Smartphone thefts prompt joint effort by carriers, FCC

Smartphone thefts prompt joint effort by carriers, FCC
By Mike Snider, USA TODAY Cellphone providers, police, regulators and legislators are teaming up to thwart a rise in smartphone thefts. By Mario Tama, Getty ImagesSmartphone and cellphone thefts made up 30% to 40% of all robberies in 2011 in major US ...


A VC: Life Liberty and Blazing Broadband
By Fred
Life Liberty and Blazing Broadband. Internet Freedom is a fairly obtuse concept. But ask anyone under the age of twenty five abouut the things that are important to them in the world today and you'll heard strands of Internet Freedom in their ...

Instagram Android downloads hit 5 million
Detroit Free Press
The company, already riding high on its iOS success, launched its Android app and captured 1 million downloads in its first day and unless you live under a rock, you will know that yesterday, Facebook came in and bought the company for a cool $1 ...

4G: All that you want to know
Times of India
NEW DELHI: Bharti Airtel on Tuesday become the first company in India to offer high-speed Internet services using fourth-generation (4G) telecommunications technology. The company said high-speed wireless broadband "has the potential to transform ...

Android Won't Challenge Apple's Tablet Dominance in 2012, Says Gartner
By Mikael Ricknäs, IDG News Worldwide tablet sales to end users are expected to total 118.9 million units in 2012, with Apple continuing to dominate and the Android camp struggling to replicate its success in the smartphone market, according to Gartner ...

India Gets 4G With Airtel Launching Services
By John Ribeiro, IDG News India got its first 4G service with the country's largest mobile services provider Bharti Airtel launching services Tuesday based on the TD-LTE technology in the north-eastern city of Kolkata. An immediate opportunity for ...

Bharti Launches 4G Services in India
Wall Street Journal
By R. JAI KRISHNA NEW DELHI -- Bharti Airtel Ltd. Tuesday launched wireless broadbandservices in the eastern city of Kolkata, becoming the first telecommunications company in India to offer high-speed Internet using fourth-generation technology.

Instagram for Android hits 5 million downloads already
Los Angeles Times
By Michelle Maltais And on the sixth day, there were more than 5 million downloads of Instagram for Android. That's right, in just six days, the free photo-sharing app has registered 5 million to 10 million downloads on the Google Play site.

Android beats Apple in China mobile platform race: report
| SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Google Inc's Android mobile operating system (OS) was the topsmartphone platform in China last year, growing its market share by about 35 percent in the world's largest market for mobile phones, a Chinese technology research ...

China's smartphone users flock to Android
While China is still two or three years away from issuing licenses for 4G LTE in the country, top-end 4G-capable Android devices are left behind, unable to reach the super-fast mobilebroadband speeds. The iPhone 4S does not have 4G LTE technology, ...

Bharti Becomes First Company to Offer 4G Services in India
Fox Business
BY) Tuesday launched wireless broadband services in the eastern city of Kolkata, becoming the first telecommunications company in India to offer high-speed Internet using fourth-generation technology. The 4G technology, though still in its infancy, ...

Instagram for Android Hits 5 Million Downloads in 6 Days
But it has one: Its six-day-old Android app has already crossed the five-million download benchmark. The long-awaited Android version of Instagram's popular iOS app was a success from the beginning (an “instasuccess,” if you must).

Instagram's Android App Tops 5 Million Downloads
By Daniel Ionescu, PCWorld Apr 10, 2012 6:10 AM Instagram's Android app has been downloaded more than 5 million times less than a week after being released. Not bad for a company that recently agreed to be bought by Facebook for $1 billion.

Instagram scores 5M downloads in six days on Android
by Roger Cheng April 10, 2012 4:46 AM PDT Follow @RogerWCheng The app has seen 5 million downloads in six days on the Android operating system, according to The Next Web. The site noted it took the iOS version six months to hit that benchmark.

Apple's Tablet Dominance Set to Continue
Wall Street Journal (blog)
By Ben Rooney Apple will continue to dominate the tablet market for the next few years, althoughAndroid and Microsoft will start to mount a significant challenge, according to a report published Tuesday. Analysts Gartner predict that Apple will shift ...

Instagram for Android app downloaded 5 million times in just 6 days
The Instagram for Android app was released less than a week ago — six days ago, if you want to be exact — but it has already been downloaded over 5 million times. (Google Play, formerly known as the Android Market, indicates that the number of ...

