Android ICS already offers more than what is coming in iOS

Android ICS already offers more than what is coming in iOS 6
ZDNet (blog)
Apple officially announced iOS 6 yesterday and while it is a welcome update for iOS that I look forward to installing on my iPad 3, most everything Apple revealed can already be done today on Ice Cream Sandwich Android devices.

ZDNet (blog)

Why You Should Be Excited About iOS 6
including the obligatory unveiling of all things magical, like iOS 6. Apple revealed a vast array of new features and capabilities for the next iteration of its mobile operating system. Things like integrating sports scores and news, ...

OS X and iOS 6: Incremental Improvements, But Tighter Integration
PC Magazine
By Michael J. Miller The updates to Apple's core operating systems—OS X for the Macintosh andiOS for mobile devices—announced today were mostly incremental, but they include a number of creative new features that both users and developers should ...

What iOS 6 tells us about the next iPhone
It doesn't come out until the fall, and will only work on the iPhone 3GS and models after that, but a lot of iOS 6 features will be welcomed by any iPhone owner. New versions of mobile software (be it iOS or Android) can often be as feature-packed and ...

Apple iOS 6: Best New Features
Apple showed off tons of new features in iOS 6 at WWDC, including some hoped-for improvements and several complete surprises. Apple spent two hours delivering stats, news, and demonstrations during its WWDC presentation on Monday.

Apple iOS 6: A Closer Look at Facebook, Passbook, Apple Maps
ABC News
Scott Forstall, head of iOS software, demoed 10 new features coming to iOS 6 this fall. There are a lot of new features to be excited about, but below are our top picks. 1. Facebook Integration In iOS 5, we got Twitter integration; in iOS 6, ...

ABC News

iOS 6, A Leap Forward in the Special Needs Community
Huffington Post
Yesterday Apple announced their new operating system iOS 6, and I immediately began to cheer. Not for the normal fanboy reasons, although I am an Apple fanboy, and an Apple developer, but because what I saw was a company that not only is pushing the ...

Apple Kicks Google Maps Off iOS
For iOS users, this news comes not a moment too soon--many of the features Apple announced Monday have been available on Google Maps for Android for years. Apple's break with Google means the iPhone maker can finally offer significant improvements to ...

Apple's iOS 6 Will Open Up New Product Experiences
Despite Google's Android traction withh about 900000 Android devices' activations per day, Apple's statistics shared today clearly demonstrate the huge opportunity to interact with end-users: more than 365 million iOS devices sold to end March 2012,...


Apple brags about big iPhone numbers, but ignores a crucial Android fact
Christian Science Monitor
Apple's Scott Forstall said Monday that 80 percent of Apple mobile devices run the latest version of iOS. Good news. But... By Matthew Shaer / June 12, 2012 Apple exec Scott Forstall talks iOS 5 stats at the WWDC conference in San Francisco this week.

Christian Science Monitor

iOS 6: A Deeper Look at Its 10 Coolest Features
Wired News
By Christina Bonnington When it arrives on handsets and tablets this fall, iOS 6 won't just be a simple operating system update — it will be Apple's interpretation of exactly how a modern mobile OS should perform. And at Apple's WWDC keynote Monday, ...

Wired News

iOS 6: Siri's Excellent Marketing Skills Lock In the App Store Strategy
Apple's talking assistant is getting a big update with iOS 6, the software that runs your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Many of the new features in iOS 6 will be great for Apple's marketing department, but what else will there be to get excited about?

Wall Street expects iOS 6 to increase Apple's smartphone market share
Apple Insider
Analyst Gene Munster said he believes strengthened device and Web integration in iOS 6 will widen the gap between it and Google Android. In particular, he said because Google is unlikely to ever engage in the type of partnership Apple has with Facebook ...

Apple WWDC: 17 Cool Innovations
Take a peek at our favorites, from MacBook Pro to iOS 6. Apple staged another marathon keynote presentation at its annual World Wide Developer Conference in San Francisco on Monday, June 11. The company managed to pack in updates to its MacBook Pro ...

iOS 6 Maps turn-by-turn requires iPhone 4S, iPad 2 or later
Apple Insider
By Neil Hughes When Apple launches iOS 6 this fall, iPhone 4 users won't be able to use turn-by-turn directions or Flyover in the new Maps application, as that functionality is limited to the iPhone 4S, iPad 2, and third-generation iPad.

iOS 6 Maps App, Facebook Integration Top List of Apple WWDC Announcements
Apple's introduction of a new Maps app in iOS 6 is expected to not just seamlessly guide users to destinations with the help of spoken directions, but to fortify the Apple empire as it does battle with rising numbers of devices running Google's Android ...

