Apple now a company that copies others and plays it safe

BBC News - Viewpoint: Apple's iPhone launches no longer excite: "Apple also has become a copycat in tablets. Jobs once said the iPad's 9.7in screen was the perfect size, and smaller tablets made no sense. Then the Android camp had success with 7in tablets like Amazon's Kindle Fire and Google's Nexus 7, and now Apple supposedly will announce its own smaller iPad in October. Talk about thinking different! What else is there to complain about? Um, Siri still doesn't work. The oft-rumoured Apple TV doesn't exist yet, presumably because media companies won't let Apple take over their business. The latest batch of Apple ads were such embarrassing garbage that Apple had to take them down from YouTube. Apple's new guy in charge of retail launched a plan to lay off workers and boost profits, then had to walk it back when people pointed out that this was stupid. The big $1bn (£650m) patent "victory" over Samsung made Apple look like a bully, and also raised awareness of how good Samsung's latest products are. Last month, Samsung's Galaxy S3, with its huge 4.8in screen, outsold the iPhone 4S in the United States, the first time any smartphone has outsold the iPhone in the States. Apple got where it was by taking bold risks. Now it has become a company that copies others and plays it safe."

Steve Wozniak believes Apple's lawsuit win over Samsung 'won't hold'
In fact, he feels there are advantages to each of the three smartphone platforms, and he elaborated on that on Thursday, the day after the iPhone 5 was announced. ... A better quality on the pictures will mean a lot, because when I show people pictures ...

Smartphone Market: More Competitive Than Ever
This followed recent launches from HTC, the Lumia line of phones from strugglingNokiaADR and its partnerMicrosoft, and the new Droid Razrs from Motorola, now a unit of internet search giantGoogle. All of the new smartphones have something going for ...

Without radical change in patent law, Android's ecosystem will die
I also think that it is likely that Samsung might have to pay triple damages due to willful intent to infringe, and that there is a very high likelihood that the D'889 patent (the one which covers the industrial design of the iPad) which was found not ...


Mobility shrugged, by Motorola Inc. and Google
The Citizen Daily
In 1973 Martin Cooper, researcher and Vice President at Motorola, Inc. picked up a one-kilogramme “mobile handset,” called his rival Joel S. Engel at Bell Labs and told him to 'suck it, you lost.' He'd just made the ... How could this Illinois behemoth ...

Pick the best iPhone, Android, or Windows phone for you
Wireless Week
With the launch of the Apple iPhone 5, a legion of excellent Android handsets, and the rise of Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 operating system, choosing the right smartphone has never been more difficult. On the bright side, all these options mean greater ...

5 Things to Do Before You Upgrade to iOS 6
Gotta Be Mobile
On Wednesday, Apple not only announced the new iPhone 5, but it also showed off iOS 6 and gave it a release date, September 19th. And as that release date bears down on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch owners, we wanted to share some tips on how to best ...

iPhone 5: How Its New Perks Stack Up Against the Smartphone Competition
There are great devices available today—and coming in time for holiday sales—at great prices and running both Android and the Windows Phone operating system. Is the iPhone 5 for you? Below, eWEEK put some of the device's new features in perspective.


Android 4.0 Based UbiSlate Tablet Range With 7" Screens Launched By ...
The UbiSlate tablet (an enhanced version of the Aakash) is back in the news, and this time it has multiple models to show off. A press release from the company has stated that Datawind has launched four different variations with resistive or capacitive ...

iOS App for the Weekend - YouTube
If you currently use the YouTube app that ships on your iPhone or iPad then you may as well download this sooner rather than later because you're going to need to get used to it. Starting with iOS 6 — out September 19 — Apple will no longer be ...


Samsung Galaxy Note II reaching US on October 21st?
The latest rumor from multiple sources has AT&T getting the smartphone on October 21st, although the carrier has not confirmed. Samsung's new device runs on Android4.1, has a 5.5-inch screen and a new 16:9 aspect ratio meaning 1280x720 resolution.