Facebook Snaps Up Instagram For Princely Sum To Secure Online Pics Leadership
[1] Instagram is a 15-month old startup which has attracted more than 30 million users on Apple's iOS in less than 15 months, and more than a million users on Google's Android in a day following the launch of its app on the platform.

Toshiba Unveils 13.3-Inch Android Tablet
PCWorld (blog)
By Daniel Ionescu, PCWorld Apr 10, 2012 8:26 AM Toshiba has introduced its new line of quad-core Android tablets, including a giant 13-inch model with a high-resolution display and quad-core processor. The company is also phasing out its 7- and 10-inch ...

Boosted By iPad, Tablet Sales Will Soar -Gartner
Wall Street Journal
(MSFT) and Google Inc.'s (GOOG) Android are expected to make inroads, Apple's iOS will continue to be the dominant tablet operating system, Gartner said. The firm expects it to account for 61% of customer sales. "Despite PC vendors and phone ...

Adobe Reader iOS, Android app adds free eSignatures
The free Adobe Reader app for iOS, Android, and desktop systems is getting updated with some new features that on-the-go business professionals will surely appreciate. The software will now allow users to easily sign PDF documents electronically by ...

Insta-growth: Instagram for Android hits 5M downloads in 6 days
Just a day after Facebook announced that it would acquire Instagram for $1 billion cash and stock, Instagram's new Android app has attracted 5 million downloads in just six days. Unless you were stranded in the ocean by 3D iceberg yesterday, ...


Android On Your PC: Qualcomm Invests In BlueStacks After Beta Sees 1M ...
If you're an Android and a PC, you should check out BlueStacks — before hackers catch on or Chrome sneaks in this functionality, take advantage. The startup's software has been going like hotcakes over the last few months, as it's offering a ...'s Free Android App Builder Reaches 10000 Apps!
San Francisco Chronicle (press release) recently achieved a monumental milestone with their free android app builder; 10000 android apps produced through collaborative efforts with their loyal users. New York, NY (PRWEB) April 10, 2012 recently ...

5 Reasons Nokia's New Windows Smartphone Will Be a Hit
Lumia 900 is the flagship phone of Microsoft's fledgling Windows Phone, the mobile operating system that Microsoft hopes hasn't arrived too late in the game to take on Google's (GOOG)Android and Apple's (AAPL) iOS. And consumers may indeed quickly ...

4G services launched in Kolkata
Hindustan Times
From Wednesday you can download the movie in just over a minute, thanks to 4Gdata services launched by Bharti Airtel in Kolkata. A new era of lightening speed was unleashed from Wednesday when the first 4G services of the country was launched by ...

Hindustan Times

Bharti Airtel to launch 4G services today
Zee News
Airtel's 4G (TD-LTE) network was launched by telecoms minister Kapil Sibal. Currently, Airtel's 4G pricing in Kolkata starts at Rs 999 with a usage of 6GB. Wi-fidevices (indoor CPE) are priced at Rs 7750 while 4G multi mode dongles are priced at Rs ...

Zee News

- WiFi Into Seven More Stations and Nine Others Upgraded Thanks to the Cloud
MarketWatch (press release)
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, Apr 10, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- Millions of rail passengers are now be able to get free, high-speed internet access at Network Rail stations across the UK, thanks to an investment programme by WiFi provider The Cloud.

India Digest: Airtel to Launch 4G Wireless Services
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Airtel to launch 4G wireless services: Bharti Airtel is all set to rollout broadband wireless access (BWA) services based on 4G technology Tuesday. (Source: The Hindu) India's tank ammunition down to 4 days reserve: Presenting a sobering account of ...

India's Bharti Airtel to launch 4G in Bangalore within 30 days
| April 10 (Reuters) - India's Bharti Airtel plans to launch its 4G services in Bangalore within 30 days, an executive said, after the country's largest mobile phone carrier launched the service in the eastern city of Kolkata earlier on Tuesday.

Android is Outselling the iPhone 10-to-1 in China, World's Largest Market
In this rapidly developing nation -- the world's largest smartphone market -- the pricey iPhone has become a shining status symbol that some would quite literally give an organ for. And yet in the People's Republic, Android is proving to be the ...

