Chrome for iOS snatches top spot on App Store

Chrome for iOS snatches top spot on App Store
Google launched Chrome for iOS on Thursday, first announcing the browser at its Google I/O developers conference early in the day, with the app showing up several hours later on Apple's App Store. Reviews for Chrome have been ... But browsers on other ...


Chrome for iOS: Not So Fast, Cool Features
PCWorld (blog)
Chrome for iOS has a novel way of dealing with private browsing tabs, called Incognito Mode by Google. When you open a new Incognito tab, Chrome basically creates another stack of tabs that do not track your browsing history, while you can browse ...

Chrome for iOS: What you should know
Washington Post
Google has just launched Chrome for iOS, the long-awaited browser replacement we've all been hoping for, just a day after Chrome for Android came out of beta.While iOS still does not offer the ability to set your own default mail client or web browser, ...

Getting started with Google Docs for iOS
CNET (blog)
While Google Drive for iOS fulfills this need of quickly accessing a document to view, I was shocked to discover that the app forces me out to Safari in order to edit. But I'm getting ahead of myself; let's take a look at the app from the start ...

Sundar Pichai: Chrome 'exceptionally profitable' for Google
With Chrome now on Android and iOS, he's expecting even more money. Read this blog post by... That's because Google doesn't have to share a portion of search revenue through what's called TAC, or traffic acquisition costs -- though Pichai wouldn't ...

Chrome for iOS Tops App Store Charts
PC Magazine
One day after Google unveiled the iOS version of Chrome, the app shot to the top of the App Store. ... During yesterday's I/O keynote, Google also unveiled Chrome for Android, running on the new Jelly Bean-enhanced Nexus 7 tablet. Until now ...

Chrome for iOS; BlackBerry 10 Delayed; Apple's Hardware Engineering Chief ...
PC Magazine
Topping tech headlines on Thursday: Chrome for iOS, RIM delays BlackBerry 10, and Apple's hardware engineering chief retires. ... For more, see Bogus 'Chrome' for iOS Coulda Hadda V8. Also at I/O, Google announced that its Chromebooks will soon be ...

Google Chrome already No. 1 among all free iOS apps
Just out yesteday, the Chrome mobile browser has secured the top spot among all free iOSapps. Read this blog ... The Chrome app has also made its splash in the Android world, officially out of beta mode and available through Google Play. Mobile Chrome ...

Google Chrome already No. 1 among free iOS apps
Chrome for iOS also lets you view your open tabs, bookmarks, and passwords from other computers and devices running the browser. And you can send Web pages from your PC to youriOS device to read them remotely, even if you're not online. The new ...

Five best features of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
It's tough to tell how much of a difference Project Butter will truly make, but based on a bit of time with a Nexus 7 tablet running Jelly Bean, it seems as if Jelly Bean runs more smoothly than priorAndroid versions. amd it's important for Google to ...

Hands-on with the Google Drive for iOS app: mostly read only
Ars Technica
The Google Drive iOS app allows you to view anything you have stored in your Google cloud storage, as well as documents that have been shared with you by other Google Apps users. You can also rename files, and share files with other people by adding ...

Ars Technica

The inside scoop on the Nexus 7 tablet (Q&A)
SAN FRANCISCO - Patrick Brady, director of Android partner engineering, has two big launches to celebrate this month. The first is the ... The new 7-inch tablet called the Nexus 7 runs the latest version of the Google Android operating system Android 4 ...

GameStop pre-selling Nexus 7, offers discounts with trade-ins
Los Angeles Times
GameStop begins accepting pre-orders for the new Google Android tablet, the Nexus 7 , Friday and the video game retailer is offering a few benefits that may lure some consumers to purchase the tablet from it.

Chrome on iOS is sluggish, but at least it syncs
During day two of the Google I/O conference the company moved away from the topics of Google Glass and Android to talk about its Chrome web browser and related web technologies. The Chrome web browser stole the show with the announcement that an ...


Chrome and Drive coming soon to Apple iOS
Muddying up the turf battle: The Android powerhouse is making it easier for Apple users to take advantage of Google's browser and storage service. ... Google I/O:Android Jelly Bean and Nexus devices · Latest 3D Blu-ray titles [update] · CNET Asia's ...


Bogus 'Chrome' for iOS Coulda Hadda V8
PC Magazine
The new Chrome for iOS is not a browser. It is a Chromelike skin over Apple's Safari, and it will be slower than Apple's Safari. As Buzzfeed says, it is "literally required to suck." What's more: by announcing this bogus "Chrome for iOS," Google shivs ...

Is Google's slow Chrome for iOS a preview of Windows RT?
ZDNet (blog)
This is a significant and serious security policy. Most modern operating systems do allow pages in memory to be marked as executable — including Mac OS X, Windows, and (I believe) Android. iOS 4.3 makes an exception to this policy, but the exception ...

ZDNet (blog)

Chrome goes mobile at I/O 2012
Google made a big push for Chrome on mobile platforms at this year's developer's conference, and we've reviewed Chrome for Android and Chrome for iOS. Read this blog post by Seth Rosenblatt on The Download Blog.

Google Chrome
The bottom line: Chrome for iOS gives iPhone and iPad users a modicum of comfort in the isolated iOS world: a familiar interface, tab and password syncing. ... Editors' note: Portions of this review are based on CNET's review for Chrome for Android.

Is Google prepping a 10-inch tablet?
Citing the usual "industry sources," Taiwan-based DigiTimes says the search giant is planning a 10-inch Android tablet with display panels to be supplied by Wintek and AU Optronics. Wintek is the manufacturer behind the touch-screen panels for the ...

Chrome for iOS review: syncing is great, but still just an iOS WebKit wrapper
Ars Technica
But while Chrome fans will be pleased with the app's ability to sync tabs between their computers, Android devices, and now iOS devices, they will likely also be disappointed with the fact that Chrome's back-end is exactly the same as Mobile Safari's ...

