AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 on sale now

AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 on sale now
The first Windows Phone to pack LTE, and the first Nokia in the US for some time that we'd recommend actually considering, the new Lumia is the largest of its family to-date and packs a competitive $99.99 price tag, assuming you're content with a new, ...


Proved iSolution Of Jailbreak and Unlock iPhone 4S/4 and iPad iOS 5.1/5.0.1 ...
The Star-Ledger -
By dr smith Great news for all iPhone enthusiasts, have released the latest iPhone unlock and untethered jailbreak method capable of unlocking the latest iPhone 4/4S ios 5 5.1. It is available to download now at .

The Star-Ledger -

New Android and Kindle Cross Branding Approach
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
As a new cross branding approaching, Video Software Lab has released 'Midshipman Henry Gallant in Space', an Android arcade game with multiple levels. Completing each level reveals additional episodes of an illustrated story of the 'Midshipman Henry ...

Google Readying 7-Inch Tablet for Late Summer Release
This one will be a co-branded Android tablet with Asustek Computer of Taiwan. Well, that one crashed and burned. Verizon veered away and eventually decided to stick with the iPhone and (eventually) other Android phones, performance complications set in ...

Lose a Smartphone, And You Lose a Lot
Wall Street Journal
That's what it's like when you lose your smartphone. If you lose your smartphone, what will it cost to replace it and what steps should you take once you realize your phone is gone? MarketWatch's Jeanette Pavini has some answers on Lunch Break.

Motorola begins soak test for the Droid Razr Maxx, ICS not to be expected
Technology Bloom News
A couple of days back, Best Buy came out albeit unofficially with information regarding the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx. We say unofficially because the information came from a leaked screenshot of one of the ...

Technology Bloom News

Think 4G is 10 times faster? Think again
They also toss the term “LTE” around as if it were going out of style. Cellular marketing hype has only added to the confusion. For instance, Apple's iOS 5.1 update changed a descriptive label in the iPhone 4S UI from 3G to 4G, and nobody is quite sure ...

Google's 'Nexus' Tablet Delayed Until July, At Earliest
PC Magazine
New to the field is Google: Not as a result of its mobile operating system, Android, which finds a home on approximately 39 percent of tablets worldwide, but because the company doesn't actually manufacture or sell a tablet of its very own.

New iPad WiFi Tests Confirm Consistent Connection Failures
News Analysis: Tests conducted by eWEEK on several new iPads confirm that LTE models appear to have problems with 802.11n 5GHz WiFi, with some units not working at all. SomeWiFi-only models appear to have problems connecting with any WiFi.

Is this Android "mutiny" happening at Sony, Intel, somewhere else?
By Tim Conneally Recently, an article ran in the MIT Technology Review blog, in which Skyhook Wireless CEO Ted Morgan said "a lot of companies" are forking Android; that "nobody wants to just be a manufacturer for Google," and that a major non-Google ...

Terrapets Android App Review: A Pokemon-FarmVille Hybrid
Catch and tame mysterious creatures--and make them fight--in this free but disjointed Android'terraforming' game. By Sarah Jacobsson Purewal PC World - What happens when you combine FarmVille and Pokemon?

Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G delivers ICS, 4G speed, and now a new lower price
Technology Bloom News
And the high resolution display, delivering a pixel density near the top of the entire4G smartphone marketplace, dual core processor, and 1080P HD resolution video recorder are generally features which devour battery life.

Technology Bloom News

Motorola Droid Razr MAXX 4G still one of Verizons hottest smartphones and now ...
Technology Bloom News
The Motorola Droid Razr MAXX is a Droid Razr in every way, except an 85% larger battery lends the device the most talk time delivered from a single charge of any 4G smartphone offering. And while the Motorola Droid Razr is the thinnest 4G handset ever ...

Technology Bloom News

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II 4G gets a leaked ICS ROM
Mobile bloom News
Back in the day, when wireless providers in US shores are still racing to be the first to getAndroid 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to their respective devices, it looked as though as Sprint will draw first blood because it was reported a couple of months ...

Android Tablet For The Google Nexus Line Coming In July?
Wireless HDTV News (blog)
There are also reports of the Android tablet hitting a $149 price point to become the lowest priced mainstream tablet of its kind. And if it's carrying the Nexus branding, then it is bound to be one of the most sought after tablet in the market.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus LTE headed to AT&T claims rumors
Android Community
Being the first to run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich has made it incredibly popular. While many are using it on AT&T, T-Mobile and others unofficially with the unlocked version, new reports are claiming AT&T is in the final stages of releasing an LTE ...

