Impulse 4G could be AT&T's first LTE 4G phone

Samsung's Impulse 4G could be AT&T's first LTE 4G phone
AT&T has yet to launch its LTE 4G network, but we're already seeing spy shots of its potential LTEphones. Today we have a glimpse at the Samsung Impulse 4G, which could very well end up being AT&T's first LTE 4G phone, according to the mobile site Boy ...
$1 million grant to fund broadband Internet access for Gabbs, population 318
Las Vegas Review-Journal
Check out the cost to bring broadband to Gabbs. The US Department of Agriculture on Monday awarded a $1 million grant to a Las Vegas company to build broadband Internet access in the Nye County town of 318 people. That's around $3300 per resident. ...
Augere Brings Broadband to Heart of Africa With Rwandan Expansion
PR Newswire (press release)
On 25/11/2011 Augere, operating under the brand name QUBEE, will be commercially launching its purpose built WiMAX wireless broadband network in Kigali, Rwanda. QUBEE will offer fast and reliable broadband Internet access to the people of Rwanda, ...
Does the Code in iOS 5 Reveal an LTE iPhone Is Coming?
PC Magazine
Does this mean an iPhone that runs on Verizon's ultra-fast LTE network is in the works? Undoubtedly, yes. Apple would be ridiculously stupid to not be thinking about LTE, one of the few network technologies that's actually worthy of the term "4G. ...
Broadband chief calls for cable cuts
The Age
NBN Co is urging the competition watchdog to approve an application from Telstra to shut down its high speed cable broadband network. This would leave NBN Co's fibre as the sole fixed broadbandtechnology in Australia, which some have argued is ...
NetComm says TD-LTE devices will be Sequans-powered
Sequans also announced in February that it was working with Alcatel-Lucent on LTE-CPE development saying: "The new products include low-cost devices such as USB dongles, indoor and outdoor CPE, portable Wi-Fi routers, connected tablet and notebook ...
MegaFon and MTS to draw first blood in Moscow LTE battle?
In Moscow, the higher-range frequencies currently utilised by Synterra and Comstar UTS – as well as those held by WiMAX-turned-LTE operator Yota (Scartel) and television providers Kosmos-TV (owned by Sistema) and Mostelecom (controlled by Rostelecom) ...
Dish's wireless plan unveiled: satellite-terrestrial LTE-Advanced network
In return for the waiver, Dish said it will commit to a "substantial terrestrial network deployment" intended to increase wireless broadband competition, including in rural areas, using LTE-Advanced network technology. Dish said it is prepared to work ...
Is 4G wireless the key to a jobs recovery?
In this scenario, the demand stimulated by new offerings justifies more network investment, setting off a virtuous cycle of investment and market response that positions the US to retain its mobile broadband leadership. Phil Asmundson, vice chairman ...
Internet service offered for $10 a month to low-income families
Minneapolis Star Tribune (blog)
The company is also selling optional Acer or Dell notebook-style computers for $150 that support wired and Wi-Fi and include Windows 7 Starter operating system. That's not a bad deal considering that 1.5 Mbps service level normally costs $27 to $40 per ...
Pulse Electronics Introduces Low Profile 700-LTE Switchable Antenna for Tablets
MarketWatch (press release)
"Real-time applications, games, video downloading, and other ultra-fast broadband services require LTE. Advanced antenna solutions are a key concept behind the superior performance of LTE. Yet, incorporating LTE in the thin, sleek, tablet PCs has ...
Maximizing Your Investment in 4G
Likewise, Sprint Nextel (NYS: S) (which uses Clearwire's WiMAX network for its Sprint 4G service) has hinted that it will likely deploy LTE as part of its Network Vision project. The company is expected to reveal more of its plans during an Oct. 7 ...
Heineken introduces free Wi-Fi to 300 pubs
Heineken UK is to introduce free Wi-Fi to 300 stockist pubs and bars across the country by the end of 2012, following a new partnership with BT. The first phase of the deal will see 100 London pubs take up fast Wi-Fi, through which customers will be ...
Soon, bulbs may broadcast broadband too!
Times of India
Prof Harald Hass says the invention, dubbed D-Light, can send data faster than 10 megabits per second, which is the speed of a typical broadband connection, by altering the frequency of the ambient light in the room. He says that other possibilities of ...
Motorola Droid 3 Review
Gotta Be Mobile
The real reason is that Verizon has released a new, next-generation 4G LTE network. It's the network of the future and Verizon expects it to replace 3G completely by the year 2013. But unfortunately, it's a network that the Droid 3 doesn't support. ...
USDA awards more funds for broadband service delivery
LightWave Online (press release)
by Stephen Hardy The award phase of broadband stimulus program ended last year, but the US Department of Agriculture (UDSDA) is still handing out money for broadband networks. USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack yesterday announced that 18 applicants will ...
Seagate offers portable WiFi-connected storage for smartphones and tablets
By Marina Freri US-based provider of storage-devices, Seagate, has launched a battery-powered mobile storage device, GoFlex Satellite, designed to provide additional storage for, and content streaming to mobile devices over WiFi. It measures 120mmx88mm ...
What you really need to know about 4G LTE
InfoWorld (blog)
But there are three technologies that get the 4G label in the carriers' marketing, and for the next three to five years at least, they'll be what 4G means in a practical sense. They are LTE, WiMax, and HSPA+ with backbone assist. ...
China Mobile may offer multi-mode Android phone for TD-LTE
GoMo News
These multiple modes are TD-LTE (for 4G), TD-SCDMA (for 3G) and GSM (for basic communications). China Mobile is probably the world's largest mobile operator with around 744 million users. It has already built around six TD-LTE networks in China and...
Be Careful with Free Wi-Fi at Your Business
By Stephanie Rabiner at For a small business, free Wi-Fi can be a great way to lure in customers, encouraging them to spend time at your establishment. However, offering internet access comes with a bit of a risk, opening your business up ...
United to put Wi-Fi on 747s between Australia and US, but there's a catch
Australian Business Traveller
United Airlines will upgrade the 747s that fly between Australia and the US to offer inflight Wi-Fi, the company's Australian office has confirmed. However, it will only be used to allow passengers to stream movies to their laptops, iPads and other ...

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