongoing tablet war -- the one where Google, Microsoft and every other major tech company are going after Apple's long-ruling iPad. But there's another battle being fought for the best kids' tablet. According to Nielsen, kids between the age of 6 and 12 have one major gift request this holiday season: the iPad. Topping children's wish lists are not only Apple's iPad but its iPad Mini and iPod Touch. The other companies are trying their hardest to get a piece of the kid tablet market. Today Amazon announced an additional feature for its already kid-friendly Amazon Kindle Fire tablet. While it already offers a FreeTime feature, which provides a special child environment and give parents control over usage, it is adding FreeTime Unlimited, a service that provides an all-you-can-eat plan for children's books, movies, apps and games."

House Approves Resolution To Keep Internet Control Out Of UN Hands
Huffington Post
The House on Wednesday unanimously passed a Senate resolution introduced by Sens. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) and Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) that calls on the U.S. government to oppose United Nations control of the Internet. The 397-0 vote is meant to send a ...

Which states have the best broadband? Check out this report
Rey Ramsey, the head of TechNet, a trade group made up of CEOs from major U.S.-based technology companies, has called broadband the "foundation" of U.S. economic and technological success. "Broadband is shown to help create economic growth, job ...

US to UN Conference: Hands Off the Internet (blog)
The conference is experiencing tension from the outset between those who support Internet freedom and those who believe that the ITU should be the Internet's global governing body. The event, which hosts 193 countries, marks “the first time [the ITU ...

Chinese Netizens Call for Internet Freedom
New Tang Dynasty Television
Major Internet firms such as Google have launched campaigns to maintain Internet freedom, reaching out to Web users around the world to participate. Chinese netizens have made some striking contributions to online petitions speaking out against the ...

New Tang Dynasty Television

Costa Rica: President Signs Internet Freedom Declaration
Global Voices Online
I am, therefore, happy to add my signature to the Declaration of Internet Freedom, and hope the leaders of the world will join us in preserving and nurturing this openness and freedom upon which a bright future can be built. President Laura Chinchilla ...

Global Voices Online

Internet freedom debate intensifies at UN conference
Internet freedom debate intensifies at UN conference. by Lauren O'Neil Posted: December 5, 2012 8:11 PM Last Updated: December 5, 2012 8:25 PM. Categories: Community, Science & Technology. [View the story "Internet freedom debate intensifies at UN ...

Video: How the ITU is threatening Internet freedom and access ...
Join us in speaking out against these threats to Internet freedom at ...

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American ISP industry failings

America is falling behind in the most important infrastructure--fast internet at a low price--

American ISP industry criticism, suggestions for improvement | BGR: "David Cay Johnston has written a good piece in the New York Times this week outlining all the ways the American market for Internet services — and wireline services in particular — is truly godawful. Johnston’s arguments are familiar by now but that doesn’t make them any less relevant, especially his nuggets on how American consumers pay vastly more for “bundled” Internet, television and phone services than consumers overseas. For example, Johnston notes that “on average… a triple-play package that bundles Internet, telephone and television sells for $160 a month with taxes” whereas “in France the equivalent costs just $38.” So it’s obvious that America has a problem when it comes to Internet services. The question, then, becomes what to do about it. Happily, I think there are some emerging solutions that are right in front of our eyes that don’t even require heavy-handed government intervention along the lines of breaking up the telecom companies. In no particular order, here are three ways both American citizens and the government can help create a much better ISP market than the one we have today. Support fiber initiatives wherever they sprout up. Google Fiber gets most of the attention, and rightly so since Google (GOOG) is the only company right now with the clout to do large-scale fiber deployments in several major cities in the United States. . . . "

The Internet Isn't Broken; So Why Is The ITU Trying To 'Fix' It? | Techdirt: "Neelie Kroes, the VP of the EU Commission and in charge of the EU's Digital Agenda tweeted simply:
The internet works, it doesn't need to be regulated by ITR treaty. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
And that's the thing. The internet works just fine. The only reason to "fix" it, is to "break" it in exactly the way the ITU wants, which is to favor a few players who have done nothing innovative to actually deserve it."

