Samsung Galaxy S III takes on Apple iPhone 4S for 'best smartphone' title

Samsung Galaxy S III takes on Apple iPhone 4S for 'best smartphone' title
BY BOB HOLT Samsung officially made its challenge to the iPhone on Thursday in London, when they unveiled their new Galaxy S III smartphone. The new device has a screen larger than Apple's units, and it adds face and voice recognition.

Apple iPhone gamers spend five times more than Android gamers
That is the result found from research firm Newzoo, which looked at actual data from iOS and Android downloads as well as 17000 survey respondants. The company found that 28% of smartphone gamers are gaming on an iPhone, and 60% of tablet gamers are ...


Samsung Galaxy S III reveals new concept of smartphone
Philippine Star
This sleek and innovative smartphone has enhanced intelligence to make everyday life easier. With Samsung Galaxy S III, you can view the content like never before on the device's 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display. An 8MP camera and an 1.9MP front camera ...

Verizon hard sells LTE Android over iPhone says report
A look into the trends of salespeople in Verizon Stores has discovered that the company may be training its employees to tout the benefits of 4G LTE on Androidso that it makes the iPhone pale in comparison, with some sales personnel even being quoted ...


Samsung Galaxy S III vs. Apple iPhone 4S: It's Tough to Compare
When Samsung introduces a phone that in all likelihood will be the summertime blockbuster ofAndroid phones, holding Samsung against Apple—or the iPhone 4S against the Galaxy S III—becomes more of a compulsion. The sizes of the devices is notable ...

Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs LG Optimus LTE 2: Can LG Revamp Its Status And Beat The ...
International Business Times
While the tech enthusiasts of the industry are really excited about the newsmartphone, there are many others who are somewhat disappointed with the Galaxy S3's features and specs. Many reports claim that the industry expert are not so satisfied with ...

International Business Times

Motorola CEOs best paid among Chicago's top companies in 2011
Chicago Sun-Times
Sanjay Jha, CEO of Motorola Mobility, holds the Droid Razr, Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2011 in New York. Seeking an edge in the world of high-end smartphones, Motorola is bringing back the "Razr" name, once attached to the best-selling phone in the world.

Android not vital to Galaxy's future
China Post
Reuters--Samsung Electronics is the world's largest smartphone manufacturer and biggest user of Google's Android operating system. Samsung's meteoric rise — in the first quarter of 2011 it shipped fewer smartphones than Apple, Nokia or Research in ...

New Research Shows Apple Still Winning the Video Game War Against Android
While mobile gaming preferences between the US and European countries differ, revenue share clearly angles in favor of iOS games over Android in all countries. American players spend in total five times more on iOS games than on Androidgames.


Samsung Galaxy S III: 10 features for the 'human' touch
Samsung's all new Galaxy S III isn't just a hardware powerhouse, it also bundles some great new features that haven't been seen so far in any other smartphonefrom the company. The Korean manufacturer has tried to make the smartphone'human' and close ...


Samsung Galaxy S III FAQ: everything you need to know
May 06, 2012, 7:30 AM — After all of the rumors and speculation, the Samsung Galaxy S III is finally here but you probably have a few questions about this new Android phone. Samsung is the master of flash and flare at its press conferences, ...

More Proof That Android Is Still Playing Catch Up To iPhone
Business Insider
Part of the problem with owning an Android phone is that it's rare to get the latest and greatest apps first. That's because developers tend to favor iOS, launching their apps on Apple's platform first. If it does well on the iPhone, then developers ...

Business Insider

Retro gaming craze: What's old is new again
By Marc Saltzman The iCade 8-Bitty works with iOS and Android devices. The iCade 8-Bitty works with iOS and Android devices. You know, when you didn't need to master 14 buttons just to beat a level or suffer from vertigo because of a dizzying...


Motorola Droid Razr MAXX Still Tops in Battery Performance
Mobile bloom News
The Motorola Droid Razr MAXX 4G Android smartphone arrived on January 26 of this year with the longest talk time of any 4G handset. And since that time, though dozens of 4G smartphones have been released, not one comes anywhere close to the 21.5 hours ...