Android Design guide updated with new tips for app developers ...
By Sharif Sakr
Not all design choices are blatantly obvious, which is why it's helpful to see fresh sections being added to Google's official design guide for Android devs. There's a whole new chapter on how to create a good Settings pane, including what ...

HTC shows off the design behind the EVO 4G LTE in new video ...
By Michael Crider
The HTC EVO 4G LTE, the CDMA version of the One X, landed with a splash last week. We'll have to wait until May at least to get our hands on the final version, but in the meantime, HTC has taken to YouTube to show off some of the design ...
Android Community

Tumblr for Android smokes iOS version
By Joe Wilcox
The official Tumblr app was a late-comer to Android, and, sigh, hasn't kept pace in the years since. That's all changed. Today's update simply puts the iOS version to shame. Surely this lead... The Android user has HTC myTouch 4G. Brett, who ...

Android Overload: AOKP Build 31 Now Available, RIM Compares ...
By Chris Chavez
If you don't know what the Android Overload is all about, this is the place where we stash all the articles that didn't make it onto our front page from. ... [BGR]; Court denies Motorola motion in Apple patent case. [FOSSPatents]; Acer and Pantech ...
Android Phone Fans

10 Waterproof Smartphone Cases to Prevent Disaster
By Stephanie Buck
In preparation for summer swimming, cycling and singing in the rain, we've gathered 10 waterproof smartphone cases to keep your device dry.
Mashable » Mobile

Behind the Netflix PAC: a broadband power play — Tech News and ...
By Stacey Higginbotham
Netflix has formed its own political action committee called Flixpac, and my sources indicate that the biggest issues it plans to tackle will be how to let folks share their movies on social networks and the more nuanced issues of broadband ...

Camouflaj Kickstarting iOS stealth game 'Republique,' see the first ...
By JC Fletcher
The first project from Ryan Payton's Camouflaj is Republique, an iOS action/stealth game of sorts in which you control a network of cameras, lights, and everything else electronic to keep a woman named Hope safe from pursuers. It's like a ...

Report: the Google - Motorola merger has made Android ...
By Mihai Andrici
Several manufacturers felt threatened by Google's decision to buy Motorola, as some believe that they will now be treated as second rate customers. ... that G allows them so much leeway in their customizing Android that makes Android popular with them to begin with. It gives them the ability to differentiate their product from competitors. What operating system would they turn to that gives them more freedom…iOS… ... 4G LTE Samsung Galaxy Nexus to hit AT&T within the next month?
Android Authority

Google upgrades Android emulator with better performance and ...
By Sean Ludwig
Google has upgraded its Android emulator for developers with hardware acceleration and support for a broader range of inputs, the company announced today on the Android Developers Blog.

Amoebattle on iOS lets you divide, then conquer -Destructoid
By Jonathan Ross
7 hours ago - 6:00 PM on 04.09.2012 | Jonathan Ross · 3 comments · Amoebattle on iOS lets you divide, then conquer photo .... Any word for an android release? I'll probably check out the dsiware version when it hits the eshop ...

Android emulator gains improvement and speed | Ubergizmo
By Edwin Kee
Android developers definitely know just how important the Android emulator in the course of their work, where it will enable them to build and test their apps in an environment that is as close to the actual Android-powered device as [...]

New Database Could Curb Smartphone Thefts In Bay Area, Nation ...
By tjfang
Smartphone thefts are becoming a rampant problem in the Bay Area and across the country. But thieves could soon be stopped in their digital tracks with a new database.
CBS San Francisco

Lenovo unveils IdeaTab S2109 Android ICS tablet
By George Tinari
The IdeaTab S2109 is Lenovo's latest entry into the Android tablet market, and albeit a few specs are missing, it looks quite nice on video. ... It doesn't seem like Lenovo's latest tablet will be tied to a network contract because 4G LTE and 10-hour battery life is a rare combination, so that's one definite plus. It's best if we wait for Lenovo to release the full specs before we all collectively give the S2109 a yea or ... T-Mobile's HTC Amaze 4G, Sensation 4G getting Ice Cream Sandwich soon ...

Android.Fakevoice | Symantec
Remove Android.Fakevoice - Symantec Security Response provides comprehensive internet protection expertise to guard against complex threats, information ...

A Faster Emulator with Better Hardware Support | Android ...
[This post is by Xavier Ducrohet and Reto Meier of the Android engineering team. — Tim Bray.] The Android emulator is a key tool for Android developers in ...

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