How a Non-Tablet Changed the Tablet Market

How a Non-Tablet Changed the Tablet Market
For a list price of $199, customers get a seven-inch display, 8GB of RAM, free storage on Amazon's cloud, WiFi and USB connections, the ability to run any Android-compatible app or game and automagical connections to media (for which you can pay ...

Samsung topples Nokia as top phone-maker, shipped 93M handsets in Q1
Washington Post
Nokia's status has fallen greatly in the past few year's, as it lost the smartphone crown to Apple and Samsung first, and now it has fallen off with feature phones. Nokia has now bet its future on Microsoft's Windows Phone platform.

Five Best Android Phones
There are dozens—probably hundreds—of Android phones on the market today. Some of them are exclusive to specific carriers, some of them are available around the world, but only a few of them are at the head of their class. This week we wanted to know ...

Social Networking Apps Challenging Games For Smartphone Dominance
Kim-Mai Cutler of TechCrunch called it “another sign that something fundamental is changing on the iOS and Android platforms… You can actually visually see the changes on the charts compared to a year ago. Today apps like Viddy, Socialcam and ...

Review: Photosynth one alternative to Instagram
Photosynth lets you take 360-degree panoramic photos that become interactive on asmartphone or computer screen. While it's wildly popular and the target of Facebook's $1 billion takeover deal, Instagram isn't the only camera app.

This Week's Must-Have iOS Apps: Klout, Norton Identity Safe, Dark Sky & More ...
Cult of Mac
This week's feature includes the official Klout app, which has finally made its way to iOS; a great service for storing and syncing your passwords from security specialists Norton; a beautiful weather app, and more. Klout, the free service that ...

Google has lost control of Android
By Joe Wilcox There was great news on the Android front this week. Samsung reported blow-out earnings, with smartphones -- the majority running Android -- accounting for nearly three-quarters of profits. Meanwhile comScore data spotlights the growing ...


Woz loves his Mangos, Android no contest.
He was quick to describe its advantages over Android but seemed deliberate in keeping iPhoneiOS out of the chat most of the time. However he said one definite win over iOS was the beauty of the WP Mango interface and apps. Hexus readers will know Woz ...

Travelers face patchwork of free vs. paid Wi-Fi
Chicago Daily Herald
The agency that runs New York's three airports says it has no plans to offer free Wi-Fi. The exception is JFK's terminal 5, where JetBlue offers it. On planes, Delta has Wi-Fi access on its domestic flights, and American and Southwest have added it ...

802.11ac 'Gigabit Wi-Fi': What you need to know
The 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard is not yet finalized, but draft 802.11ac equipment will soon be available. Get ready with this primer. April 29, 2012, 7:40 AM — Your 802.11n wireless network and devices are about to become passé.

FCC points to rogue Google engineer over Street View Wi-Fi snooping
Washington Post
It blames one “rogue engineer” in particular for intentionally creating software for Street View cars that grabbed personal data, including e-mails, search histories, and passwords, from unprotected Wi-Fi networks. Notably, Google has repeatedly said ...

Woz: Microsoft might have reincarnated Steve Jobs
Apple's co-founder says there's "no contest" between the prettiness of Windows Phones interfaces and those of Android phones. Indeed, he says Microsoft, to make them so pretty, might have had help from above. by Chris Matyszczyk April 28, 2012 11:50 AM ...

Samsung Shining: Profit Surges to Record $4.4 Billion, Beats Apple in ...
Mobile & Apps
By Alexandra Burlacu | April 29, 2012 10:44 AM EDT Galaxy smartphone sales have surged, driving Samsung Electronics' earnings to a record high in the first quarter. Though this is usually a tough season for the global consumer electronics industry,...

Mobile & Apps

Broadband hope for island life
The Age
THE federal government's high speed broadband network could help stem the exodus of young people from struggling island communities, Australia's first forum on small islands will be told. Professor Mal Bryce, from Curtin University, a specialist in ...

The Age

Motorola Droid Razr Maxx 4G LTE Spec Breakdown
Mobile bloom News
Like so many other consumer electronic products which have gone on to become wildly successful, the Motorola Droid Razr MAXX 4G Android smartphone owes its its very existence to a high performing, high-tech possessing sibling that stumbled in one major ...

Amazon Kindle Fire Accounts for More Than Half of All Android Tablets Sold
According to a new study by comScore, Amazon's price-busting Kindle Fire currently accounts for more than half of the Android tablets sold in the United States. This is quite a feat, considering that Amazon's Kindle Fire has only been on the market ...

Wozniak: Windows Phone is 'more beautiful' than Android and iPhone
TechRadar UK
The outspoken Wozniak, who started Apple alongside Steve Jobs back in the late 70s, says apps on Microsoft's fledgling OS are more beautiful than the same software on iPhone and Android. He bearded tech legend even went as far as to say his late ...

TechRadar UK

Huawei flexes LTE assets with ambitions for enhancing wireless broadband ...
AME Info
Huawei, a global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, will be looking to maintain its leadership position in the LTE space while collaborating with regional industry executives during this week's LTE MENA 2012 forum to be ...

