Who is Motorola Mobility's New CEO Dennis Woodside

Motorola Mobility's new CEO: who is Dennis Woodside? | The Verge: "Other than the fact that Google now owns a massive hardware company and a portfolio of useful patents, the biggest news today is that Motorola Mobility's CEO, Sanjay Jha, has been replaced by a Google executive named Dennis Woodside. Don't be concerned if that name doesn't ring a bell — it's likely that the first time you heard of Woodside was when Bloomberg rumored in February that he would be given the top spot at Motorola Mobility following the acquisition. However, we suspect that we'll be hearing a lot from the new CEO over the coming months and years as Google works to keep other Android OEMs happy while attempting to make Motorola profitable. While Woodside may have kept things quiet in the public sphere, he's certainly been making waves in Silicon Valley. In fact, Apple CEO Tim Cook attempted to poach him from Google by offering him the position to become the Cupertino-based company's head of sales — a role that Woodside turned down thanks to assurances from Google that he'd be given "greater responsibilities," according to Bloomberg Businessweek. It looks like the search company has made good on its promise. . . . " 

Google completes Motorola Mobility acquisition; Jha steps down
Chicago Tribune
Sanjay Jha has stepped down as chief executive of Motorola Mobility now that the $12.5 billion acquisition by Google Inc. has closed, the Mountain View-based search giant said Tuesday. Dennis Woodside, a Google executive who oversaw the integration of ...

Google seals $13 billion Motorola buy
By David Goldman @CNNMoneyTech May 22, 2012: 9:32 AM ET NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Google officially completed its $12.5 billion purchase of Motorola Mobility on Tuesday. It's a watershed moment for the company, marking both its biggest acquisition ever ...

5 Things Motorola's New CEO Must Do
Motorola Mobility, which now belongs to Google, has a new CEO. Here's what he needs to do right away to get the company moving in the right direction. Google today said that it has finally closed its acquisition of Motorola. First announced in August ...

Google completes Motorola Mobility acquisition
NEW YORK—Google Inc. on Tuesday completed its $12.5 billion acquisition of phone makerMotorola Mobility Holdings Inc. and said it has appointed a Google executive as the new CEO of the business. Dennis Woodside, previously president of Google's ...

Page: Motorola Mobility acquisition is key to Google's future
ZDNet (blog)
By Paula Rooney | May 22, 2012, 8:00am PDT Summary: Google announces completion of its deal to buy Motorola Mobility and enter the hardware market. The marriage will likely bolster Google'sAndroid-based smartphone business and Xoom tablet business but ...

Google Officially Completes Motorola Mobility Acquisition
PC Magazine
By Chloe Albanesius The $12.5 billion merger of Google and Motorola Mobility is complete, the two companies announced today. As first reported back in February, Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha has stepped down, and Dennis Woodside, a senior vice president at ...

Google Seals the Deal on $12.5B Motorola Acquisition
By Jared Newman, PCWorld May 22, 2012 7:45 AM Google has officially closed its acquisition ofMotorola Mobility for $12.5 billion, putting the search giant in charge of a major smartphone, tablet and set-top box maker. “Motorola is a great American ...

Google Has Finally Closed Motorola Mobility Acquisition
By Mikael Ricknäs, IDG News Google has finally closed its acquisition of Motorola Mobility, and will now start working on new devices while keeping Android open, it said on Tuesday. It has been about nine months since Google announced it planned to ...

Google Completes Motorola Acquisition
Wall Street Journal
By MIA LAMAR Google Inc. completed its $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. and named a new executive to lead the smartphone maker. Dennis Woodside, a Google executive involved with planning for the acquisition and formerly the ...

Google Closes Acquisition Of Motorola: Woodside To Lead; Page Focuses On ...
As we reported would happen yesterday, Google has today announced that it has closed its acquisition of Motorola Mobility, buying the Illinois-based device maker for $40 per share in cash for a total of $12.5 billion. As widely expected, Sanjay Jha is ...

Google becomes hardware company with $12.5B Motorola buy
By Sharon Gaudin Google said Tuesday morning that it has closed the deal to acquire Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion. Sanjay Jha is stepping down from his post as CEO of Motorola Mobility; Dennis Woodside, a senior vice president with Google, ...

Google closes Motorola Mobility purchase: A daunting to-do list ahead
ZDNet (blog)
By Larry Dignan | May 22, 2012, 6:53am PDT Summary: Google's goal is to takeMotorola Mobility and create a bevy of new mobile experiences. But first there's a lot of integration work ahead. Google has finally closed its acquisition of Motorola ...

ZDNet (blog)

Google closes Motorola Mobility acquisition
Los Angeles Times
By Salvador Rodriguez Google finalized its acquisition of Motorola Mobility, announcing the news in a blog post Tuesday morning. The post, written by Google CEO Larry Page, marked the end of a long process that began in August when the $12.5-billion ...