Ars Technica

No Flash for Android 4.1, Jelly Bean, users
ZDNet (blog)
There's no Flash for iOS, Flash will gradually die off on Android, and Adobe has no publicly announced plans to bring Flash to either Windows Phone 8 or Windows RT. For better or worse, Adobe has decided that Flash won't be playing a role on most ...

ZDNet (blog)

Google I/O Day 2: Chrome Hits iOS, IaaS Play
At its annual developer conference in San Francisco on Thursday, Google announced the availability of its Chrome browser for iOS devices, a Google Drive app for iOS, Google Drive integration in Chrome OS, and the ability to edit Google Docs files ...

Chrome For iOS: Hands-On With Google's New Browser
Yesterday Google announced the much-anticipated iOS version of their popular Chrome browser. ... This also enables browser sync, giving you access to any tabs you have open in Chrome on any other device – desktop, iPad, Android device, whatever.

Google Announces Google Drive for iOS and Offline Editing for Google Docs
A version of Chrome for iOS also was announced during the second day keynote for the company's Google I/O conference. ... Google I/O 2012 Keynote Overview: Nexus 7 Tablet,Android 4.1, Nexus Q Media Streamer, and Project Glass · Lack of Features ...

Chrome tops App Store list of free apps
Washington Post
The iOS version of Chrome feels a lot like the desktop version and even comes with Google's “Incognito Mode” for private mobile browsing. Users can turn on the mode by heading to the settings menu— in Chrome, it's denoted by an icon with three ...

Chrome comes to iOS with browser sync, new interface
Google announced Thursday at its I/O developer conference in San Francisco that its popular Chrome browser was coming to iOS devices. It has... ... Google: No Chrome OS tablet, butAndroid convergence coming ...

Adobe Drops Flash Player Support in Android 4.1
PC Magazine
The most recent version of Android, dubbed Jelly Bean, may have the most up-to-date features, but one thing it won't have is support for Adobe's Flash Player. ... Sponsored By T-Mobile® America's Largest 4G Network®. Experience 4G at the speed of ...

Android PC gets wrapped in maple, hits that premium sweet spot ...
By Mat Smith
If you feel that a typical barebones Android PC really won't do alongside your chaise longue and stack of hardback first editions, you may be interested. ... Android PC gets wrapped in maple, hits that premium sweet spot. By Mat Smith posted ...

Robot Smartphone Docking Station Will Bring the Boogie [VIDEO]
By Kate Freeman
Shimi is the name of the one-foot tall dancing robot and smartphone dock designed by Georgia Tech's Center for Music Technology. ... This smartphone docking station just wants to dance all night long. Shimi is the name of the one-foot tall ...
Mashable » Business

Interview: Artist Growth for iOS helps manage your musical career ...
By Matt Tinsley
It is a software platform available for iOS and all other mobile and web devices where artists can track and organize necessary business tasks, keep up with merchandise and receipts, and access financial reporting. In addition to these ...
TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Chrome for iOS
By Alex Chitu
Chrome for iOS. Chrome has more than 310 million active users and it's the most popular browser in the world, according to Google's data. It's available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Chrome OS, Android and now iOS. That's right, you can ...
Google Operating System

Will iOS users dump Safari for Chrome?
By Joe Wilcox
Chrome and Safari may both be based on WebKit, but Google's browser actually uses a different rendering engine. Well, not on iOS. Chrome for iOS uses Apple's slower UIWebView, which puts Chrome on uneven footing, since Safari is default browser no matter what. That's not by choice, but ... smarterthanuare: "This is what makes Android better than the iPhone...the fact that you can install whatever legitimate app you want on Android without rooting your phone". We all know about ...

Android 4.1 Jellybean review & first look! [video]
By Clayton Ljungberg
Dying to know what Android 4.1 Jellybean looks like on an Android Smartphone? Wait no more! Verizon Galaxy Nexus owners rejoice! Honestly, Android 4.1.
Android Authority

Comcast fine: FCC issues $800000 broadband fine
By Brad Reed
Per GigaOm, it seems that Comcast didn't live up to its end of the bargain because the FCC has slapped the company with an $800000 fine for allegedly making it difficult for consumers to find its cheap standalone broadband plan. The FCC said in a statement that Comcast ... His firstsmartphone was a BlackBerry but he has since become a loyal Android user. MORE ARTICLES FROM BRAD » ... HTC EVO 4G LTE review May 16, 2012 at 12:45pm; HTC One S review April 18, 2012 at ...
BGR: The Three Biggest Letters In Tech

Rovio's Amazing Alex hits iOS and Android next month | Joystiq
By Jordan Mallory
Rovio's newest and least bird-oriented game, Amazing Alex, will land on your mobile operating system of choice (provided that choice was iOS or Android) sometime in July, according to the above teaser trailer released this morning. Amazing ...

Reports point to Google Nexus 10 in the works | Android Community
By Shane McGlaun
Follow Android Community on Twitter Android Community on Facebook Android Community RSS Feed Android Community on Google+ ... Android Community Forum Discussions. I go for which android tablet pc? Fri Jun 29th 2012; Can not ...
Android Community

Did the DROID Incredible 4G drop the “G” or was this simply a ...
By Quentyn Kennemer
We were excited to see that a supposed HTC DROID Incredible 4G may exist thanks to marketing materials posted over at, but this isn't a new device at all: it's the HTC DROID Incredible 4G we got our hands on last month, ...
Android Phone Fans

Google releases Chrome for iOS | iLounge News
By Jesse Hollington
Google has released a universal iOS version of its Chrome browser. The app is designed as an alternative to the built-in Safari browser for users of Chrome on the desktop and allows users to sync their open tabs, bookmarks, passwords and ...
iLounge | All Things iPod, iPhone,...

