Motorola Mobility Defeats Apple 'Finger Swipe' Patent Claim

Motorola Mobility Defeats Apple 'Finger Swipe' Patent Claim
By Andrew Harris on May 01, 2012 Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. (MMI) (MMI) defeated an Apple Inc. “finger swipe” patent-infringement claim when a federal judge in Chicago found that tapping an item on a touch screen wasn't the same as swiping it.

Android's new ally against the iPhone: Ubuntu
At AT&T, the iPhone represented 78% of all smartphone sales in the first three months of 2012. At Verizon, which had been an Android stronghold since the launch of the original MotorolaDroid in October 2009, the iPhone has picked up over 50 percent of ...

Google Street View's Wi-Fi Snooping Engineer is Outed
By Ian Paul, PCWorld May 1, 2012 8:24 AM The engineer who wrote the code causing Google's Street View cars to capture unencrypted Wi-Fi traffic in several countries has been identified, according to an online report. Marius Milner, currently a software ...

Samsung Grabs Smartphone Lead From Apple
PC Magazine
By Angela Moscaritolo Two separate reports released today indicate that Samsung has grabbed the lead from Apple as the world's top smartphone maker. Research firm IDC on Tuesday estimated that Samsung shipped a record 42.2 million smartphone units ...

RIM Gives Developers Peek at Smartphone
Wall Street Journal
Research in Motion CEO Thorsten Heins holds up a prototype of the BlackBerry 10smartphone. The BlackBerry 10 smartphone on display here, RIM stressed, isn't the final product and won't necessarily look or feel the same when launched.

Wall Street Journal

Is a Smartphone in Amazon's Hardware Future?
Wired News
By Roberto Baldwin Currently, the Kindle app runs on iOS and Android. Could an Amazon Kindlesmartphone be in the future? Photo: Ariel Zambelich/Wired For answers, we might look to Facebook, which along with Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft, ...

Samsung grabs biggest smartphone share in Q1, says IDC
By Mikael Ricknäs IDG News Service - The worldwide smartphone market grew 42.5% year-over-year during the first quarter, as Samsung Electronics overtook Apple for the smartphoneleadership position, according to IDC's estimates.

RIM Releases BlackBerry Prototypes to Kick Off New Smartphone
By Hugo Miller on May 01, 2012 Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM), trying to pull out of a sales slump, moved a step closer to the debut of a new BlackBerry smartphone by releasing as many as 2000 prototypes to developers. The touch-screen devices, ...

RIM restarting from scratch with BlackBerry 10 mobile OS
Aiming to reverse huge market-share losses to Apple and Google's Android, RIM is essentially starting from scratch with its next-generation BlackBerry 10 devices. The new platform will be compatible with few of the apps available for its existing ...

Oracle, Google Trial Heads to Jury
Oracle sued Google about two years ago, arguing that its Android software infringes Java patents and copyrights that Oracle acquired when it bought Sun Microsystems. Google denies any wrongdoing, saying it built a "clean room" version of Java.

Why your consumer smartphone (and tablet) is a threat to the enterprise
ZDNet (blog)
By Andrew Nusca | May 1, 2012, 6:07am PDT Summary: Motorola Solutions' Gary Schluckbier explains why consumer mobile devices are, from a security standpoint, not fit for the enterprise — and why Android is a particular threat.

Android Apps Slurp Excessive Data
Nearly half of leading Android apps access more types of data than they require, finds a new security study. By Mathew J. Schwartz InformationWeek More than one-third of Android apps request "excessive permissions," giving them access to more data than ...

BlackBerry 10 Preview: RIM Releases Alpha Version Of New, Potentially Company ...
Huffington Post
Swiping to the left on the keyboard deletes your last word (this handy feature will be familiar to some Android users); swiping up toggles the keyboard between alphabetical and numerical input. Another cool feature, as detailed by TechCrunch, ...

LTE Playbook reportedly confirmed
TG Daily
There's a new report out that Research in Motion is working on a 4G LTE-powered Playbook tablet. Going on this week is the annual Blackberry World conference in Canada. What used to be a yearly celebration of mobile enterprise technology, ...

TG Daily

Worldwide Smartphone Market Continues to Soar, Carrying Samsung Into the Top ...
MarketWatch (press release)
Samsung's ascension to the market's top spot is largely a reflection of its gains in thesmartphone market over the past two years. "The halcyon days of rapid growth in thesmartphone market have been good to Samsung," said Kevin Restivo, ...

