FCC Moves Against Political Robocallers Dialing Cell Phones

A little late--but better late than never:

FCC Takes Action Against Political Robocallers for Dialing Cell Phones: " . . . political robocalls are legal to landline phones as long as the caller is properly identified at the beginning of the call and as long as the caller doesn’t seize the line (meaning making it impossible to disconnect the call). But what’s not legal is to call cell phones, emergency phones, phones in hospitals or nursing homes or other exceptions that the FCC has outlined in its rules. Two companies, Dialing Services LLC from Roswell, N.M. and Richard Gilmore DBA Democratic Dialing from Aurora, Colo. have been charged with making millions of prohibited robocalls during the 2012 election season. If the two companies were to be fined the full amount allowed by law, the fines would total nearly $100 Billion (yes, that’s with a B). The robocalls that the two companies made were to cell phones in the U.S. FCC rules prohibit calling cell phones without express permission from the owner of the cell phone. In addition, the caller has to state at the beginning of the call who they are, and where they can be reached. They’re also not allowed to spoof the Caller ID number. . . ."

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