South Korea & Europe top broadband speeds & usage

South Korea & Europe top broadband speeds & usage ...
By Om Malik
South Korea has the highest broadband penetration according to data collected by Akamai, which operates a global content delivery network. The Cambridge, Mass.-based company sees the number of connections to its network and make ...

What to Expect at BlackBerry World
PC Magazine
Once the undisputed master of the American smartphone landscape, the BlackBerry maker is plummeting daily in market share and consumer esteem. Will new CEO Thorsten Heins' Tuesday keynote at the annual BlackBerry World trade show help reverse the ...

4G Mobile Spectrum To Help UK Economy, Job Market - Report
Wall Street Journal
LONDON (Dow Jones)--The rollout of the fourth-generation mobile spectrum in the UK would improve broadband speeds, boost the economy and create thousands of jobs, according to a report released Monday that was commissioned by the UK's biggest mobile ...

Apple Drops Android Support From Chomp App Discovery Tool
PC Magazine
By Angela Moscaritolo After buying the mobile application discovery engine Chomp earlier this year, Apple has dropped its support for Google's Android mobile operating system. Until now, Chomp offered app suggestions for Apple's iOS and Google's ...

Why iOS Apps Look Better Than Android Apps
Wired News
By Christina Bonnington iOS apps like Snapguide, above, are rich with design detail and finesse. Photo: Ariel Zambelich/Wired You might think app design is app design, whether the software is being developed for iOS or Android.

Wired News

TGI Friday's Lets Customers Pay With iPhone, Android
PC Magazine
Instead, you can pay your tab with your iPhone or Android device. The restaurant chain released a new application for iPhone and Android that lets customers start a tab, keep track of their bill, and pay it right from their phone.

4GBritain campaign prompts early LTE carnage
Demands for an accelerated 4G roll-out in the UK has prompted carrier arguments with a sprinkling of celebrity garnish, as LTE urgency re-opens old network rivalries. 4GBritain has been set up by Everything Everywhere – the combo-carrier behind Orange ...


Android tablets market is on (Kindle) Fire
Christian Science Monitor
Android tablets: Kindle Fire accounted for more than half of all sales by February. But can Amazon's Android tablets take on Apple's iPad? By David Sarno, Los Angeles Times (MCT) / April 30, 2012 In this 2011 file photo, the Kindle Fire is displayed at ...

Christian Science Monitor

Five likely rumors of Samsung's Galaxy smartphone
by Aloysius Low | 30 April 2012 7:50pm SGT Ah, the Samsung Galaxy S IIIsmartphone, the long-awaited sequel to the Korean chaebol's highly successful Samsung Galaxy S II. Rumors of its imminent arrival have been floating around since before Mobile ...


Kickstarter smartphone-watch project tops $7 million in weeks
CBS News
Pebble is a watch that syncs with iPhone and Android smartphones to deliver email, text messages and calendar alerts, among other things. Dubbed the "smartwatch," Pebble's journey to becoming the most funded Kickstarter project to date is not exactly a ...

Zillow helps Android users find a home to rent
Los Angeles Times
By Michelle Maltais Android phone users looking for a place to rent are getting a new app from Zillow. Launching today, Zillow Rentals for Android gives apartment seekers an app that puts on-the-spot comparison power in their hands.

Did Google tell Wi-Fi-spy lie? Bloggers say yes.
Computerworld (blog)
Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) could be again in trouble over the collection of unencrypted Wi-Fi data by its Street View cars. Far from it being the unauthorized act of a rogue employee, FCC documents seem to say that several engineers and at least one manager ...

Wozniak: Windows Phone is so beautiful, Steve Jobs might have been ...
Computerworld (blog)
Co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak believes that Windows Phone 7 sports a more beautiful interface than the iPhone and Android phones, so much so that he jokingly said that Microsoft may have managed to reincarnate Steve Jobs to help with its design.

Baird: iPhone 4S Still Tops At AT&T, Verizon, Sprint; Apple A Top Pick
Barron's (blog)
By Teresa Rivas In a note out early today, Robert W. Baird analyst William Power details the results of his smartphone survey of the Big Four's retail stores last week: Verizon (VZ). TheMotorola RAZR MAXX continues to be the most recommended Android ...