Google Introduces Chrome, Drive for iOS - Search Engine Watch ...
By The Inquirer
Google Chrome for iOS. google-chrome-logo Google kicked off its day two keynote with the announcement of Google Chrome for the iPhone and iPad. The browser will offer all the features of its Android counterpart. Chrome for iOS will allow ...
Search Engine Watch

Google Chrome and Drive land on iOS – Cell Phones & Mobile ...
By Lee Mathews
So, what kind of awesomeness does Google Drive for iOS offer? For one, it's got the same slick OCR capability that the Android version offers. Drive for iOS also has the same search superpowers: type in 'cat' and all those pictures of your ...

Accessory Development Kit | Android Developers
Android accessories can be audio docking stations, exercise machines, personal medical testing devices, weather stations, or any other external hardware ...

App Store - Chrome
Thanks to "the policy" which Chrome on iOS is just a stupid webview with bookmark sync, no full screen view on iPad, no Nitro engine on Safari (GFX, scrolling is ...

Android™ Cell Phones - AT&T
AT&T has the best selection of Android Phones, Android Smartphones, Android Cell Phones,Android Tablets from Motorola, Dell, HTC, Samsung & more from ...

iPads, iPad 2 & the New iPad from AT&T
Find iPads, iPad 2, New iPad, smartphones & mobile broadband devices on the Nation's Fastest Mobile Broadband Network from AT&T. ... 4G LTE; BLUETOOTH ®; Expandable Memory; Front Camera; Full Keyboard; GPS/Navigation; HDMI Output ... Details for Apple® iPad® with Wi-Fi + 4G 16GB. Available colors: $629.99 ...

Google I/O: 10 Awesome Visions

Google I/O: 10 Awesome Visions
Google Glasses, the Nexus Q home entertainment streaming device, Android software upgrades, and a Nexus tablet shine at day one of Google's I/O developer conference. 

6 Features That Make Android Jelly Bean Better Than iOS, Windows ...
By Dan Rowinski
Google is rolling out the over-the-air Android 4.1 update in mid-July, and developers will get the software development kit Wednesday at Google I/O. Google is trying to redefine what we think of push notifications on smartphones and change ...

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean: Does It Measure Up?
Instead, Android 4.1 focuses on improving core features and making the platform faster. ... Other additions include offline voice dictation support, a better predictive keyboard, NFC support forAndroid Beam, and a revised YouTube app with Wi-Fi ...

When Will You Get Android 4.1 'Jelly Bean?'
PC Magazine
Here's the problem, though: while the PDK takes effect with Android 4.1, many device makers haven't even gotten up to Android 4.0 yet. Let's take Motorola, which you can be critical of because it's actually owned by Google. Motorola posts a handy-dandy ...

Hands-on: Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
While it's just an incremental update, Google has packed Jelly Bean with a bunch of cool features including one that promises buttery smooth performance.


Android 4.1 Jelly Bean review: a look at what's changed in Google's mobile OS
Google's next iteration of Android wasn't quite the full-point release jump that many of you were perhaps anticipating. Rather than using Google I/O 2012 as the launching pad for Android 5.0, we're being formally introduced to v4.1 -- a mere 0.1 ahead ...

Google Unveils Nexus 7 Tablet, Nexus Q, & Project Glass
PC Magazine
Hugo Barra, director of Android Product Management, introduced the tablet, which has a 7-inch, 1280-by-800 high-definition display; an Nvida Tegra 3 processor with a quad-core CPU and 12-core graphics; a front facing camera; Wi-Fi; Bluetooth; NFC; ...

Google Nexus Q: Fight For Living Room On
The Nexus Q is one of the weirder products to come to light at Google I/O. It is a go-between device that makes pushing content from an Android smartphone or tablet to a television set or entertainment system much easier. It's an Apple ... It supports ...

HTC EVO V 4G (Virgin Mobile)
PC Magazine
Though a bit expensive, at $299.99 up front, it gets you fast 4G WiMAX speeds, powerful dual-core performance, and glasses-free 3D, all for as little as $35 a month. Sure, the phone is on the bulky side, and narrow viewing angles mean that only one ...

Google Nexus 7 Could Heavily Impact Tablet Wars
The company should have taken this step last year when it launched Android 3.0 Honeycomb, the first operating system designed specifically for tablets, instead of crossing its fingers and hoping for the best with the spectacularly unimpressive Motorola ...

Samsung's US Galaxy S III launch: Victim of its own success?
ZDNet (blog)
... its Galaxy S III smartphone to the market. The world's largest smartphone maker, Samsung, has the highest U.S. smartphone market share, and has all but single-handedly propelled Android's success over iOS. But Samsung is starting to feel the ...

ZDNet (blog)

Google's Nexus 7 and Jelly Bean OS: made for each other
Washington Post
This is no repeat of the Honeycomb/Xoom experiment, when Google launched its tablet-only operating system on a partner device. This time the tablet is Google-branded. And it's essentially designed to show off Google's latest version of Android, Jelly ...

Google Nexus 7; Judge Bans Galaxy Tab 10.1; iOS Tops App Retention
PC Magazine
Meanwile, in the fickle world of mobile app users, iOS has the upper hand on the Android platform, according to new data by analytics firm Localytics. Also, this Friday marks the fifth anniversary of the first iPhone, which Apple launched commercially ...

Google Android Jelly Bean OS: A Test Drive
Android Jelly Bean OS: Test Drive Android Jelly Bean OSAfter a day of Google I/O announcements, I finally got my hands on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus running the Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) operating system. I found that there are a few things that Google has ...

FCC, Comcast Reach $800K Broadband Deal
PC Magazine
The Federal Communications Commission this week imposed an $800000 fine against Comcast for not adequately marketing its standalone broadband Internet service, which was a condition of its merger with NBC Universal.

Smartphone Owners to Automatically Get Severe Weather Text Messages
Millions of smartphone users will soon begin receiving text messages about severe weather from a sophisticated government system that can send a blanket warning to mobile devices in the path of a dangerous storm.

Google Nexus Q Media Streamer: First Impressions, Part 1
Because while Google's Nexus Q web site says you can control the device with a Nexus Q app that will run on any Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) smartphone or tablet, it turns out that the app right now only runs on Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), which also was ...

