New BlackBerry software could be sour fruit for RIM

Wolverton: New BlackBerry software could be sour fruit for RIM, customers - "BlackBerry 10, which is slated to start showing up on RIM smartphones later this year, has some innovative new features that will set it apart from Apple's iOS and Google's Android. But the update is years late, and the new software is not far-and-away superior to iOS or Android. Perhaps worst of all, RIM is ignoring the needs of current BlackBerry customers by failing to provide them with an easy transition. We've seen this play
before, and we know how it ends: In disaster."

Tech Talk: Are you faithful to your BlackBerry? | Sync™ Blog
By Marc Saltzman
On this week's Tech Talk radio show, I ask the Montreal audience if they're still using BlackBerry or if they've made the switch to another platform. I also catch up with Candace Alper from on how she uses tech to run and ...
Sync™ Blog

Celestica to 'Wind Down' Manufacturing for RIM | News & Opinion | "The announcement from Celestica comes just weeks after RIM confirmed that it will no longer produce the 16GB version of its troubled BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. RIM late last year said it would take a $485 million hit related to lackluster sales of the PlayBook."

Wireless contracts decline: Prepaid services rise: "The drop in postpaid subscriptions has coincided with a surge in pay-as-you-go prepaid wireless subscriptions, which have risen 15% year-over-year while postpaid subscriptions have risen just 1%. The biggest beneficiary of this trend has been Sprint, which has long promoted its prepaid options as a cheaper alternative for cash-strapped consumers. Chetan Sharma notes that Sprint “is the only US operator that has added more than 1 million subs every quarter since Q4 2010."

Mobile's newest star Songza is red hot with 1.15 Million iOS downloads in 10 days
By Om Malik Jun. 18, 2012, 6:00am PT No Comments In 2008, when Aza Raskin and his co-founders decided to call it quits on Humanoid and its best known product, Songza, they got themselves gigs at Mozilla, and they quietly sold the assets of the service ...

Sharp to Launch New Android-based User Interface to Differentiate Its Phones
By Jay Alabaster, IDG News Japan's Sharp said Monday it will release a new user interface for its smartphones in an attempt to differentiate them from the Android masses. The Osaka-based electronics maker's new "Feel UX" will feature a simplistic ...

Mobile’s newest star Songza is red hot with 1.15 Million iOS downloads in 10 days — Tech News and Analysis: "Pandora vs Spotify vs Songza vs radio When asked if they were competitive with Pandora, Roman was quick to add that they “compete for the same hours from listeners, and I would be hard pressed to say that they are not competition.” Others see them as a direct assault on Pandora’s existence. Rich Greenfield, analyst with BTIG Research, ranks Pandora a sell and is increasingly bearish on the company. He loves Songza and points out that being a mobile first app "

Nokia financial outlook poor: Microsoft only potential buyer: "For anyone who thinks that Nokia has already hit bottom, be warned: things may get worse before they get better. Reuters and BusinessWeek on Friday morning both ran some choice quotes from financial analysts and venture capitalists warning that Nokia’s turmoil is only just beginning"

Exclusive: Testing Sprint's New 4G LTE Network
PC Magazine
Its old 4G WiMAX network has been punted over to Virgin and Boost. But if our exclusive test results hold up, its new 4G LTE network will be competitive with ...

Does iOS 6's Auto Layout hint that bigger iPhone will launch?
According to a new report, the addition of an Auto Layout feature in iOS 6 could be a smoking gun, indicating Apple will launch a new iPhone with a larger ...

Would Samsung ever leave Android?
... acquired Motorola Mobility, which means its Android partner will also be a competitor. ... But the popularity of Android, which powers its most successful smartphone and ... of course, is Apple, which builds its own hardware and software with iOS ...

Flurry report on iOS vs. Android allegiance called into question
ZDNet (blog)
Last week Flurry Analytics released a report on iOS vs. Android titled “App Developers Signal Apple Allegiance Ahead of WWDC and Google I/O“. The report has ...

Apple's iOS 6: What's New and What's Missing
Hot Hardware
Apple's iOS 6 was formally unveiled at WWDC 2012, and the company is promising... It also introduced a drop-down Notification shade, similar to that which was already a part of Android. ... run through around 3MB per minute, which will murder your LTE ...

Hot Hardware

Samsung SAFE Lets Android Into the Enterprise, Starting with ...
Its Galaxy S III smartphone, which by the end of July will be available from Verizon ... “Samsung created SAFE as a way to defragment the Android OS across ...

