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The Five Stages of Losing a Smartphone

Smartphone authorities urge users to be proactive against theft
The State
Many apps for smartphones allow users to track, locate or erase the information on their smartphone if it has been stolen or lost. A list of security apps based on device type can be found here: consumer_info/safety /index.cfm/AID ...

How to keep your smartphone safe
Boston Globe
A smartphone can contain a lot of information that its owner would rather keep private. But 39 percent of more than 100 million American adult smartphone owners fail to take even minimal security measures, such as using a screen-lock, backing up data, ...

Are smartphone makers going for style over substance?
Motorola unveiled its first flagship smartphone since being acquired by Google, and facing fierce competition from Samsung and Apple, it appears it's decided to market its Moto X on looks, not brains. Hoping to get some traction in a market dominated ...

'Smartphones no child's play'
Times of India
WASHINGTON: Parents, note! Better keep your smartphone away from the reach of your young ones. Playing with smartphones can impede brain development in toddlers, experts have warned. According to new research, 25% of children aged two and ...

Fastest smartphones around
San Francisco Chronicle
... features can quickly overwhelm and confuse. The cost: $100 to $650. The bottom line: Its laundry list of features require time and effort to truly master, but the Galaxy S4 is the top choice for anyone looking for a big-screen, do-everything ...

Android Smartphones Captures 80% Global Market Share For Q2 2013
The Droid Guy
There's no stopping the popularity of Google's Android operating system. A report which was recently released by research and consulting firm Strategy Analytics shows that Android smartphones accounted for 80 percent of smartphone sales worldwide for ...

Smartphones Used by 56% of Canadians
With smartphone ownership on the rise in Canada, an increase in addiction to mobile devices is also prevalent, according to a new study by Google. VOCM 's Erin Eaton reports. About one third of Canadians would rather give up their television than part ...

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