Looming gap in broadband speed, quality worldwide

Looming gap in broadband speed, quality worldwide
ZDNet Asia
By Jamie Yap , ZDNet Asia on September 16, 2011 Broadband pervasiveness and affordability on rise, but digital divide emerging between high- and low-income countries in terms of speed, capacity and price, ITU reports. ...
Gogo to bring enhanced WiFi to Virgin America, expands video streaming on ...
This week, the domestic carrier announced that it's bringing Gogo's ATG-4 service aboard its fleet of aircraft, in a move that promises to enhance in-flight WiFi capacity by a factor of four. The upgrade is slated to roll out during the first half of ...
Spanish duo inaugurate pilot LTE networks
According to ADSLZone.net, the cellco has chosen 30 corporate clients to trial LTE services using the Huawei USB Stick K5005 as a way of testing the network ahead of any commercial introduction of 4G services. The new LTE infrastructure will reportedly ...
Rutland will lead the way on rural superfast broadband
Rutland Times
Government agency Broadband Delivery UK wants Rutland to set an example to the rest of the country. Deputy leader of Rutland County Council Terry King (Con) said: “This is fantastic news for the county and is the result of a lot of hard work by a small ...
Review: Droid Bionic a powerful shape-shifter with some baggage
Though it was supposed to launch months ago on Verizon's 4G LTE network, Moto sent the phone back to the drawing board for improvements (ostensibly to better stack up against HTC's 4G LTEoffering, the Thunderbolt). ...
4G LTE Pantech Breakout Shows Up at Verizon Store
Gotta Be Mobile
Ahead of the 4G LTE capable Pantech Breakout Android smartphone rumored launch on September 22nd, the device is beginning to make appearances at Verizon Wireless stores. The Breakout will be the carrier's fifth LTE smartphone, following on the heels of...
Samsung Droid Charge 4G Joins One Penny First-Generation 4G Handsets
Mobile bloom News
The HTC Thunderbolt Android smartphone was the first phone to employ Verizon's 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE), but when it was first released in March it had a rather hefty price tag. It was followed not long after by the debut of the Samsung Droid ...
National Broadband Network switched on in South Australia
Computerworld Australia
NBN Co has switched on the fifth and final first release National Broadband Network (NBN) site, with residents of Willunga, South Australia, now able to sign up to the network. Senator Stephen Conroy said the rollout would enhance the lives of around ...
4G LTE Sierra Wireless U313 Turbo Stick launches today with Bell
Providing laptop users with mobile Internet access to Bell's new 4G LTE network with speeds rivaling wired broadband, the 4G LTE Sierra Wireless U313 supports online work or play, including video streaming and online gaming, from anywhere within ...
Motorola Xoom 4G: A Better Business Tablet Than iPad 2
It may be quite some time before Apple releases a 4G version of the iPad. 4G, at least on the Verizon LTE network, is the best show in town. That is probably also why RIM has abandoned its planned WiMax tablet for Sprint and is concentrating instead on ...
Avanti Communications announces contract win for UK rural broadband supply
Proactive Investors UK
The firm sells satellite broadband services to supply residential and institutional users. In a Stock Exchange statement today, the firm said that "following a competitive tender, it has been awarded a place on the Kent County Council Rural Broadband ...
Will UK pay the price for a late LTE rollout?
By James Bruce, 16 September, 2011 12:10 Smartphone users around the planet are already starting to sample the delights of broadband-speed mobile data through LTE. Sadly, UK users are not among them — and they won't be for some time, says James Bruce. ...
Optus gets first licence to penetrate 700MHz band
A trial network will be constructed in Bendigo, Victoria during October 2011 to test services and application on the Australia-first 700Mhz LTE network. Huawei and Optus test high-speed mobile broadband applications including streaming high-definition ...
iPhone 5 scoops up A5, LTE, NFC as iPhone 4S lingers on second tier
Beatweek Magazine
Verizon and AT&T's burgeoning 4G LTE networking. VIrtual wallet NFC technology, which rivals like Android and financiers like PayPal are already pushing. More screen real estate, which few existing iPhone users are asking for but potential switchers ...
HTC Evo 4G Gingerbread Upgrade Update and Full Phone Specifications
Mobile bloom News
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity are also present, and video out is supplied by HDMI technology. The HTC Evo 4G Android smartphone is exclusive to the Sprint 4G WiMAX network. Learn more about the 4G phone that started it all in our comprehensive HTC ...
Shaw WiFi network to initially target malls, arenas, transit; expand later
The Wire Report
“This reflects substantial savings over time as the total spending for 3G/4G would have cost over $1 billion,” Fan wrote. Fan said in an interview Wednesday that Shaw's WiFi will not be a replacement for people who have 3G or 4G wireless services. ...
Verizon preps update for LTE Galaxy Tab 10.1, promises 'enhanced data'
By Sharif Sakr posted Sep 16th 2011 9:43AM Did you splash out extra on the LTE version of Verizon's Galaxy Tab 10.1 only to suffer the indescribable horrors of an unstable 4G connection? Then listen up: an OTA update including "enhanced data ...
Turn your iPhone into a WiFi Hotspot (how to)
Gadget Review
Once you've got the phone all set up, all that's left to do is connect the phone to your laptop or other wireless device by selecting it amidst the available WiFi signal. That's it for the official method. if you're still using an iPhone 3GS or want to ...
Samsung Epic 4G Touch review -- Engadget
By Brad Molen
However, the Samsung Epic 4G Touch is the first to be offered at a subsidized cost in return for a two-year commitment, and it won't be the last as AT&T and T-Mobile pull up the rear with their own styles of the same handset. So how .... II's 1650 mAh. Naturally, the UMTS / HSPA radio has been swapped with an EVDO / WiMAX one, though as we mentioned earlier, we would've preferred to see at least GSM for global roaming. ..... AT&T to officially deploy its LTE network September 18th ...
AT&T announces LTE launch for September 18 – Cell Phones ...
By Jennifer Bergen
AT&T has yet to release any official data on speeds, but AT&T did say its LTE 3G service would be “comparable to Verizon's LTE 4G network.” Verizon's network supposedly gets download speeds of 5-Mbps to 12-Mbps and 2-Mbps to 3-Mbps ...
AT&T To Officially Light Up LTE Network This Weekend | TechCrunch
By Chris Velazco
Assuming they have either an LTE modem or a needlessly-expensive HTC tablet, customers in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio will be able to jump on the fledgling high-speed network on Sunday, September 18. Data plans start at $50 for 5GB of use, which puts them right on par with most other mobile broadband providers. Even though Verizon has had a substantial head start in building out their LTE network, AT&T claims that their data speeds are right on par ...
AT&T CFO: 4G LTE service launching to public in five markets on ...
By Todd Haselton
During the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Media, Entertainment & Communications conference on Thursday, AT&T's chief financial officer John Stephe.
BGR: The Three Biggest Letters In Tech
Samsung Galaxy S II, Epic 4G Touch Is Now Available From Sprint
By Chris Chavez
Rejoice! The time is finally here, folks. It's a little past midnight on the east coast and Sprint's website has finally made available the uber fast, uber.
Android Phone Fans
AT&T to launch its LTE network on Sept 17 — Mobile Technology ...
By Stacey Higginbotham
AT&T says it will cover 70 million people before the end of this year, much less than Verizon's current 160 million people covered, but still on track to bring 4G service to a significant number of Americans. AT&T has also detailed the pricing for the LTE service: $50 per month provides 5 GB of mobilebroadband, with each additional gigabyte of service priced at $10. Back in May I got to see a test of AT&T's LTE network in Dallas that delivered speeds of 29 Mbps down and 10 up, ...
Analysis of Wireless Broadband Plan in 2nd Stimulus Package
By Paul Budde
... year still persist. Wireless is not a solution to the significant broadband problems the USA is facing. ... The new plan seems to be driven more by the failed attempts in previous initiatives to roll out more broadband infrastructure. ... Since then the FCC has given advance licences to some public safety agencies (states, cities) to start building their own LTE networks for public safety broadband. So what the Administration's latest plan seems to do is cancel the whole D block concept and ...
CircleID: Featured Blogs
dailywireless.org » AT&T LTE Launch: Sep 15
By Sam Churchill
DailyWireless.org covers current developments in broadband wireless, including WiMAXLTEWiFiand mobile aps. Online ... Clearwire's 4G network currently provides coverage “in areas of the U.S. where more than 130 million people live”. ...
China Mobile, Apple working on TD-LTE iPhone | MacTech
By dsellers
Those users either accept slower Internet connections on the 2G network, or access the Web over the company's Wi-Fi network, notes "Bloomberg." The carrier got regulatory approval in December for limited trials of the TD-LTE network, which ...
MacTech News
Gogo gets 4X faster Wi-Fi on Virgin, Vision on American | Electronista
Gogo has unrolled a major upgrade to its in-air Wi-Fi access for 2012. ... 720p screen, dual-core Snapdragon, LTE 4G · Samsung Epic 4G Touch goes on sale at ...
Black Sea Resort Deploys Municipal Wi-Fi Network
Wi-Fi vendor Wavion and Minisoft, a local system integrator in Romania, announced today the deployment of Wavions Wi-Fi base stations at the city of Mangalia ...
FT.com / Telecoms - Four bid for France's 4G spectrum
Four bid for France's 4G spectrum. By Daniel ... The US and Japan have already launched 4Gnetworks. It follows ... Hunt criticises BT over broadband access ...