Nexus 7 Tablet vs. Kindle Fire vs. the Rest: Spec Smackdown (Chart)
Google's Nexus 7 tablet, the company's Android Jelly Bean-powered device, is heavy on the specs as it guns for Amazon's Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet. It's not only the form factor and screen size Google is challenging its competitors on, but also ...

Google unveils tablet to take on iPad, Kindle
Chicago Tribune
The announcement of the new tablet comes a month after Google acquired its own hardware-making capabilities with the $12.5 billion acquisition of smartphone maker Motorola Mobility. ButMotorola, which Google has said it will run as a separate business ...

What Android's Jelly Bean Does To Advance Mobile
Over 400 million Android-based devices (phones and tablets) have been sold, compared to 100 million at last year's conference. Over 1 million Android devices (phones and tablets) are activated every day, up from 400000 a year ago. This translated to ...

The Android Nexus 7 Tablet (and Jelly Bean) Explained
Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG and a host of other companies tried to make greatAndroid tablets at reasonable prices, and each achieved varying degrees of failure. A quick look at Google's new Nexus 7 tablet shows us it has the potential to not just best...


Android 4.1 gets faster; better notifications; Google Now
Android 4.1 ups the ante against Apple's iOS with interactive notifications, overhauled search results and new tools that anticipate the information people need wherever they are. Read this blog post by Stephen Shankland on Mobile.

Google Nexus tablet poses no threat to iPad, says analyst
The Nexus 7 is available only in a Wi-Fi version, while the new iPad supports both 3G and 4G. The analyst also believes Apple could release an iPad mini in September priced at $250 to $300, opening up a new front for the company in the 7-inch tablet ...

Google posts free guidebook on new Nexus 7 tablet
The guidebook is available for Android, IOS, and PC users via Google Play. Essentially an early version of the manual for the new tablet, the guidebook is geared more for people who already own the Nexus 7. But those of you thinking of buying the ...

Android 4.1, Jelly Bean: Hands-on impressions
Computerworld (blog)
Google officially took the wraps off of Android 4.1, Jelly Bean, at its Google I/O developers' conference this morning. The new OS will ship on the Nexus 7 tablet also announced this week; it's scheduled to roll out to the Galaxy Nexus and Motorola ...

Google Learns A Trick Or Two From Apple With The Nexus 7 and Nexus Q
At yesterday's I/O Conference keynote Google unveiled two products that it believes will help expose the Android operating system a new audience. But while it says "Google" on these products, both have a decidedly Apple feel to them. First, take the ...

Google: Street Skeptical 'Nexus 7' Will Turn Android Tablet Tide
Barron's (blog)
The Street this morning continues to ponder the implications of Google's (GOOG) announcement yesterday it will introduce its own branded tablet computer, the "Nexus 7," using the services of Austek Computer (2357TW), running its Android operating ...

Should I Buy The Nexus 7 Android Tablet from Google?
I could live with this being Wi-fi only (that's why my smartphone has a hotspot application, after all), and I know that a certain other tablet manufacturer doesn't have expansion support either… but it made me stop and think. What would I use a Nexus ...

Google I/O: Android Jelly Bean and Nexus devices
Following in the footsteps of Eclair, Froyo and Gingerbread, the update doesn't bump the OS version number up to 5.0--instead, Jelly Bean is Android 4.1. It will be available in mid-July over the air for the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S and Motorola Xoom.


Google's Android Onslaught Takes on Kindle Fire and Apple's Siri
Wired News
Google reloaded Android on Wednesday with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and a new Nexus 7 tablet that will help the company better compete with Apple and Amazon.

Wired News

BlueStacks Now Lets You Run Android Apps On Your Mac ...
By Rip Empson
At Google I/O today, BlueStacks staged a mock wedding between Android and Apple as the backdrop for the launch of its Android App Player for Mac — software that aims to bring 400K+Android apps to iOS. BlueStacks' alpha release, which ...
TechCrunch » Mobile

BlueStacks Allows You to Run Android Apps on a Mac - Mac Rumors
By Arnold Kim
BlueStacks announced a public alpha version of their Android App Player for the Mac today at Google I/O. The company had originally released... ... What "amazing" Android apps don't already have an iOS counterpart? Not the point. The point ...
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors...

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean preview download is live, probably won't ...
By Richard Lawler
Google has opted to deliver Android 4.1 Jelly Bean as an OTA update to the ICS already on the Nexus phones and tablets it just handed everyone at I/O 2012, and there's a manual download link available too. As Android Police notes, only ...

YouTube for Android Lets You Watch Videos Offline
By Chris Taylor
As for the non-Android versions of YouTube, such as the much-in-need-of-an-update iOS version? The company says it's working on bringing the same experience across platforms, but won't give any specific timing. Would you watch more ...
Mashable » Tech

Android Jelly Bean vs. iOS 6 vs. Windows Phone 8: The Ultimate ...
By Adrian Covert
225000 for iPad. Still tops as far as smartphone platforms go. Android: Android is currently at 600000 total apps. Most of those will run on tablets, but the number of tablet-optimized offerings is significantly lower than iOS (Google won't give an .... Android: Android's Gmail/Google Talk-based video chat system is a bit more universal, considering you can video chat with anybody who has Gmail on a Mac, PC, or Android phone. And yes, you can chat over 3G or Wi-Fi. But Google's ace in...

Google Nexus 7 and Jelly Bean initial review | Android Community
By Cory Gunther
First off you'll want to start with our initial unboxing where we show you the Nexus 7, the new Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and a quick look at the new media device called the Nexus Q. We unbox them live on the IO floor before digging ... Back-lit IPS display - Quad-core Tegra 3 processor - 8/16 GB internal storage ($199/$249) - 1 GB RAM - Micro USB - 4325 mAh (Up to 8 hours of active use) - Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) - 198.5 x 120 x 10.45mm - 340g - WiFi 802.11 b/g/n ...
Android Community

Sonic 4: Episode 2 spin dashes to Android | Joystiq
By David Hinkle
Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 initially launched on Steam, Xbox Live Arcade, PSN, iOS and Windows Phone devices. The Android version includes co-op over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You weren't going to let Tails sit this one out, were you?