Android Community

Network issues on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus caused by the Android 4.0.4 ICS update?
Mobile bloom News
Whenever there is an impending update to the operating system of an Android-poweredsmartphone, it is more often than not eagerly awaited because of the improvements and bug fixes that it usually brings to a handset. The Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream ...

HTC Titan II Video Review
The HTC Titan II has a 4.7" Super LCD, LTE 4G and a crazy 16 megapixel camera. Like the original Titan, it's smaller than you might expect, and it's about the same weight as the Lumia 900. In fact, it's not much bigger than the 4.3" Nokia Lumia 900-- ...

Nokia: Lumia 900, Expansion Make Me Cautiously Optimistic
Seeking Alpha
Nokia (NOK) is working very hard to compete with competitors in the smartphone department, such as Apple (AAPL). The Lumia 800C smartphone entering the Chinese market is the latest of such developments. This is its first Window-based smartphone and it ...

Review: Wi-Fi bunny improves, still seeks purpose
A plastic rabbit connected to a Wi-Fi network in Atlanta is shown. Under new owners Aldebaran Robotics, the smart rabbit is back. Dubbed Karotz, the rabbit has new features. Karotz connects to Wi-Fi networks as it has done before.

REVIEW: Lumia 900
Big Shiny Robot!
First of all let's discuss price point, it's a 99 dollar LTE phone with an 8mp camera designed by Carl Zeiss, front facing 1.3mp, 16 gig internal memory, 512 ram, and 1.4 GHz Qualcomm processor. The phone is a steal, packed with features and not mega ...

Big Shiny Robot!

Max Payne to rampage on iOS April 12th, Android April 26th
BY ANDREW MUNCHBACH Are you a smartphone user with an itchy trigger finger? Listen up. Rockstar Games has announced that the one and only Max Payne will begin terrorizing your iOSand Android devices in the very near future. The wares will be available ...

Android still very popular and activations hit 850000 per day
Technology Bloom News
According to the information over 850000 Android devices are activated every single day through a network of 55 manufacturers and more than 300 mobile carriers. The number is completely amazing in the mobile world and Android and iOS is truly pushing ...

Untethered Jailbreak and Unlock iOS 5.1/5.0.1 iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, iPad 2 and ...
Virtual-Strategy Magazine
As a leader in the iPhone jailbreaking service globally, is pleased to announce the release of its untethered jailbreak and unlock software for iOS 5.1/5.0.1 iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, iPad 2 and New iPad 3.

Instagram massively popular on Android, adds one million users in just 12 hours
While iPhone users have been enjoying the photography application called Instagram for the last eighteen months, Android users finally got to check out the app this week and they seem to love it. Released earlier this week for all Android smartphone ...

Max Payne hits iOS next week
By Mike Jackson for Rockstar games has ported the original Max Payne to iOS and Android devices for release next month. The port, titled Max Payne Mobile, will hit iOS devices first on Thursday, April 12th, with an Android ...

Apple patent could lead to face-based user switching in iOS and beyond
Ars Technica
Apple continues to consider ways to enable easy user switching and control for iOS devices using facial recognition, which may eventually lead to facial unlock features in the iPhone or iPad. A recently published patent application details an automatic ...

HTC Evo 4G LTE first impression and specs review
Northern Voices Online
HTC Evo 4G LTE first impression is really great. Here we try to review its specs as Sprint adds one more LTE smartphone for the upcoming 4G network Sprint is hotly promoting the Evo 4G LTE smartphone as its flagship device, labeling it the “benchmark ...

Why You Shoudn't Stick a Fork in RIM
RIM ignored the emergence of strong competition, specifically the iPhone and Android phones, and is now paying dearly for it. RIM's smartphone market share in the USA in February 2012 fell to 13%. This is a huge decline from RIM's February 2010 ...

KVH mini-VSAT Broadband Network has the largest market share
Space Daily
by Staff Writers Launched in late 2007, the mini-VSAT Broadband service from KVH Industries, Inc. has quickly grown to become the world's leading maritime VSAT network, according to a new industry research report from Euroconsult, ...