Five Best Android Tablets
Five Best Android Tablets If you're looking for a great Android tablet, there are plenty on the market to choose from—many more than there used to be, and they're only getting better. That doesn't mean all of them are worth your money, or worth buying ...

The hottest gift is a tablet - but which one to buy?
The Age
And now the iPad mini. There are new tablets from Google, also in small and large. There are Samsung's Note tablets in a variety of sizes, with styluses. There are cheaper touch-screen colour e-book/video players. There's a new crop of black-and-white ...

The Age

How to shop for this season's hottest tablets
The Desert Sun
Android tablets — which run Google's Android operating system — are becoming a big threat to the iPad. Though Google has made Android available to all tablet makers, your best bets for now are Google's own flagship tablets, the Nexus 7 ($199) and ...

Fund investing big into RIM's future
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
The first BlackBerry 10 phones will go on sale in February, following a delay of more than a year. The lack of new models has made it harder for RIM to compete with Apple's iPhone and devices that run Google's Android. RIM accounted for just 1.6 ...

RIM: Signs of life for struggling BlackBerry maker?
The contrarian theory goes like this: If RIM has a heartbeat, and flustered customers are convinced it can stick around for awhile, consumers and businesses may snap up the phone/organizer — and ditch their iPhones and Androids in the process ...

Apple Captures 2nd Position in US Smartphone OEM Market for first time after ...
The Android platform from Google accounted for 53.6% of all smartphones and shows a growth of 1.4 percent. The share of iOS from Apple also rose by .9 percent to stand at 34.3 percent of the totalSmartphone market. . RIM is ranked third with 7.8 ...

HTC Droid DNA Review
Chip Chick
Lately it seems like every new Android smartphone seems to be better than the last. And with HTC's Droid DNA's quad-core processor, 5 inch 1080P display, Verizon 4G LTE, Beats Audio, and Android Jelly Bean, the Samsung Galaxy S III is a thing of the past.

Chip Chick

Android Is Platform For Cheapskates?
Manila Bulletin
Samsung said it has shipped more than 5 million units of the Galaxy Note II two months after thetablet-cum-smartphone's launch. The Android-powered smartphone comes with a 5.5-inch display and a quad-core 1.6GHz Exynos processor. The phablet also ...

Fun apps for train trips
San Jose Mercury News
And with train ridership at a record high 31.2 million passengers this year, Amtrak spokeswoman Christina Leeds says more and more train-travel apps are becoming available to all thosesmartphone and tablet-toting railway travelers. "These new ...

Google Nexus 7 now supported by Xbox SmartGlass app
Technology Bloom News
If you have the Xbox SmartGlass app on your Android powered device, you might have recently noticed an update. The update brought along with it support for 7-inch tablets, like the recently released Google Nexus 7. Basically, the Xbox SmartGlass app ...

Technology Bloom News

Details on Android-Powered Asus Tablet Emerges
A 7-inch tablet called ME-172V created by Asus was recently outed, with details on the device now providing more insight into the unannounced product.The benchmark deriving from GLBenchmark confirms an operating system of Android ...
News Tom's Hardware

Will the ASUS Qube be the Nexus Q's replacement?
By Edgar Cervantes
Verizon to carry the Samsung Galaxy Camera according to... The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 already has SwiftKey Flow [VI... New Nexus 4, 7, and 10 owners: Don't forget your . ... Google releasesAndroid 4.2.1 factory images for Nexus .
Android Phone Fans

Save the internet and internet freedom - take action

Save the internet and internet freedom - take action--Take action at
Fight for the Future and Access collaborated on this short, informative video about a serious threat to the free and open internet that could have devastating effects for human rights and free expression around the globe.

