Phone Hackers, Steal Billions

Phone Hackers Dial and Redial to Steal Billions - ".... Mr. Foreman said his firm didn’t even realize this was a potential risk. Not many do. “It’s relentless,” said Jim Dalton, founder of TransNexus, which sells Internet calling management software. “If you put a computer on the Internet, it immediately starts getting probed for a weak point.” To avoid the same fate, Mr. Dalton and other telecom experts advise people to turn off call forwarding and set up strong passwords for their voice mail systems and for placing international calls. He also said businesses needed to treat their phones as Internet-connected machines, since criminals already were doing that. “People don’t realize their phone is a six-figure liability waiting to happen,” Mr. Dalton added."

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What's Your Favorite Phone of All Time?

Mine? A Motorola StarTAC. For others it's a BlackBerry or Nokia--

Why my favourite phone of all time is an old Nokia - CNET: "...We shouldn't, then, expect a return to those low-fi, durable days. But I live in hope that one day we'll be treated to a phone so complete, so accomplished and so fun, that it emulates the 3210 in spirit, if not in actual hardware. Goodwill hunting Today, the Nokia phone brand seems to be on the brink of vanishing, as boss Stephen Elop has said that, post-Microsoft sale, the famous name "won't be around for long". When I think about the enormous amount of goodwill that quality devices like the Nokia 3210 instilled in my generation's collective consciousness -- particularly in Europe -- that move feels reckless, callous, and downright wrong. To the top-level execs at Microsoft, if you're reading this, please change your minds and keep Nokia's mobile flame aglow...."

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Xiaomi, Hugo Barra, True World Phones in 2016, All Android

Xiaomi, Hugo Barra, True World Phones in 2016, All Android--

Xiaomi's Hugo Barra: True world phones in 2 years, Android all the way - CNET: "...."In a year or two, we will have completely shifted towards building inherently global products. Whenever we think about a new feature, we try to think about it from a Chinese perspective and a global perspective." The numbers show how precipitously Xiaomi is growing. The 4-year-old company is making phones as fast as it can sell them, and it's selling a lot of phones. In 2012, the company sold 7.2 million smartphones. In 2013, Xiaomi doubled that number, selling 18.7 million handsets. Xiaomi doubled its office space in lockstep -- the new, second building looking awfully Googley inside, complete with a giant slide from the second floor down to the first. The place also features wide-open areas with meeting spots and features cheery, bright colors and paintings that feel more at home in a startup than your usual typical corporate office...."  --read more at link above, and

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Xiaomi now 3rd, will overtake Apple in 2015?

Prediction: Xiaomi will overtake Apple to become second-largest smartphone maker in 2015--

Xiaomi overtakes LG to become world’s third-largest smartphone maker | 9to5Google: "Samsung and Apple maintained their positions as the first and second largest smartphone vendors worldwide respectively, while Xiaomi experienced significant growth as its market share grew to 5.6% in the third quarter compared to just 2.1% in the year-ago quarter. LG now holds down the fourth spot with 5.2% global market share. Xiaomi shipped 18 million smartphones during the third quarter, compared to 5.2 million smartphones in the year-ago quarter. Meanwhile, LG shipped 16.8 million smartphones during the same three-month period, a sizeable year-over-year increase from the 12 million smartphones it shipped in the third quarter last year."

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