Apple, Android Battle for Enterprise App Market Share

Apple, Android Battle for Enterprise App Market Share
Among the most significant findings is the 16 percent lead Apple holds over Google's open-source Android operating system concerning which OS is thought to win the enterprise apps market, with 53.2 percent saying iOS will win, versus 37.3 percent saying ...

Windows malware slips into Apple's iOS App Store
A Windows malware worm has been found embedded in an application being distributed in Apple's App Store for iOS. The worm is a relatively low-threat malware package that will not affect the iOS or the MacOS platform but may be harmful to those who ...

AT&T smartphone sales fall in 2Q, boosting net
The Associated Press
That's good news for the company because it to subsidizes each smartphone by hundreds of dollars to be able to sell it to customers for $99 or $199. IPhones, in particular, are expensive to sell, because Apple charges AT&T an average of around $650 for ...

The Associated Press

Net Nanny 2.0 (for Android)
PC Magazine
Many parents are scared of giving their little one his or her first smartphone. What if he uses it to look up porn? What if she falls for an Internet scam? You can't always watch what your child does on his first Android device, but Net Nanny can. For $19.99 per ...

AT&T smartphone sales fall, boosting profit
Los Angeles Times
AT&T Inc. on Tuesday said that it saw declining smartphone sales in the second quarter, leading to the best profitability ever in its wireless arm as it saves on phone subsidies. The largest telecommunications company in the U.S. says it activated 5.1 million ...

Apple's iOS 6 Removes Password Prompts for Free Apps
Apple is making it easier to get apps from the App Store with iOS 6 by removing the need to enter your password for every app you download to your device, according to numerous online reports. If all you're ... Cloud-connected HondaLink service is powered by your smartphone · Android app piracy convinces developer to offer Dead Trigger for free · The end of do-it-yourself. Similar Articles: Apple Adds Reminders, Notes Apps to iCloud Beta Site for Developers · Apple Announces Cards iOS App · The Best Free ...

Britain's 4G auction set to rake in at least £1.4bn
British taxpayers can expect to make at least £1.4bn from the 4G spectrum auction, Ofcom said on Tuesday as it published a fresh set of proposals for the mobilebroadband sale. The new proposals (PDF) also say bidding for 4G spectrum will start in the first ...


Ofcom unveils 4G auction to kick start high-speed mobile
Plan could see high-speed mobile Internet in 2013. * Analysts say spectrum could raise 3-4 bln stg. By Paul Sandle. LONDON, July 24 (Reuters) - British telecoms regulator Ofcom said on Tuesday that the auction of spectrum for 4G services would get under ...

Motorola Atrix HD Review: The Mid-Range Gets Good
Like most other phone makers, Motorola puts its own tweaks on top the Androidoperating system, but the changes feel less burdensome than any Moto phone to date, suggesting that the company has already learned some lessons from its new overlords at Google. Android 4.0 is ... If camera and design are more important to you than display sharpness and software smoothness, and you can't spend the extra dough, consider Samsung's Galaxy S II (or the 4G LTE Skyrocket version) as an alternative. It's not a bad ...


Intel, Google updating Android 4.1 for Atom tablets, smartphones
Lenovo released an Intel Inside smartphone in China with a customized version of Android, andMotorola is due to release smartphones and tablets Intel chips with the Android OS later this year. Intel has a minimal presence in the smartphone and tablet ...

UK's 4G mobile spectrum sale earmarked for the end of 2012
UK's 4G mobile spectrum sale earmarked for the end of 2012. Once the auction takes place, operators are expected to establish 4G networks using the auctioned spectrum from the middle of 2013, and to start offering 4G services to consumers later that year.

4G connectivity will be available in the UK starting in 2013
Ofcom states that mobile broadband will cover at least 98 percent of the United Kingdom with a spectrum sale 80 percent larger than 3G while promoting a competitive market environment. As most smartphone manufacturers are offering LTE-compatible ...

Nexus 7 will lead Android tablets to overtake iPad
It is important to understand that ever since the iPhone and Android were launched, the market segmented into legacy smartphone platforms (BlackBerry, Symbian & Windows Mobile) and modern smartphone platforms (iOS, Android & Windows Phone).


UK Consumers to Receive 4G Services from Middle of Next Year
Wall Street Journal
Ofcom's long-awaited auction of fourth-generation--or 4G--mobile spectrum has been delayed by industry opposition to the regulator's proposal to limit how much each mobile operator can buy. The regulator also decided to ... The auction of two spectrum bands, 800 megahertz and 2.6 gigahertz, comes as demand for mobile data in Western Europe is expected to increase substantially, driven by smartphones and mobile broadband data services such as video streaming and social networking. The U.K. is behind ...

