Broadband report and definition; Shared data plans

Eighth Broadband Progress Report | "Having good data is critical to attacking these problems, and this Broadband Progress Report arms the FCC with the best information it has had yet on broadband in the U.S. This is our first progress report ever to include extensive data on mobile broadband and the availability of next-generation, high-speed services.  It incorporates the most robust analysis of international data that the Commission has ever done. The report includes online, interactive maps which show exactly where broadband is and isn’t available, and deployment statistics—by technology type—for every county in the nation."

FCC May Again Change Broadband Definition Threshold Also Says They're Going to ...
by Karl Bode 12 hours ago tags: fcc · bandwidth If you've been following this sector at all for the last decade, you'll note that the broadband industry has had a hard time even accurately defining what broadband is, much less how we should forge a ...

Are you ready for a shared data plan?
If you're one of the 200 million wireless customers of AT&T or Verizon, it's time to make a decision about shared data plans. Verizon rolled out its Share Everything plans to new customers back in June. The mobile operator allows current customers to ...


A look at BlackBerry maker Research in Motion
RIM faces the most difficult period in its history. RIM, which developed the ground-breaking BlackBerry in 1999, has hired a team of bankers to help it weigh its options. Those options include partnering with other companies, licensing software and ...

47% of Users Feel They Don't Need 4G
Based on a recent survey of 3000 individuals by investment firm Piper Jaffray, 47% of those polled state they don't really need 4G connectivity. 26% of those polled indicated they feel all 4G network technologies are the same, and just 15% of those ...

Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE (Sprint)
PC Magazine
And the Samsung Epic 4G paired a top-notch smartphone with a big, comfortable keyboard, but that was more than two years ago. Enter the Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE. It's got a killer keyboard, a fast dual-core processor, and support for Sprint's brand new ...

Facebook's iPhone App is New, Improved; Android, Not So Much
In any case, a blog post about the new iPhone app from Facebook's Jonathan Dann bodes well forAndroid users: “The development of this new app signals a shift in how Facebook is building mobile products, with a focus on digging deep into individual ...

Apple's smartphone share in China plunges
Apple's share of China's smartphone market dropped by almost half to 10 percent in the second quarter from the previous one, research firm IDC told Reuters today. The numbers suggest the company's customers are either waiting for the next iPhone, ...

4G in the UK: Samsung signs up to build Three's network
Three UK Samsung has signed a deal to build the infrastructure for Three's 4G rollout in the UK. Image credit: Jon Yeomans. The company will provide LTE Radio Access Network (RAN) and 3G/LTE core infrastructure for Three and the deal marks Samsung's ...

Verizon's Cable Deal: Mixed Outcome for Consumers
PC Magazine
We need more spectrum for wireless broadband, and the cable companies have been sitting on their spectrum for years. This is a situation where anyone using this spectrum is better than nobody using it. So even if the spectrum had just gone to Verizon, ...

New iPhone Not Expected to Slow Android Growth
PC Magazine
Google's Android operating system will continue to dominate the smartphone market, growing its lead by 10 percent in the second half of the year despite the upcoming iPhone 5 launch, according to a new report from Digitimes Research, the analyst arm of ...

Nearly Half of Americans Not Craving 4G LTE
PC Magazine
Consumers are clamoring for the iPhone 5, but it's not necessarily the phone's rumored 4G LTEconnectivity that many are after, according to a new survey from investment firm Piper Jaffray. Based on an online survey of 3,000 people, the company found ...

Wi-Fi Alliance Starts Certifying Tunnel Technology for Better Wireless Performance
The Wi-Fi Alliance has launched a program to certify products that support TDLS (Tunneled Direct Link Setup), a technology that allows devices to automatically create a link between each other after accessing a wireless network, removing the need to ...

Apple counts on popularity of iPhone in duel with Google's Motorola
Washington Post
Motorola Mobility says Apple products infringe four patents, two of which relate to industry standards for 3G wireless and Wi-Fi technologies, and that Apple has rebuffed offers to license the standard-essential patents. The other two patents aren't ...

HTC Proto, if real, won't help HTC regain the Android crown
HTC Proto, if real, won't help HTC regain the Android crown. One week before IFA, new images surface for what could be HTC's next middle-of-the-road Android release. Scott Webster. by Scott Webster. August 24, 2012 8:08 AM PDT Follow @swebster77 ...

Telenav Scout for Apps comes to Android and Windows Phone ...
By Michael Gorman
iOS app devs got Telenav turn-by-turn navigation access in March of this year, and now the same can be said for folks programming for Android and Windows.

Your Thumbs Will Love the Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE's Keyboard
By Emily Price
If you want to make the jump from a BlackBerry to Android, the Motorola Photon Q is the phone for you. ... If you're a fan of physical keyboards, then the smartphone market doesn't leave you a ton of great options. ... Smart Actions help new Android and novice Android owners automate how the phone operates throughout the day — for instance, always connecting to Wi-Fi when you get to work -– to optimize the phone's performance. ... Facebook Releases New, Faster iOS App 2 ...
Mashable » Mobile

Car-sharing service Lyft goes public, adds Android app — Tech ...
By Eliza Kern
The real-time car-sharing app Lyft is looking to disrupt the transportation sector among urbansmartphone owners. The app will lift out of beta and release an ... Lyft, the San Francisco-based mobile app from car-sharing company Zimride, has launched out of beta on Thursday with iOS and will release an Android app shortly, testing the viability of the real-time ride-sharing in a market flooded with transportation options for urban smartphone owners. Lyft was launched this summer in...

World Ends With You countdown for iOS port, Square Enix leak ...
By Sinan Kubba
The countdown linked to The World Ends with You is for an iOS port of the DS game, a leak on the Square Enix's Japanese eShop has apparently revealed. A listing for an upcoming soundtrack of the game disclosed that an iOS version would ...

iPhone, Android user loyalty: 17% of Android users plan switch
By Brad Reed
Barron's reports that a new survey of more than 2,000 smartphone users by Robert W. Baird analyst William Power shows that 48% of Android smartphone users plan on buying another Android device for their next smartphone while 17% say ...
BGR: The Three Biggest Letters In Tech

19 million Americans still go without broadband –
A free Wi-Fi hotspot beams broadband internet from atop a public phone booth in Manhattan. EnlargeClose. John Moore, Getty Images. A free Wi-Fi hotspot ...

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