HTC One X vs. Droid Razr HD: Does Motorola Stand A Chance?
Mobile & Apps
Earlier this year the Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC announced its flagship handset One X, which packs high-end features. Recently, Google owned Motorolaalso launched its Droid Razr HD to attract the attention of smartphone enthusiasts. Here is a ...

Mobile & Apps

The inside of a smartphone is what really matters
Business Standard
For instance, despite superior hardware configuration on some of the high-end smartphones from Sony Ericsson and LG, it has been the Samsung Galaxy S range that has led Android's popularity on premium end. Reason: The ... Apple has ensured all iPhones ...

AMD's Hondo tablet chip will happily run Windows 8 and Linux, but not Android
AMD feels that Windows 8 comes with plenty of the stuff, so it sees no commercial need to make its forthcoming tablet chip -- codenamed Hondo -- play nice with Android as well. Speaking to The Inquirer, corporate VP Steve Belt said it was a "conscious ...

ICS set to land on the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 soon?
Mobile bloom News
Once such device is the Verizon version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 but at least, users of thetablet will no longer have to wait very long for the ICS update to land on their devices because the Android 4.0 refresh is already about to land on the ...

Smartphone Ads and Their Drawbacks
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
The evidence is telling: advertisers are willing to pay much more to reach a thousand pairs of eyes gazing upon a computer or tablet than a thousand pairs looking at a smartphone screen. "Size absolutely does matter," says Christine Chen, director of ...

HTC One S - The smartphone that slayed Dragon*Con
Cool Mom Tech
HTC One S - The smartphone that slayed Dragon*Con. HTC One S Android smartphone I am asmartphone neophyte. It's true, I have yet to embark on the world of apps and photography and texting without pressing a number key three times to get to a letter.

Motorola intros Android-based cloud desktop
BEIJING, CHINA: Motorola Mobility and Wasu Digital Group, a cable and telecommunications service providers, launch HMC3260, an Android-powered cloud computing device. MotorolaHMC3260 is a desktop with 18.5-inch LED touchscreen display.

Book publisher unveils own Android-based tablet
Manila Standard Today
With e-learning and e-books becoming mainstream, local book publisher Diwa Learning Systems is speeding up its shift to digital as it announced a new Android-basedtablet targeted at the education sector. Brian Belen, executive director of Diwa ...

Manila Standard Today

Cassini HD for the iPad lets you take a free trip to Saturn today
I continue to praise the variety of Astronomy apps that are available for iOS. Today, I call your attention to Cassini HD for the iPad, which is usually US $1.99, but is free today only. The app collects more than 800 striking images from the NASA ...

Review: Samsung Galaxy Beam
Times of India
... but it is the best projector phone out there. If you prefer to keep things separate, you could get a standalone projector like 3M's MP180 ( 29,990) which can project videos or photos from internal memory or micro SD card and a separate Android ...

iPhone 5: clearly the most exciting iPhone yet!
Sure, the original iPhone from 2007, and the iPhone 3G from 2008 are no longer supported with newiOS versions, but the iPhone 3GS from 2009, the iPhone 4 from 2010 and the iPhone 4S from 2011 will all be getting the iOS 6.0 software update on the 19th ...

Marissa Mayer gives all Yahoo employees a new phone
Mayer is promising to buy all its full- and part-time employees a brand new Apple, Nokia, HTC, or Samsung smartphone, according to a company-wide memo obtained yesterday by Business Insider. This isn't the only thing Mayer has done to help boost...


Samsung's "iPhone 5 killer" in consumer hands next March
GoMo News
Barcelona's Mobile World Congress will be the next battlefront in the war between Samsung and Apple when the Korean smartphone maker unveils the Galaxy S4 – it's riposte to Apple's iPhone 5 launched last week. Although the Spanish expo isn't until ...

