Growing infrastructure means options for consumers

Growing infrastructure means customers bombarded wtih options for tv, phone ...
Knoxville News Sentinel
Other wireless service providers are introducing 4G to local markets within the next year. US Cellular is planning to deliver high-speed 4G LTE services and 4G LTE-enabled devices to more than 25 percent of its customers nationwide by the end of the ...
US LTE phones incompatible across carriers' networks
The Australian Eye
Verizon continues its nationwide expansion of its 4G LTE network and now offers high speedwireless, reliable voice to over 110m people in 74 markets. Sprint, the first carrier to offer 4G service in the US, provides 4G service to 71 markets in 28 ...
Greenpacket Customers Test Run LTE - Ready InTouch Connection Manager for the ... (press release)
“Globally, operators are moving towards LTE with a coexistence strategy alongside their legacy networks. According to statistics, more than 50 percent of the top WiMAX operators have confirmedLTE deployment plans while another 158 operators with ...
Chinese firm clinches SLT and Mobitel expansion deals
In the new project Mobitel has signed a BOI agreement to trial and deploy an LTE Network as part of the company's network expansion project and will enable Mobitel to import/purchase (locally) project-related items duty free. ...
Best Buy Samsung DROID CHARGE 4G Android Cheap Price Video
Verizon wireless' 4g lte movable broadband network currently reaches one-third of every americans, together with options to enlarge the network to the company's entire 3g coverage area over the next three years. featuring movable ...
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4G Global Update - July 14, 2011
MTN announced the launch of a LTE pilot in five clusters around Gauteng. ... “A municipal broadband network based on WiMAX 16e broadband wireless can ...
First two LTE devices for AT&T unveiled - Phone Arena
With the launch of AT&T's 4G LTE network supposed to be happening sometime this summer, ...The first two devices to get the LTE love are mobile broadband units aimed at ... LTE > Verizon's 3g, Wimax, at&t so called 4g and T-Mobile. ...

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