Most Apple claims in Samsung case not tied to Android

Google: Most Apple claims in Samsung case not tied to Android
... Apple says the next version of its software Apple to ditch YouTube app in iOS 6 ...Google also acquired Motorola Mobility Holdings, another Android partner, in May for about $12.5 billion. The deal bolstered Google's ... Samsung is easily the ...


The FCC Scores a Hat Trick of Errors on Internet Regulation
The timing was no coincidence. In its last major overhaul of the agency in 1996, Congress left the FCC with almost no authority over the Internet, whether content, transmission or the devices and software that consumers use to enjoy it. 

Android, iOS adoption 10 times faster than PCs in the 1980s
Research firm Flurry Analytics today announced that iOS and Android adoption is ten-times greater than PC adoption at that technology's rapid-growth phase in the 1980s. Adoption of those mobile platforms is twice as fast as the Web when it hit its ...

China's smartphone shipments overtake feature phones earlier than expected
Macworld (blog)
Android, Apple own 80 percent of global smartphone market ... Apple was China's fourth largestsmartphone vendor, with its market share nearly halved down to 10 percent from the first quarter, when the company launched the iPhone 4S in the country.

LG's next smartphone to use Qualcomm's quad-core chip
CNET (blog)
In a press release, LG Electronics announced that its upcoming smartphone will make use of Qualcomm's latest quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064 processor as well as component technology from various sister companies. These include ...Codenamed ...

CNET (blog)

Android v. iOS Part 1: Market Share
However, Google's Android and Apple's iOS operating systems are the two prevailing operating systems in the world of mobile devices, and since mobile appears to the future of computing, one or both of these two operating systems may well be the future...


Samsung Unveils Galaxy Player 5.8
PCWorld (blog)
But the main difference is the screen, which measures one inch above the smartphone, at 5.8 inches in diagonal with a 960-by-540-pixel resolution. In comparison, at 3.5 inches, the Retina display on the iPod Touch has a ... The Galaxy Player 5.8 comes ...

Motorola Mobility workers wary of Google
Computerworld - Google's plan to cut 20% of the workforce at its Motorola Mobility unit has reignited internal fears that the Internet giant primarily had its eye on 17,000 Motorola patents when it acquired the mobile device maker in May. Google ...

Is the FCC serious about broadband deployment?
The Hill (blog)
Rarely has an agency exhibited a greater degree of schizophrenia than the FCC did last week, when it issued its Eighth Broadband Progress Report (Broadband Report) and its Special Access Report and Order. One decries the lack of broadband access for ...

LG talks-up its new Optimus G smartphone. Says “G” is for “great”, will “eat ...
Unwired View
Unfortunately, LG didn't say anything about the most important battery metric of them all – how long your typical smartphone will last on a typical charge doing your typical chores. So we'll have wait until Optimus G ships, to see if all the claims ...

iPad Mini could be Apple's 'thermonuclear device' that destroys Android
Steve Jobs never hid his hatred for Google's Android platform. Shortly before his death, Jobs told his biographer Walter Isaacson of his wish to see the mobile platform annihilated. "I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend ...


Flurry: China Is Fastest Growing Market For iOS & Android Devices ...
By Chris Velazco
China became the largest smartphone market with regard to devices shipped late last year, and now Flurry pegs China as (what a surprise!) the fastest growing market for iOS and Android devices. China's smart device market grew just over ...

WiFi alliance begins Tunneled Direct Link Setup certification, hopes ...
By James Trew
If this sounds familiar, that's understandable, but TDLS has its own tricks, like working in the background of a network to optimize performance, and it can even work over a WiFi Direct connection. ... TDLS (Tunneled Direct Link Setup) devices are able to automatically create a secure, direct link between them after accessing the Wi-Fi® network, removing the need to transmit data through the access point. In today's Wi-Fi .... RIM files patent for flipping, rotating smartphonekeyboard ...

Apple's Patent Win Leaves Android Camp to Slog Through the FUD ...
By John Paczkowski
We do not believe further settlements are likely to hamstring Android in any serious way. We continue to be confident in our 4 year outlook on mobile device share, which assumes that iOS andAndroid further dominate the smartphone market ...

Google Looks to Distance Android from Apple vs. Samsung Ruling ...
By Eric Slivka
In its statement, Google attempts to distance itself from the controversy somewhat, indicating that most of the issues addressed in the trial do not relate to Android itself. The issues ... Some of the key pieces of evidence weighing in Apple's favor in the jury's mind were in fact 2010 memos and conversations between Google and Samsung that included Google "demanding" Samsung make changes in its implementation of Android over concerns that it was too similar to Apple's iOS.
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors...

New NASA Satellites Have Android Smartphones for Brains
By Lauren Indvik
To achieve this, engineers are using unmodified Android smartphones — in one prototype, HTC's Nexus One, and in another, Samsung's Nexus S — to perform many of a satellite's key functions. As NASA explains on its website, these off-the- shelf smartphones “offer a wealth of ... Sure, it would be better for them to use iOS, pay to develop and buy everyone involved in the project Macs just so they can design software for the SO. August 26, 2012 21:57:42 Reply 0 Flag this comment ...
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