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Moto X isn't helping Motorola yet as losses widen | Mobile - CNET News: ". . . . Google's smartphone unit posted a third-quarter operating loss of $248 million, wider than the year-earlier loss of $192 million, but an improvement over the loss of $342 million from the second quarter. Motorola's revenue fell 33 percent from a year ago to $1.18 billion. The poor results come even as Google reported a third-quarter profit that rose by a third and topped Wall Street expectations . . . . Motorola, however, appears ready to play the long game, and has a well-funded backer in Google."

Might Google Have a Sly Motive Behind Motorola? - " . . . So far, there's no evidence that the Motorola is pushing down prices. The Moto X is selling for $99 or less on contract, and is thus one of the best low-priced phone you can buy today. But Apple and Samsung don't seem to have noticed. Even with the launch of the lower priced iPhone 5C—which is basically last year's phone at $99—Apple's pricing structure is largely unchanged from previous years. But Google has always made clear that Motorola is a long-term play. It is willing to wait years and, I suspect, lose billions if the end result is cheap, great phones for everyone."

Phonebloks: "Phoneblok is made of detachable bloks. The bloks are connected to the base which locks everything together into a solid phone. If a blok breaks you can easily replace it; if it's getting old just upgrade."

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