Must-Have Android Tablet Apps

Must-Have Android Tablet Apps - Houston Chronicle: "Snapseed Snapseed is one of the few photo manipulation applications worth taking a look at on the Google Play Store. Snapseed is not just an app where the user simply pops some clipart on the top layer of an image. Instead, the app allows users to adjust image brightness, contrast, saturation and exposure along with other numerous features. Snapseed also lets Android tablets grab photos not just from the device, but also from places like Dropbox. DroidEdit DroidEdit is a text editor for Android-based tablets and is one of the most flexible of the bunch so far.  . . ." Read more at link above.

Hands on with Google's new Chrome message center | Computerworld Blogs: "The tech world's been a-buzzin' this week with word of a new Chrome-based message center from Google. Signs of the system first showed up in a Chrome OS screenshot captured by developer Fran├žois Beaufort and shared on Google+. I've had a chance to play with the system on a Chrome OS device via a demo app built by Google for internal testing. The app -- the same that Beaufort showed in his original screenshots -- also works on traditional PC-based installations of the Chrome browser."

Google's Eric Schmidt: drone wars, virtual kidnaps and privacy for kids | Technology | "In Afghanistan's Helmand province, he said, he had come across the example of two towns that the Taliban had invaded: in one they took the population's mobile phones away, and in the other they didn't. The population revolted against the invaders who took away their phones. "Saddam [Hussein, the former Iraqi dictator] didn't allow mobile phones at all," he noted. He said that the arrival of the internet was always beneficial: "There's no country where the situation has worsened with the arrival of the internet. Citizens can use their mobile phones to raise the cost of corruption. And even in China, the regime can be shamed – when there was a train crash recently the government tried to hush it up, but people began posting pictures on [the Twitter-like chat service] Weibo, and the story got out."

Sprint's coming identity shift offers hope | Mobile - CNET News: "Once Sprint merges with a holding company formed by SoftBank, the resulting company will be known only as Sprint, finally dropping the Nextel name that has hung around the business like a stench that just wouldn't go away. The Sprint Nextel name was part of the merger of equals that combined the two wireless companies -- now regarded as one of the worst deals in the history of the industry. Right off the bat, the executives at the time demonstrated a lack of focus and execution in running the networks, allowing the once-vaunted Nextel service to deteriorate and spur an exodus "

OpenSignal app review - Telegraph: "Free; Android and iOS(coming soon) OpenSignal is a simple concept – in short it lets you see where your mobile signal is coming from and aims to quantify its quality. If you’re in an areas where signal could be better, it provides a quick and simple way to refresh your phone’s connection and then reconnect to what will hopefully be a stronger connection."

BT finally provides truly unlimited broadband | Which? Conversation: "As of today, BT has followed in the footsteps of Sky and removed its fair usage policy, which it used to apply to its ‘unlimited’ broadband services. This usage policy allowed BT to restrict broadband access or slow it down for those download-happy customers who were making the most of the package they had paid for. For those among you who subscribe to BT Unlimited Broadband, Unlimited Broadband Extra, Unlimited BT Infinity 1, Unlimited BT Infinity 2 or BT Total Broadband Option 3 – ‘unlimited’ will finally mean unlimited."

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