'Super Wi-Fi' poised for growth in US, elsewhere

'Super Wi-Fi' poised for growth in US, elsewhere
A free Wi-Fi hotspot beams broadband internet from atop a public phone booth in July 2012 in Manhattan, New York City. So-called "Super Wi-Fi," which offers a bigger range than existing hotspots, is being deployed in the United States and generating ...

FCC offers subsidies to improve internet, mobile service in rural areas
Scranton Times-Tribune
In rural Pennsylvania, the painfully slow dial-up Internet has been slowly fading. Susquehanna, Lackawanna, Luzerne and Wayne counties all had between 1 and 2 percent of the population without access to broadband, according to FCC data.

Scranton Times-Tribune

Westboro Internet radio startup finds its groove
Worcester Telegram
Backbone's network is maintained “in the cloud,” on remote computer servers accessible via theInternet and a Backbone password. A user can log into the network and take music from the Backbone computer library, and can set up an automated playlist ...

US attorney offers Internet safety tips
San Francisco Chronicle
The incident is the type Seattle's top federal prosecutor, U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan, is hoping to prevent with a new back-to-school Internet safety campaign. Durkan has asked public and private elementary and middle schools throughout Western ...

STATE: Tax collectors to target Internet merchants
North County Times
State tax collectors are preparing to crack down on renegade Internet merchants who don't collect sales taxes, and nearly 100 new state auditors, lawyers and other specialists are being hired to help over the next three years. The effort comes at a ...

The Internet, Chairs Pose for Eastwooding Photos
By Anita Li
Eastwooding has taken over the interwebz -- and there are pictures to prove it.

'Super Wi-Fi' poised for growth in U.S., elsewhere | The Raw Story
By Agence France-Presse
In contrast, “television frequencies travel long distances at low power and penetrate through buildings, trees and bad weather,” Calabrese said. This could provide high-speed Internet to sparsely populated rural areas which lack broadband.
The Raw Story

New research offers clues to Internet addiction | SmartPlanet
By Amy Kraft
Scientists have found a link between Internet addiction and a genetic mutation involved in nicotine addiction.
Smart Takes | SmartPlanet

We All Wish We Attended the Internet Cat Video Festival in Minnesota
By John Surico
If you have scoured the Internet over the past five years or so, there is a 85% chance (yeah, I did the math) that you've come across this video. You are looking at Keyboard Cat - a video that defines the Internet cat phenomenon, with over 27 ...
Runnin' Scared

Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE: another mid-tier device coming to ...
By Edgar Cervantes
Those looking to get an affordable handset from Sprint this month may want to take a look at this one. The Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE has just been leaked, and is said to be a mid-tier device coming to Sprint this month. Samsung may not ...
Android Phone Fans

HTC One V: Cheap Smartphone In Full Review
Pc Tablet
Mary Rose September 2, 2012 0. One of the most affordable smartphones today is the HTC One V. It is cheap in price but definitely not in how it was designed and assembled. This HTC smartphone has a solidly built aluminum exterior uniquely designed with ...

HTC unveils new Desire X smartphone
Trade Arabia
Mobile innovation and design company, HTC, has unveiled the HTC Desire X, a smartphone that offers a state-of-the-art camera, stunning sound and incredible processing power and speed. Tuned with HTC exclusive Beats Audio, this device also delivers a ...

Hold your smartphone buy until October
Business Standard
The widely-rumoured Apple iPhone 5 is scheduled to make an appearance on 12 September, Nokia-Microsoft, too, is allegedly launching new smartphones and Samsung has already released a new Windows 8 phablet (phone that masquerades as a tablet ...

Samsung Galaxy Camera 3G - Sample pictures, Android Jellybean ...
By Nate Lanxon
The use of Android means the camera can run the same apps as its smartphone equivalent -- from Chrome to Angry Birds and so forth. When we got to test this out on Samsung's stand at IFA we felt it was weirdly satisfying to browse to ...
Wired.co.uk - News

HTC Thunderbolt misses promised Android 4.0 update, still coming
By Edgar Cervantes
... LTE: another mid-tier device ... [Samsung Overload] ICS for T-Mobile Galaxy Tab 10.1, No... [LG Overload] Sprint-bound Cayenne makes pitstop at FCC... Mysterious HTC Device Pictured In The Wild – 5-In.. ... HTC Thunderbolt users must have been pretty ecstatic upon finding out the first Verizon 4G LTE phone would get a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) by the end of August. Such excitement quickly started ... Is Motorola Planning To Debut A New Phone With Edge-to- .
Android Phone Fans

Leaked materials show Samsung Victory 4G LTE ... - Android Central
By Jerry Hildenbrand
According to this Sprint internal employee promotion, the Samsung Victory 4G LTE should be on the shelves at your local Sprint store sometime in September. News that Samsung will be pushing out a bunch of mid-range Android phones has ...
Android Central - Android Forums,...

