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Did wifi cause a rise in bus ridership?
Reuters Blogs (blog)
They brought in branding and professional marketing and wifi and much higher safety standards, and succeeded in taking a huge amount of market share from the Chinatown operators who were never part of the DePaul survey in the first place. ...

Reuters Blogs (blog)

Most Chinese netizens using false broadband?
People's Daily Online
Most of Chinese Internet users are using false broadband, according to an investigative report from the Data Center of the China Internet (DCCI). Most Internet users experience substandard broadband speeds that do not match the price they have paid to ...

NEW Jailbreak Untethered iOS 5.0.1 iPhone 4/3GS iPod Touch 4G/3G iPad - Corona ...
In this video I will be showing you guys how to jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 Untethered. Thanks to Pod2g! Click to TWEET this video! http://clicktotweet.com/0975B CydiaHelp Post (DOWNLOADS):http://bit.ly/sB9PJz SUBSCRIBE ;) MY PERSONAL STUFFS ...

How To Perform Untethered Jailbreak On Your iPod Touch 4G, iPod ...
By iPhoneHacks
You can follow these step-by-step instructions to jailbreak your iPod touch 4G or iPod touch 3G with the assumption that you've already updated your iPod touch to iOS 5.0.1 (please note Settings --> General --> About --> Version should be ...
iPhone Hacks

Faster broadband for Welsh rural areas by summer 2012
BBC News
Remote villages and rural towns are among the latest places to be given access to faster broadband in Wales. BT has announced that another 130000 homes and businesses from 33 communities will have access to faster broadband by the summer of 2012. ...

BBC News

Samsung, NTT DoCoMo and Others to Set up LTE Chip Joint Venture
By Jay Alabaster, IDG News NTT DoCoMo said Tuesday it will form a joint venture with Samsung, Fujitsu, NEC and two other Japanese companies to design and sell chips for high-speed mobile networks based on the LTE (Long Term Evolution) standard. ...

How 4G Will Change the Way We Drive
When automakers and wireless providers finally figure out how to develop and sell a 4G-connected car, our whole relationship with cars will change. By Rick Jensen, PCWorld The “4G” term is everywhere now, but although smartphone manufacturers and ...

Wi-Fi on the go
Need a Wi-Fi hot spot when you're on the move? It's now easier than ever before to share wireless access Wi-Fi has long been a matter of convenience and not a necessity, but as we move from laptops to tablets, if you don't buy the 3G option you're ...

Campaign for Faster Broadband for Home, Business and Tourism
Brian McCrow is the man who should be credited for bringing superfast broadband to Innerleithen in the UK through the BT Race to Infinity competition. He believes it can boost tourism and business in the area. According to McCrow, faster broadband will...


Ushering in mobile broadband services
Business Recorder
Pakistan Telecommuni-cations Authority is, reportedly, preparing to auction the frequency spectrum for mobile broadband services in March 2012. The auction would be technology-neutral, which means that mobile network operators can bid for any data...

Business Recorder

China minister plans to push broadband investment
By China Bureau BEIJING -(MarketWatch)- China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will push the country's network operators to boost their investment in broadband network construction and cut their fees for Internet use, industry minister ...

Taiwan to include LTE-Advanced in communication program
Taiwan's National Science Council has decided to add LTE-Advanced to its Networked Communication Program (NCP) which originally focused on development of WiMAX only. The addition is in line with the trend where almost all mobile telecom carriers ...

Ultra-Fast broadband rolled out in Whangarei
Nearly 4000 homes in Whangarei have been hooked up to Ultra-Fast broadband in just a matter of months. "In the past it was taking quite some time to download movies. We're going to be taking a lot less time, like a minute to seconds, to download these ...

ICT set to unveil WiFi hotspots
Bangkok Post
The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Ministry says it will introduce free public WiFiat 20000 locations around Greater Bangkok starting tomorrow. An additional 20000 WiFi hotspots are expected by October next year, said ICT Minister ...

10 Wi-Fi trends to watch for in 2012
InformationWeek India
Several trends and developments are emerging and catching up to make a big impact on unabated growth of Wi-Fi. Ajay Kumar Gupta, WLAN Access and Security Specialist, elaborates on 10 such trends By Ajay Kumar Gupta, December 27, 2011 The year 2011 ...