Source: Samsung Galaxy S IV coming in February
A Samsung official, which asked to remain anonymous said frankly "Samsung is ready to unveil the next Galaxy smartphone, the Galaxy S4, at early next year's mobile world congress (MWC) in the Spanish city of Barcelona." The device is expected to hit ...

How would you change Samsung's TouchWiz UI?
Samsung's TouchWiz UI has been around for quite some time now. Not as long as HTC's proprietary user interface, Sense, but that doesn't make the software any less important to the Androidecosystem. Indeed, TouchWiz has become more popular over the ...

Marvel Legend Stan Lee's Verticus Free Falling To iOS
Business Insider
Fail, and know. Therein lies the foundation for Verticus, the upcoming iPhone and iPadgame from superhero icon Stan Lee, publisher Moonshark and developer Controlled Chaos. Set to debut this fall, the ambitious title fuses endless gameplay ...

Smartphone Shipments Lifting Freight Rates
Manila Bulletin
So many devices shipping at once may spur a larger price increase than the 20 percent jump after Apple's new iPad in March, said Kevin Sterling, a transportation analyst at BB&T Capital Markets. “This is a new dynamic for the air-freight industry ...

Tablet Made Especially For Kids
Manila Bulletin
Apart from the renowned tablets like the Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, BlackBerry Playbook, Amazon Kindle and several others, more and more manufacturers and brands are still trying to come up with their own version of a tablet. From being the number ...

How to Sideload Android Apps
How to Sideload Android Apps If you want to install apps no longer supported onto your new phone or tablet you may wish to install the app manually to your device from a computer file, commonly known as sideloading as this process skips Google's Play ...

Samsung Galaxy Chat goes on sale in India for INR 8499 (blog)
samsung galaxy chat b5330 main Samsung Galaxy Chat goes on sale in India for INR 8,499 Samsung has started selling its portrait QWRTY Android smartphone Galaxy Chat in the country. The smartphone was spotted on by one of our readers ... (blog)

iPhone 5 release date: Will Apple iPhone 5 features defeat Samsung Galaxy S3?
Of course, the IT giant from South Korea wants more: On Thursday, it was reported that Samsung expects 30 million will be sold by the end of 2012. However,Samsung's hopes ... Although the iPhone 5 will be a huge success, by no means will Apple ...

Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE with 1.2GHz CPU Coming to Sprint Tomorrow ...
The Droid Guy
Starting tomorrow Sunday, you can get the newly released Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE from Sprint for just $99.99 after a $50 mail in rebate but with a two year contract. This new 4 incher is a powerful mid-range smartphone with 4G capability, meaning ...

The Droid Guy

Google stops Acer from shipping incompatible Android device
OS News
I understand Google and the other OHA members - like Samsung or HTC - want to maintain this compatibility as much as possible, since it's beneficial to their businesses and shared interests. Incompatible Android implementations - ones that promote ...

Defective Verizon Galaxy Nexus Devices to Receive OTA Update to Address ...
Droid Life
It doesn't sound like this is Jelly Bean (Android 4.1), but more of a bug fixer instead, since Samsung has apparently figured out the problem. If you happen to swing by a Best Buy this weekend to buy a Galaxy Nexus, you may want to inquire about this ...

Droid Life

iPad Mini: if not now, when?
The new iPhone was pushed up a month from last year and the effect is now that Apple has made a significant announcement in Q1 (iPad), Q2 (WWDC, iOS 6 and Retina Display Macbook), and Q3 (iPhone and new iPods). Apple has set itself up perfectly ...

HP Bender Android Smartphone Coming Soon
The Droid Guy
After that they tried the tablet market with their HP touchpad to compete with the iPadand this has given the company more hope that going with Android is probably the best chance they have to succeed in such a competitive market. HP has its fans all ...

