Opinions Mixed on Apple's Deletion of YouTube from iOS 6

Opinions Mixed on Apple's Deletion of YouTube from iOS 6
PCWorld (blog)
That follows Apple ditching Google Maps, announce earlier this year. Apple's march toward mobile OS app independence has received mixed feedback from iPhone users and Android phone users with reactions ranging from outrage, cheers, to indifference.

iOS 6 Drops YouTube; Galaxy Note 10.1 Coming Soon; AT&T Shared Data Plans
PC Magazine
The new Note will run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on its 1.4-GHz quad-core processor, carrying 2GB of RAM and a 5-megapixel rear-facing camera, as well as a 1.9-megapixel front-facing one. The tablet will initially be available in Wi-Fi-only or Wi-Fi ...

Apple Removes YouTube App From iOS 6
InformationWeek (blog)
Apple's slow-motion breakup with Google claimed another casualty Monday: The latest developer release of Apple's iOS 6 (Beta 4) no longer includes the YouTube app that has shipped with the iPhone since the device debuted in June 2007. Apple did not immediately respond to a request for ...In early 2010, Apple cofounder Steve Jobs, then CEO, said he wanted to destroy Android because it was "a stolen product," according to biographer Walter Issacson. Since then, Apple has waged a patent war against ...

Apple yanks Google's YouTube app from iOS 6
Instead, users with new iOS 6-powered devices, or those with older hardware who upgrade, can view YouTube videos in either Safari, iOS's built-in browser, or in an app that Google will distribute through the App Store, Muller said. The striking of YouTube ...

Apple: Google's YouTube won't be included in iOS 6
Washington Post
As Google has pushed into the market with its Android software -- now the most-used smartphoneoperating system -- the relationship between the two companies frayed. Apple also plans to replace Google's maps application with its own in the next iOS ...

Apple drops YouTube as pre-loaded app in iOS 6 system
Detroit Free Press
And some video creators, unwilling to forgo potential revenue from advertising, have chosen not to show their videos on Apple's devices. YouTube videos running on Web browsers or in the app onAndroid devices include ads. While iOS 6 users will be able ...

iOS vs Surface: Why Apple is not a patch on Microsoft
iOS vs Surface: Why Apple is not a patch on Microsoft. Summary: With its consumer ... Androiddevices, too, with their origins in open source, lack managerial systems through which updates and upgrades and patches can be pushed in a manner appropriate to enterprises. However, Android'sopenness ... For some obscure reason, Microsoft decided to leave the web proxy setting "IE bound" instead of switching to a "Wi-Fi bound" model like the phones (and other tablet OS) adopted. The result is a painful transition ...

Apple drops YouTube as iPhone 5 hints a Google-free phone
Computerworld (blog)
... a Google-free phone. By Jonny Evans. August 07, 2012 6:14 AM EDT. + More . The Apple [AAPL] decision to dump native YouTube support from iOS 6 is utterly inevitable as the company continues to punish Google [GOOG] for what Cupertino's executives see as that firm's duplicity regardingAndroid and the iPhone. ... Google's Motorola Mobility purchase means even Samsung faces an unpredictable future threat from its own OS supplier. Will Google favor products from its new hardware arm, and would it have ...

Apple 'iPhone 5' rumors continue to fly
Washington Post
As we ease into August, the rumors about Apple's next iPhone continue to circulate — especially as folks debate whether they should wait for Apple or pull the trigger on an Android smartphone. Lots of the chatter right now is more about what may not be in ... though users can watch YouTube through the Web browser. YouTube will be developing its own app for devices running iOS 6, the company told 9 to 5 Mac, and Engadget reported that the current YouTube app will still be available on all devices running iOS 5.

Motorola teases new 4G phone via Facebook
Promising a new clue each day all week, Motorola has so far revealed that the new smartphone will support 4G LTE. The answer ... Rumored specs for the new phone include Android 4.0.4, a 1.5GHz processor, a 13-megapixel camera, and HD video. Like its ...

Much ado about YouTube, AppleGoo and iOS 6.0
Fortune (blog)
"Went into the AT&T store today to begin switch to my Android phone." That Jarvis, whose "What Would Google Do?" was a 2009 bestseller, was still using an iPhone three years later says a lot about how Apple's (AAPL) iOS stacks up against Google's ...

iOS 6 YouTube loss opens door to iCloud video share rival
Apple's decision to junk the iOS 6 YouTube app has prompted no small degree of surprise from iPhone and iPad owners, more used to platform upgrades adding functionality than removing it, but the multimedia outlook isn't grim. Google is already working on a replacement ... Since Android's arrival, the relationship between Apple and Google has been a tense one, and shifting the search giant's wares from the core ROM and to a more optional status comes as little surprise. For the end-user, it means YouTube won't ...


Apple to Remove YouTube App From iPhone and iPad
New York Times (blog)
On Monday, Apple released a test version of its coming iOS 6 operating system, which powers iPads and iPhones, and developers promptly noticed that the YouTube app was missing from its lineup of built-in apps. The change was noteworthy because ... to its mobile Web site and Android app. The iOS app also no longer plays the important role it did in 2007, when YouTube videos were not easily accessible to iPhone users because they were in the Flash video format, which did not work on Apple'ssmartphone.

