What's bad for Apple is good for America?

Not sure about this--you may want to read full article at link (excerpt below):

Asia Times Online :: Asian news and current affairs: "I hate Apple, for what it is as well as what it represents, and have watched with Schadenfreude the 25% decline in its stock price since the mid-September peak. Sony also rose like a skyrocket, and then lost almost all of its market capitalization. I wish the same outcome on the brainchild of "billionaire hippy" Steve Jobs. Tech stocks are not my field of study, and I don't presume to make a prediction. But I can hope. . . .Apple, by contrast, adapted existing technology - most famously the graphic user interface and mouse pioneered by Xerox - into something cool. . . . What I despise utterly is Apple's supposed patent on creativity, the bourgeois-bohemian ethos promulgated by the brilliant, odious Steve Jobs. His untimely death last year was a sad event, and I do not want to besmirch his memory; it's just, as Will Rogers said, I didn't like the way he made his living. . . .What Jobs understood, and I did not, is that the vast majority of computer users employ the device as a toy. They surf the net, leer at pornography, download music, and play games. They do not write. They text. Their ideal instrument combined a maximum of screen resolution with a minimum of writing capacity and computation. Jobs gave them a funnel to pour mass culture into their brains in the guise of a stunted computer. . . ."

But isn't that what Microsoft did with Windows 8?

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