State of the Internet: What are the fastest cities in the world

State of the Internet: What are the fastest cities in the world
The Internet's expansion is accompanied by steady growth in bandwidth and connection speeds, Akamai's research shows. Nearly 60 percent of South Korean broadband connections had speeds of above 5 Mbps. South Korea also achieved the highest average ...
Google's Wi-Fi Data Collection Efforts Were Extensive
By Ed Oswald, PCWorld Jul 25, 2011 2:58 PM Google's Wi-Fi data collection efforts are yet again making headlines. CNET reported Monday that it had received confirmation from a French data protection agency that Google had collected the physical ...
Netflix proclaims Internet as future, but data caps loom as threat
Washington Post (blog)
More fixed-wire and wireless Internet service providers have introduced data caps on broadbanduse, ending flat-rate monthly fees. Some tech policy experts say data caps, or metered billing, could curb competition and lead to higher bills for consumers ...
Baidu Profit Beats Estimates as China Advertising Sales Jump; Shares Surge
By Mark Lee - Mon Jul 25 21:18:21 GMT 2011 Baidu Inc. chairman and chief executive officer Robin Li, ranked the nation's richest man by Forbes magazine, is stepping up acquisitions to offer new services to meet rising competition from Internet rivals ...
Clear intros 4G mobile hot-spot router with unlimited data plans
Unfortunately, as a modem, it provides Internet access only to the single computer it's plugged into. Now that's about to change. Clear announced today the Clear 4G-Apollo, a mobile router that offers similar 4G Internet access to up to eight Wi-Fi ...
NAB: FCC's National Broadband Plan Could Shut Down 210 TV Stations for Good
Hollywood Reporter
"Economists estimate that for every dollar invested in mobile Internet, it will create an additional $7-10 for the GDP. This is in addition to the tens of billions of dollars that will be raised at auction. Our members want to help boost our country's ...
Virgin in UK tries 1.5 Gbps broadband. That's fast!
DOCSIS 3.0, the current standard used throughout Virgin Media's network, also incorporates support for Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6). (Virgin Media press release) Subscriber content. Sign up for a free trial. Connected Consumer Q1: The ...
Unplugging from Internet makes people feel lonely, upset--at least, for many
Los Angeles Times
By Marissa Cevallos, HealthKey / For the Booster Shots blog If the thought of a day without the Internet — with no smart phone as a backup — elicits fear, anger or pain, you're not alone. A poll from the United Kingdom found that about half of the ...
Far-right 'internet warrior' is armed with online hate
Irish Times
But it wasn't long until they found a new, much safer arena to continue their activities: the internet. The Scandinavian extreme right is now flourishing online. On blogs, forums and other social media, they have found ways of maximising the net's ...
SA land infrastructure gets R100m boost from Seacom
Mail & Guardian Online
Seacom, a provider of wholesale broadband services, said on Monday that it had invested R100-million in additional South African infrastructure to meet the continuous growth in demand forbroadband services and applications. The investment included the ...
As China Steps Up Web Monitoring, Many Wi-Fi Users Stay Away
New York Times
“If there's no Internet, there's no reason to come here.” The manager said the loss ofWi-Fi had already led to a 30 percent drop in business. The Dongcheng Public Security Bureau did not respond to requests for comment on Monday, but according to its ...
NJ man sentenced for Internet domain name theft
The Associated Press
ELIZABETH, NJ (AP) — A New Jersey man who admitted stealing a valuable Internet address and selling it to a former NBA player has been sentenced to five years in prison. Daniel Goncalves pleaded guilty in December to stealing the domain name ...
Cyberbullying critic target of murder hoax
A hoax ended up with a SWAT team surrounding the house of a prominent Internetsafety advocate. By Matt Liebowitz An elaborate revenge hoax orchestrated by hackers against a prominent Internet security advocate turned a quiet Sunday afternoon in a New ...
LightSquared vs. GPS Raises Big Spectrum Issues
For example, after the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) created the 802.11a standard that brought Wi-Fi to parts of the 5GHz band, the popular wireless LAN technology started to pose a threat to other applications in the band, ...
Verizon 4G LTE: Four Gotchas
Network World
The biggest squid in the 4G ocean so far is Verizon Wireless, which sells a flavor of 4G it calls LTE, for long-term evolution. To help clear the waters, I spoke with Bill Moore, the CEO of Seattle-based RootMetrics, which conducts painstaking tests of ...
Cord cutters not replacing cable TV with online video
In fact, those that go broadband-only are only slightly more likely to watch online video than those with pay-TV subscriptions, according to the latest data from Leichtman Research Group. According to the research firm, 8 percent of US households ...
How to Restore OS X Lion Via the Internet
PC Magazine
That includes booting into Recovery HD, downloading "additional components," reinstalling OS X, and rebooting to the login screen—fairly impressive performance, especially considering I had no choice but to use Wi-Fi.

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