Verizon reps push 4G Android over iPhone

Verizon reps push 4G Android over iPhone
Here's what I found: Next time you walk into a Verizon store looking to buy a smartphone, expect the hard sell on a 4G Android device. In each of the 10 discussions, representatives steered me toward either the Motorola (MMI) Droid Razr Maxx, ...

Attack of the Expanding Smartphone Screens
By Matt Hamblen, Computerworld Smartphone screens are getting larger, although vendors will likely continue to offer many sizes to woo a wide variety of users. Today's popular iPhone 4S touchscreen is 3.5 inches diagonally, putting it on the smaller ...

In a Samsung Galaxy, will Android still rule?
By Jeremy Wagstaff, Asia Chief Technology Correspondent (Reuters) - Samsung Electronics is the world's largest smartphone manufacturer and biggest user of Google's Android operating system. And, for some, that's the problem.

BlackBerry maker promises LTE PlayBook, but needs developers
Washington Post
At the company's annual conference, Research in Motion's new chief executive said that plans are in place to release an LTE version of the BlackBerry PlayBook later this year. According to a report from Canadian Reviewer, the new tablet will have a ...

'Galaxy S III': Rumor roundup
Washington Post
Samsung has managed to keep a pretty good lid on rumors about what it's unveiling at Thursday's event, but most are expecting to see a follow-up to the company's Galaxy S IIsmartphone. All Samsung has promised is that it will be unveiling its “next ...

Samsung Galaxy S III Announcement Today: Will It Come to US?
PC Magazine
By Sascha Segan Samsung is expected to announce its Galaxy S III smartphone at 2 pm ET in London today. PCMag's sister site,, will be there for live hands-on coverage The Galaxy S III is the most-anticipated Android smartphone launch of ...

Tablet sales disappoint on Android weakness, but iPad wins the day
According to research firm IDC, Android-based devices saw a "steep" decline in shipments last quarter, but Apple's iPad was riding high. by Don Reisinger May 3, 2012 9:24 AM PDT Kindle Fire market share has tailed off considerably, according to IDC.

Op-Ed: Android Piracy Is Huge Problem for Game Devs
Wired News
The good was that more than 100000 people were enjoying the new Androidversion of our game. The bad news was that only about 10 percent of them paid for it. Ever since we unveiled the iOS version of Football Manager Handheld , I've had regular Twitter ...

Wired News

Verizon Wireless Enhances 4G LTE Network Coverage in Bolton, Massachusetts
MarketWatch (press release)
BOLTON, Mass., May 03, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Verizon Wireless, operator of the nation's largest 4G LTE wireless network, recently activated new 4G LTE coverage in Bolton, Massachusetts. This private investment further expands 4G LTE coverage in the ...

NotCompatible Android Trojan: What You Need to Know
By Ian Paul, PCWorld May 3, 2012 8:10 AM Android smartphone users should be on the lookout for hacked websites that automatically download an app onto your phone in an attempt to trick you into installing malicious code. For what may be the first time ...

German judge rules Microsoft infringed on Motorola patents
The Seattle Times
Janet I. Tu) A judge in a regional court in Germany ruled Wednesday that Microsoft's Xbox and Windows infringe on some of Motorola's patents. The judge in Mannheim, Germany, grantedMotorola's request for an injunction against the sales of Windows 7, ...

Apple Wins US Smartphone Crown Over Samsung
PC Magazine
By Angela Moscaritolo While Samsung might be the top smartphone manufacturer in the world, rival Apple still leads the US market, according to new data from The NPD Group. The market research firm on Wednesday said Apple leads all other manufacturers, ...

Samsung 'Next Galaxy' Event: What To Expect
Huffington Post
On Thursday at 7 PM in London (2 PM EST), Samsung will show off its newest Galaxysmartphone, widely believed to be the Galaxy S III. The device is anticipated to be the successor to the Galaxy S II, which launched in May 2011 and went on to financial ...

Verizon Wireless is Bringing the Power of Its 4G LTE Network to Benton Harbor ...
MarketWatch (press release)
With the 4G LTE network, customers can use 4G LTE wireless devices to access the Internet faster, listen to music or watch video, take advantage of thousands of applications, and stay in touch with family and friends, all with speeds up to 10 times ...

