Google Maps kicks iPhone vs Android battle up a notch

New Google Maps kicks iPhone vs Android battle up a notch
As Apple moves away from using Google as the built-in mapping product for iOS, Google is trying to keep control of the mobile mapping market in the way we like to see: By innovating on the product. New features from the Google mapping team will make ...

Apple iOS will kick in 40 percent of Google's mobile profits, says analyst
Thanks to its app licensing deals with Apple, Google will earn about 40 percent of its mobile profits from iOS, says analyst Gene Munster. by Lance Whitney Google will have arch-rival Apple to thank for a huge chunk of its mobile earnings in 2012.

iOS brings in 40% of Google's mobile profits
Munster expects Google to generate $4.5 billion in mobile revenue this year, with iOS bringing in $1.6 billion or about 2 percent of Google's total sales for the year. Hence, rumors of Apple's plans to announce its own in-house mapping service at WWDC ...

Has Android lost its mojo?
By Joel Hruska on June 7, 2012 at 12:38 pm One of the most striking differences between Computex 2011 and this years' show is how few Android and ARM devices are being shown. There have been a few demos that highlight hardware from Qualcomm and Nvidia, ...


An Android slowdown? Don't count on it
First, let's look at some numbers: comScore's latest statistics show that Android's US market share appears to have plateaued at around 50 percent. After years of dramatic market share gains, Google's smartphone market share in the United States ...

Google Reveals an Image-Capturing Backpack and New 3D Maps
Wired News
The Trekker, however, is controlled by an Android smartphone plugged into the pack, which is surprisingly lightweight given its size. I tried it on for myself, and was surprised by how easy it was to move around with the Trekker on.

Is Android's market share peaking?
IDC believes that Android will continue to command the single largest share of thesmartphone OS market in 2016, but it will have shrunk down to 52.9 percent. Interestingly, in IDC's analysis, Apple's iOS doesn't fare much better: IDC projects iOSwill ...

IDC claims Windows Phone will overtake IOS in 2015
By Carly Page MARKET ANALYSTS at IDC have predicted that Windows Phone will take almost 20 per cent of the smartphone market by 2016, overtaking Apple's IOS mobile operating system (OS). According to IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, ...

Android market share to peak this year, says IDC
Market intelligence firm International Data Corporation (IDC) is reporting that Google'sAndroid is expected to remain as the world's most shipped smartphone operating system for the next five years, although its market share will peak this year.


Why IDC Predicts Windows Phone Will Surpass iOS by 2016
Wired News
Photo: Ariel Zambelich Not only will Windows Phone outshine BlackBerry in the worldwide smartphone market, it will surpass Apple's iOS and become the second-most popular smartphone platform by 2016, states a forecasting report released by IDC on ...

Wired News

iOS to provide 2% of Google's total revenue in 2012, analyst says
Apple Insider
By AppleInsider Staff Devices running Apple's iOS, the main competition for Google's Android OS, are expected to power the largest chunk of the search giant's mobile revenue and will represent two percent of the company's total revenue for 2012.

IDC Predicts 2012 is Android's Peak Year for Market Share
Maximum PC
Meanwhile, smartphone shipments will pick up some of the slack and are forecast to grow 38.8 percent year-over-year to 686 million units in 2012, at precisely the timeAndroid peaks in terms of market share. That's an interesting prediction by IDC, ...

Maximum PC

Android to lead smartphones, Windows to outgrow iOS by 2016
Google's Android will likely maintain its smartphone OS dominance in the next five years, though its share will peak in 2012, according to data from IDC released 6 June. Apple's iOS, meanwhile, will continue an "impressive" run during the same time ...

IDC: Android Sales To Peak This Year
Sci-Tech Today
Smartphone growth "will increasingly be driven by a triumvirate of smartphoneoperating systems, namely Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7," said IDC Senior Research Analyst Kevin Restivo. However, Microsoft's latest Windows Phone 7.5 mobile OS, ...

Sci-Tech Today

Now, Android users can control smartphones with remote
Hindustan Times
In an unlikely turn of events, Microsoft has launched a website and mobile application for Android smartphone owners that enables them to remotely control and program their own device. The service is called on{X} and is still in beta, but it paints a ...