New York Times (blog)

Motorola teases mystery smartphone with 4G LTE
The final product will be revealed August 10th, but for now we have but two details: the device is going to look like a big rectangle with extremely sharp (yet rounded) corners, and it'll have 4G LTE. Our guess is as good as yours, just as long as your guess is ...


Samsung Galaxy S III vs. HTC One X: A professional observation
ZDNet (blog)
That's my conclusion after spending a couple months with two of the newest Androidpowerhouses -- the Samsung Galaxy S III and the HTC One X. I thought I'd briefly share my thoughts on the two smartphones, tell you which one I liked more, and why there are a couple other phones I'd ... All in all, either phone would serve as an excellent upgrade for a business professional looking to trade in a BlackBerry or a previousAndroid device like the Motorola Droid or the HTC EVO or even a first-gen Samsung Galaxy S.

ZDNet (blog)

iOS 6 Release Date: With the New iPhone Coming in September, Here's ...
iOS 6 is right around the corner as well. With the iPhone 5 easily the most anticipated phone release ever it's going to be very interesting to see how Apple announces the release of the new operating system, iOS 6. Before we get started there is some big ...


YouTube app no longer default on iPhone, iPad
CBS News
The competition between the two companies heated up when Google launched its own mobile operating system, Android, to compete with Apple's iOS. The original iPhone was launched in June 2007, while the first Android smartphone, the T-mobile G1, was ...

Free Wi-Fi catches on with NYC's subway riders
Wall Street Journal
One month in to wireless service being provided in six New York City subway stations, commuters like Langmead are happy to have chances to connect when their trains head underground and pull into one of the stations with Wi-Fi. "Are you kidding?

Smartphone maker HTC shares hit nearly 4-yr low on grim outlook
TAIPEI Aug 6 (Reuters) - Shares of HTC (2498.TW) plunged by their daily limit for a second straight session to an almost four-year low on Tuesday, after the Taiwanese smartphone maker's forecast for a slide in quarterly revenue led to a raft of brokerage ...

Over $1 Billion Wiped From HTC's Market Capitalization
Wall Street Journal
Shares in HTC, an early adopter of Google Inc.'s Android operating system, fell by their daily 7% limit on Tuesday and ended at 240.50 New Taiwan dollars (US$8.04), extending Monday's 6.9% decline. So far this year, HTC shares have fallen more than 50%.

Is it 2008 again? Apple Rickrolls developers in iOS 6 changelog
The iPhone maker yesterday released its iOS 6 Beta 4 changelog, listing a host of modifications to the software. Toward the bottom of ... Aside from Rickrolling developers, Apple also revealed yesterday that the native YouTube app will be dropped from iOS 6.

YouTube app dropped in iOS 6
Email Print. Apple dropped the default YouTube app from the latest beta version of iOS6, sparking rumblings of further anti-Google action following its expulsion of Google Maps earlier this year. The Cupertino company says the YouTube app will be back...but ...


Apple Says Goodbye to YouTube in iOS 6
The Mac Observer
Apple won't be including its YouTube app in iOS 6 even though it's been included with iOS ever since the launch of the original iPhone in 2007. Instead, Apple says video watchers can go to the YouTube website. The licensing deal Apple had with YouTube is ...

Sprint LTE pops up in San Francisco Bay Area ahead of schedule
Sprint customers in the Bay area have been tipping off the Android Police enthusiast site about getting 4G LTE connections on their devices. One user around the ... or just a test phase. Either way, Sprint 4G phone owners in the Bay Area may want to see what kind of signal they can get at this point. ... Sprint was the first U.S. carrier to offer a 4G network, but that was through WiMax, a technology that has virtually lost the standards war to LTE. Since the ... Is it 2008 again? Apple Rickrolls developers in iOS 6 changelog ...

Apple iOS 6 Drops Built-In YouTube App
PC Magazine
Apple on Monday released iOS 6 beta 4 to developers, and one of the most notable changes is the removal of the built-in YouTube app. According to users in the MacRumors forum, the YouTube app is not included in the list of apps on the iOS home screen, ...

Samsung working on Android 4.1 update for Galaxy S III
Samsung is reportedly ready to issue Android 4.1 to the Galaxy S III. Samsung is on the verge of releasing an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for its Galaxy S III smartphone, according to a recent SamMobile report. The mobile blog claims that internal testing of ...

Report: Apple to refresh iOS devices with new dock connector
Los Angeles Times
A new report says Apple Inc.might refresh all of its iOS products, including the iPad, with a new, smaller dock connector in September. For months, Apple has been rumored to be launching the next iPhone with a smaller dock connector than on existing ...

Who killed YouTube on the iPhone -- Apple or Google?
The YouTube app will no longer come standard on iOS. That's exactly the way Apple ... The next version of Apple's mobile OS -- iOS 6 -- will be missing the familiar YouTube app from its home screen. Instead, users will have to ... to be the last straw. Went into the AT&T store today to begin switch to my Android phone. ... Even without 4G and a giant screen, this phone's smart(ass) voice assistant, Siri, the benefits of iOS 5, and its spectacular camera make it a top choice for anyone ready to upgrade. Read Full Review ...