Right and wrong features due in iOS 6
ZDNet (blog)
Most of the press reports on iOS 6 have focused on the dueling mapping ... You might find interesting a post by iOS developer Ole Begemann on the importance ...

Mobile Developers Prefer Apple iOS Over Android, Analyst Says
Of the 100 developers surveyed, 55 also built apps for Android. Among the group that work with both platforms, Munster writes, “iOS was the clear favorite in two ...

Samsung's SAFE for Galaxy S III aims to help IT embrace Android
Android 4.0 smartphone will be sold starting in late June or July from AT&T, ... on the Galaxy S II and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi-Fi tablet from Verizon Wireless.

Samsung Makes Android SAFE(TM) for Enterprises, Offers Trade-In ...
MarketWatch (press release)
SAFE provides a comprehensive approach to making Android devices secure ... S IIIsmartphone systematically defragments Android to provide a consistent level of IT ... S Beam One Touch Sharing (NFC and Wi-Fi Direct): Quickly exchange ...

iOS was SO much more valuable to Google than Android - until Maps
Opinion So what about this Apple Maps thing then? Isn't it just so wonderful that Cupertino wants to improve the fanboi experience and thus has decided to ...

Struggling RIM drops smartphone supplier
Chicago Tribune
Struggling RIM drops smartphone supplier ... hard as it struggles to compete with Apple Inc.'s iPhone and devices using Google Inc.'s Android software.

Samsung wants to make Android safer
FORTUNE -- Android is a hit with consumers. ... operating system commands a whopping 59% of the smartphone market. ... showed that Apple's (AAPL) iOS commands 37% of its corporate customers' new phone activations. Android came in second with 26%. The ...

frog Redefines Android Experience
Sacramento Bee
"To capture the expanding market of smartphone users, we wanted the new Sharp AQUOS handsets to be a unique kind of Android experience, to look and feel ...

Apple and Google Go Head to Head Over Mobile Maps
New York Times
If Apple slips up, consumers in the highly competitive smartphone market may have a good reason to turn to Android phones. ... Apple has offered few details about its plans for the map service, which is part of the new operating system, iOS6 ...

New York Times

Magnolia Broadband's Patent Portfolio Acquired by Google
MarketWatch (press release)
Osmo Hautanen, CEO of Magnolia Broadband, said; "We believe that Google's acquisition of our more than 50 Mobile Transmit Diversity beam forming ...

How iOS 6's Facebook integration is a boon to developers
CNET (blog)
The new features unveiled with iOS 6, which will run on everything from the iPhone 3GS to the iPad 2, along with the next iPhone, will make things easier for ...

BRIC nations adopting mobile broadband at rapid clip
ZDNet (blog)
Mobile broadband adoption is on a tear, fueled by Brazil, Russia, India and China. Latin America will go wireless than anyone else.

ZDNet (blog)

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Motorola Droid RAZR HD: Which Will Be ...
International Business Times
With the next generation iPhone still months away, though the smartphone battle for the Galaxy S3 seems to be an easy win, Motorola is rumored to be ... clocked at 1.5GHz, which is considered to be the ideal processor for 4G LTE support. ...spotted by ...

International Business Times

Google Maps Bruised By An Apple
“For every 10 apps that developers build, roughly 7 are for iOS. ... the highly competitivesmartphone market may have a good reason to turn to Android phones.

iOS developers not fazed by rumored display sizes for the iPhone ...
Given that Apple's iOS devices have had fixed displays for the past generations, developers would no doubt have been used to creating apps for the ...


Developers at WWDC not worried about iPhone, iPad screen size ...
Apple Insider
The numbers suggest that iOS developer support for Android is growing, as last ... Among the 55 developers who create applications for both iOS and Android, ...

Towards 4G: what 70pc population coverage of Ireland might look ...
A policy decision that could result in just 70pc of Ireland's population being covered by the next generation of 4G LTE networks could cause people in rural areas ...

Zynga Slots launches for iOS | Joystiq
By Jordan Mallory
Zynga Slots launches for iOS. You know how heroin addicts can go to methadone clinics to stave off cravings? Well, Zynga's new iOS app is kinda like that, but for Reno grannies that blow their Social Security benefits on the one armed bandit.

