Xiaomi, Hugo Barra, True World Phones in 2016, All Android

Xiaomi, Hugo Barra, True World Phones in 2016, All Android--

Xiaomi's Hugo Barra: True world phones in 2 years, Android all the way - CNET: "...."In a year or two, we will have completely shifted towards building inherently global products. Whenever we think about a new feature, we try to think about it from a Chinese perspective and a global perspective." The numbers show how precipitously Xiaomi is growing. The 4-year-old company is making phones as fast as it can sell them, and it's selling a lot of phones. In 2012, the company sold 7.2 million smartphones. In 2013, Xiaomi doubled that number, selling 18.7 million handsets. Xiaomi doubled its office space in lockstep -- the new, second building looking awfully Googley inside, complete with a giant slide from the second floor down to the first. The place also features wide-open areas with meeting spots and features cheery, bright colors and paintings that feel more at home in a startup than your usual typical corporate office...."  --read more at link above, and mi.com

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