Android @ I/O: the playground is open | Official Google Blog
By A Googler
Today, we're rolling out a new version of Android called Jelly Bean, adding more entertainment to Google Play, and introducing two powerful—yet distinctly different Nexus devices to bring you the best of Google. Jelly Bean: simple, beautiful and beyond smart. Jelly Bean ... Starting in mid-July, we'll start rolling out over-the-air updates to Galaxy Nexus, Motorola Xoom and Nexus S, and we'll also release Jelly Bean to open source. Google Play: more entertainment. Google Play is your ...
Official Google Blog

Offline Maps for Android Goes Live
By Frank Reed
posted on June 28, 2012. Now you can get a map of an area downloaded to your Android device so that map can be viewed offline. As we see this is only for Android devices (at least for now) the divide between iOS and Android grows wider ...
Marketing Pilgrim - Internet...

Sprint LTE network launches July 15
By Brad Reed
Sprint has been selling 4G LTE smartphones for weeks now and soon it will finally have LTE services to go with them. The company on Wednesday said that its LTE network will go live on July 15th in Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Kansas City and ...
BGR: The Three Biggest Letters In Tech

ThisLife rolls out iOS app, Mac uploader for family photo service ...
By Michael Rose
As part of the beta phase, ThisLife is offering both a Mac uploader tool for photos and an updated iOSapp to help you organize and display your images or videos. ThisLife will happily ingest photos and movie clips from a slew of online ...
TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Gets Official | Geeky Gadgets
By Roland Hutchinson
As well as announcing the new Google Nexus 7 tablet, Google also announced the latest version of their mobile OS, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, which comes with a range of new features over Android 4.0.

Installing the SDK | Android Developers
Previous Next. You should have already downloaded the Android SDK. Now you need to set up your development environment. The SDK you've downloaded is ...

Motorola Mobility Extends the RAZR™ Family in South Asia with ...
NEW DELHI – 20 June 2012 – Motorola Mobility is bringing the longest-lasting smartphone on the market today, Motorola RAZRTM MAXX, and the sexy yet ...

Mobile & PC App | Navionics
*Route tracking; Check tides & currents and wind forecasts; *Satellite overlay on charts; **Plotter data sync (syncing of data with select Chart Plotters via wi-fi) ...

Android activations reach 1 million per day

Android activations reach 1 million per day
At the developer-oriented Google I/O show, Google announces a new milestone for its mobile operating system. In addition, 400 million Android devices have ...

Google Launching Android 4.1 and Nexus 7 Tablet
InformationWeek (blog)
Reports indicate that Google will announce a Google-branded tablet, made by Asus, for under $200 today at Google I/O and a new version of Android, ...

Android Jelly Bean Statue Arrives at Google
PC Magazine
Google tipped Android Jelly Bean's arrival today in a video that shows it being added to Google'sAndroid statue garden.

Liveblog: New Android OS, Nexus Tablet to Headline Google I/O
Wired News
9:43 They'll tell us about Project Butter, improvements to the system, and the new Google search experience on Android. Android engineering director Dave ...

Wired News

Google Primed To Debut 7-Inch Tablet At I/O
Samsung's Android Super Smartphone: Galaxy SIII ... As for wireless network support, it will be limited to 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi. ... Lacking 3G/4G, the Nexus 7 will not be as "mobile" as tablets equipped with ... Next Valley View: Google I/O Deep Dive ...

Putting patents in their place
Los Angeles Times
Nor had they shown that halting sales of Apple's iPhone or Motorola's Android models was more appropriate than ordering the infringer to pay royalties, Posner ...

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Officially Revealed At Google I/O
The update was originally though to be a major one (rumors at the time referred to it as Android 5.0), but that no longer seems to be the case. So what has ...

Google heralds next Android with Jelly Bean sculpture
Google's Android menagerie now has a Jelly Bean sculpture. ... The show is geared for Androidand Web developers and others who tap into Google's technology. ... more secrets inside of iOS 6, and when will we see an iMac Retina Display? ... gear, VoIP ...

Google I/O Conference: Five Questions I'd Like to See Answered
Blown-up smartphone apps aren't ideal on a 7-inch screen, but they're good enough, so developers still won't have much of a reason to optimize their Android ...


Google's new tablet will be priced to compete with Kindle Fire ...
San Jose Mercury News
Amazon's Kindle Fire, which runs a version of Google's Android operating ... One of the sources said the 7-inch tablet would showcase new features of Android.

How to Maintain Your Android Phone
Android phones can become slow and clunky with age, but these tips can help get ... and in this article I'll explain how to get your Android smartphone back into .... EVO 4G LTE BlackSmartphone - Sprint (1.5 GHz Dual-Core Processor, 1GB ...

Motorola Mobility Foundation Announces Empowerment Grant ...
MarketWatch (press release)
These Empowerment Grant recipients will also become members of Motorola Mobility Foundation's Apps For Change network - an Android(TM) application ...

Google tablet could be Kindle killer
Boston Herald
An OS that is more user friendly than Android's Ice Cream Sandwich. ... Super-fast 4G data speeds. No word on whether Google will contract with carriers or produce a Wifi only model (a huge mistake that would cede a key feature to the iPad).

Live from Google I/O 2012
ZDNet (blog)
Google announced Android 4.1 JellyBean. Dave Burke, Android engineering Director, talked about Project Butter. In JellyBean this is the project to made the UI ...

Google I/O keynote: Live blog and streaming video (day 1)
Computerworld (blog)
While Google hasn't said what exactly the keynote will cover, the odds of it beingAndroid-centric seem pretty darn high. Google I/O 2012 - Moscone Center ...

Computerworld (blog)

Apple iOS 6 and the Facebook email address lock-in?
ZDNet (blog)
Just after Apple announced iOS 6 Facebook integration and contact sync Facebook forced new email addresses on its users. Is this a lock-in?

