Android activations reach 1 million per day

Android activations reach 1 million per day
At the developer-oriented Google I/O show, Google announces a new milestone for its mobile operating system. In addition, 400 million Android devices have ...

Google Launching Android 4.1 and Nexus 7 Tablet
InformationWeek (blog)
Reports indicate that Google will announce a Google-branded tablet, made by Asus, for under $200 today at Google I/O and a new version of Android, ...

Android Jelly Bean Statue Arrives at Google
PC Magazine
Google tipped Android Jelly Bean's arrival today in a video that shows it being added to Google'sAndroid statue garden.

Liveblog: New Android OS, Nexus Tablet to Headline Google I/O
Wired News
9:43 They'll tell us about Project Butter, improvements to the system, and the new Google search experience on Android. Android engineering director Dave ...

Wired News

Google Primed To Debut 7-Inch Tablet At I/O
Samsung's Android Super Smartphone: Galaxy SIII ... As for wireless network support, it will be limited to 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi. ... Lacking 3G/4G, the Nexus 7 will not be as "mobile" as tablets equipped with ... Next Valley View: Google I/O Deep Dive ...

Putting patents in their place
Los Angeles Times
Nor had they shown that halting sales of Apple's iPhone or Motorola's Android models was more appropriate than ordering the infringer to pay royalties, Posner ...

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Officially Revealed At Google I/O
The update was originally though to be a major one (rumors at the time referred to it as Android 5.0), but that no longer seems to be the case. So what has ...

Google heralds next Android with Jelly Bean sculpture
Google's Android menagerie now has a Jelly Bean sculpture. ... The show is geared for Androidand Web developers and others who tap into Google's technology. ... more secrets inside of iOS 6, and when will we see an iMac Retina Display? ... gear, VoIP ...

Google I/O Conference: Five Questions I'd Like to See Answered
Blown-up smartphone apps aren't ideal on a 7-inch screen, but they're good enough, so developers still won't have much of a reason to optimize their Android ...


Google's new tablet will be priced to compete with Kindle Fire ...
San Jose Mercury News
Amazon's Kindle Fire, which runs a version of Google's Android operating ... One of the sources said the 7-inch tablet would showcase new features of Android.

How to Maintain Your Android Phone
Android phones can become slow and clunky with age, but these tips can help get ... and in this article I'll explain how to get your Android smartphone back into .... EVO 4G LTE BlackSmartphone - Sprint (1.5 GHz Dual-Core Processor, 1GB ...

Motorola Mobility Foundation Announces Empowerment Grant ...
MarketWatch (press release)
These Empowerment Grant recipients will also become members of Motorola Mobility Foundation's Apps For Change network - an Android(TM) application ...

Google tablet could be Kindle killer
Boston Herald
An OS that is more user friendly than Android's Ice Cream Sandwich. ... Super-fast 4G data speeds. No word on whether Google will contract with carriers or produce a Wifi only model (a huge mistake that would cede a key feature to the iPad).

Live from Google I/O 2012
ZDNet (blog)
Google announced Android 4.1 JellyBean. Dave Burke, Android engineering Director, talked about Project Butter. In JellyBean this is the project to made the UI ...

Google I/O keynote: Live blog and streaming video (day 1)
Computerworld (blog)
While Google hasn't said what exactly the keynote will cover, the odds of it beingAndroid-centric seem pretty darn high. Google I/O 2012 - Moscone Center ...

Computerworld (blog)

Apple iOS 6 and the Facebook email address lock-in?
ZDNet (blog)
Just after Apple announced iOS 6 Facebook integration and contact sync Facebook forced new email addresses on its users. Is this a lock-in?

ZDNet (blog)

Google To Take On Sonos With Its First Android@Home Product ...
... and not just with its purchase of handset and set-top box maker Motorola. The company is announcing today the launch of its first Android@Home product, the ... mobile phones and tablets to the device using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. ... runs ...

Mozilla finally takes Firefox for Android out of beta
Mozilla's Firefox for Android has been in beta for some time now and managed to ... Performance-wise, Firefox for Android on a Galaxy Nexus smartphone loads fast enough. ... Microsoft's Surface tablets won't have 3G or 4G connectivity · Apple Macbook ...

MokiTouch Creates First Android Kiosks with Remote Management
MarketWatch (press release)
MokiMobility provides the APIs and the web-based device management console to enable remote management of iOS and Android devices. MokiTouch runs on ...

My week on Android: The cool, the bad and the ugly
Computerworld (blog)
It's my first Android phone, and runs version 4.0 of Android, also called "Ice Cream ... features such as 3D maps in the latest version of iOS will be able to download the OS ... but with Android phones both the carriers and smartphone makers are the ...

Google officially announces Android 4.1 “Jelly Bean”
The Android maker confirmed the Jelly Bean name earlier this week with a giant ...The launch comes just a couple weeks after the launch of iOS 6, Apple's new and ...Apple, Google, Microsoft, RIM, Palm, Nokia, Samsung, HTC and Motorola.