ComScore: Samsung Remains Top Cellphone Maker, Google's Android Top Smartphone ...
Wall Street Journal
Google Inc.'s (GOOG) Android remained the top smartphone platform with its market share rising to 51% for the period ended in March from 47.3% in the prior three months. Apple ranked second with 30.7% of the smartphone market, up from 29.6%, ...

20 improvements I'd like to see in iOS 6
ZDNet (blog)
By Jason D. O'Grady | May 1, 2012, 6:15am PDT Summary: Apple's due to announce its plans for the next major version of iOS at WWDC in June. Here are some features that Apple needs to add to iOS if it's going to stay competitive with Android.

BlackBerry OS 10 Previewed and Released For Developers
ABC News (blog)
The Waterloo, Canada-based company has lost key board members as well as significant smartphone market share to Apple and Android phone makers. But today the smartphone maker is announcing more details on the next version of its phones, which it hopes ...

ABC News (blog)

Is TD-LTE replacing WiMAX as Intel's pet technology?
1, 2012, 9:19am PT No Comments Intel is back in the mobile broadband saddle, but it's trading its rusty WiMAX spurs for shiny new LTE ones. But when I say LTE, I'm not referring to the same long-term evolution technology that Verizon, AT&T and most of ...

Apple Discovers 4G Nonsense Stops at US Border
PC Magazine
By Sascha Segan Here in the US, "4G" means nothing. It is a meaningless term. Once upon a time it may have meant something, but that was before the wireless carriers decided to redefine whatever networks they were running as "4G.

Samsung pulling away from Apple in smartphone market
Company scores 29.1 percent of the worldwide smartphone market last quarter and easily outpaces Apple's 24.2 percent market share, IDC says. by Don Reisinger May 1, 2012 5:25 AM PDT It's no secret that Samsung and Apple are battling it out for ...

Samsung overtakes Apple to claim smartphone market share lead
Apple Insider
By AppleInsider Staff Despite strong growth year-over-year, Apple ceded its spot as the world's top smartphone vendor in the first quarter of 2012 as Samsung boosted both smartphone and feature phone shipments to record levels.

RIM Finally Comes Up With Answer To iPhone -- Five Years Later; Shares Fall 3.85%
Research In Motion showed off promising new smartphone software at its BlackBerry World conference in Orlando, Florida Tuesday that has been years in the making. RIM even handed out free phones running an early version of its new software to developers ...

Samsung Galaxy Note: A Phone And Tablet In One
But rather than feeling like a small tablet, the Note feels only slightly bigger than the Galaxy S II, which is the number-one selling Android smartphone (see below). And it would seem that customers aren't being put off by the big screen--Samsung said ...

The end of Android as we know it
By Galen Gruman | InfoWorld Android devices account for more than half of the smartphones sold or at least shipped; sales figures are, to say the least, suspect. Yet a growing number of signs indicates that Android has peaked as a platform and will do ...

Is RIM getting its mojo back with BlackBerry 10?
BlackBerry maker Research In Motion showed off some cool new features for its upcoming BlackBerry 10 software, but will it be enough to stop the company's free-fall into the smartphoneabyss? That's the big question that fans of the once mighty ...

comScore: Android gains US market share again while RIM slips again
ZDNet (blog)
However, without any major smartphone releases lately besides the Nokia Lumia 900 might not make a dent until later reports, most mobile OEMs and smartphone OS providers didn't make any big gains. Instead, there were quite a few more losses in March in ...

BlackBerry Dev Alpha device and BB World demos show RIM isn't out of the game yet
ZDNet (blog)
... 2012, 7:03am PDT Summary: RIM needs to do something soon and if we see them launch BB OS 10 this year with hardware similar to the Dev Alpha device then I think they are still in the game and may even take the third spot behind iOS and Android.

Apple barred from using '4G' in marketing for the iPad in UK ...
By Robert Andrews
“We received 40 complaints about claims for the iPad with Wi-Fi and 4G that appeared on Apple (UK) Ltd's website,” the ASA tells GigaOM. “Complainants challenged whether the references to4G were misleading, because they understood ...

