Hayward could get high-speed fiber-optic network

Hayward could get high-speed fiber-optic network - SiliconValley.com: "Lightning-fast Internet connections could be coming to local businesses, using a private-public model that created Lit San Leandro, a fiber-optic network that encircles that city. The same company that created the high-speed network in San Leandro wants to expand into its neighbor to the south as High-Speed Hayward, which would utilize existing underground city conduit to house an 18-mile loop of cable. Businesses could tap into the network, receiving and sending data over the Internet in a fraction of the time it takes with broadband, said Lit San Leandro CEO Jim Morrison. "Fiber optic is much, much faster," he said. In exchange for Hayward allowing the cable to be run through its conduit, the city would have access to 10 percent, or 30 strands of the network, Morrison said. "It would effectively be theirs," he said. Thirty fiber strands could carry several thousand times more data than what is used at City Hall, according to a staff report. . . ."

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