Make Phone Calls Through Domain Name or Email?

Interesting -- and this is not Google Talk or Google Voice --

MyHostNews: Web Hosting News, Web Hosting Interviews, Web Hosting Awards and Web Hosting Reviews » Blog Archive » New value-added service: Domain dialing through cPanel: "Siter is the only app that allows smartphone users to make a phone call through a domain name or email instead of using a phone number. It allows you to use any top-level domain as a phone number. That means no more searching for a contact phone number and for a business a simple way for customers to contact with them. It is always easier to remember a domain name than a phone number. Siter is available for Android, iOS, Blackberry10 and Windows Mobile and is free to download. Registrars and host companies are welcome to integrate through Siter’s Partner API or cPanel plugin, to offer the Siter – domain dialing feature to your full customer base. The Siter cPanel plugin is available to any web host at no charge, and Siter has a very fair offer to all Registrars and Host companies, 50/50 revenue share policy to all recurring payments. . . ."

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