AME Info

The 2X Client for Android is Deployed on the New Panasonic Smartphone
Virtual-Strategy Magazine
2X Software today announced that Panasonic will bundle the 2X Client for Android on the newSmartphone “Softbank 102P” for the Japanese Market. Dallas, TX, April 29, 2012 --( 2X Software, a global leader in desktop and application delivery, ...

[Weekend Poll] Have You Switched Your Primary Cloud Storage Service To Google ...
Android Police
Has anybody found out how to download and save a copy of a file from Drive on to my Androiddevice from the Drive app? I can open the file, but I can't find a way to download it. This, along with not having the ability to upload from the mobile app to ...

With introduction of Google Drive, Google steps up competition with Apple
Washington Post
File Sharing Users can put a Google Drive folder on multiple computers, including those that run on Windows, Macintosh or Android programs. Any document, photo or other file that is dragged onto the folder becomes accessible from almost anywhere, ...

Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G Drops to $49
Mobile bloom News
Since mid-November of last year, Verizon Wireless has been the exclusive home of the Galaxy Nexus 4G Android smartphone, and has effectively undercut their competition by delivering the handset to Android smartphone shoppers at a current price that is ...

Apple removes Android app searches from Chomp
by Michael Grothaus Apr 28th 2012 at 2:00PM Just over two months after Apple acquired the app discovery service Chomp, the company has removed features that allowed users to search forAndroid apps in addition to iOS apps. Chomp is a search tool that ...

HTC One X 4G Delivers Beats Audio, ICS Out-Of-The-Box
Mobile bloom News
The HTC One X 4G Android smartphone is a mobile trendsetter in more ways than one. The first handset to deliver a combination of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) operating system and Beats by Dr. Dre full range audio software out-of-the-box, ...

Google Releases Entire FCC Investigation Into Wi-Fi Snooping Scandal
by Max Eddy | 12:00 pm, April 29th, 2012 Though the names of some individuals involved in the investigation have been withheld, the report is a close look into what exactly happened with Google's street view cars and why.

GameStop to offer Android tablet and smartphone trade-ins, give ...
By Sean Buckley
According to Gadget Experts, the games retailer is looking to bolster its Android offerings with Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Nexus S and Samsung Infuse 4G trade-ins at select GameStops this summer, expanding to all locations by the end of ...

You're the Pundit: Are iOS and OS X headed on a collision course ...
By Erica Sadun
With OS X 10.8, many iOS core features like Game Center, Notifications, and Reminders, have made the jump over to OS X, joining the Mac App Store and natural touch scrolling as mobile-inspired developments. Are the two operating ...
TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

GameStop to begin trade-in program for Android tablets and ...
By Raveesh Bhalla
According to Gadget Experts, you could soon be able to trade-in your old Android devices at your nearest GameStop. Not much is known about the program,
Android Phone Fans

Verizon Android update schedule leaked
By Dan Graziano
According the photos, the HTC Rezound is slated receive an update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on May 9th, followed by the DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX on May 21st. Verizon's first Honeycomb tablet, the Motorola XOOM is ...
BGR: The Three Biggest Letters In Tech

Mark Finkle's Weblog » Firefox for Android: Fx & Mobile Work Week
By Mark Finkle
The Mobile team spent last week in not-so-sunny Toronto, pushing Firefox for Android closer to beta-level release criteria. We are getting very close. There is a lot of amazing work landing, especially in graphics. The Graphics team is working ...
Mark Finkle's Weblog

Best photographer's kit Android apps
By Carl Parker
And the best LTE smartphone is. ... What Microsoft can teach Google about Android ... Photoaf Panorama has been optimized for Honeycomb devices, such as the Motorola Xoom, Asus Transformer Prime, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.
Android Authority

Forget iOS vs Android, when will there be a competitor to Apple ...
By Phone Arena
We know that when Samsung and Apple's names are mentioned together, the topic inevitably turns to the lawsuit battles (and by extension who is the victim and who is the bully), or to a simple Android vs iOS scrap, but we think this issue is bigger than those debates, at least for right ... Motorola has functional design, and is trying to be somewhat bold with the new trend of making devices that are like rectangular octagons (any geometry people out there know of a proper term for that?) ...
PhoneArena - News

Steve Wozniak Chooses Windows Phone Over Android, Still Loves ...
By James Johnson
Wozniak several weeks ago picked up the Lumia 900 smartphone which is powered by the Windows Phone OS and during his podcast over the weekend he said Windows Phone's OS was hands down beating out Google Android. Wozniak in ...
The Inquisitr

LG Optimus True HD LTE launches in Europe and Asia » Coolest ...
By Edwin
LG continues their march forward to LTE smartphone dominance (although other parties might disagree with that considering the paltry number of releases to date) with the release of their latest model, the Optimus True HD LTE. This particular ...
Coolest Gadgets

Apple Kills Chomp For Android | Geeky Gadgets
By Conner Flynn
After apple acquired Chomp, we knew it was just a matter of time before the app would be removed from Android and now it has happened. The app search service had been on Android for a while and was pretty useful, but not anymore.

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