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China's Telecom Regulator Awards Virtual Telecom Licenses to 11 Companies - "... Analysts have long said the creation of the new businesses, known in the industry as virtual telecom service providers, could offer a first step to breaking up the monopoly held by China's three state-run telecom service providers--China Mobile Ltd. (CHL), China Unicom (Hong Kong) Ltd. (CHU) and China Telecom Corp. (CHA). Still, analysts have warned that the success of virtual telecoms depends on the leasing terms they are given by the state-owned goliaths. Many analysts have pointed out that the state-run telecoms could limit the size of competitors by leasing limited bandwidth and also could charge high rates, making it hard for private companies to compete...."

U.S. Mobile Internet Traffic Nearly Doubled This Year - "About 1.4 billion smartphones will be in use by the end of this year, according to ABI Research. Cisco, the networking company, predicts that Internet traffic from mobile devices will exceed that of wired devices, like desktop computers, by 2016."

CTIA website shows mobile app data usage | PCWorld: "The website also includes information about how mobile device owners can conserve data. currently includes test results for the top 50 paid and free apps from the Apple and Google stores, and CTIA plans to add more apps each month. The trade group invites developers to submit apps to be tested."
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