ZDNet (blog)

Google To Take On Sonos With Its First Android@Home Product ...
... and not just with its purchase of handset and set-top box maker Motorola. The company is announcing today the launch of its first Android@Home product, the ... mobile phones and tablets to the device using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. ... runs ...

Mozilla finally takes Firefox for Android out of beta
Mozilla's Firefox for Android has been in beta for some time now and managed to ... Performance-wise, Firefox for Android on a Galaxy Nexus smartphone loads fast enough. ... Microsoft's Surface tablets won't have 3G or 4G connectivity · Apple Macbook ...

MokiTouch Creates First Android Kiosks with Remote Management
MarketWatch (press release)
MokiMobility provides the APIs and the web-based device management console to enable remote management of iOS and Android devices. MokiTouch runs on ...

My week on Android: The cool, the bad and the ugly
Computerworld (blog)
It's my first Android phone, and runs version 4.0 of Android, also called "Ice Cream ... features such as 3D maps in the latest version of iOS will be able to download the OS ... but with Android phones both the carriers and smartphone makers are the ...

Google officially announces Android 4.1 “Jelly Bean”
The Android maker confirmed the Jelly Bean name earlier this week with a giant ...The launch comes just a couple weeks after the launch of iOS 6, Apple's new and ...Apple, Google, Microsoft, RIM, Palm, Nokia, Samsung, HTC and Motorola.


Google I/O Live Blog: Tablet Eyed
While Android, for instance, has made huge strides toward app store parity, developers continue to write apps for iOS first. If Google aims to change that, the next ...

AIR.U Bringing 'Super Wi-Fi' to Rural College Campuses
PC Magazine
Super Wi-Fi is going to college, bringing broadband access to underserved campuses and their surrounding communities.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean revealed at I/O 2012
This update was touted as the next generation of Android in that it'll take what they'd... Also beginning again with momentum speaking on how the Android ...


Cablevision launches iOS app to track down Optimum WiFi hotspots ...
By Jon Fingas
Some internet purveyors make a big fuss over having public WiFi. It's not often that they go out of their way to help you find that WiFi, however, and.

Mozilla Delivers Faster Firefox for Android | Webmonkey |
By Scott Gilbertson
The three most important features for a mobile web browser are speed, speed and speed. Mozilla's revamped Firefox for Android delivers that and more.
Wired: Compiler

Every Major Android Skin Compared
By Brent Rose
Android skins are inevitable, but who does it best? See for yourself. In each of the comparisons, below, HTC will be on the left with its Sense 4.0 skin; Motorola will be in the middle, with an unnamed skin (previously MotoBLUR); Samsung will ...
Gizmodo: Top

Firefox for Android Reveals the Future of the Mobile Web
By Dan Rowinski
Mozilla is creating its own browser-based mobile operating system that could eventually compete with Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone on the smartphone market. The project, called Boot2Gecko (B2G), is an attempt to create an ...

This Is the New Android Jelly Bean Mascot—Just Installed at ...
By Jesus Diaz
This Is the New Android Jelly Bean Mascot—Just Installed at Google's Headquarters Check this out, it's Android Jelly Bean mascot! Google just installed it in their Mountain View campus, right next to Ice Cream Sandwich. Clearly, the new ...

VeriFone launches Square rival SAIL on Android — Tech News and ...
By Ryan Kim
VeriFone is taking its newly launched SAIL mobile payment product to Android smartphones after debuting on the iPhone last month. The move helps VeriFone better compete with Square, an early mobile payment leader and PayPal Here, ...

Googlers compile Android Jelly Bean (in statue form, that is) [VIDEO]
By Kevin Krause
You've heard of compiling source code, but what about compiling a statue of the object that represents the source code? We saw our first glimpse of the Android Jelly Bean statue yesterday, and today we are being treated to a video of the ...
Android Phone Fans

Apple's standalone Podcasts app for iOS is out | TUAW - The ...
By Michael Rose
The anticipated breakup of the iOS Music app and the vast universe of podcasting content is underway, well in advance of iOS 6. Apple has released ... Podcasts is on the App Store now for iOSdevices running iOS 5.1 or later. [hat tip The Next ...
TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Android Community is here at Google I/O 2012! | Android Community
By Chris Burns
It's finally time again for the biggest Android developer event of the year, and Google's throwing the party! Google I/O 2012 has begun - registry has begun, at.
Android Community

Best Android apps for the blind and visually impaired
By Paul Nuñal
With the advancement of technology, a common Android smartphone equipped with specific applications can aid visually impaired and blind people in functioning. Here are some of the best applications that are tailor-made for visually ...
Android Authority

Apple releases new universal iOS app, Podcasts | 9to5Mac | Apple ...
By idannyocean
As we reported on a few weeks ago, Apple has just released a brand new free universal iOS app, Podcasts. Apple describes this as as being “the easiest way to discover, subscribe to and play your favorite podcasts on your iPhone, iPad, and ...

iOS 6 Beta Allows Reordering of Icons on Apple TV - Mac Rumors
By Eric Slivka
The feature is accessed by holding down the center Select button on the remote for several seconds, after which the selected icon begins to wiggle as is seen on other iOS devices when in reorder/delete mode. The wiggling icon can then be ...
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors...

Nike+ Running - Android Apps on Google Play
The most popular running app is now available on Android, for free! Map your runs, track your progress and get the motivation you need to reach your goals.

UPDATE: Android 4.0 ICS News for DROID RAZR and ... - Motorola
Welcome to the Official Motorola Mobility Blog. ... A select number of DROID RAZR by ...

ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android | ArcGIS Resource Center
The ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android allows developers to create rich featured GIS mapping applications on Android powered mobile devices.

Launch of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint™ Enables a New Era in ...
The Wi-Fi Alliance® is now testing mobile devices and infrastructure equipment ... by Passpoint-certified access points, delivering the true mobile broadband ... Wi-Fi Alliance recently conducted polling of smartphone and tablet users in the ... BelAir 20E; Broadcom Dualband 11n WiFi and Dual Band 802.11n Access Point ...™-enables-n...t...