Hindustan Times

Google Ups Ante as Map Battle Looms
Wall Street Journal
In addition, Google said it would soon make Google Maps available on devices that run on its Android mobile operating system, even during times when the device doesn't have an Internet connection because the user has poor wireless reception.

Wall Street Journal

Google sends fleet of planes to create 3D map of Earth
National Post
This comes on the heels of industry reports Apple will stop using Google's maps API to power its iOS maps app on iPhone and iPad and will institute its own, similar 3D maps solution for the program which will likely be announced at Apple's developer ...

National Post

Google Maps Tips New 3D Mode, Offline Access
PC Magazine
Google also disclosed that Google Maps on Android - not Apple's iOS - will soon be available in offline mode, allowing a US visitor to a foreign country, for example, to preload a map without needing an overseas data plan. Google made that feature ...

Google to offer more 3-D, offline maps
Android users will be able to take maps offline from more than 100 countries and access them when they're out of Wi-Fi range or on the subway, for example. "No longer will you need paper maps," said Rita Chen, a product manager for Google.

Windows Mobile smartphone may surpass iPhone by 2016
Hamilton Spectator
As of this year, Google's Android platform has the global lead with 61 per cent of the smartphonemarket, followed by Apple with 20.5 per cent, RIM at 6 per cent and Windows Mobile at 5.2 per cent, according to IDC. By 2016, IDC sees Android at 52.9 ...

Google 3D Maps Coming To Android And iOS Devices; Google Maps Go Offline ...
Huffington Post
He also announced that 3D maps will be coming to both Android and iOS devices in the coming weeks. He also debuted a new user interface called Tour Guide, which lets the user tour 3D landscapes in Google Earth and suggests lists of attractions that the ...

Samsung fights Apple move to block Galaxy sales
SEOUL, South Korea – Samsung Electronics Co. said Thursday it will fight Apple's move to stop US sales of its new Galaxy phone in the latest flare-up of an intellectual property battle between the world's top smartphone makers.


Smartphone maker HTC cuts sales target
London Free Press
By Claire Jim, REUTERS A man poses with a replica of the HTC smartphone inside a mobile phone shop in Taipei April 6, 2012. (Shengfa Lin/REUTERS) TAIPEI - Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC Corp. cut its second-quarter revenue target, ...

Android OS Apocalypse in 2012 predicted by IDC
This week the analysts at IDC have predicted the end of the whole world – just so long as you consider Android smartphones and the rest of the mobile phone environment the bulk of that world. This revelation comes as the worldwide mobile phone market ...


Wi-Fi arrives at first London tube stations
The Guardian
Wi-Fi internet access has arrived at London Underground stations, promising to keep passengers in touch with news and allow the anguish of the subterranean commuter to be instantly tweeted to the world above. The first beneficiaries were passengers at ...

Windows Phone to surge as Android and iOS peak: IDC
In a surprising report released today, the International Data Corporation (IDC) is estimating that Windows Phone will overtake the Apple iPhone by 2016, becoming the second most popular mobile operating system under Google's Android.

Where are those awesome Android-exclusive apps that Google chairman Eric ...
Flashback to December 6, 2011: Google Chairman Eric Schmidt is on stage at LeWeb in Paris and is asked by an audience member why most application developers still choose to develop for iOS first rather than Android? Schmidt's response: “Six months from ...


Google Updates Maps, Takes Them Offline -- for Android
Google announced today new features for its Google maps service, including the ability soon to download maps for viewing offline — but only for users of its Android operating system for now. Google's new Street View Trekker fits in a backpack.

O2 and Be Broadband are latest to block The Pirate Bay
BBC News
Be Broadband posted a message about the blocking measures on its company blog. It said: "Our parent company was one of the named ISPs so we are obliged to comply. "We wouldn't chose to do this voluntarily but we need to comply with UK laws just like...

BBC News

Yep. Developers Are Still Building For Apple's iOS Over Android By A
By Kim-Mai Cutler
The company, which has its mobile analytics service in 185000 apps and 100 million unique devices, says that developers are still building for iOS over Android by a ratio of 2:1. This ratio is pretty much unchanged from a quarter ago, although ...

Dropbox for Android adds support for Korean language, ICS-only ...
By Edgar Alvarez
You can't deny Dropbox has been doing a pretty decent job of handing out constant updates toAndroid users since its beginnings on. ... Tactus' morphing smartphone and tablet display hands-on. 36 minutes ago. Engadget Podcast 297: E3 ...

