US Ambassador to WCIT drops bombshell, threatens WCIT exit

US drops net regulation bombshell, threatens WCIT exit
As the ITU's WCIT conference rolls on in Doha, the head of the American delegation Terry Kramer has pointed to the big red button, threatening to veto any new treaty it believes puts the Internet at risk. America's delegation has become increasingly ...

Google Fiber nationwide build out estimate: $140 billion | BGR: "according to Goldman, “even a 50 million household build out, which would represent less than half of all US homes, could cost as much as $70 billion,” meaning Google would likely have to take out a major loan just to get Fiber to most major markets."

There Is No Internet Freedom Without Internet and Broadband Competition
Huffington Post (blog)
The unknown history of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in America is an ugly tale of government intervention, not free market enterprise. Most reporters and pundits today call AT&T, Verizon and Comcast et al "Internet Service Providers". They are not. . . .

Crovitz: Would-Be Internet Regulators Need Deleting
Wall Street Journal
In a referendum among the world's two billion Internet users, how many would vote to transfer control of the Internet to the United Nations? Perhaps 100,000, an estimate based on the number of top officials ruling the most authoritarian countries ...

Wall Street Journal

Happy With Broadband
New York Times
First, surveys show that the American people — 93 percent, according to one Federal Communications Commission survey — are happy with their broadband Internet service. Second, nearly 90 percent of all Americans can choose from two or more wireline ...

ACMA wants telcos to push 4G in regional Australia
Following consultation with industry, the ACMA determined that demand exists for the 1800MHz spectrum band from mobile operators, as well as rail, energy, and mining companies, to deploy long-term evolution (LTE) 4G networks. Currently, most of the ...

IOS 6 Wi-Fi problems keep hanging on
Other problems, such as iOS 6.x's false assumptions that all Wi-Fi users want to access theInternet, and that all hot-spots authenticate users via a Web server, won't be fixed by tricks like that. These require Apple to actually address these issues ...

Why dictators (don't) shut down the Internet
Boing Boing
Warren Ellis's Vice column, "How to Shut Down Internets," looks at the phenomenon of Middle Eastern dictators shutting off their nation's Internet during moments of extremis. Here's the money graf: There are two reasons why these shutdowns happen in ...

Boing Boing

Broadcom expects its own LTE chipsets in 2013, stirs up a quiet 4G market
If you hadn't noticed, Qualcomm has a strong grip on the LTE chipset market. While there's certainly exceptions like Samsung's in-house designs, the company is often the gatekeeper for modern 4G. Broadcom chief Scott McGregor isn't going to let one of ...

£500 per household for police to monitor internet
If those costs were to be recouped from the 18 million broadband subscribers in the UK, they would each have to pay £49.70 a year for a decade, he said. A survey last year put the average household's monthly bill for broadband internet at about £26.

Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Egypt unrest, Internet censorship, Wall ...
Tense talks around national regulation of the Internet. The US and its allies are arguing against a proposal backed by Arab states, Russia, and China to require governments globally to regulateInternet companies. Enshrining the proposal in an ...

AFL-CIO opposes UN effort to regulate Internet
Daily Caller
“A group of giant Internet corporations and countries, including China, Egypt and Saudi Arabia—countries that already impose heavy restrictions on internet freedoms—have put forward proposed regulatory changes to the UN World Conference on ...

Daily Caller

FCC's Internet authority in balance
The Hill (blog)
Broadband Internet is classified as an "information service," which the FCC has only limited authority to regulate. Verizon also claimed that by dictating the traffic that it must carry over its network, the rules violate its First Amendment right to ...

Why 2013 will be the year of the Internet of Things
By Jamillah Knowles
The Internet of Things (IoT); the way in which objects around us will gather data and connect to controls or other machines via the Internet. ... The term Internet of Things was coined by the British technologist Kevin Ashton in 1999. Today, the ...
The Next Web

Du presents the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE to the people of UAE ...
Du is proud to exclusively present the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE, the technology giant's first tablet to be powered by 4G LTE mobile broadband, to the people of the UAE. With 4G LTEaccessible...
ExcitingAds! AME Info Latest News

Fear of big money extinguished by Internet | ASU News | The State ...
By Colton Gavin
Here's one of the most amusing quotes I've ever heard: “There are two things that are important in politics: The first is money, and I can't remember what the second one is.” It presents one of many foregone conclusions that we as a society ...
ASU News | The State Press |...

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