Cogent says Comcast should pay for network connections

Comcast is the one who should pay for network connections, Cogent claims | Ars Technica: ".... "Comcast does not operate a global network. In fact, it should be buying connectivity to the global Internet but has used its market scale and scope to extract an unusual concession," Schaeffer told members of Congress. "It wanted free connectivity, peering to the Internet, even though it didn't operate a global network. It didn't carry its fair load. Because it represented so many customers, backbone operators like Cogent and others agreed to peer with them. That wasn't good enough for Comcast. As Comcast's market power continued to increase and consumers had less choice, they actually started demanding payments for connectivity. A larger Comcast will be able to demand even greater payments."

Sounds like an invitation to regulate all ISPs as common carriers.

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Softbank, T-Mobile bid

Japan mobile business buoys Softbank ahead of T-Mobile bid | PCWorld: "....U.S. media reports have said that the Softbank chief may be preparing for an official bid for T-Mobile in June or July. Sprint officials have apparently been meeting with bankers to discuss funding options for a takeover. “The upside is that if Softbank is allowed to merge Sprint with T-Mobile, it would control about a third of the American market with a strong LTE network, and possibly cheaper prices,” Clement Teo, a mobility analyst with Forrester, wrote in an email. “The downside is whether Softbank truly understands U.S. mobile users to grow this base and grab subscribers from AT&T and Verizon, and if CEO-potential John Legere is the person to lead post-merger.” Legere is the current CEO of T-Mobile. It’s unclear, however, whether U.S. regulators will approve the merger. “Ultimately, we are not convinced the improving profits are going to change its strategy around acquiring T-Mobile—that is more an issue of regulatory backing, rather than access to funds to make the purchase,” Kendall added."

Ed. note: Isn't going to happen.

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Customize Google App Launcher

Customize Google's App Launcher: ... customize Google's app can reorder the apps using drag and drop, but only if you're signed in to your Google Account. You can also add new shortcuts: go to Google Keep, Google Sites, Play Music, Webmaster Central, Google Voice, Google Patents, Google Groups, click the app launcher icon and then click "Add a shortcut"....

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