China Mobile and Apple talk 4G
16, 2011, 8:05am PT No Comments The Chairman of China Mobile says he's been talking with Apple about offering the iPhone and about 4G LTE technology. China Mobile is not yet a carrier of the iPhone, but it's clear the two sides are talking and a deal ...
AT&T 4G LTE network (aka, real 4G) launches 9/18
TG Daily
AT&T heard this criticism lound and clear and has been working to launch an LTE network. LTE is the 4G standard currently in use by Verizon and widely considered to be the superior format of the competing 4G offerings. On September 18, AT&T will flip ...
AT&T, T-Mobile Deal Is Necessary for U.S. Economy, Rural Areas, and Obama's ...
Up to this point, the deployment of broadband to these areas has been largely prohibited due to the high cost it takes to string wires over mountainous regions. However, he explains that AT&T plans to deploy 4G wireless technology, which not only ...
Euronews: Dual-Mode LTE Network Goes Live
Light Reading
Polish operator Aero 2 has launched what it claims is the world's first commercial dual-mode Long Term Evolution (LTE) network that supports both the TDD and FDD versions of the next generation mobile network technology. It has deployed Huawei's ...
Smartphone Battery Life Could Be Dramatically Improved in "Subconscious Mode"
PCWorld (blog)
That's the claim of a research team at the University of Michigan that has invented a new "subconscious mode" for smartphones and other WiFi enabled mobile devices. Computer science and engineering professor Kang Shin and doctoral student Xinyu Zhang ...
Getting to know Sprint's Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch
Computerworld (blog)
The Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch, to use its full moniker, launches on Sprint today. The phone has some impressive lineage: It's the follow-up to the hugely popular first-gen Galaxy S, which a whopping 10 million people snatched up in 2010 -- and it's ...

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