LG to release a “thinking smartphone”?
By Edgar Cervantes
Despite their high efforts and commitment with the Android OS, the company is far from reaching the success that other manufacturers have earned. But according to Mobile Managing Director Kwon Bong-Suk, this is all about to change, ...
Android Phone Fans

Reported Tegra 4 roadmap hints at LTE, Q1 2013 release -- Engadget
By James Trew
Reported Tegra 4 roadmap hints at LTE, Q1 2013 release. By James Trew posted Apr 7th 2012 1:17PM ... Not because it favors the A9, but because it appears to bring LTE to the table right off the bat. That said, given that it's not that long since NVIDIA ... from Engadget on Twitter, updated hourly. Max Payne to rampage on iOS April 12th, Android April 26th -- Engadget ... You're the Pundit: Do smartphone owners really want a bigger display? Rockstar to bring original Max Payne to iOS ...

You're the Pundit: Do smartphone owners really want a bigger ...
By Erica Sadun
Or are the new jumbo-sized units on the market our new pumped-up smartphone overlords? Sure, size ... While I would welcome a mini-Pad tablet in Apple's iOS line-up, I see no reason to mess with the iPhone and its success story. I think the ...
TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Best keyboard for Android [video]
By Vinny Marino
Unlike other smartphone operating systems, Android gives you the ability to change your keyboard anytime you like. There are so many keyboards on Google play, that it can be difficult to the write (get it?) one for you. Whether you want a ...
Android Authority

FriendCaster Pro Facebook v5.0.1 Android-P2P » Releaselog ...
By Aad
Description: FriendCaster Pro – the best Facebook experience on Android devices, with no ads! .Friendcaster is the #1 third party Facebook app available for Android with over 3000000 downloads and thousands of positive reviews. Version ...
Releaselog |

Instagram for Android updated; now includes tablet support - Neowin
By John Callaham
The just released Android version of the popular Instagram app has already received a fairly big update, adding support for Android-based tablets and WiFi-only handsets along with other features. ... The new version now allows Instagram to be downloaded and used on the manyAndroid-based tablet devices that are available such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab products, theMotorola Xoom and others. It also allows the app to be used on WiFi-only headsets. Finally, if you don't have a ...

Doctor Who clockwork android cosplay is delightfully creepy
By Lauren Davis
Sometimes the scariest thing is the face behind the mask. Reddit user hpierce snapped this clockword android, from the Tenth Doctor episode "The Girl in the Fireplace," which has escaped 18th century Versailles and invaded Boston for PAX ...

Database for ios, android and websites - iPhone Dev SDK Forum
By sdineshs
Hi, I am planning to develop an app. This app needs to integrate/interface with a website i.e. the data is common for both the app and the website. In future I have to release the same app inAndroid also. So please help by answering below ...
iPhone Dev SDK Forum

EC brings FRAND abuse charges against Motorola Mobility ...
By admin
You are here: Home » Industry News » EC brings FRAND abuse charges against Motorola Mobility. SMART Group - Surface Mount and Related Technologies. Home · About SMART · Statement of Aims · Membership · Membership Application ...

New iOS App Helps Ship Captains Avoid Whale Collisions | Gadunky
By Steve
Track My Whale: Whale Alerts lets mariners see where a North Atlantic right whale has been detected. Photo: Ariel Zambelich/Wired. We can do a lot more with mobile software than guess our friends' less-than-artistic drawings or launch ...

By sunkarirohit
ITS A QUIZ BASED ON IOS AND ANDROID OS...... ... IOS VS ANDROID. 46 Questions. 1 Minute. ITS A QUIZ BASED ON IOS AND ANDROID OS...... Name. Start. Powered by ProProfs Quiz Maker. Quantcast.
ProProfs Quiz School

The Smartphone Wars makes a salad | brian s hall
By brian s hall
I may prefer junk food to the real deal and indoors with my iPad to outdoors with nature. Still, I'm trying to improve, get healthier, embrace life beyond the near-infinite real-time sphere presented by a touchscreen at the edge of my fingertips.
brian s hall

G memo 1.0 for iOS – Let others remind you | MacMegasite
By admin
Alexandria, Egypt – Zain Dev today is pleased to announce the release of G memo 1.0 for iOS, their English language social network app that features a new concept in dealing with daily reminders. Ideal for both individual and business use, ...

Motorola Mobility's MOTOSMART™ Flip Arrives in PerĂº - Press ...
With the compact design of a flip phone and brains of a smartphone, for a ... LIMA , PerĂº – March 29, 2012 – Say “hola” to MOTOSMART Flip™, a Motorola Mobility cell ... Android™ 2.3; 800Mhz processor; HSDPA up to 7.2 Mbps for download and ... 3.2 "HVGA touchscreen; Bluetooth®-compatibility; 512 MB RAM; Wi-Fi b/g/ n ...

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