Java creator James Gosling: 'Google totally slimed Sun'
Gosling said that Sun was "wronged" by Google and that Oracle is right to sue Google for the way it used Java code in Android. by Dan Farber April 30, 2012 7:42 AM PDT Follow @dbfarber James Gosling has a great deal of his life invested in Java.

Samsung Canada Offers Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Upgrade
It has a new user interface with improved multi-tasking, notifications, Wi-Fi hotspot, a full Web browsing experience and innovations such as Face Unlock, which uses the front facing camera for facial recognition to unlock the smartphone.

LG To Pull Away From Windows Phone's Loving Embrace, Refocus On Android
Sure, Windows Phone is still but a baby alongside Android and iOS, but the platform shows promise. Woz likes it. And the fact that it's backed by hardware partners like Samsung and Nokia says good things, as well. But it would seem that LG, ...

LG to Launch Cloud for Sharing Content Across Smartphones, TVs and PCs
To use the service, consumers will have to download the LG Cloud app for their Android smartphone from Google Play or the LG SmartWorld app store. Users can also download the necessary app for their LG TV from the latter app store, while the app for ...

Microsoft's Nook Deal Boosts B&N, Challenges Android, Doesn't Help Consumers
By Joe Brockmeier / April 30, 2012 09:57 AM / View Comments So much for Barnes & Noble's standing up to Microsoft's "anticompetitive scheme" against Android. One year after their nasty patent spat flared up, Microsoft and B&N have buried the hatchet ...

Google claims Android Source code on flagship Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a 'trade ...
Network World (blog)
In February of 2012, Apple filed a motion for a preliminary injunction against Google's flagshipAndroid 4.0 device - the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Specifically, Apple is asserting that the Galaxy Nexus infringes upon at least 4 of Apple's patents and ...

Everyone's looking forward to the Galaxy S3 but there's more
CNET (blog)
After Samsung's recent teaser for its Galaxy S3 event, many gadget sites and media outlets are focusing on getting the smartphone's detailed specifications and actual product images to spoil it before the official launch. It's a similar situation in ...

LG Tackles Cloud Streaming Via LG Cloud Beta
PC Magazine
Those with an LG Smart TV or LG smartphone will get 50GB of free storage for six months. LG Cloud is accessible via the LG Cloud app, which can be downloaded from Google Play, LG SmartWorld, or It will automatically sync content across ...

TGI Friday's lets you pay with your smartphone
TG Daily
You'll be able to pay your bill with your iPhone or Android phone. There are 350 TGI Friday's locations, out of around 650 nationwide, that offer the new mobile payment technology. The special app for the restaurant is available on the App Store and ...

TG Daily

Who's the King of Smartphone Sales?
Android phone stalwart Samsung has announced record profits for the first three months of this year, profits driven by its flourishing smartphone sales. By John P. Mello Jr. Android phone stalwart Samsung has announced record profits for the first ...


LG dumps Windows Phone for Android focus
LG will instead focus its efforts on Android, as said during its earnings call last week. While LG say it will “continue research and development efforts” for Windows Phone, the company won't be making any new handsets in the immediate future.


Probe finds Google Wi-Fi snooping was intentional
The Hill (blog)
By Brendan Sasso - 04/30/12 12:18 PM ET A Google engineer deliberately wrote software the collected private data from home Wi-Fi networks but did so alone, according to an un-redacted report from the Federal Communications Commission.

Britain's 4G delays - blame the lawyers
BBC News
How far behind is the UK in rolling out 4G, the next generation of mobile phone networks? And whose fault is that? The answer, according to the Dutchman running Britain's biggest mobile operator, is that we're a long way behind the United States and ...

BBC News

LG puts Windows Phone on back burner in favor of Android
LG Electronics is focusing more on smartphones running Google's (NASDAQ:GOOG) Androidplatform, and Microsoft's (NASDAQ:MSFT) Windows Phone is taking a back seat at the company, an LG spokesman confirmed. In the wake of several reports in South Korean ...

Microsoft's $300 million Nook investment: An Android power grab?
Microsoft has added Barnes & Noble to its list of Android patent licensees by shelling out $300 million to help the company's line of Nook products. Did Microsoft pay out so it could avoid going to court? It has happened.