Apple files for another ITC ban on 29 HTC smartphones | Android ...
By Cory Gunther
Since HTC has already been cleared of this patent by the ITC, and allowed to ship the One X and EVO 4G LTE to customers most likely this won't hold up. If it does however, these devices could potentially all be effected: HTC One X, HTC One ...
Android Community

Best free Android apps of 2012
By Ken East
Samsung Galaxy S3 Review - Best smartphone ever made? [Video] · nokia-808-pureview ...Friendcaster for Facebook is not the official Facebook app for Android, but many users choose to download it because it has better features than the official Facebook app itself. It can definitely give you the best Facebook experience on your Android device. .... HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE might actually cost $149.99 on contract after all · Xperia-P-TV-Dock · TV Dock for Sony Xperia P to come...
Android Authority

Verizon's Motorola XOOM receiving Android 4.0.4 now, use this trick ...
By Kevin Krause
The Android 4.0.4 update for the Motorola XOOM has begun to push to Verizon subscribers after reaching a small group of testers earlier in the week. The.
Android Phone Fans

Foursquare simplifies iPhone and Android apps in striking redesign ...
By Sean Ludwig
Location-based social network Foursquare has redesigned its popular iPhone and Androidapplications with new focus on simplicity and encouraging more interactions between users with likes and mentions, the company announced today.

Google's new 3D maps coming to iOS in coming weeks | 9to5Mac ...
By Jordan Kahn
Google's Mapping event has happening in San Francisco and, as expected, the company just announced that its enhanced 3D maps experience would come to both Android and iOS. Google already offers its Earth app on iOS. With Apple ...

This Beautiful Device Turns Your iPhone and Android Into an Ultra ...
By Jesus Diaz
It will turn your iPhone or Android cell into a beautiful, ultra-thin laptop. ... For Android I can see this happening system-wide, but for iPhone it will only really work with some applications, as the system itself can't be in landscape mode.

Is Detroit buying Verizon's LTE-connected car vision? — Mobile ...
By Kevin Fitchard
Verizon recently has aggressively pursued its LTE-connected car strategy, buying up Hughes Telematics and on Wednesday launching a new initiative with foreign car manufacturers. But not every automaker is necessarily ... On Wednesday, Verizon announced the formation of the 4GVenture Forum for Connected Cars, whose mission is exactly what that name implies: finding ways to use LTE to power future automotive telematics applications. BMW, Honda, Hyundai, Kia and Toyota ...

OnLive's iOS Client Still Waiting for App Store Approval - Mac Rumors
By Jordan Golson
Onlive currently probably can't afford the 30% cut because they still have all their own operating costs for the store etc even on apples system so removing the ability to buy games via the iOS client is the ONLY way to go for them. The no in app purchase issue is easy to deal with by not ... The onlive app would be virtually useless without the controller support and currently i see onlive as the one and only advantage android has over apple. I don't think the 2 users using that crap could ...
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors...

Apple expected to announce Baidu iOS integration next week ...
By Tyler Lee
There have been rumors suggesting that Apple could be integrating Baidu's search in the next iOSupdate. This move would no doubt appeal to users in China which Apple is hoping will move over to the iPhone. However despite all the talks ...

Google Maps for Android Will Be Available Offline and Let You ...
By Melanie Pinola
Android: Soon you'll be able to preload Google Maps on your Android phone and save your wireless minutes, according to an announcement today by Google. Offline Google Maps means you can navigate when traveling abroad or get ...

IDC: Android at its peak, will fall while Windows Phone climbs
By George Tinari
Smartphone growth, however, will increasingly be driven by a triumvirate of smartphone operating systems, namely Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7,” Restivo added. IDC has the market share statistics for all the major mobile operating ...

Android to Top Mobile Operating Systems, But Windows Will ...
By Paul Ausick
Smartphone growth, however, will increasingly be driven by a triumvirate of smartphone operating systems, namely Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7. The Android operating system from Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) is expected to grab a ...
24/7 Wall St. - Market Wire
iOS Security
Network Security. SSL, TLS. VPN. Wi-Fi. Bluetooth. Page 15. Device Access ... every user's information is important, iOS devices are built to maintain a high level ...

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