Looking back at 2011: 4G LTE takes off
LTE quickly became one of the most talked about wireless topics this year, but before 2011 it was a term most consumers probably had never heard of. A standard developed by the Third-Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), long-term evolution (LTE) is a ...

Successful 4G trial
Gulf Weekly
Batelco held a successful trial of LTE (Long Term Evolution) mobile technology at the company's Hamala Headquarters. LTE is commonly referred to as 4G and enables delivery of superfast data speeds. Batelco embarked on its BD14.5 million MNE (Mobile ...

Huawei to invest $150 m, seen gaining 3G, LTE share
Daily News & Analysis
“Huawei is committed to a long-term engagement with India, and over a period of time technology platforms such as enterprise business, devices business, 2G expansions, 3G and Long Term Evolution (LTE) will fuel growth,” said Sures Vaidyanathan, ...

Free Wi-Fi From Japanese Vending Machines In 2012
Crunchyroll News
Pretty soon in certain parts of Japan you'll be able to get a free data boost from Wi-Fiequipped Asahi vending machines. The drink company announced today that the hotspot machines are in development and should be ready for a 1000 location test early...

Crunchyroll News

Thailand wires up with free Wi-Fi
ZDNet Asia
By Liau Yun Qing , ZDNet Asia on December 27, 2011 (8 hours ago) Twenty thousand public Wi-Fihotspots will be turned on Wednesday, with another 20000 expected to go live by next October, as Thai government aims to provide Internet access to 80 percent ...

10 Reasons the Galaxy Nexus is Better Than the iPhone 4S
Gotta Be Mobile
The Galaxy Nexus continues this tradition on Verizon's fast 4G LTE network, bringing an HD display and Android 4.0 to the table. While the iPhone 4S has a number of nice features, the Galaxy Nexus bests Apple's latest iPhone in a number of ways. ...

Gotta Be Mobile

Nobody Likes In-Flight WiFi
Slate Magazine (blog)
I As a professional blogger who also loves to travel, I'm always excited when flights offer in-flight wifi services, typically from Gogo, and I'm willing to pay oft-extortionate fees to use it. But with GoGo poised for an Initial Public Offering we're ...

Slate Magazine (blog)

HTV EVO View 4G And MyTouch 4G Slide Now Officially Unlockable At HTCDev.com
Android Police
The EVO View 4G is one such device, as it now joins its Wi-Fi only brother, the Flyer, in the world of open bootloaders. Also joining the mix is the T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide, the first device from the myTouch family to make its way onto the portal. ...

Broadband box allowed
The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald
The green cabinet, owned by Openreach, will provide superfast broadband connectivity. The 1.35m-high box will be outside the Pelican Inn and near to a bus shelter. It was originally due to be installed along the side of the Corn Exchange, ...

'Xoom 2' is no iPad 2--and that can also be a good thing
If you opt for a month-to-month broadband connection for a 10-inch 16GB Xyboard, you have to pay $699 plus the first month ($30 for 2GB). That's about $730 just to walk out of the store--and about $100 more than the initial outlay for the 16GB 3G iPad ...

Consumer MVNOs Report 2011-2016: Designing Successful Strategies for ...
Sacramento Bee
Our latest research report Consumer MVNOs Report 2011-2016: Designing Successful Strategies for Monetising Smartphone and LTE Growth details the essential strategies and core elements that are necessary for setting up a successful MVNO. ...

SKT develops world's first 'femtocell' for LTE
The Korea Herald
With the company's latest innovation, SK Telecom said that its LTE users will be offered high-speed data service even while indoors and in basement areas within the coming months. The company plans to build up a nationwide LTE network in 84 cities by ...

Bitbuzz boosts Wi-Fi hotspots by 30%
Irish Times
It now provides Wi-Fi in more than 100 hotels with about 8000 bedrooms across Ireland and Britain. New contracts secured in 2011 included with Costa Coffee, Clane Hospital, Dublin's Fresh and Eurospar stores, Leeds Bradford Airport and Elegant English ...