Google Closes $12.5 Billion Deal to Buy Motorola Mobility
New York Times (blog)
“I'm excited to announce today that our Motorola Mobility deal has closed. Motorola is a great American tech company that has driven the mobile revolution, with a track record of over 80 years of innovation, including the creation of the first ...

Larry Page: 'Motorola is a great American tech company'
Today, Google formally completed its Motorola acquisition, after completing the final hurdle, approval from China, over the weekend. The approval came with conditions -- that Google keep Android open for at least 5 years -- but the company had been on ...


Dennis Woodside, New Motorola Mobility CEO, Named By Google
Huffington Post
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Google Inc completed its $12.5 billion purchase of Motorola MobilityHoldings Inc and named a new chief executive for the cellphone maker, who vowed to focus on "fewer, bigger bets." Google, which made the deal to gain access to ...

Google Acquires Motorola Mobility
MarketWatch (press release)
The acquisition will enable Google to supercharge the Android ecosystem and will enhance competition in mobile computing. Motorola Mobility will remain a licensee of Android and Androidwill remain open. Google will run Motorola Mobility as a separate ...

CORRECT: HTC's EVO 4G LTE Phone Passes US Customs Review - Source
Wall Street Journal
("UPDATE: HTC's EVO 4G LTE Phone Passes US Customs Review - Source" published at 0957 GMT misstated the US is the world's fifth-largest mobile phone market in the first paragraph. The correct version follows.) -- Source says HTC's latest smartphone has ...

HTC Evo 4G LTE Clears Customs, Samsung Galaxy S III Ready for Preorder
HTC's newest Android smartphone, the Evo 4G LTE, has received approval from US customs and is headed for waiting customers, Dow Jones reported May 22, citing a person familiar with the situation. The Taiwanese smartphone maker has faced falling ...

Google closes on Motorola Mobility acquisition
CBS News
(CBS/AP) Google announced Tuesday that is has completed its acquisition of phone makerMotorola Mobility and it has appointed a Google executive as the new chief executive officer of the business. Full coverage of Google at Tech Talk Google says Dennis ...

Google's $12.5B acquisition of Motorola Mobility now official
Apple Insider
By AppleInsider Staff Google has announced that its $12.5 billion purchase of Motorola Mobility is completed and approved, officially bringing the search giant into the smartphone hardware business. "I'm excited to announce today that our Motorola ...

Google: We now own Motorola Mobility
ZDNet (blog)
By James Kendrick | May 22, 2012, 6:15am PDT Summary: The Google acquisition of Motorola Mobility has been consummated, according to the CEO of Google. The 12.5 billion dollar acquisition of Motorola Mobility has been finalized, according to a blog ...

Jha out, Woodside in as Motorola Mobility faces next phase
Chicago Daily Herald
By Anna Marie Kukec Google executive Dennis Woodside started his first day as chief executive officer of Motorola Mobility today, days after Google's acquisition of the Libertyville-based mobile phone maker became final. Woodside replaced Sanjay Jha, ...

Google Completes $12.5 Billion Motorola Mobility Acquisition
The company said in a statement that the deal will allow it to “supercharge the Android ecosystem and will enhance competition in mobile computing.” The company said Motorola Mobility will run as a separate business. Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha is ...

So Google owns Motorola. What's happens now?
Effective immediately, Dennis Woodside takes over the CEO spot for Motorola Mobility, which will be an independently run division of Google. Sanjay Jha has stepped down from the top Motorola spot after leading the company since August of 2008.


Google Completes Acquisition of Motorola Mobility, Layoffs Likely
Google has finally closed its $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility, with China approving the deal just this past weekend. Motorola is in a pretty tough spot right now. Earlier this month, the company reported a fifth straight quarter of ...


Google acquires Motorola Mobility, rolls the dice with Android
By Sebastian Anthony on May 22, 2012 at 12:49 pm Some 9 months after Google's announcement that it would rather like to make a subsidiary of Motorola Mobility, the $12.5-billion acquisition has finally been approved by the US, EU, and China.


Google Completes Motorola Mobility Purchase
The Mac Observer
Google completed its purchase of Motorola Mobility on Tuesday. The deal cost Google some US$12.5 billion and now makes the Internet search giant responsible for the patent infringement lawsuits Motorola was dealing with before the buyout was complete.

Google finally closes Motorola deal, picks Dennis Woodside to run company
Google has finally closed its much-talked-about $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility, Google CEO Larry Page announced today on the company's blog. “I'm excited to announce today that our Motorola Mobility deal has closed,” Page wrote.