IDC: Apple makes big gains in tablet market, Android stumbles
Shipments fell by 38.4 percent, thanks in large part to Android slates stumbling dramatically. After a reasonably impressive holiday season, IDC expected Android would continue to make inroads in the market. Instead, the number of units moved dropped ...

What Android Ice Cream Sandwich Does That iOS Doesn't
More and more hot new phones are starting to show up on all of the major carriers running the latest version of Android, 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, with some tasty tablets being released, too. While the new iPad is undoubtedly a great piece of technology, ...

Watch Samsung's Galaxy S III event live
Computerworld (blog)
By JR Raphael (@jr_raphael) Samsung's Galaxy S III is one of the most hotly anticipatedAndroid devices in recent memory -- and today, we'll finally get our first official peak at what Sammy has in store. After approximately 97346 Galaxy S III rumors ...

Q1 Non-iPad Tablet Sales Fall Sharply; Trouble For Android
In other words, IDC notes, “all but a few Android vendors saw their numbers drop precipitously” in the quarter. “Apple's move to position the iPad as an all-purpose tablet, instead of just a content consumption device, is resonating with consumers as ...

Apple, Samsung Dominate the Smartphone Market: 10 Reasons Why
When evaluating the smartphone market today, it's hard to get excited about products from any other company than Apple or Samsung. It seems that countless vendors are trying their hardest to make a mark in the mobile space, but devices like the iPhone ...

NotCompatible Android Trojan; Spotify for iPad; Target Pulling Amazon Kindle
PC Magazine
By Angela Moscaritolo Security was top of mind on Wednesday, as Lookout Mobile Security reported that there are now hacked websites targeting Android devices with a new AndroidTrojan called NotCompatible, an attack vector previously only used to ...

What Android might bring us from CTIA
At previous shows, carriers have pulled back the curtain on high-profile Android smartphones and tablets. In 2010, for example, Sprint announced the HTC Evo 4G and last year we got the slimmed-down Galaxy Tab 10.1. So considering the rapid clip of ...

Android poses a vicious black hole that threatens Samsung's Galaxy
By licensing the free Android OS from Google, Samsung has saved millions in software development costs but has left itself dependent on Google, which recently purchased Motorola. Seoul: Samsung Electronics is the world's largestsmartphone manufacturer ...

Apple reasserts tablet dominance at Android's expense
TG Daily
IDC has confirmed a "steep drop" in shipments of Android-based tablets as Apple continues to dominate the lucrative market with its wildly popular iPad. "Apple reasserted its dominance in the market this quarter, driving huge shipment totals at a time ...

TG Daily

Report: Verizon reps trained to peddle Android over iPhone
TG Daily
It seems like Verizon may be training its sales associates to convince customers to buy an LTE Android phone instead of an iPhone. At least, that appears to be the conclusion drawn by a recent report on CNN, which noticed an interesting trend on mobile ...

NBC Politics iOS App
NBC Politics launched a new app for iPad and iPhone that brings users inside the 2012 election through a collection of interactive tools, games, videos, reports, and graphics from a powerful political reporting team at NBC News.


More smartphone users in India access Net than in America
Zee News
The survey indicated that 56 percent of the smartphone holders in India access internet on their phones multiple times in a day in comparison to 53 per cent in US. It also said the number of smartphone users in India are less than 50 per cent of the ...

Zee News

Who will buy Galaxy Nexus from Google?
The search and information giant ended April with a May flower: Direct sales of its flagship, Android 4.0 smartphone, presumably because AT&T and T-Mobile aren't doing so. Google's got a good thing going here for Android enthusiasts, but I've got a ...


Apple remains top U.S. smartphone vendor
The NPD Group on Wednesday released the results of its monthly Mobile Phone Track service, and determined Apple was the top-selling smartphone vendor in the United States. The Cupertino-based company's market share increased by 7% in the first quarter ...

Android Is Either “Winning” Because Apple Is Letting It, Or Losing ...
By MG Siegler
At the time, we were in the midst of a massive Android surge to the top of the smartphone ecosystem food chain. This was happening all around the world, but the focus of this particular post was the U.S. market. Based on some comments ...

Major League Gaming takes smartphone games seriously ...
By Sean Buckley
The Xperia Mobile Gaming Arena presented by Sony Mobile (we told you it was a mouthful) hopes to give smartphone toting gamers a serious cross-platform battleground, offering iOS and Android users competitive leaderboards and up to ...