Verizon Quietly Gives Half Off All LTE Batteries at Checkout
By Christopher Price on December 26, 2011 Over the past month, Verizon has been discounting LTEbatteries. However, it was at times hard, and impossible to lock in the deal. We initially reported the half-off battery pricing with the HTC Rezound in a ...

Additional Canadian Schools Ban Wi-Fi Despite No Hard Science Proving Health ...
Despite no solid medical evidence linking Wi-Fi to health problems, last month we noted that a growing number of parents in Canada were fighting in school Wi-Fi, going so far as to hold kids out of school in protest. The Montreal Gazette notes that at ...

AT&T Buys 4G Frequencies After Failed T-Mobile Deal
iPhone FAQ
The $1.9 billion agreement hands AT&T additional 700MHz spectrum to expand its 4G LTE network. Although the deal was announced last year, the FCC decided to review both the Qualcomm purchase and T-Mobile acquisition together and ruled on the proposal ...

Nokia's diagnostics app secretly contains CDMA, AT&T LTE test ...
By Brad Molen
A bit of detective work can certainly go a long way. Some little-known sections of Nokia's Windows Phone diagnostics app were found by Nanapho as.

HTC Evo View 4G and Mytouch 4G Slide Now Officially Unlockable ...
By Chris Chavez
Two new HTC devices have found themselves a part of the official bootloader unlocked family of devices by way of HTC's developer site, HTCDev.com. The Evo View.
Android Phone Fans

Samsung Epic 4G Touch Review – Part 1
By admin
www.wirefly.com The Samsung Galaxy S II series of phones have been an international hit, but have stayed away from the US market --
Smart Phone Comparisons

DOCOMO and Five Companies to Co-develop LTE Chips
The joint venture company will focus on developing products for LTE and LTE-Advanced mobile communication standards. The companies plan to sell the new chips in markets globally. Designing chips will help the companies reduce their ...
CdrInfo.com Just Published News

Now you are Able to Fix WiFi Sleep Policy Issue in Kindle Fire ...
By Mubasher Iqbal
We can say that Kindle fire is a well-known tablet which has lots of amazing features it also has Android OS (operating system) in this post we'll discuss about to fix WiFi sleep policy issue in Kindle Fire. Because now XDA member ...

Utah Coalition for Educational Technology (UCET): Free App Today ...
By Nathan Smith
http://itunes.apple.com/app/wifi-usb/id471538398?mt=8 ** Special price for Christmas & New Year ** Turn your iOS Device into a wireless external hard disk! You can now share, copy, and backup your files to and from your PC / Mac / Linux ...
Utah Coalition for Educational...

Lock Down Your Wi-Fi Network: 8 Tips for Small Businesses | Farend
By fardus
Wi-Fi gives us freedom from wires, but it's not secure by default. Data is transmitted through the air, and anyone nearby can easily capture it with the right tools. As discussed below, whether you have your own Wi-Fi network or use someone ...

The truth about 4G speeds « Tinkernut.com
By admin
The truth about 4G speeds. ... But not all 4G is created equal. Even when you're talking about the same kind of 4G—LTE. Now that AT&T's launched their LTE network in a handful … Visit Tinkernut Google+ or via admin@tinkernut.com. ...

Kindle Fire: Password Protect WiFi
By Brian Burgess
The Kindle Fire 6.2.1 update lets you password protect connecting to WiFi. This comes in handy for many reasons like keeping your kids offline or avoiding sneaky updates that break root access.
IP Carrier: Are 4G Sales Slow or Not?
By Gary Kim
Clearwire, which mostly has grown on the strength of its WiMAX 4G network, ended the second quarter 2011 with approximately 7.65 million total subscribers, up 365 percent from 1.64 million subscribers in the second quarter 2010. Clearwire ...
IP Carrier

China minister plans to push broadband investment – Marketwatch ...
By Blackmere
BEIJING -(MarketWatch)- China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will push the country's network operators to boost their investment in broadband network construction and cut their fees for Internet use, industry minister Miao ...
Blackmere Consulting

SK Telecom Develops Dual-Mode Wi-Fi and LTE Femtocell
South Koreas SK Telecom says that it has completed the development of a Wi-Fi integrated LTEfemtocell, which provides both LTE and Wi-Fi services ...

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