Samsung's new smartphone debuts in London
South Korea's Samsung Electronics has unveiled a faster and larger version of its flagship smartphone as it seeks to cement its position as the world's best-selling mobile phone maker. The Galaxy S3, introduced in London on Thursday, ...


Nokia: fallen hero
Korea Times
Symbian failed to create distinguished value and is far behind Apple's iOS andAndroid software. Nokia had its edge in cheap pricing, some volume-making but not software initiatives. In the world of smartphones, software is king,'' said Choi Nam-gon, ...

Korea Times

Samsung's Galaxy S III: four things to know
While we can't exactly verify that claim, we can take a look at some of the specifications and features on Samsung's latest smartphone. It has killer hardware. As expected, the Galaxy S III comes complete with a 1.4GHz quad-core processor that is ...

Brand new LG Optimus LTE2 with Android 4.0 and 2GB of RAM
Technology Bloom News
LG has shed some light on the device saying that it will ship with Android Ice Cream Sandwich, LTE support, True HD IPS display, LG's custom user interface and a larger battery. The most impressive spec, other than whatever the display size comes out ...

Technology Bloom News

Emergency Flash Update Fixes Security Vulnerability Used To Hijack Windows PCs
The vulnerability, which is described by Adobe as an “object confusion vulnerability,” exists in the Windows, Mac, Linux and Android versions of the Flash Player. The vulnerability can be used to crash applications and take control of the affected ...

Samsung Galaxy S3 Revealed In London
Solar Panels News
The whopping $5.2billion quarterly profit was also largely fuelled by the fast moving smartphonesales for the company's Android handsets. Samsung's handset sales have finally overtaken Apple's iPhone, making the company number on in terms of ...

Amazon promotes $0.01 16GB Motorola Droid Razr 4G sale going on now
Technology Bloom News
For a limited time, online retailing Goliath Amazon is discounting the price on brand-new two-year activations of the popular Motorola Droid Razr 4G Android smartphone. Offering the Motorola Droid Razr for the nearly free retail price of $0.01 for any ...

Technology Bloom News

Gadgets: It looks like a phone, but it will never ring
Minneapolis Star Tribune
The player connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi, which allows you to download or stream music, video and games without paying for a monthly cellphone service contract. (Handout via The New York Times) -- NO SALES; FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY WITH STORY ...

USDA Invites Applications for Grants to Provide Broadband Service to Remote ...
Monte News
By Anonymous Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today announced that USDA is accepting applications through the Community Connect Broadband program for grants to providebroadband service to residents of remote, rural communities.

The iPhone 4S And Samsung Galaxy Note – A Review Of Their Key Features
News Broadcast
If you are in the market for a new smartphone, you are probably aware that there is a mind boggling choice on offer. From budget handsets with basic features, to more powerful mid range handsets, and finally the high end smartphones which come with an ...

HTC One X, Canon DSLR, budget speakers make their mark
... previewing in-depth) Samsung's announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Samsung's followup to the hugely popular S2 and flagship Android phone dominated the conversation this week with its Siri-like voice commands and ability to sense your eye movement.

Verizon Drops Galaxy Nexus 4G retail price as Sprint launches their Nexus
Technology Bloom News
The Verizon Wireless 4G LTE system was the first home of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus handset that delivered the Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) operating system to a United States smartphone for the first time ever. Recently, that device has been made available ...

Technology Bloom News

Verizon hard-selling 4G Android phones over iPhone: CNN Report
However, there is one area where the iPhone just can't match the flagship Android phones: 4G LTE. And based on this report by CNN, it seems like this key offering available on devices such as the Droid Razr/Razr Maxx and the LG Lucid is enough for the ...

Hacking Android devices: What to worry about - Tech News Today
San Francisco Luxury News
It's not just malicious apps you need to be wary of infecting your smartphone. Now, navigating to poisoned websites are a threat, too. Security researchers have discovered a new malware targeting Android devices that doesn't take the usual route of ...