Google enters debate on UN internet control - Americas - Al Jazeera English: "Larry Downes, an analyst with the Bell Mason Group consultancy who follows technology issues, said the Russian proposal "makes explicit" Moscow's desire to bring the internet under greater control of the UN agency and diminish the role of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, which manages the internet address system. "The Russian federation's proposal ... would in specific substantially if not completely change the role of ICANN in overseeing domain names and IP addresses," Downes said in a blog post. "Of course the Russian Federation, along with other repressive governments, uses every opportunity to gain control over the free flow of information, and sees the internet as its most formidable enemy.""

Google Fiber praise, Comcast criticism | BGR: " . . . I’m referring to Google Fiber. And this all brings me back to the ZDNet article I was reading Tuesday morning because it not only shows what a great deal Google is offering but it exposes what lousy deals the cable companies have been getting away with for years now. To recap: for $120 a month and a two-year service commitment, Google Fiber subscribers get a 1Gbps fiber-to-the-home connection, hundreds of fiber television channels on-demand and in full HD, and a full terabyte of storage on Google Drive. What’s more, Google is selling customers this service with no broadband caps or overage fees. And that’s not even the best part. As ZDNet notes, Google is actually giving customers in Kansas City a basic broadband service that promises 5Mbps downloads and no bandwidth caps for around $25 per month over the span of a year, after which the service becomes free for the next six years. . . "

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ITU and WCIT trying to take over the internet

At the upcoming WCIT conference (Dec 3-14), the ITU is going to attempt to take control of the internet and allow countries like Russia and China to destroy internet freedom. Read more below--and to take action go to Take Action – Google: "A free and open world depends on a free and open web."

In advance of the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT), the European Parliament has issued a resolution stating that the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) should not have control over the web. The ITU is a United Nations agency responsible for telecommunications. It works to establish worldwide standards, coordinate shared global use of the radio spectrum and improve telecommunications infrastructure. December's WCIT has been organised to bring together governments from all over the world to renegotiate the International Telecommunication Regulations (ITRs), first signed in 1988. Since 1988, communications have changed enormously, and the ITU wants to make sure that its regulations cover the internet effectively. As outlined in our guide, more than 100 organisations including Google, have raised concerns about the event, believing that the ITU should stick to covering telecommunications and not encroach on the web. However the ITU argues that telecommunications is defined as "any transmission, emission or reception of signs, signals, writing, images and sounds or intelligence of any nature by wired, radio, optical or other electromagnetic systems", which implies that the internet might also be covered.Source: The European Parliament opposes ITU control of web (Wired UK)

Euro MPs: Do not let the ITU take control of the internet | ZDNet: "The ITU is hosting the World Conference on International Communications (WCIT) in Dubai between 3 and 14 December. -
The European Parliament warned the revisions would be a mistake and urged EU member states to reject changes to international telecommunications regulations (ITR) in place since 1988. "Some ITR reform proposals being presented by the ITU member states would negatively impact the internet, its architecture, operations, content and security, business relations, internet governance and the free flow of information online," Dutch MEP Marietje Schaake and other lawmakers said in the motion for resolution. In addition, "the ITU, or any other single, centralised international institution, is not the appropriate body to assert regulatory authority over either internet governance or internet traffic flows," lawmakers said. At the moment, large, primarily US-based organisations such as ICANN and IANA have oversight of parts of the internet.
UN summit may usher in more Internet regulations
"We want to maintain a platform of a free and open Internet as a platform for free expression," Patrick Ryan, an attorney at Google, said at a forum organized by Stanford Law School here yesterday afternoon. Google has organized a new campaign to draw ...

Google Fires a Rare Public Salvo Over Aggregators
New York Times
BERLIN — Google's imprint on daily life is hard to ignore in Europe, where it reportedly has 93 percent of the Internet search market, more than in the United States. Yet when it comes to its lobbying of lawmakers, Google prefers a low profile. That ...

South Korea: 160000 Kids Between Age 5 And 9 Are Internet-Addicted
Huffington Post
Her obsession with being online is a byproduct of being reared in one of the world's most digitally connected societies where 98 percent of households have broadband Internet and nearly two thirds of people have a smartphone. Being wired is an icon of ...

