Softbank, T-Mobile bid

Japan mobile business buoys Softbank ahead of T-Mobile bid | PCWorld: "....U.S. media reports have said that the Softbank chief may be preparing for an official bid for T-Mobile in June or July. Sprint officials have apparently been meeting with bankers to discuss funding options for a takeover. “The upside is that if Softbank is allowed to merge Sprint with T-Mobile, it would control about a third of the American market with a strong LTE network, and possibly cheaper prices,” Clement Teo, a mobility analyst with Forrester, wrote in an email. “The downside is whether Softbank truly understands U.S. mobile users to grow this base and grab subscribers from AT&T and Verizon, and if CEO-potential John Legere is the person to lead post-merger.” Legere is the current CEO of T-Mobile. It’s unclear, however, whether U.S. regulators will approve the merger. “Ultimately, we are not convinced the improving profits are going to change its strategy around acquiring T-Mobile—that is more an issue of regulatory backing, rather than access to funds to make the purchase,” Kendall added."

Ed. note: Isn't going to happen.

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