RIM service fees disappear with BlackBerry 10

RIM's easy money will disappear with BlackBerry 10 | ZDNet: "Research in Motion is taking its lumps on concerns that it won't be able collect as much in monthly services fees as its BlackBerry 10 devices launch. Those fees, roughly $1 billion in revenue a quarter, are critical to keeping RIM's balance sheet healthy. In other words, RIM is really betting the farm on BlackBerry 10 since it may not be able to count on that lucrative fee structure. In a nutshell, RIM collects enterprise fees for things like security and device management. On the consumer side, RIM collects a service revenue fee on BlackBerry subscribers because they use the company's infrastructure. According to analysts, RIM may have nixed fees in exchange for carrier support of BlackBerry 10. Simply put, BlackBerry 10 has to be a hit because there's a weakened service revenue safety net."

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