Google's Android Kills Apple's iOS On Facebook Mobile Ad Performance

Google's Android Kills Apple's iOS On Facebook Mobile Ad Performance
On average, people using Google's Android devices click on ads up 10% to 55% ...not his–they flail around more with the smartphone, perhaps because, well, ...


ITC postpones ruling on Microsoft, Motorola dispute
Microsoft cited Posner's comments on Motorola's attempt to obtain an ... investigation intoMotorola Mobility's charges of patent infringement against Apple and ...

Android 4.1 "Jelly Bean": Another update most will never see
ZDNet (blog)
A listing that appeared briefly on Google Play for the Google Nexus smartphone suggests that Google's flagship Android smartphone will be the first handset to ...

ITC to revisit Motorola's win over Apple: US iPhone ban looms?
ZDNet (blog)
The ITC is to revisit Motorola's initial win over Apple in a patent infringement case that could ultimately see ... 4G · iPhone · Android · Nokia ... an initial ruling made in April that stated Apple had infringed on one of Motorola Mobility's patents ...

5 Things We Want From Android 4.1 'Jelly Bean'
PC Magazine
It's time for the world's most popular smartphone OS to get an upgrade. Google is expected to announce a new version of Android, code named "Jelly Bean," at its ... Sponsored By T-Mobile® America's Largest 4G Network®. ... Enable multi-user apps via ...

AT&T's smartphone lineup: Stodgy no more
AT&T, which has never been known for cutting-edge style, has taken risks to quietly build an intriguing smartphone lineup. Read this blog post by Jessica ...

Apple, Google, Investment Banks: Intellectual Property
Apple Inc. and Motorola Mobility, the mobile phone-making unit of Google Inc. ... of mobile phone and Google, whose Android operating system is the world's ...

For Samsung, Galaxy halo effect comes with supply crunch
SEOUL (Reuters) - Samsung Electronics' struggle to keep pace with rampant demand for its new Galaxy S III smartphone may have cost the South Korean firm ...

U.S. trade panel to revisit initial ruling vs. Apple
Chicago Tribune
The smartphone industry has seen dozens of lawsuits on several continents. ... Apple and companies that make smartphones that use Google Inc's Android software. ... Motorola Mobilityhad originally accused Apple of violating three other ...

Instagram Rolls Out iOS, Android Updates
PC Magazine
Apple iOS and Android users received upgrades, bumping the app up to version 2.5 and 1.1.4, respectively. ... The iOS app also removed the two-click process to pull photos from the ...Sponsored By T-Mobile® America's Largest 4G Network®. ... Enable ...

ITC Reconsiders Infringement Ruling in Apple, Motorola Patent Case
The Mac Observer
Following the dismissal of Apple and Motorola's patent infringement lawsuit, the ...the Mac, iPhone and iPad maker is infringing on a Motorola-owned Wi-Fi patent.

The Mac Observer

What Android users can expect from Google I/O 2012
All eyes of the Android faithful will be squarely on Google this week, as the company is holding its annual Google I/O event in San Francisco. Here's a look at...


Firefox For Android Reborn
InformationWeek (blog)
Mozilla's engineers have reworked Firefox for Android, transforming it from an ... Get a Mobile Catalog of Gaskets Thanks to a New BlackBerry Smartphone App ... supports Adobe Flash content, another technology forbidden on iOS devices. .... Strategy ...

New look, faster browsing as Firefox returns to Android
The first major update to Firefox for Android (download) since January has arrived, ... The company released the first stable version of Firefox for Android at the ...

Google's got an Android problem
Android is facing increasing competition from Apple and Microsoft, has failed to ... Android, Apple, iPhone, market share, tablet, iPad, iOS ... Google's mobile OS held a 59% share of thesmartphone market as of last quarter, IDC analysts said ...

Hulu Plus Android app updated for more devices
While support for Hulu Plus is still not universal for Android users, the company remains ... Hulu Plus's availability on Android has been dicey from the start.


Judge dismisses Apple, Motorola patent case once again
Los Angeles Times
Apple alleged Motorola was in violation of four of its patents, while Motorola ... for Motorola, as Apple hoped the victory would help it in its fight against Android ...

Potency of Industry Patents Key to US Google-Apple Case
The ITC will review aspects of all four Motorola Mobility patents in the case against Apple. ... It was the best-selling smartphone in the U.S., with 29 percent of the market, ... four of five patents relate to standards for Wi-Fi and video compression ...

Firefox for Android Gets a 'Screaming Fast' Upgrade
PCWorld (blog)
“The new Firefox for Android is a snappy and dynamic upgrade to mobile ... Designed for smartphones running Android 2.2 or later, the new Firefox 14 for ...

Firefox for Android: All-New and Much, Much Better
In the latest version of Firefox for Android, Mozilla basically threw out everything but the rendering engine, and started over. It was a necessary change, given ...


ITC Delays Ruling on Microsoft, Motorola Patent Dispute
Wall Street Journal
(MSFT) has infringed patents held by Google Inc.'s (GOOG) Motorola Mobility division. In April, an administrative law judge at the ITC made an initial ruling in ...

Google I/O 2012 Preview: What Does Google Have Up Its Sleeve?
PCWorld (blog)
Apple doubled down on new Macs and an iOS refresh, while Microsoft in two ... with Androidmobile devices and stay away from the lure of a revamped iOS and ...

Gmail iOS app gets push notification
The Gmail iOS app landed in the App Store last November in a less than stellar ... That's how I use the Gmail service on my iOS devices, and it's worked fine all ...

Mozilla announces Firefox for Android
ZDNet (blog)
The non-profit open source foundation claims the new mobile browser is speedier than the native Android browser on Google's smartphone/tablet code and ...

Mozilla Releases Updated Firefox for Android
PC Magazine
Mozilla today released an updated version of Firefox for Android that the company said is "faster, smarter, and safer than ever before."