The Droid Guy

Samsung would rather you buy a Galaxy S3 than ... - Android Central
By Alex Dobie
Samsung wants you to buy a Galaxy S3, not an iPhone 5, and it's taken a characteristically direct approach to deal with the threat of Apple's latest and greatest smartphone. It's not subtle, and it won't change the minds of die-hard fans, but that's ...
Android Central - Android Forums,...

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5 – “It doesn't take a genius”
By Edgar Cervantes
Regardless, many of us would say the iPhone 5 is still no competition for Android's creme de la creme. Regardless, in a world where competition is key, anything goes. Samsung has been very active lately, letting us all now “The next big thing ...
Android Phone Fans

android - Samsung device returns text messages when querying for ...
By marmor
Some of my users report that on their Samsung devices (GT-N7000 & SGH-I777) a query I make in my app for the CallLog.Calls displays also text messages. I've created a dump of their CallLog ContentProvider , and it seems to have extra ...
Recent Questions - Stack Overflow

HTC's upcoming “Ph-ablet” device heading to Verizon with 1080p ...
By Macky Evangelista
Latest Android news, applications and forum discussion. Android RSS Feed ... HTC's first attempt to challenge Samsung's “ph-ablet” (phone/tablet) device in the Galaxy Note II has surfaced via a leaked photo. Code named as the HTC ... Re: Contest: Win a Nexus 7 tablet, $50 Google Play gift card, or a $25 Google Gift Card courtesy of TalkAndroid and Poweramp. ability to play videos ... via a tablet! […] Deb Garner; Re: HP Blender smartphone running Android found on GLBenchmark ...
Android News, Rumours, and Updates

IDEAL Reader Released to Users of 290 Android Tablets in 136 ...
By Admin
IDEAL Reader has been released to users of the following Android devices in 136 countries: # Manufacturer Model 1 Anydata LePanII(LePanII_wifi) 2 Archos Archos 101 Internet Tablet(A101S) 3 Archos ARCHOS 101G10(A101XS) 4 Archos ...

Featured: HTC's Mysterious 5″ Phablet gets ... - Android Headlines
By Dilawer Soomro
The source also stated that the device is being called Dlx for now, that may be the acronym for DROID Incredible X, maybe but nothing is confirmed yet and we're waiting for HTC's event in New York to get more info on the 5” “Phablet”. This device seems ... About Dilawer Soomro: Writer --- My first smartphone was a Galaxy S and Now I have a rooted Galaxy Nexus. I'm a Die-Hard ... Featured:Motorola Droid Razr HD Developer Edition shows its face on Motorola's website · Alexander ...
Android Headlines

Review: SKY SAFARI Android App « Cumbrian Sky
By phoenixpics
Last week I finally dived off the cliff and leapt into the 21st century by upgrading my phone, going from a perfectly practical Nokia N72 Blackberry wannabe to a so-called “Smartphone” – a rather beautiful Galaxy Note. I wasn't planning to, not originally; ... I wasn't planning to, not originally; originally I wanted to buy an Android tablet, specifcally a Galaxy Nexus, honestly just because I wanted to use some of the astronomy apps I've seen other people using. But the Nexus proved ...
Cumbrian Sky

Without radical change in patent law, Android's ecosystem will die ...
By Geek Staff
I also think that it is likely that Samsung might have to pay triple damages due to willful intent to infringe, and that there is a very high likelihood that the D'889 patent (the one which covers the industrial design of the iPad) which was found not to be ... A Munich court said yesterday that Google-owned Motorola Mobility must recall every Android smartphone and tablet it sold in Germany which infringe an Apple-owned patent, reports The Guardian. Motorola Droid Razr Maxx. Credit: .
Geek Mecca

Samsung is Still Pissed That They Owe Apple a Billion Bucks ...
By Mike Epstein
Last month a jury ruled that Samsung owes Apple over one billion dollars for infringing on a set of patents with many of their smartphone designs. The trial may be finished, but the struggle between the two companies is far from over: Samsung ...

iPad Mini, iOS 6 Maps, and Mobile Gaming - YouTube
Ask the Buffalo: iPad Mini, iOS 6 Maps, and Mobile Gaming Learn more about Full Sail ...