Rock Band for iOS to remain playable after all | TUAW - The ...
By Victor Agreda, Jr.
To sum up: EA released Rock Band for iOS way back in 2009, but within the past week users saw a notification (above), alerting them that the app would cease to function after May 31. As often happens when people are getting robbed by a ...
TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Hacked websites pushing malware to Android devices in 'drive-by ...
By Kevin Krause
The latest Android malware scare is straight out of Compton. Mobile security firm Lookout reports that Android users have been the victim of “drive-by” attacks that see hacked websites sideloading malicious apps onto their devices.
Android Phone Fans

Alt Mounter brings Android USB Mass Storage back to OS X ...
By Michael Crider
Hands-down one of the most annoying features of the few Android phones that implement it is the MTP storage standard, which is frustrating on Windows PCs and.
Android Community

RIM CEO confirms 4G LTE PlayBook
By Dan Graziano
Research In Motion CEO Thorsten Heins at a press event on Wednesday confirmed that a 4G LTE PlayBook will launch by the end of this year. According to Th.
BGR: The Three Biggest Letters In Tech

Waste Receptacle Offers Wi-Fi in Exchange for Dog Poo : TreeHugger
By Stephen Messenger
But thanks to a novel new waste receptacle system being tested in Mexico City, pet-owners have a whole new reason to pick up after their canines -- the reward of free wifi. The Mexican Internet company Terra has unveiled a clever machine to ...
Latest Items from TreeHugger

First Drive-By Malware Sites Discovered for Android
By Andrew Tarantola
As more and more traffic moves from the desktop to mobile devices, malware has closely followed it. Now, an Internet security firm has discovered the first websites designed specifically to infect Android devices that visit the page with malware.

Best Android tablet apps
By Mike Dunn
We've been recommending our favorite Android apps for years, but as of late, the Android Market Google Play store has been getting more and more apps built from the ground up for tablets. As such, we give you our first five recommendations ...
Digital Trends

EA: Rock Band iOS cancellation prompt made in error, more info ...
By Alexander Sliwinski
Electronic Arts has informed Joystiq that Rock Band for iOS will remain active for mobile rock stars. There was a panic at the disco yesterday after users of the app received a prompt telling them it would "no longer be playable" after May 31.

Mexican internet company exchanges public Wi-Fi for dog poo
By Jonathan Fincher
An internet company in Mexico has placed devices in several parks that accept pet waste and then activate free wifi for a set time in the area.
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine

Motorola Motoluxe heading to Canada, to be ... - Android Authority
By Adrian Diaconescu
Motorola's Motoluxe low-end Android-based smartphone was unveiled in January and hit Europe in late February without creating much fuss, making us all think that it would end up being ignored by most tech users worldwide. ... TORONTO – April 30, 2012 – The new MOTOLUXE™ by Motorola Mobility Canada Ltd. keeps you entertained and connected with a dynamic new interface that learns what you like and adapts to help you do tasks faster, providing unique and seamless ...
Android Authority

T-Mobile: HTC Sensation 4G Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich ...
By Edwin Kee
T-Mobile has just announced that they will be making the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update available for the HTC Sensation 4G smartphone “very soon”. It has already undergone internal testing at T-Mobile's labs, and has received ...

ESET Mobile Security - Android Apps on Google Play
Protect your Android smartphone and tablet from emerging threats. ... Stay secure while you do your internet banking, connect to public Wi-Fi, exchange emails ...

Apple® - iPad® 2 with Wi-Fi - 16GB - Black - MC769LL/A
Find out how mobile broadband can connect you to the Internet from practically anywhere. ... iOS. ENERGY STAR Qualified. No. Wireless Capability. Wi-Fi only ...

Tablet Competition Heats Up: Kindle Fire Captures more than Half of ...
Share of smartphone and feature phone usage by OS; Carrier share of ... Traffic to site content categories by carrier, OS and device type; Wifi vs. Non-Wifi traffic. Amazon Kindle Fire Doubles its Share of Android Tablet Market in Two Months ... 15.4 percent in February, followed by theMotorola Xoom with 7.0 percent share.

BBC News - Motorola wins Xbox and Windows 7 ban in Germany
Motorola Mobility is granted a sales ban against the Xbox 360 and Windows 7 in ... that thesmartphone maker has claimed that Microsoft should have licensed.

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