We've acquired Motorola Mobility | Official Google Blog
By A Googler
It's why I'm excited to announce today that our Motorola Mobility deal has closed. Motorola is a great American tech company that has driven the mobile revolution, with a track record of over 80 years of innovation, including the creation of the ...
Official Google Blog

Inrix Traffic 4 for iOS helps drivers avoid traffic congestion and ...
By Zachary Lutz
Back to Mobile View. AOL Tech · Free Engadget for Android - get the app now! ... The company collects and analyzes data points from nearly 100 million sources, and now it's putting that information to work with Inrix Traffic 4 for iOS. In addition to helping .... 4 days ago. HTC One X and EVO 4G LTE delayed at customs due to ITC exclusion order (updated). 6 days ago ... Wi-Fi-Pflanzensensor Koubachi winkt mit grünem Daumen aus der Wolke - Engadget German · 5 · Joystiq · Dust 514 ...

Google's Motorola acquisition is final | Android Community
By Michael Crider
The long courtship is over. Just days after securing conditional approval from China, Google's 12.5 billion dollar acquisition of US-based Motorola Mobility is.
Android Community

Google-Motorola deal has officially closed
By Quentyn Kennemer
Google and the Chinese government eventually reached an agreement that would ensure Google would keep Android open to any licensees for at least five years to ensure Motorola isn't given special treatment. The impact of this ... New Motorola Mobility CEO Dennis Woodside stated they would focus their talent on fewer and bigger bets, meaning we should see a lot less mid-range and entry-level smartphones compared to what we saw in 2010 and the early parts of 2011. This new ...
Android Phone Fans

Google-Motorola acquisition finalized
By Zach Epstein
In line with earlier reports, Google on Tuesday finalized its acquisition of Motorola Mobility. The $12.5 billion merger was ... And as a company who made a big, early bet on Android, Motorola has become an incredibly valuable partner to Google. ” An unconfirmed report on Monday claimed ... last designs Zach Epstein; Windows Phone overtakes iPhone in world's largest smartphone market Zach Epstein... HTC EVO 4G LTE review May 16, 2012 at 12:45pm; HTC One S review April 18, ...
BGR: The Three Biggest Letters In Tech

Sprint's HTC EVO 4G LTE Starts Shipping After Customs Delay
By Emily Price
If you pre-ordered Sprint's EVO 4G LTE, then your wait is almost over. Sprint announced via a forum post Monday afternoon that it expects to begin shipping the HTC EVO 4G LTE to customers who pre-ordered the device soon, with phones ...
Mashable » Tech

Google Closes Deal on Motorola Mobility
By Thorin Klosowski
Google hasn't made a statement about what exactly they plan on doing with this acquisition, but he does introduce Motorola Mobility's new CEO, Google employee Dennis Woodside. You can read Larry Page's post over on the Official Google ...

iOS game 'Papa Quash' looks remarkably JS Joust-like [update ...
By JC Fletcher
Of course, this isn't the first time an iOS clone has beaten an official indie game port to market. Radical Fishing developer Vlambeer found Ninja Fishing on iOS ahead of its own mobile version, and one game, One and One Story, was cloned ...

VIA launches $49 Android PC – Computer Chips & Hardware ...
By Matthew Humphries
In other words, it's probably going to function quite well as a cheap media playback machine or as a development board for testing Android apps if you can cope with using the included Android 2.3 OS. That's sure to be upgradeable, though.

Nick Bradbury: Android's Overblown Fragmentation Problem
By Nick Bradbury
I'll grant you that it's harder to support Android than it is iOS - there are obviously a lot more types ofAndroid devices than there are iOS devices - but after a year of writing Android software, I've very rarely run into trouble due to fragmentation.
Nick Bradbury

Sprint to ship HTC Evo 4G LTE this coming Thursday | Ubergizmo
By Gene Ryan Briones
You can probably recall the big blow we received last week when the arrival of the HTC One X and Evo 4G were delayed at the U.S. Customs for an investigation of a patent infringement with Apple. This week, [...]

Best Android apps for VoIP and SIP calls
By Paul Nuñal
Users of Skype for Android version will be able to make free Skype video calls, send instant messages, and voice calls via 3G or Wi-Fi. Not only that, users can make low-cost calls and send SMS messages to other mobile users directly using ...
Android Authority

Five Cable Firms to Share Wi-Fi Hot Spots - Shalini Ramachandran ...
By Shalini Ramachandran
Five large cable operators said Monday they will join forces to give customers access to each other's wireless Internet hot spots in the most sweeping Wi-Fi roaming agreement struck by the industry to date. ... than 50000 Wi-Fi hot spots in the New York area, Los Angeles, Tampa, Orlando and Philadelphia. Most of the operators offer the service only as a perk to current broadband subscribers — but Time Warner Cable has offered a pay-as-you-go option for non-customers as well.

Google Completes its Acquisition of Motorola Mobility | Geekosystem
By Max Eddy
According to the blog post, Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha will be stepping down to be replaced by Googler Dennis Woodside and that trading of Motorola Mobility stock will cease immediately. The deal, which was originally announced ...

Diablo 3 Server Checker - Android Apps on Google Play
... from within Android. IMPORTANT: This app relies on Blizzard's Diablo 3 Server Status page to be accurat... ... Eluamous. (111). Free. SWTOR Server Checker ...

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