Google I/O Live Blog: Tablet Eyed
While Android, for instance, has made huge strides toward app store parity, developers continue to write apps for iOS first. If Google aims to change that, the next ...

AIR.U Bringing 'Super Wi-Fi' to Rural College Campuses
PC Magazine
Super Wi-Fi is going to college, bringing broadband access to underserved campuses and their surrounding communities.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean revealed at I/O 2012
This update was touted as the next generation of Android in that it'll take what they'd... Also beginning again with momentum speaking on how the Android ...


Cablevision launches iOS app to track down Optimum WiFi hotspots ...
By Jon Fingas
Some internet purveyors make a big fuss over having public WiFi. It's not often that they go out of their way to help you find that WiFi, however, and.

Mozilla Delivers Faster Firefox for Android | Webmonkey |
By Scott Gilbertson
The three most important features for a mobile web browser are speed, speed and speed. Mozilla's revamped Firefox for Android delivers that and more.
Wired: Compiler

Every Major Android Skin Compared
By Brent Rose
Android skins are inevitable, but who does it best? See for yourself. In each of the comparisons, below, HTC will be on the left with its Sense 4.0 skin; Motorola will be in the middle, with an unnamed skin (previously MotoBLUR); Samsung will ...
Gizmodo: Top

Firefox for Android Reveals the Future of the Mobile Web
By Dan Rowinski
Mozilla is creating its own browser-based mobile operating system that could eventually compete with Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone on the smartphone market. The project, called Boot2Gecko (B2G), is an attempt to create an ...

This Is the New Android Jelly Bean Mascot—Just Installed at ...
By Jesus Diaz
This Is the New Android Jelly Bean Mascot—Just Installed at Google's Headquarters Check this out, it's Android Jelly Bean mascot! Google just installed it in their Mountain View campus, right next to Ice Cream Sandwich. Clearly, the new ...

VeriFone launches Square rival SAIL on Android — Tech News and ...
By Ryan Kim
VeriFone is taking its newly launched SAIL mobile payment product to Android smartphones after debuting on the iPhone last month. The move helps VeriFone better compete with Square, an early mobile payment leader and PayPal Here, ...

Googlers compile Android Jelly Bean (in statue form, that is) [VIDEO]
By Kevin Krause
You've heard of compiling source code, but what about compiling a statue of the object that represents the source code? We saw our first glimpse of the Android Jelly Bean statue yesterday, and today we are being treated to a video of the ...
Android Phone Fans

Apple's standalone Podcasts app for iOS is out | TUAW - The ...
By Michael Rose
The anticipated breakup of the iOS Music app and the vast universe of podcasting content is underway, well in advance of iOS 6. Apple has released ... Podcasts is on the App Store now for iOSdevices running iOS 5.1 or later. [hat tip The Next ...
TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Android Community is here at Google I/O 2012! | Android Community
By Chris Burns
It's finally time again for the biggest Android developer event of the year, and Google's throwing the party! Google I/O 2012 has begun - registry has begun, at.
Android Community

Best Android apps for the blind and visually impaired
By Paul Nuñal
With the advancement of technology, a common Android smartphone equipped with specific applications can aid visually impaired and blind people in functioning. Here are some of the best applications that are tailor-made for visually ...
Android Authority

Apple releases new universal iOS app, Podcasts | 9to5Mac | Apple ...
By idannyocean
As we reported on a few weeks ago, Apple has just released a brand new free universal iOS app, Podcasts. Apple describes this as as being “the easiest way to discover, subscribe to and play your favorite podcasts on your iPhone, iPad, and ...

iOS 6 Beta Allows Reordering of Icons on Apple TV - Mac Rumors
By Eric Slivka
The feature is accessed by holding down the center Select button on the remote for several seconds, after which the selected icon begins to wiggle as is seen on other iOS devices when in reorder/delete mode. The wiggling icon can then be ...
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors...

Nike+ Running - Android Apps on Google Play
The most popular running app is now available on Android, for free! Map your runs, track your progress and get the motivation you need to reach your goals.

UPDATE: Android 4.0 ICS News for DROID RAZR and ... - Motorola
Welcome to the Official Motorola Mobility Blog. ... A select number of DROID RAZR by ...

ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android | ArcGIS Resource Center
The ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android allows developers to create rich featured GIS mapping applications on Android powered mobile devices.

Launch of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint™ Enables a New Era in ...
The Wi-Fi Alliance® is now testing mobile devices and infrastructure equipment ... by Passpoint-certified access points, delivering the true mobile broadband ... Wi-Fi Alliance recently conducted polling of smartphone and tablet users in the ... BelAir 20E; Broadcom Dualband 11n WiFi and Dual Band 802.11n Access Point ...™-enables-n...t...

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