WWDC 2012: Maps and other apps that Apple just overshadowed
Washington Post
That was Apple blowing in with a torrent of new features for iOS 6 — and knocking down a few apps along the way. With the addition of maps, offline reading, shared photo streams and the Passbook, Apple is adding features that are already present in ...

Apple Unveils iOS 6 With Revamped Maps, Siri on iPad, More
PC Magazine
By Chloe Albanesius As expected, Apple today unveiled the next version of its mobile operating system, iOS 6, which Scott Forstall, senior vice president of iOS Software at Apple, said includes more than 200 new features. That includes a revamped Maps ...

Apple's iOS 6, Facebook integration: A frictionless sharing nightmare
Apple's iOS 6 integration with Facebook looks good at first. And then the oversharing nightmare begins. by Larry Dignan Apple's iOS 6 integration with Facebook looks good on paper. Log-in once and share anything you want without an app.

Apple's new iOS 6 packed with features
CNET (blog)
Install Flash now Video description: Apple's Scott Forstall demos a new beta version of iOS. The revamped mobile operating system includes an upgrade to Siri, Facebook integration, and FaceTime connectivity through a cellular network.

Apple maps its route to continued smartphone domination
Globe and Mail
Of the slew of new software features announced by Apple at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, perhaps none are as important in the context of the smartphone wars as the new Maps function coming to the company's mobile devices.

Globe and Mail

Apple iOS 6 vs. Android vs. Windows Phone (Comparison Chart)
By Ginny Mies, Armando Rodriguez, Daniel Ionescu, PCWorld Jun 11, 2012 3:15 PM Apple's World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) kicked off today with the unveiling of iOS 6 for the iPhone and iPad. Apple is promising over 200 new features in the latest ...

Android 4.0.3 update out for T-Mobile's Samsung Galaxy S II
T-Mobile subscribers who own the Galaxy S II phone can grab the latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich update, but it's only available through Samsung's Kies software. by Lance Whitney Samsung Galaxy S II owners on T-Mobile can update to Android 4.0.3, ...

Apple Unveils New MacBooks, iOS 6
Wall Street Journal
The announcements also included the next version of Apple's operating system for iPhones and iPads, iOS 6, with more than 200 new features and significant enhancements to Siri. IOS 6 will include Apple's own mobile mapping software to compete with ...

Wall Street Journal

Apple draws up battle strategy against Google at WWDC
The simmering rivalry between the two tech giants just got a lot fiercer as a result of changes to Apple's mobile software. by Josh Lowensohn Apple Senior Vice President of iOS Software Scott Forstall at the company's annual developers conference today ...

iOS 6: Top new features
Hindustan Times
The company says its iOS 6 software will sport more than 200 new features, though some won't be available on all devices. It will be a free upgrade for iPhones released since 2009, as well as last year's and this year's iPad models.

Hindustan Times

Apple, Google Just Killed Portable GPS Devices
Wired News
Smartphone adoption continues unabated, and with it, built-in, carrier-installed and third-party mapping apps are flourishing. Apple's latest move with iOS 6 is a swift blow to portable GPS devices, third-party apps available in the App Store and ...

Apple updates laptops, iOS: Improved Siri integrates Fandango, IMDB, Rotten ...
Chicago Tribune
CEO Tim Cook announced a refresh of the company's laptop series, a forthcoming series of advances to the iOS operating system and the long-awaited arrival of Siri on the iPad. The iOSchanges, which are likely to affect the largest swath of Apple users ...

WWDC 2012: Apple gives user more control in iOS 6
Los Angeles Times
As folks are digging in to Apple's just-released iOS 6 beta, more details about functions and features are coming to light. Faster Bluetooth toggling, Do Not Disturb and Privacy are among the 200 new features that users of iOS devices can look forward ...

Spotify Android update hits Google Play today, brings ...
By Brian Heater
Remember that Android Spotify app we saw way back in April? After a couple of months, it seems that the music streaming service finally has a version for those who appreciate the more stable things in life. The new Android app is available ...

