Tips to Stretch Smartphone and Tablet Battery Life

5 Tips: Stretch Smartphone, Tablet Battery Life - Mobility -:
1. Lower Screen Brightness.
2. Use Wireless Radios Sparingly.
3. Turn Off Notifications.
4. Turn Off Location Services.
5. Sync Email And Other Data Less Often.
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Apple needs to counter Samsung momentum, says analyst
Samsung is on its way toward successful launches of mid-tier smartphones (i.e. Galaxy S3 mini and Galaxy Grand) – an area in which we believe Apple needs to be by the end of the summer to remain competitive. To say that the Samsung momentum is an ...

Cisco puts a huge value on the 'Internet of everything'
PCWorld (blog)
The so-called "Internet of everything," the rapidly approaching world where objects from refrigerators to factory robots can talk to people and other machines, will create a massive business opportunity worth US$14.4 trillion over the next decade ...

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