Apple spits out Android option from Chomp app navigator -- Engadget
By Mat Smith
It's taken a bit longer than we expected, but following Apple's acquisition of app search engine Chomp, the Android option has now been cut out from its. ... Apple drops Android search option from Chomp. It's taken a bit longer than we ...

The road to OS Xi: Where iOS and OS X suffer a teleporter accident ...
By Erica Sadun
Apple is implementing an iOS-like sandboxing approach to application development with high levels of permission requirements. Apple is integrating share sheets (a UI metaphor that helps users route data from one app to another using a ...
TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

LG to focus Android efforts, no plans for future Windows Phone ...
By Kevin Krause
Windows Phone has had its share of ups and downs as the operating system struggles to gain a foothold in a smartphone market dominated by iOS and Android.
Android Phone Fans

Microsoft pays $300m for a stake in Barnes ... - Android Community
By Michael Crider
This probably won't affect the Android versions of the Nook app – like its competitors, B&N is interested in getting its content on as many screens as possible. Currently Nook apps are offered on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac, but not ...
Android Community

Streetviewed: Google cars snooping on WiFi users not an accident ...
Google bosses were informed their Street View cars would collect e-mails, names, addresses and other personal data from Wi-Fi users around the world, a government report shows. But the company insists the message didn't get through.
News RSS : Today

JoeyBra: The Perfect Under-the-Shoulder Smartphone Holder ...
By Alissa Skelton
Two Washington college students have created JoeyBra, a pushup bra specifically for carrying asmartphone, credit cards, IDs, money and keys. ... JoeyBra: The Perfect Under-the-ShoulderSmartphone Holder? [VIDEO] · Alissa Skelton ...
Mashable » Tech

Zillow launches Android app for renters
By Dusan Belic
Real estate marketplace Zillow launched a dedicated mobile app for renters – Zillow Rentals. Available for Android smartphones, it is said to be optimized for “renters who need to make decisions quickly,” providing them [renters] with access to ...

Apple kills Chomp for Android
By shailesh
And the best LTE smartphone is... ps2 and android ... Despite the fact that iOS and Android are direct competitors, the quiet disappearance of the Chomp app has surprised users as well as the industry. It was first reported on Thursday that ...
Android Authority

TinyList for Android Looks Mighty Familiar, But Also Quite Good ...
By Thomas
TinyList for Android looks to have taken some major inspiration from Clear for iPhone. List items can be created with downward swipes, each list item can be.

PulseAudio on Android: Part 2
By Arun
Some of you might've noticed that there has been a bunch of work happening here at Collabora on making cool open source technologies such as GStreamer, Telepathy, Wayland and of course, PulseAudio available on Android. Since my last ...
Arun Raghavan

Sound Activated Android vs. Apple T-Shirt | GeekAlerts
By Patra Beaulieu
Sound Activated Android vs. Apple T-Shirt. April 29, 2012 0 Comments. Sound Activated Electro Luminescence Android vs Apple T-shirt.jpg. The debate about which is better, Android vs. Apple, is almost as touchy as religion and politics.

iPavement provides WiFi hotspots while disguised as a pavement ...
By Tyler Lee
While WiFi hotspots might be readily available in some countries, unfortunately sometimes these hotspots do not encompass the entire city, or that these hotspots are proprietary and could belong to a third-party, i.e. Starbucks. Looking to ...

Android trojan steals keystrokes using phone movements (Updated)
While TapLogger works only on Android devices, phones running RIM's Blackberry OS or jailbroken versions of Apple's iOS are vulnerable to the same ...

New iPhone, iPad and Android Apps for April 2012
Following all the great apps released for iOS and Android in March, it seemed like we were in ...

Apple kills Chomp for Android — Apple News, Tips and Reviews
The casualty of that acquisition is the Chomp for Android (search and) app which seems ... What the Google-Motorola deal means for Android, Microsoft and the mobile industry ... Most iPhone users do not know what “iOS” is and the same is true of most iPad ... Apple kills Chomp forAndroid · iPad and Wi-Fi sitting in a tree …

Samsung coyness puts smartphone crown in dispute - Yahoo! News
From Yahoo! News: Smartphones are the hottest gadgets in the world. But who's the biggestsmartphone maker? We don't really know.

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