English village does high-speed internet itself (video)

Rural Lancashire shows the way to do it - Arkholme does it itself, lead by Barry Forde.
See http://b4rn.org.uk/ for inspiration.

DIY Broadband Comes To The English Countryside
NPR (blog)
In a fast-moving world, people from all over have demanded faster Internet speeds. But when you live out in the middle of nowhere, you can feel like you're in the Internet slow lane because broadbandjust isn't available. Residents of England's rural ...

A cheap Android phone is now a good phone. Your move, Apple... | ZDNet: " . . . A key part of the "third platform" problem is that the remaining market that these two can move into is already small. In the US in the last quarter of 2012, Android and iOS together had 95 percent of the market. Therefore, both Microsoft and BlackBerry have to fight to get a wedge into that slot and then make it bigger. This means taking proportional market share from either Android or iOS. It's easy to attack Apple on price, but attacking Android on utility could be very difficult. The answer to both the Android problem and the upstarts weedling in to create a third-platform problem from Apple's perspective could be to deliver a cheaper iPhone. That's a scenario so explosive you could describe it as nuclear. But it's now one that I'm considering as being "likely". The iPhone needs a reboot -- cheaper, a more modern look (iPhone is having a fashion problem), and with a bigger screen. And this isn't just about smartphones. . . . "

Ubuntu Phone, Tizen, Firefox OS: The mobile battle for fifth | TechRepublic: "Let’s not pretend that any other OS is going to catch iOS or Android any time soon, but if any one of Firefox, Tizen, or Ubuntu can gain a few market usage percentage points and if a couple of developers are successful enough that they can talk about how they can make a living off of the platform, then those OS ecosystems are viable. It may not be the rivers of gold that the iTunes store is painted as, but it’ll be enough. What I find interesting is the approach that each of the OSes have taken towards developers in their application language selection — choosing the web over a mature, strongly-typed language. Firefox will run apps built in HTML5 and use JavaScript to communicate with the hardware; Ubuntu will have its native applications built in Qt, but HTML5 apps will also have the ability to access the system’s features and be treated as a first-class application; and Tizen is also targeting developers that are familiar with a HTML5 toolkit."

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