4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook may debut this month
Sprint initially planned to introduce a 4G PlayBook using its WiMax network, but the two companies later canceled that plan as RIM wanted to switch its focus to LTE. CNET contacted RIM for comment and will update the story when we get more information.

Why AT&T actually doesn't mind when smartphone sales drop
It's the contradictory dynamic that all carriers find themselves in: smartphone sales are vital to keeping a healthy flow of revenue and profit growth but come at a more immediate cost in the form of subsidies that are paid to the handset manufacturers.

Higher Wireless Margins Boost AT&T's Profit
Wall Street Journal
“Almost all the upside in their earnings was driven by the wireless division,” said Deutsche Bank analyst Brett Feldman. He added that reduced phone upgrades in the quarter helped, althoughsmartphone sales dropped from the first quarter. “They are doing a ...

Android comes under fire from game developers on piracy
After Sports Interactive launched Football Manager Handheld for Android, its piracy rate was 9:1, which is one game sold for every nine illegally downloaded. Appy Entertainment's FaceFighter Gold had a piracy rate of 70:1 on Android and just 3:1 on iOS.

Virgin closes in on Tube Wi-Fi target as Olympics loom
Virgin Media has now turned on free Wi-Fi service at 73 stations on the London Underground, as it pushes forward with its plan to resell the Tube service to other operators. Tube Wi-Fi Virgin Media will let other mobile companies resell its Wi-Fiservice on the ...


Chrome for iOS Grabs 1.5% Share of iOS Browser Market
Search Engine Journal
Looking for new tools that will help you monitor the presence of Google's Chrome browser oniOS? Well, look no further. Chitika Insights has just released the Chrome iOS Adoption Tracker as the only tool that allows users to track the rate of Chrome adoption ...

AT&T profit rises as it subsidizes fewer smartphones
Updated. Comments. NEW YORK – AT&T (T) on Tuesday said that smartphonesales declined in the second quarter, leading to the best profitability ever in its wireless arm as it saves on phone subsidies. An AT&T store in New York. By Mark Lennihan, AP/File ...


Is 99 cents too much to pay for an Android game?
Which brings us to this: Is Android piracy overplayed and over exaggerated? Second of all, why is there less of a problem for iOS? Android app piracy isn't new, and some developers blame Google for not taking the necessary steps to limit the damages.


iOS Soars Ahead of Android Development As Apple Quietly Makes Move Into ...
In the largest survey of its kind, Appcelerator developers were asked what operating system is best positioned to win the enterprise market. Developers said iOS over Android by a 53% to 38% margin. Last year, in its second quarter survey, the two companies ...

How Android Raises the Experience Bar with Nexus 7
 ... Think about the horrible stories consumers who paid full price for an HP Touchpad, Motorola Xoom, or BlackBerry PlayBook tell their friends and colleagues today. ... They've been so good, in fact, that Android even eclipses iOS in market share.


Broadband and TiVo lift Virgin's results
Average revenue per user up 3.1 pct in Q2. * Overall loss of 14700 customers, worse than forecast. * Sales and operational cash flow up to 412 mln stg. By Kate Holton. LONDON, July 24 (Reuters) - Strong demand for superfast broadband and the connected ...

British Ofcom To Auction 2.6 Ghz Spectrum To Promote 4G Services
The plans should see mobile broadband rolled out to at least 98% of people in villages, towns and cities across the UK. This will be achieved through 4G, the fourth generation of mobile technology, which will deliver much faster mobile data speeds to phones ...

4G wireless to revolutionise rural Wales, says Ofcom
BBC News
During a reception at the Royal Welsh Show on Tuesday, the regulator said 4Gshould be available to up to 99% of mobile phone users in Wales. Ofcom unveiled plans to auction the bandwidth on Tuesday, but bidding will not start until early 2013. It said it ...

BBC News

4G - coming at last
BBC News
Finally, 4G is coming to the UK - but don't get too excited just yet. In the plans laid out by Ofcom this morning for the much-delayed auction of 4G spectrum, the regulator envisages that consumers will start getting access to the new superfast mobile services in ...

BBC News

Android Jelly Bean OS manages speedy launch on ZTE's N880E ...
By Mat Smith
Color us surprised, then, when ZTE announce that one of its humbler handsets from last year is making the leap from Android 2.3 all the way to version 4.1. The China-only N880E appears to be only the third smartphone to launch with the ...

Finally, Britain looks set for 4G… but not for a year — European ...
By Bobbie Johnson
Britain's severely delayed 4G auction came a step closer with confirmation that the bidding for mobile spectrum will finally open up. But with regulators suggesting it won't happen until early next year, UK consumers won't see any real LTE ...