Android apps that use power control APIs are often 'battery killers ...
By Sharif Sakr
If there's one thing Purdue University researchers can't stand, it's an inefficient Android app. They've already revealed how some titles burn huge a. ... Specifically, these are apps that useAndroid's power control or wakelock APIs to prevent a phone going into sleep mode. The majority of developers use wakelocks properly, but around a quarter ... Apple unveils iOS 6 at WWDC, launch apps with Siri, Facebook integration, Maps. 6 days ago. Google's 'next dimension of Maps' liveblog ...

Samsung Makes Galaxy S III and Other Android Devices Enterprise ...
By Arik Hesseldahl
Samsung today is giving IT managers the kind of control they want with its forthcoming Galaxy S III smartphone and other Android devices, by launching SAFE — a branding campaign that stands for “Samsung Approved for Enterprise.

AnySend: Sending and receiving files between Android devices ...
By Paul Nuñal
The app allows instant wireless data transfer between two Android devices that are on the sameWi-Fi connection. File sharing applications like AnySend is done through a process known as direct device-to-device transfer instead of the usual ...
Android Authority

Design firm frog bringing 'redefined Android experience' to future ...
By Kevin Krause
TOKYO, June 17, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — Leading design and innovation firm frog today announced that it has partnered with Sharp Corporation (Sharp) to create “Feel UX”, a newAndroid smartphone experience that is easy to use, ...
Android Phone Fans

Android Community Weekly: June 17th, 2012 | Android Community
By Cory Gunther
The pricing seems to be going up for many, so it's been a bit controversial. In other Verizon news they pushed ahead with a quick and small DROID Bionic update that finally seems to have fixed some of those pesky 3G/4G LTE data problems.
Android Community

The ultimate list of new iOS 6 features
By Cody Lee
FaceTime over cellular – users can now make FaceTime calls over a cellular connection, instead of being forced to find a Wi-Fi network. Number/ID unification – users can now make FaceTime calls from their iPads and .... But is anyone having an issue sending picture messages to other non iPhones? after installing iOS 6 friends that have android phones on other carriers are not getting my pictures. My girlfriend for instance, it worked the first few days I had iOS 6, now it says it gets ...

Sharp to introduce “Feel UX” to its Android based smartphones ...
By Tyler Lee
One of the ways that manufacturers differentiate their Android phones from the competition would be through its features. Another way would be through its user interface (UI) such as the HTC Sense, the Samsung TouchWiz, Motorola Blur, etc.

DiskDigger Saves Deleted Photos on Your Android Device
By Alan Henry
Still, accidents happen, and if you've accidentally deleted a photo from your Android device, you don't have to pop out the SD card or find a computer to run a recovery tool: just download DiskDigger. It's free, and recovers deleted photos and ...

Music Streaming App Songza Surpasses 1 Million iOS Downloads ...
By Jordan Crook
Last week, music curation and streaming service Songza launched an iPad app to join their already-available iPhone, Android, and web apps. And over the course of the last ten days, the company's iOS apps have been downloaded more ...

Deeper Fishfinder For iOS and Android Devices (video) | Geeky ...
By Julian Horsey
The Deeper fishfinder has been designed for both iOS and Android devices to provide efficient with a portable easy-to-use sonar device to help locate excellent fishing locations. Simply attach the Deeper device to a fishing-line.

Fake Word app appears on iOS App Store - Neowin
By Tyler Holman
A fake 'Microsoft Word 2012' app has appeared on the iOS App Store, selling for $9.99 and promising to 'All features of the MAC version on your device.' The problem? It doesn't, of course.

Once More, With Feeling: Having Open WiFi Does Not Make You ...
By Mike Masnick
Every day cafes, airports, libraries, laundromats, schools and individuals operate “open” Wi-Firouters, sharing their connection with neighbors and passers-by at no charge. Sometimes people use those connections for bad acts. Most of the ...

Emulating Mac System 7 on an Android device - Hack a Day
By Brian Benchoff
Over on the 68kmla forums, a website dedicated to old Macs built before 1994, [zydeco] released his Android port of Mini vMac, a Macintosh Plus emulator that puts the power of a MotorolaMC68000 processor and System 7 on any computer.
Hack a Day

First look at a Motorola QWERTY slider on Sprint! | Android Central
Anybody on Sprint have a hankering for some Motorola QWERTY slider action? Looks like ... It appears that Motorola and Sprint are testing some sort of QWERTY slider smartphone. This pic... It's probably safe to say this one's an LTE -capable device. .... I wanted a Photon 4G, but was put off by the WiMax technology. If they ...

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