5 Alternatives To The Apple iPhone 5
By Eric Zeman InformationWeek Preorders for the iPhone 5 are underway, and show that despite some disappointment with the device's features (or lack thereof), it's going to be popular. But not everyone likes Apple, iOS, or the iPhone.

Speed up your Wi-Fi with MIMO
MIMO stands for multiple input/multiple output, a bit of tech jargon that means multiple Wi-Fi signals are being sent and received at once, hopefully making your Wi-Fi communication faster. Does it actually work? Yes, MIMO really works! It's a simple ...

Broadband providers aim to educate users on benefits
The Spokesman Review
Now that broadband is finding its way into nearly every corner of Washington, the focus is turning to using the technology to the fullest potential. Residents should ask themselves if the Internet is a luxury, an expense or a revenue source, said Will ...

The iPhone 5 and LTE - what it means for you
The News Journal
But WiMax coverage is low, isn't being expanded, and even Sprint is betting on LTE for the future). How fast is LTE? Will it make a difference to me? ... Doesn't that mean LTE? No, AT&T jumped the gun a bit and called its upgraded, non-LTE network “4G ...

Rocket Internet: Is There A Method To Its Madness Or Is It Just Bad For Innovation
A few months ago, I made a point that winter has landed in Southeast Asia with the fast and furious expansion of Rocket Internet, the Germany-based company started by the infamous Samwer brothers — Mac, Oliver, and Alexander. I concluded that, while...


Internet companies are increasingly keeping the gates of free speech
Fort Worth Star Telegram
Legal experts and civil libertarians, said the controversy highlights how Internet companies have become global arbiters of free speech, weighing complex issues that traditionally are the province of courts. "Notice that Google has more power over this ...

Can Intel Save Apple From the LTE Mess?
PC Magazine
Apple couldn't engineer itself out of the global LTE mess, but maybe Intel can. The new iPhone 5 features 4G LTE, which is going to dramatically improve Internet speeds for AT&T and Verizon iPhone owners. (Sprint subscribers are left waiting for LTE to ...

Coffee shops with Wi-Fi offer a cozy place to connect
In a double-handful of years, Wi-Fi in public places has become a big deal. According to a 2011 report by the Wireless Broadband Alliance, open public hotspots are expected to number about 5.8 million by 2015, up from not quite a million in 2010. A Wi ...

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur online; Kosher social media (Video)
You can do it all in the comforts of your own home or anywhere there is an internet connection. In speaking to Lena L of Houston Texas whose own congregation is conservative, she admitted that her Rabbi and fellow congregants see this as a “hot topic ...

Will the Internet Replace Traditional Education?
By Collis Ta'eed
I recently met a principal at the world's largest school. It was a chance meeting at a community event, so you can imagine my surprise when I asked this warm, humble Indian man what he did, and he proceeded to tell me he was a principal at a ...
The Next Web

US Cellular launches Wi-Fi Now app, alleviating their network and ...
By Edgar Cervantes
The idea is simple, and it may improve the network for when you need it most. But there are some downsides; your device would probably connect to Wi-Fi hotspots even if the signal is weaker, making your internet connection less efficient.
Android Phone Fans

Motorola's "Cloud Broadband" Streamer Puts Android On An 18.5" Touch Panel
Hot Hardware
The new HMC3260 "Cloud Broadband" device relies on an 18.5" Android-powered touchscreen interface, and it promises to hone in on "on-demand games, video and other broadband services." It'll be interesting to see how Android functions on a whopping ...

Hot Hardware

Three-Minute Tech: LTE
The iPhone 5 is the latest smartphone to hop on-board the LTE (Long Term Evolution) bandwagon, and for good reason: The mobile broadband standard is fast, flexible, and designed for the future. Yet LTE is still a young technology, full of growing pains.

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