[Samsung Overload] ICS for T-Mobile Galaxy Tab 10.1, Note II ...
By Raveesh Bhalla
Mysterious HTC Device Pictured In The Wild – 5-In... Is Motorola Planning To Debut A New Phone With Edge-to-... LG E970 ... Samsung offers free Galaxy Tab 2 to everyone who upgrad. ....Phandroid's Best Android Apps: 3D-Effect Live Wal.
Android Phone Fans

Unknown HTC Android handset with red accents appears in photos ...
Last we heard, the HTC's 5-inch Android handset thought to be hitting Verizon in the fall, but that rumor surfaced back in April, so it's not known if fall is still in the cards or if the target has moved. It's also worth noting that the phone in these new ...
PhoneDog.com - Latest videos,...

Samsung reveals new Galaxy Note II
Philadelphia Inquirer
NEW YORK - Fresh off a legal battle with Apple, Samsung is announcing a new version of the Galaxy Note, an offbeat, oversized smartphone that's become a surprise hit. Samsung, the world's largest maker of phones, is revealing ... The Note runs on ...
Philadelphia Inquirer

New Motorola Phone Is Said to Have Edge-to-Edge Screen
Motorola Mobility, which Google Inc. (GOOG) acquired in May, has scheduled a Sept. 5 press conference in New York with Verizon, the largest U.S. wireless carrier. The phone, which is expected to go on sale later this year, will run a version ofAndroid ...


HTC Releases Desire X Android Smartphone
While Samsung and Sony are releasing bevy of products at this year's IFA, HTC, the struggling Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer, is also trying to make an impact at the same event and, thus, unveiled its much-rumored Desire X on Thursday, Aug. 30.


Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with Android Jelly Bean demo video appears in YouTube
But apart from its advanced mobile operating system, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is also popular because it is currently the “best looking” Samsung Android smartphone that “ergonomically fits in the hand” despite its larger 5.5-inch Super AMOLED HD ...


Love: Fuzzy math of Apple-Samsung patent fight
In late August, a San Jose jury awarded Apple Inc. $1.05 billion in damages for patent infringement, a huge win for Apple in its worldwide patent fight withsmartphone manufacturers that, like Samsung, sell devices equipped with Google's Android ...


RIM unveils BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 for mobile management
BES 10 represents both an evolution and consolidation of RIM's enterprise mobilitymanagement (EMM) offer to make things simple, flexible, and scalable for your organization. New functionality for managing BlackBerry 10 devices will be included, and ...

Apple (AAPL) Expands Lawsuit Against Samsung
Wall Street Pit
With Samsung finding itself at the top of the smartphone vendor list, followed by Apple, Nokia (NOK), HTC and ZTE, the stakes to retain and increase market share couldn't be higher indeed. Share: Reddit · Facebook · Stumble it! Buzz · Apple (AAPL) Wins ...

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. Sony Xperia V: Battle Of The Smartphone Giants
Mobile & Apps
South Korean smartphone maker Samsung released its flagship handset Galaxy S3 earlier in May this year. The Galaxy S3 has been highly-welcomed bysmartphone users and tech gurus alike. The Japanese tech giant Sony, on the other hand, has also ...

Mobile & Apps

Mystery HTC Android phone surfaces, is it bound for Verizon? | The ...
By Dieter Bohn
We've just come across a few images of an HTC Android device that looks like it could be a new hero phone for the manufacturer. Unfortunately, other than a particularly persistent rumor appearing to...
The Verge - All Posts

HTC confirms no ICS for HTC ThunderBolt this month | Android ...
By Cory Gunther
We have some bad but somewhat expected news for all you Bolt owners this afternoon. AfterHTC announced multiple times that they would indeed be updating multiple devices to Android4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich during the month of August, ...
Android Community

Apple Goes After Latest Competition: Adds Samsung Galaxy S3 ...
By Chris Chavez
Mysterious HTC Device Pictured In The Wild – 5-In... Is Motorola Planning To Debut A New Phone With Edge-to-... LG E970 for AT&T clears the FCC ... September 6 launch for Sams...Samsung Galaxy Note 2 confirmed for Three and O2 in the.
Android Phone Fans

Five Tip Friday – Securing personal information on a BlackBerry ...
By Brian S.
This week's Five Tip Friday looks at ways you can secure your personal information on aBlackBerry smartphone. ... BlackBerry Password Keeper allows you to securely store passwords or banking PINs on your BlackBerry smartphone.
Inside BlackBerry Help Blog

Samsung Smart TVs to launch later this year with Google TV ...
By Colton Kaiser
Latest Android news, applications and forum discussion. Android RSS Feed. 35583. readers. Send Us Tips! Find Us ... Samsung has built a major part of its reputation with its line of Smart TVs, but has yet to fully dip its toes into Google TV — until now, that is. While not a part of its press conference, the company is ... is this man crazy screaming or like what?? […] stupid guy! Re: Another Rant: Apple Sues HTC, Google Backs HTC, and Why All of These Lawsuits are Bad for Consumers ...
Android News, Rumours, and Updates

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