The Fastest Broadband In The Country Is Being Built by Local ...
By Susie Madrak
Imagine that: Local government providing something better and CHEAPER than the private sector. Oddly enough, I was just wondering why broadband couldn't be a public utility when I saw this article. Apparently it can, and at a much better ...
Crooks and Liars

Motorola XOOM 10.1” 32GB Tablet - Woot
After all, they were a high-profile couple: she, Tina Starr, the hottest model working the runways, and he, the Motorola XOOM 10.1” 32GB Tablet, a notorious playboy who was known to have quite fashionable tastes in cases himself. ... and ultra- fast Wireless-N Wi-Fi networking; Offers support for Adobe Flash Player—enabling you to view the web without compromise; Video chat on Google Talk with any other Google Talk-enable device (smartphone, tablet, PC); Google'sAndroid 3.1 ...
Woot! - One Day, One Deal

Great Photo Apps for Android - A Beautiful Mess
By elsiecake
Great photo apps for android Hey everyone! Each time I post my favorite iPhone apps I get comments asking for Android tips. My pal Sarah from Arrow & Apple Photography creates the most beautiful photos with her Android phone, so I invited ...
A Beautiful Mess

How smart is the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone? - Android Authority
By Mike Andrici
HSPA+ vs LTE: Which one is better? s3 samsung unpacked ... What Microsoft can teach Google about Android · Google-Motorola ... These are the smart, human-centric functions of the Samsung Galaxy S3. While other smartphones (think of the HTC One X) might stand up to the S3 hardware-wise, these smart functions will make sure Samsung's Galaxy S3 stands out from the increasingly populated Android smartphone market. Make sure you drop us a line in the comment section ...
Android Authority

Motorola CLIQ 2 finally gets gingerbread
By Phone Arena
Nearly one and a half years after being launched, the Motorola CLIQ 2 is finally getting its upgrade to Android 2.3 and to make matter worse, it is not coming as an OTA update; the device is the sequel to Motorola's first Android model...
PhoneArena - News

SpotDict: Search iOS' built in dictionary from Spotlight
By Jeff Benjamin
Spotlight search is very useful when you actually need to use it, but how many times do you find yourself needing to do so? If you're anything like me, you can probably count on one hand how many times you've used Spotlight over the past ...

Tech Talk Mobile: Verizon Pushing Android Smartphones Over ...
By YungJB
No they dont but until Apple releases their next iPhone (Which will hopefully have LTE coverage) Verizon will continue to push all the android devices with 4g. “The iPhone is a great phone, but it's on 3G,” said one representative at a Verizon ...
In Flex We Trust

Droid Incredible 4G LTE Launch Pushed Back to May 31 ...
By Stacy Bruce
We recently watched as Verizon accidentally and temporarily activated the Droid Incredible 4G LTE page on the Droid Does website. If that wasn't enough to lead you to believe that its release was just around the corner than how about the ...
Android News, Rumours, and Updates

google play/android market - Nil Pwa
By MrFrance
Trying to dl the new app on google play and keep getting error messages. Tried to dl some other apps and same 'failed' message. I set up some new.
Marijuana Growing

Flash Player for Android updated with security patch | Android ...
By Zack Nebbaki -
Adobe has rolled out a new update to its Flash Player Android application. If you recall, they announced a while ago that we will not see any significant updates for Android. Due to a recent exploit, they just released a security patch updating ...
Android Headlines

Samsung unveils Galaxy S III smartphone with face, voice ...
Samsung has launched its Galaxy S III smartphone, which it hopes will help ... the most up-to-date version of Google's mobile operating system -- Android ... A 4G version will go on sale in North America, Japan and South Korea in the summer.

Exclusive: building native iOS apps with RubyMotion
In 2007, software developer Laurent Sansonetti launched an open source software project called MacRuby. It aimed to build a Ruby interpreter on top of the ...

Android Ported To C# - Slashdot
Re:Can I run Android or iOS on my PC? ... 2012/04/the-first-intel-smartphone-comfortably-mid-range-eminently-credible.ars ...

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