T-Mobile Galaxy S II update to ICS available ... - Android Community
By Cory Gunther
In T-Mobile's usual fashion they have updated their official support page today for their Samsung Galaxy S II, detailing the upgrade to Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream.
Android Community

Apple Introduces iOS 6, Coming This Fall | TechCrunch
By Jordan Crook
Today at Apple's WWDC keynote, far and away the most exciting product announced has to be refreshed and replenished mobile operating system. The days of iOS 6 are upon us, and the platter of 200 new features Apple is serving up is more ...
TechCrunch » Mobile

Spotify Android app update: Now ICS compatible, available for - BGR
By Zach Epstein
The updated Spotify app has been rewritten with full support for Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich and it adds a host of new features including slide-out navigation, a new home screen widget, new sharing social features, 320Kbps streaming ...
BGR: The Three Biggest Letters In Tech

iOS 6 vs. Ice Cream Sandwich: The Ultimate Comparison
By Brent Rose
iOS 6 vs. Ice Cream Sandwich: The Ultimate Comparison iOS 6 is coming soon(ish) to an iPhone and iPad near you. But how does Apple's latest and greatest compare to the latest and greatest out of the Android camp, a.k.a. Ice Cream Sandwich. ... It also has a 3D flyover mode (with vector-based graphics) which looks great, but it raises a question: Since none of the iPhones have 4G LTE radios, would 3D maps even be practical when you aren't firmly tethered toWi-Fi? This, however ...

Apple Announces iOS 6 with Siri Improvements, Facebook ...
By Marianne Schultz
At today's WWDC keynote event, Apple announced the next version of its operating system for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. iOS 6 will feature...
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors...

iOS by the numbers | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog
By Michael Grothaus
365 million iOS devices have been sold (through March 2012) since the first iPhone went on sale in June 2007. 80% of iOS devices are running iOS 5. That's compared to only 7% of Android devices running Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest ...
TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Android Overload: Leaked Moto Bionic ICS Build Hints At Impending ...
By Chris Chavez
Android Overload: Leaked Moto Bionic ICS Build Hints At Impending Release, Amazon Appstore Coming To Europe This Summer, and More ... Leaked Motorola DROID BIONIC ICS build hints at upcoming release around the corner? [XDA] ... [ Slashgear]; Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 hits the FCC with Verizon 4G LTE. [TalkAndroid]; Amazon Appstore coming to Europe this summer. [AllThingsD]; Newport Media's smallest, most power efficient WiFi chip coming soon to a phone near you.
Android Phone Fans

Make a DIY Wi-Fi Antenna From a Coffee Can [VIDEO]
By Amanda Wills
For just $5, you can make your own Wi-Fi antenna from a coffee can and reach networks that would otherwise be out of range. ... Which Apple Devices Will Get iOS 6? 15. Like Tweet ...

iOS 6: Everything You Need to Know
By Christina Warren
Apple unveiled iOS 6 at WWDC, showing off new Siri features, Facebook integreation and a brand new mapping engine. ... iOS 6 users aren't complaining but can the same be said ofAndroid users? Satisfiied. 47 ...

iOS 6: All the New Features Coming Soon to Your iPhone and iPad
By Jesus Diaz
Apple's new iOS 6 comes loaded with new features. From completely new ... The new version oniOS 6 does sports scores and stats. You ask what was the ... The quality will not be as good asWi-Fi, but it will be supported. Another neat feature ...
Gizmodo: Top

Max Payne Mobile takes aim at Android on June 14 | Joystiq
By Jessica Conditt
It launched on iOS devices on April 12. The following Android devices will be able to play with Max on June 14: Supported Android Phones: Motorola Razr, Razr Maxx, Motorola Atrix, MotorolaPhoton, Motorola Droid Bionic, HTC Rezound, ...

Best augmented reality (AR) apps for Android
By Alvin YbaƱez
An Android smartphone is an ideal tool for travelers because all sort of tools can be pack on this portable device–we have maps, navigation apps, local business finder apps, and many more. A compass is also one of the essential tools for ...
Android Authority

What you need to know about iOS 6 — Apple News, Tips and Reviews
By Kevin C. Tofel
On stage Monday at its WWDC developer event, Apple introduced iOS 6, the next platform upgrade for its iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. The company claims it has now sold more than 365 million iOS devices with nearly 80 percent of ...

Apple - iOS 6 Preview
iOS 6 gives you more features to make the things you do every day even better. .... against your iCloud storage, and they work over Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

Motorola Mobility Introduces Unmatched Control to China with ...
Motorola Mobility's new smartphone, Motorola XT760, now available in China, is the only tool you'll need to stay connected and juggle your busy work and ...

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