Samsung Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update coming as soon as August ...
By Cory Gunther
Samsung's brand new Galaxy S III smartphone is a smashing success. The company has already stated over 10 million have been sold, and that is only the. ... is already in the final testing stages of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for both the Galaxy S III, and the older Galaxy S II. The past 4-6 weeks most of Samsung's Galaxy S II models have just barely received Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, so the possibility of the newest OS already being near completion is extremely good news.
Android Community

Soak Test For Motorola XOOM WiFi Set To Roll Out – Jelly Bean Is ...
By Chris Chavez
Motorola DROID RAZR HD (XT926) Hits FCC Complete With V.. .... Of course, as so often is the case with devices on Verizon's network, the LTE version of the Xoom could be waiting a little (lot) longer before they see Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.
Android Phone Fans

Outlook and PowerPoint for iOS spotted in Microsoft job postings ...
By Jeff Blagdon
Evidence that Microsoft is working on an iOS version of its Office suite is mounting. Job postings on the company’s website from July 14th, originally discovered by 9to5Mac, indicate it’s...
The Verge - All Posts

Toshiba REGZA T-02D smartphone launches in Japan: 'New ...
By Mat Smith
There's no word on who's behind the dual-core 1.5GHz processor, but Xi connectivity (how Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo brands its LTE provision) makes a Qualcomm chipset likely. ...The phone's 13.1-megapixel camera reaches an impressively high ISO level of 25600, running on Sony's back-illuminated Exmor R sensor, while Fujitsu's also channeled the ghost of the original Motorola Atrix, resurrecting a fingerprint unlock ..... In-app purchase hack won't work iniOS 6, say coders ...
Engadget Mobile

Motorola Xoom Jelly Bean update confirmed ... - Android Authority
By Chris Smith
The Motorola Xoom Jelly Bean update for the Wi-Fi version of the tablet has been confirmed, with soak tests ready to start. A rollout date has ... As for the Xoom LTE, or international Xoom versions, we have no idea when their Jelly Bean updates will roll out. Hopefully it will be ...Android 4.1.1, Jelly Bean Software Update for the Motorola XOOM™ WIFI in the U.S.. Introduction – We ... Xperia-Go-front · Smartphone snuff: extreme things you probably shouldn't do to your Xperia Go [Video] ...
Android Authority

iOS 6 Beta Removes Requirement to Enter Password to Download ...
By Jordan Golson
Apple will streamline the App Store purchasing experience when iOS 6 arrives this fall, as noticed by Reddit submitter Varmanj. In two significant... ... iTunes store? Don't immediately jump to the android conclusion. Rating: 11 Positives. Avatar ...
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors...

LTE BlackBerry PlayBook going on sale July 31st in Canada ...
By George Wong
Awhile ago we had confirmation of the 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook, and not long after that we saw it visit the FCC. Well, it looks like the tablet is finally on its way to retail outlets. The folks over at [...]

Noted analyst shares predictions for next-generation iOS devices ...
By 9to5Mac
Noted analyst shares predictions for next-generation iOS devices, MacBooks, iMacs July 23, 2012 at 9:24 pm ...

LTE tablets market share decline
By Brad Reed
A combination of data caps and higher retail prices will significantly hurt demand for tablets equipped with 4G LTE connectivity over the next few year. ... The reason for this is clear: People want to be able to consume large amounts of data on their tablets without incurring pesky overage fees and thus prefer Wi-Fi for their tablet connections. “Most users do not regard cellular... for Network World. His first smartphone was a BlackBerry but he has since become a loyalAndroid user.
BGR: The Three Biggest Letters In Tech

Netgear WiFi Booster extends your home network with one plug, no ...
By Matthew Humphries
There's bound to be one or more dead zones, some of which fall right where you want to sit and surf with your tablet or smartphone. The typical solution to this problem is to extend your WiFinetwork with an access point or powerline adapters.
Motorola Mobility Scores Big With Launch of Dual-SIM Motorola ...
Motorola Mobility Scores Big With Launch of Dual-SIM Motorola MOTOGO! TV. Catch open and digital TV action anywhere on this smartphone's large touchscreen ... TV is Wi-Fi-enabled, you can check out the latest news, send emails and update ... Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google, Inc. All other product or ...

Measuring Broadband America - July 2012 |
Consumer wireline broadband performance in the U.S. .... This July 2012 Measuring BroadbandAmerica Report contains the most recent results from the ...

Review: Motorola Atrix HD Smartphone for AT&T
Motorola's Atrix HD smartphone has a nice price at $100 on contract, but its killer feature ...Finally, Retina-like quality could be had on an Android phone. ... It's unlikely that Google's recent acquisition of Motorola Mobility had any influence on ... AT&T's 4G LTE network was fast when I could get a signal, but the carrier's LTE ...

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