ITC to Review Apple, Motorola Patent Case
PC Magazine
Motorola, however, has been accused of violating FRAND obligations with its patent licensing demands. Earlier this ... Sponsored By T-Mobile® America's Largest 4G Network®. Experience ...Enable multi-user apps via WiFi and Bluetooth - Download AllJoyn ...

Google Will Have to Defend Android at I/O Conference
Top Smartphone Apps for Pet Lovers. Google needs to make Android more appealing to developers and stickier for consumers, analysts said. ... as many apps for Apple's iOS as they do for Android, according to mobile analytics firm Flurry.

Wolfson wins audio slot in Samsung smartphone
EE Times
Wolfson wins audio slot in Samsung smartphone. ... The Galaxy range of Android smartphones was introduced in 2010 and the first unit, the Galaxy S sold 24 ...

WiFi alliance begins hardware testing on Passpoint cell-to-hotspot ...
By James Trew
Passpoint mobile devices can automatically discover and connect to Wi-Fi networks powered by Passpoint-certified access points, delivering the true mobile broadband experience that users want. ... Wi-Fi Alliance recently conducted polling of smartphone and tablet users in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Japan, China, and Korea to measure interest in easy-to-use mobile Wi-Fi. ... Native Firefox Android browser adds speed, Flash, HTML5 and a fresh look (hands-on) ...

Children's Stories App MeMeTales Comes To Android, Offers Free ...
By Sarah Perez
children's books application arrives on Android today, following its iOS release and public debut at 500 Startups' demo day last October. Originally from Seattle, now a San Francisco-based operation, the company was founded by husband ...

Mozilla Firefox Android download now available
By Brad Reed
Everyone knows that the default browser on Android devices leaves a lot to be desired but so far no browser has emerged as the clear alternative. Mozil. ... His first smartphone was a BlackBerry but he has since become a loyal Android user.
BGR: The Three Biggest Letters In Tech

Wi-Fi Alliance begins certifying Passpoint devices — Broadband ...
By Kevin Fitchard
The Wi-Fi Alliance has opened up its certification lab doors and is now inviting vendors to submit their handsets and access points for Hotspot 2.0 certification. If they pass muster, they will receive the Alliance's Passpoint stamp of approval, ...

Punch Quest for iOS is serious about punching | Joystiq
By Richard Mitchell
There's a reason autorun action games are very popular on mobile devices, in that they require minimal input and still deliver an exciting experience. Some games merely ask players to jump, others employ gadgets like jetpacks. Meanwhile ...

Android Overload: Apple Could Face Import Ban After Motorola Win ...
By Chris Chavez
The eve of Google I/O is fast approaching us, and we've got another Android Overload for you guys to dig into. ... Android Overload: Apple Could Face Import Ban After Motorola Win, Apple Accuses HTC of Lying To Avoid ITC Ban, and More ...
Android Phone Fans

America's Cup iOS Game Aims to Widen Yacht Racing's Appeal
By Sam Laird
A contest letting lucky users compete for a guest passenger spot on an actual speed trial boat is planned for the near future, as is an official America's Cup app for iOS and Android to further expand the sport's appeal and marketability to more ...

HTC DROID Incredible 4G LTE coming July 5th | Android Community
By Cory Gunther
Remember the HTC DROID Incredible 4G LTE, or have you been paying too much attention to the Galaxy S III instead? HTC and Verizon announced the Incredible back.
Android Community

Apple pushes iOS 6.0 Beta 2 OTA update to developers (Update ...
By 9to5 Staff
Apple pushes iOS 6.0 Beta 2 OTA update to developers (Update: Video of spinning gears and changelog) June 25, 2012 at 10:10 am. Not available yet on Apple's Dev site, developers are pinging us that .... FIXED: Wi-FiSync with iOS 6 and iTunes 10.6.3 does not work when the device is locked and not connected to power. It can sometimes fail even when connected to power. In that case, rebooting the device may ...

Mozilla Launches a Speedy and Powerful Upgrade to Mobile ...
By Mozilla
We're proud to announce a new Firefox for Android is now available for download in the Google Play store. The new Firefox for Android is a snappy and dynamic upgrade to mobile browsing that makes it faster and easier to get where you ...
The Mozilla Blog

Apple Releases iOS 6 Beta 2 to Developers - Mac Rumors
By Jordan Golson
Apple has released an over-the-air update to the iOS 6 Beta which was first released after the WWDC keynote on June 11. The update weighs in at 332MB for iPhone 4S users. Iosdevupdate Beta 2 has a build number of 10A5338d, up from ...
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors...

Google announces iOS Notification Center support for Gmail | TUAW ...
By Mike Schramm
Google announces iOS Notification Center support for Gmail. by Mike Schramm Jun 25th 2012 at 5:30PM. Google has announced some good news for prospective Mountain Lion users on its official blog: The company will tie Gmail ...
TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Google Offers Free WiFi in New York City - Search Engine Watch ...
By John Rampton
google-offers-boingo-free-wifi Google Offers is teaming up with Boingo Wireless to offer freeWiFi in more than 200 locations in New York City, the companies have announced. The partnership kicked off yesterday and is set to last through ...
Search Engine Watch

Review: Firefox for Android – Droid Life
By Ron
The latest version of Firefox for Android, available in Google Play today, comes in the midst of heavy competition in browsers for Android with Dolphin HD, Opera Mobile, Opera Mini, and Firefox each having been downloaded more than ten ... To test the latest version of Firefox against eleven other browsers I used a GSM Galaxy Nexus running stock ICS on the same WiFinetwork. ... More importantly, Mozilla has done a great job replicating text zoom levels that Safari for iOS offers.
Droid Life

iOS 6 Beta 2 available over-the-air | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple ...
By Erica Sadun
iOS 6 Beta 2 available over-the-air. by Erica Sadun Jun 25th 2012 at 1:43PM. Apple has just pushed out iOS 6 beta 2 for over-the-air updates. The new beta is expected to deliver updates and bug fixes for developers testing the new operating ...
TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

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