Motorola teases new smartphone reveal set for Friday
Android Community
Motorola has jumped to the likes of Facebook for the platform to announce and unveil their next Android powered smartphone. ... Although some sites manages to miss this little detail, Motorola clearly states this is a smartphone and will have 4G LTE.

Android Community

Sprint's LTE Service Quietly Appears In The SF Bay Area | TechCrunch
By Chris Velazco
This isn't the first time that Bay Area Sprint customers have caught a glimpse of Sprint's new 4Gnetwork at work — some people reported seeing 4G icons appearing on their LTE devices back in early July — but it's finally gotten to the point where people can actually use the network. ... AndroidPolice's tipster reported seeing speeds of roughly 13MBps down and 8MBps up around Palo Alto and Mountain View. ... 7.26.12 Motorola & Sprint Preparing To Launch The LTE-Friendly,…

Sprint LTE makes early appearance in Bay Area -- Engadget
By Mat Smith
Tipsters have told Android Police that they've already managed to connect to the 4G network around both Palo Alto and Mountain View, reaching speeds of over 13MBps down and 8MBps up. Coverage doesn't yet extend across the whole of ...

Apple Is Removing YouTube from iOS 6
By Casey Chan
Apple has removed the YouTube app from the latest beta of iOS 6 and has confirmed to the Verge that the native app will not exist at all when iOS 6 officially releases to the public. The YouTube app, if you'll remember, has been on the iPhone ...

YouSnub: Apple's Next iOS Will Be Google-Free | Fast Company
By Sarah Kessler
Not only has Apple created its own version of maps to replace the Google Maps app in iOS 6, but it's nixed the native YouTube app--a feature that has been included in iOS since its beginning. Apple had this to say about the omission: “Our ...
Fast Company

Yes, YouTube is gone from iOS 6. So what? — Mobile Technology ...
By Kevin C. Tofel
This might be a subtle swipe at Google, which Apple is indirectly fighting through Google's Androidpartners in the courts. Or it could be nothing more than what Apple has said: It's contract with to include YouTube in iOS has expired and hasn't ...

iOS 6 Beta 4 Removes Dedicated YouTube App [Updated] - Mac ...
By Eric Slivka
As noted by several users in our forum, Apple's new iOS 6 Beta 4 just released to developers removes the dedicated YouTube app that has been...
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors...

War? YouTube app disappears from iOS 6 beta 4 as Apple breaks ...
By Mark Gurman
iOS 6 drops Google Maps in favor of Apple's own 3D Maps program. We're looking into this. Of course, this just could be a bug or an error for this beta. YouTube is gone from the iPhone and iPad, but it is still present on the Apple TV (below).

Apple Shows Court TouchWiz's Wannabe iOS Icons (Sorry ...
By Chris Chavez
Sprint's 4G LTE Network Begins Lighting Up San Fr... HTC EVO 4G LTE and Sprint Galaxy Nexus are one penny on. ... Motorola DROID 4 soak test to begin soon (Ice Cream San. ... Toshiba Thrive 10-inch Officially Updated To Android 4.
Android Phone Fans

Apple Leaves YouTube App Out of iOS 6, Puts More Distance ...
By Frank Reed
9to5Mac noticed that the latest beta version of iOS 6 no longer includes the long-standard YouTube app, and Apple just told us that its license to include YouTube in iOS had expired. If you're a heavy YouTube user, fear ... Android has certainly made enough progress in recent years and trouble rumbling amongst carriers about the size of the subsidies they pay to Apple for the privilege of selling the iPhone are sore spots for the mobile leader. Sure there is talk about Android market ...
Marketing Pilgrim - Internet...

Microsoft earned $800 million revenue from Android in 2Q 2012
By J. Angelo Racoma
Even if Microsoft's Windows Phone lags behind iOS and Android, the software giant has earned $800M from Android royalties in 2Q 2012 alone.
Android Authority

Nexus 7 becomes in-dash entertainment system [Video] | Android ...
By Cory Gunther
The folks from Android Central spotted this one and the video makes it even better. ... Obviously the Nexus 7 doesn't have 3G or 4G for true video streaming, but you can simply just tether your phone to the tablet once you get into the vehicle.
Android Community

Linux Today - Desktop Android? Multi-user Android support is on its ...
ZDnet: Android is great on smartphones and tablets, but it could work on the desktop?

iOS 6 beta 4 change log: iOS 6 download link, change log now - BGR
By Zach Epstein
Apple (AAPL) on Monday released iOS 6 beta 4 to developers as an over-the-air download, and the company has now updated its developer portal with the n.
BGR: The Three Biggest Letters In Tech

Olympics Android app steals text messages, browsing history ...
By Meghan Kelly
Between iOS and Android, the latter is much more insecure than the former. Android is much more open than iOS. Phones running Android can download from a number of different sources, whereas iPhones and iPads can only download ...

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