Android Overload: Xperia Play Receives 4.0.2 Software Update ...
By Chris Chavez
Looks like we've got a healthy fixin' of the Android Overload for you here tonight. These are all the stories form throughout our ... Android Overload: Xperia Play Receives 4.0.2 Software Update, Microsoft Invests $605 In B&N's Nook and More ...
Android Phone Fans

Huawei partners with Intel to test TD-LTE interoperability in China ...
By Zachary Lutz
While the technology runs contrary to the more common frequency-division LTE (FD-LTE), the Chinese brand of 4G is situated to take root in the US under Clearwire's banner. Through its partnership with Huawei, Chipzilla -- a newbie in the smartphone arena -- will be able to engage in end-to-end testing of its mobile equipment and verify its readiness for TD-LTE. For Huawei's part, it plans to use ... DevRocket is a Photoshop plugin for iOS developers · Barron's: Apple should be in the ...

KegDroid Android Serves Beer With a Google+ Login [VIDEO]
By Emily Price
The pint-sized Android dispenses pints of beer using an Android tablet –specifically, a MotorolaXoom — as its controls. The tablet is running the latest version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, and protects brews from unauthorized drinkers; ...
Mashable » Social Media

Steve Wozniak prefers Windows Phone more than Android ...
By Gene Ryan Briones
Steve Wozniak prefers Windows Phone more than Android. By Gene Ryan Briones on 04/30/2012 17:08 PDT. Apple co-founder and award-winning computer engineer Steve Wozniak is no doubt one of the most influential people in the tech ...

Verizon's 4G Jetpack Hotspot Gets Prepaid Treatment
By Mario Aguilar
Beginning May 1st Verizon will offer a new prepaid version of its Jetpack 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot MiFi 4510L with three different prepaid plans. For $15, you'll get 250 MB of data a week. For $60 you'll get a monthly allotment of 3 GB, and for ...

Motorola MOTOLUXE heads north to Canada | Android Community
By Michael Crider
I know what Canadians want after hearing that Samsung's Galaxy phones and tablets would be getting Ice Cream Sandwich updates soon – a big ol' helping of Gingerbread, courtesy of Motorola! All joking aside, Canada is getting a unique ...
Android Community

The Android source code on the Galaxy Nexus is Google's "trade ...
By Mihai Andrici
Google has declined to share the source code for Android on the Galaxy Nexus with Apple, claiming that it is a trade secret. ... And the best LTE smartphone is... ps2 and android · What Microsoft can teach Google about Android · Google- ...
Android Authority

Magic: The Gathering creator kickstarting iOS game | TUAW - The ...
By Megan Lavey-Heaton
Magic's creator, Richard Garfield, is trying to wave his wand over the iOS world now. He's part of a Kickstarter campaign to fund Map Monsters, an iOS adventure game that tasks you with capturing monsters and snagging the lost heirlooms.
TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Android Tablet Fails - Business Insider
By Kevin Smith
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7-inch (original) Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Motorola Xoom HTC EVO View4G Asus Eee Pad Transformer 2011 Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime Toshiba Thrive (7 and 10-inch) Acer Iconia ARCHOS 80 G9 HTC ...
Business Insider

LG dumps Windows Phone for Android
By Dan Graziano
... has seen weakening sales of its smartphone lineup. After recording losses for seven consecutive quarters, the company turned its first profit on the back of increased sales from its Android-powered devices operating of 4G LTE networks.
BGR: The Three Biggest Letters In Tech » Streetview WiFi Snooper Named
By Sam Churchill
The F.C.C. recently closed its 17-month inquiry into the Street View inquiry that scooped up personal data from WiFi, with a finding that Google broke no laws but had obstructed its investigation, reports the NY Times. The FCC said ... Now a former state investigator involved in another inquiry into Street View has identified the engineer as Marius Milner, a programmer with a background in telecommunications who is highly regarded in the field of Wi-Fi networking, reports the NY Times.

PSA: The 7th Guest free on iOS and Mac App store today | Joystiq
By Ben Gilbert
In 1993, we were too busy getting our chat room trolling on to play classic adventure games like The 7th Guest. Thankfully for us, modern technology lets us revisit older works via new platforms. The 7th Guest, for instance, has been available ...
Android platform developer: five-month wait for OS update is ...
Sony recently updated its Tablet S product from Android 3 to Android 4. ... Critics of the Androidupdate model often compare it to Apple's approach with iOS, ...

Pocket: iOS
Pocket for iOS. View your list on your iPhone or iPad. Download the free Pocket app for iOS from the App Store. Get the App · Blog · About · App Directory · API ...

Leaked Verizon document details Android updates - Yahoo! News
Verizon's first Honeycomb tablet, the Motorola XOOM is currently awaiting “ technical approval” and will be ... DROID Incredible 4G LTE appears on Verizon site ...

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