Google Chrome for Android beta [video]

Google Chrome for Android beta [video]

AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note LTE on sale now
Samsung's Galaxy Note has gone up for sale on AT&T in LTE form today, offering stylus-loving Android fans an oversized phablet to play with. Priced at $299.99 with a new, two-year agreement, the AT&T Galaxy Note is available in ceramic white or carbon ...


10 Steps To Smartphone Privacy
Smartphone owners, it's you versus bad guys and nosy apps. Follow these 10 tips to keep your data locked down. By Eric Zeman InformationWeek Your smartphone is simultaneously your best friend and your worst enemy. It can help you find the nearest ...

Clearwire to have 5000 LTE sites running by June 2013
"The companies have agreed to collaborate on a network build plan and will jointly select LTE macro-cell sites to cover Sprint's high usage area 'hotspots.'" Clearwire has been investing in 4G for years, but it chose to double down on the older WiMax ...

Sprint's Lucky to Have Clearwire While Lightsquared's LTE Plans Flounder
But when it chose Lightsquared ahead of Clearwire – a company it not only has a majority stake in but is also its 4G WiMax network provider – in July of last year, the markets were shocked. Clearwire's stock fell almost 24% following the news.

App makers using smartphone data
Worcester Telegram
Companies that make many of the most popular smartphone apps for Apple and Android devices — Twitter, Foursquare and Instagram among them — routinely gather the information in personal address books on the phone and in some cases store it on their ...

Apple files claim against Motorola Mobility in EU
Taipei Times
Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc (MMI) said Apple Inc filed a complaint with the EU's competition authority accusing it of violating a pledge to license industry--standard patents on fair terms.Motorola Mobility said in a regulatory filing that it was ...

Apple files EU patent complaint against Motorola Mobility
By Marc Ferranti Apple has asked the European Commission to intervene in its patent battle withMotorola Mobility, according to a filing with the US Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) made by Motorola Mobility late Friday. In its annual report, ...

Smartphone security blankets
Business Standard
Security—for the information on your smartphone, as well as for the device itself—is a hot topic these days. The truth is you're packing a lot of sensitive information on your phone, and you should keep it safe. When it comes to physical security, ...

Smartphone war continues between Apple and Moto (Google)
Android Apps Appolicious
In the latest from the European front, Apple has asked the European Commission to step in and settle its patent battle with Motorola Mobility, Reuters is reporting. “Apple's complaint seeks the Commission's intervention with respect to ...

LG outs 5-inch Optimus Vu 4G LTE smartphone ahead of MWC
Mobile Burn
Jumping the gun ahead of Mobile World Congress next week, LG has taken the wraps off of the Optimus Vu, a new 5-inch LTE smartphone that appears to be going right for the Samsung Galaxy Note's jugular. The Optimus Vu features a unique 4:3 aspect ratio ...

Morotola Droid Razr Maxx at the forefront of Verizon's LTE network expansion
Mobile bloom News
Motorola Droid Razr Maxx: The race to get all of the territories in US shores covered with 4G LTEconnectivity is on and Verizon is making headway in its expansion by expanding its 4G LTEnetwork in 4 markets in addition to lighting up its service in ...

Two Android tablets take on Apple: One is up to the task
by Brooke Crothers February 18, 2012 1:43 PM PST Follow @mbrookec Can Android tablets match the iPad in usability? Yes, if they apply an important lesson from Apple. Motorola's Xyboard/Xoom 2 is an elegant design. It's the software that isn't so ...

Windows 8 Tablets Need Low Cost, Lots of Apps, Android Weakness
NEWS ANALYSIS: Windows 8 tablets will need a combination of low cost, tons of apps and a little weakness from Google Android. What does Microsoft's Windows 8 need to conquer the tablet market? Answer: a low price, full functionality and for Google ...

you are reading... Apple files patent complaint against Motorola, asks for EU ...
Here's the latest punch in the ongoing mobile-device patent brawl: Apple has filed an official complaint with the European Commission against Motorola Mobility for violating agreements to fairly license standards-essential patents.

Technology: A tablet? A smartphone? Galaxy Note is both
Indianapolis Star
It resembles an oversize smartphone or an undersized tablet. Then throw in that a key feature is a stylus-like pen -- Palm Pilot redux? Samsung positions Galaxy Note as a "super phone" that goes beyond the usual multimedia and smartphoning capabilities ...

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Provides Largest Verizon 4G Screen and Price Drops Below $100
Mobile bloom News
It is hard to believe that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G Android smartphone has been out for only three months. Maybe it was all the anticipation of the first United States arrival of the Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 operating system to be delivered by ...

LG Optimus Vu revealed with stylus and LTE | Android Community
By Chris Davies
LG has officially revealed the LG Optimus Vu, the company's new flagship for MWC 2012 next week and its stylus-toting challenge to Samsung's Galaxy Note. Based.
Android Community

Apple complains about Motorola with European authorities, wants ...
By Edgar Cervantes
After losing against Motorola, in a permanent injunction, Apple was requested 2.25% of all 3G Apple devices sold in exchange for patent licensing. If Apple's.
Android Phone Fans

SPB Shell 3D Launcher - Android App Review
By Matthew Sabatini
One of the best features about Android is having total control of customization. More specifically, Launchers and Skins give Android users access to tons of new user interfaces and also features.
Android Authority

Android Anatomy illustrations get beneath robotic characters' skin
By Lauren Davis
Yves Joe Malgorn peels back the skin (metallic or otherwise) on robotic characters, exposing their mechanical innards. He even draws out the inner workings of some unlikely androids.

iOS-ification Addendum
By Federico Viticci
Following the announcement of OS X Mountain Lion and the release of the first developer preview, I've been seeing a lot of new commentary being added to the longstanding argument that Apple is “iOS-ifying” the Mac with features and apps ...

Hey AT&T! — My Permanent Record
By Geoff Fox
If things are really bad AT&T has the ability to be more flexible in who gets cut off and when. What purpose is there cutting someone off in the middle of the night or on an underutilized cell? They're able to separate day from night on cell calls ...
My Permanent Record

Sony's Xperia SmartTags app now in Android Market, useless until ...
Now available in the Android Market is the Xperia SmartTags app that in the future will allow those with the actual SmartTags to have their phone perform various functions using NFC technology; the tags will come in a package of four for ...
Phone Arena - Latest News

Iconia tablets to get Android 4.0 in April - AfterDawn
Acer has announced today that two more of its Iconia tablets will receive the Android 4.0 ice Cream Sandwich update this year. The Iconia Tab A200 just received the update ...

Android vs iPhone | Geeky Gadgets
By Julian Horsey
Android vs iPhone, we compare the two most popular mobile platforms and the top devices onAndroid and iOS, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus vs the Apple iPhone.

New BBM Music Offer Means Free Music for You «Inside BlackBerry ...
Announcing new features for BBM Music - and a great deal for the month of February 2012!

iPad App Provides TV Content & Control to U-verse Customers | AT&T
The new AT&T iPad app for U-verse TV gives customers remote control, TV content and extras. Learn about the U-verse iPad app and how to download.

Android Market - Google Groups
This is the Android Market Forum, a place to discuss and share questions with other ... How to delete apps my Android Market Web Portal My Library section?

Second Major security flaw found in Google Wallet….Rooted or not ...
Your source for smartphone comparisons, news, reviews, and commentary. We delve into anythingsmartphone, tablet, or mobile technology related. Whether it's ...

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