U.K.'s First 4G Network, EE, Increases Data Limits By ~60% On Some Price ...
The U.K.'s first — and currently only — 4G network, run by carrier EE, has announced it is increasing the size of the data caps on some of its mobile broadband tariffs by around 60 percent, while keeping its pricing structure the same. The network ...


Why I support the Internet Radio Fairness Act
The Hill (blog)
As a musician with Break of Reality, an independent music group, I would very much like to have my voice heard with regard to the Internet Radio Fairness Act. Internet radio has provided tremendous exposure for my band, Break of Reality, an independent ...

Mediator Joins Contentious Effort to Add a 'Do Not Track' Option to Web Browsing
New York Times
The idea was to work out a global standard for “Do Not Track,” a computer browser setting that would allow Internet users to signal Web sites, advertising networks and data brokers that they did not want their browsing activities tracked for marketing ...

ZTE unveils the smallest 4G LTE datacard available
ZTE has announced the launch of its MF823, a small dongle it touts as the smallest 4G LTE data card currently available. The little white unit has already launched in Kazakhstan, of all places, and is heading for Europe and Asia “soon.” The press ...

Google, Government Reps Warn Against Internet Regulation ...
By Eric Johnson
Internet regulation is dangerous. Really, really dangerous. At least for those who like the Internet as-is.

1-In-5 Internet Users Always Read Privacy Policies, But That Doesn't ...
By Chris Morran
Though everyone is always saying “You've got to read the fine print,” most of us don't do it. According to a new study, only 16% of Internet users claim to always read privacy policies of the sites and online services with which they share their ...
The Consumerist

General Electric Pitches an Industrial Internet
By MIT Technology Review
General Electric has a new name for where it thinks its business is headed: the “industrial Internet.” The term, coined inside GE's R&D division, reflects the company's hope that adding more sensors to machinery will result in a deluge of data ...

Iconic Street Fighter Artist Illustrates How the Internet Is Full of Jerks
By Brian Ashcraft
Iconic Street Fighter Artist Illustrates How the Internet Is Full of Jerks Ever notice how there's always people online who seem to know everything? That take pleasure in showing they know everything when they notice mistakes? And then ...

Darrell Issa proposes 2-year ban on Internet legislations, will appear ...
By Cory Doctorow
Rep Darrell Issa (R-CA) has pretty good credentials as a friend of the Internet, being one of the early Congresscritters to stand up to SOPA and PIPA (though there's the little matter of sponsoring a corporatist bill to limit open access for ...
Boing Boing

Industrial Internet Will End Downtime, GE Hopes
Wall Street Journal
In General Electric Co.'s vision of the future, the company will be able to fix or replace its products before they break. In that world, airlines will receive notices from GE many miles before a jet-engine part is likely to fail, railroads will be ...

A New Way Around China's Internet Filters
Wall Street Journal (blog)
A key method for circumventing China's Internet filters, virtual private networks have come into the crosshairs of the government lately. During the 18th Party Congress earlier this month many faced blockages and more recently China Digital Times has ...

Wall Street Journal (blog)

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iPad And Android Tablet Market Share Margin Narrows Faster Than Predicted

iPad And Android Tablet Market Share Margin Narrows Much Faster Than ...
Shortly after the iPad's introduction in 2010, there were predictions that Android would eventually overtake Apple's market share in the tablet market the same way thatAndroid smartphones had done with the iPhone. But early predictions ... HP's webOS...

Google's Nexus 7 4G: To buy or not to buy?
Computerworld (blog)
Nexus 7 4G It's an updated version of the Nexus 7 with 32GB of internal storage and integrated support for HSPA+ mobile data. Google doesn't seem to have an official name for the tablet beyond "Nexus 7 32GB + Mobile Data," which -- let's face it -- isn...

Computerworld (blog)

Turn your Nook Color or Nook Tablet into an Android 4.1 tablet
CNET (blog)
Originally, that option limited you to Android 2.3, aka Gingerbread, but N2A Cards now offers a bootable Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) card for both the Nook Color and the Nook Tablet. Even better, you can download an image file to create your own bootable ...

Yacktman Bets BlackBerry Can Survive Market-Share Plunge
Donald Yacktman, whose $19 billion mutual-fund firm has outperformed peers by picking undervalued stocks, is leading a rush of investors betting Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM) and its BlackBerry smartphone can recover. Yacktman Asset Management bought ...

HTC Names New Marketing Chief Amid Smartphone Share Slide
Ho, who joined Far EasTone (4904) in 2003, previously held the top marketing role at Motorola Asia Pacific Ltd. and worked at Dentsu Inc. and Omnicom Group Inc. (OMC)'s BBDO. Asia's second-largest smartphone maker suffered a 24 percent decline in brand ...

Nederlands Bans Samsung Smartphones for Infringing on Apple Patent
The Mac Observer
The patent covers the bounce effect iOS users see when they scroll to the end of a photo gallery and a court ruling last year forced Samsung to remove the effect from their Android-based smartphones. Dutch Court blocks Android 2.2.1 Galaxy ... Apple...

The Mac Observer

This Morning: China Is Largest Smartphone Market, RIMM Slips In Enterprise ...
Barron's (blog)
China is now the world's largest smartphone market, surpassing the U.S. for the first time in the third quarter of 2011; yet that's not good news for high-end phone makers, like Apple (AAPL) andSamsung Electronics (005930KS) as many Chinese consumers ...

Apple's iPad reportedly loses market share according to report
However in another report by ABI Research (via CNET), perhaps the iPad did not contribute as much as we would have liked to believe. According to the report, it seems that in Q3, Apple's iPad made up 55% of tablet shipments and while that certainly ...


Nokia Grabs RIM by the Blackberrys with Patent Win
The past few years haven't been very kind to RIM. The smartphone maker has seen hordes of customers in the consumer and enterprise space defect from its platform to devices that run iOS and Android. RIM has so far seemed unable to mount any ...


Samsung SVP On Apple, Windows 8: "Nobody Can Escape Dependency In The ...
Fast Company
Lately, Samsung has been hammering Apple with ads that promote its Android-based Galaxy SIII smartphone while making fun of the hype surrounding--and fanboy devotion to--the iPhone 5. When I tell Michael Abary, SVP of product marketing at Samsung, ...

Fast Company

E FUN Announces $129 7-Inch Android Tablet
According to E FUN, it'll bag you a fully functional 7-inch Android tablet complete with Android Ice Cream Sandwich, access to Google's Play store and the search giant's standard apps suite. Powering the Nextbook Premium 7SE-GP is a ...
LAPTOP Mag Main Feed

E Fun to launch a $130 Android tablet in December - Liliputing
By Brad Linder
The tablet will feature a 1 GHz Amlogic ARM Cortex-A9 processor, 1GB of RAM, 4GB of storage, 0.3MP front-facing camera, and Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich software. An 8GB model will also be available for $149.99. While the ...

Dematic Adds Smartphone, Tablet App For Realtime Warehouse ...
By Matt Roush
GRAND RAPIDS — Dematic, a supplier of logistics systems for the factory, warehouse and distribution center, is rolling out a new technology to enable customers to manage their businesses remotely. The company introduced the Dematic ...
CBS Detroit

Android and iOS to oust BlackBerry as top enterprise devices ...
By Lisa Eadicicco
For the first time, iOS and Android may surpass BlackBerry as the top smartphone choice for enterprise consumers, according to a report from the IDC. ... This news comes as RIM is preparing to launch its BlackBerry 10 operating system in January 2013, which can be considered a crucial attempt to win back some of the mobile market share from Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. While the IDC ... Samsung Galaxy Axiom launches on US Cellular, has S3 Mini design with LTE for $80 ...

Google Android 4.2 December bug fixed, Windows Phone 8 update ...
Google Android 4.2 updated to fix December bug, Windows Phone 8 update December at the earliest. ... Google Android 4.2 December bug fixed, Windows Phone 8 update coming soon. GoogleAndroid 4.2 December bug fixed, Windows ...
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