Unlimited wireless data returns

Unlimited wireless data returns, as smaller carriers search for edge against ...
Washington Post
NEW YORK — Unlimited wireless data is back. After sliding off the menu of cellphone plans, data plans with no caps are making a comeback at smaller cellphone companies trying to compete with AT&T and Verizon. On Wednesday T-Mobile USA said it will ... 

FCC to spend $1.8M to expand broadband access in Ohio
The Federal Communications Commission plans to spend $1.8 million in Ohio to help Internet providers expand broadband service to some of the 397000 Ohioans who do not have access to high-speed Internet, the Dayton Daily News reports.

Nikon to Release Android-Powered Coolpix Camera
PCWorld (blog)
Nikon is following Polaroid's lead with a new pocket camera loaded with Google's Android mobile OS, giving you a high-powered pocket camera with smartphone-like capabilities, minus the phone. Unlike Polaroid, which has yet to release the SC1630 point ...

T-Mobile, MetroPCS to launch unlimited 4G data plans
Washington Post
Value plans do not include smartphone subsidies, but have lower monthly rates. ... The Verge reports that the plans will not work with hotspots, and that the company was unable to say if the same 4G plans would apply to LTE coverage. T-Mobile is not ...

Pirated Android Apps Are Only Part of the Problem
One thing that sets Apple apart from Android when it comes to apps is that legitimate apps can only be acquired from the official Apple App Store, and those apps must all be reviewed and approved by Apple before being made available to the public ...

Hey Google, share that Nexus love beyond Samsung
The Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the first Android smartphone to rock Ice Cream Sandwich. ...Samsung has been the primary beneficiary of Google's Nexus flagship device program for the past few years, having built the first phone with Android 2.3, or ...

Three cleared to prepare for 4G takeoff
The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed in the announcement on Tuesday. The acquisition is important for Three, the smallest of the major UK operators, as it allows the company to start laying the groundwork for rolling out 4G LTE services ...

How To Quit The iPhone And Convert To Android
Business Insider
Good news, you're not stuck with iOS forever. Google's Android operating system is on par with Apple's operating system. And for some people, the hardware, with its bigger screens, is even better. If you've ever wanted to switch, but were worried about...

Business Insider

Intel-Based MegaFon Mint Smartphone Hits Russian Market
The device, which runs Google's Android mobile operating system, will be available to MegaFon customers in retail stores and online starting at about $550, according to the two companies. "We consider the MegaFon Mint a real technology breakthrough. It ...

iPhone 5 release: Carriers march to 4G/LTE services war
Computerworld (blog)
August 22, 2012 9:46 AM EDT. + More . Get ready for the race to claim the title of 'Best 4G carrier' in nations worldwide as telcos rush to deliver tempting 4G LTE services in time for the September/October introduction of the Apple [AAPL] iPhone 5 ...

US Cellular adds Samsung Metrix 4G to smartphone roster
In an effort to draw attention to its growing 4G LTE network, U.S. Cellular is offering a discounted price for consumers who live within its regional footprint. What's more, those markets expected to see 4G coverage by the end of 2012 get a sweeter ...

AT&T responds to FaceTime, network flap; You'll use Wi-Fi anyway
To date, all of the preloaded video chat applications on the phones we sell, including FaceTime, have been limited to Wi-Fi. With the introduction of iOS6, we will extend the availability of the preloaded FaceTime to our mobile broadband network for ...

T-Mobile launching 'truly unlimited' 4G data service add-on - Engadget
By Richard Lawler
... usage of 4G data. There is of course always a fly in the ointment, and in this case it's that it doesn't alow for Smartphone Mobile Hotspot usage, so if you're hoping for official tethering support you'll need one of the other packages. ... We'll have to wait and see if this comes true (along with all the other highly anticipated September 5th reveals) but if it does, would it be enough for you to switch to the remaining major carrier that doesn't directly offer LTE (yet) or the iPhone? Update: In a ...

Nikon Coolpix S800c: Can Android Make Wi-Fi Useful On a Camera?
By Mario Aguilar
Nikon Coolpix S800c: Can Android Make Wi-Fi Useful On a Camera? It makes sense that Nikon's trotting out a Wi-Fi connected camera just like everybody else. For the people who replaced a real camera with a smartphone camera, taking ...

Nokia Windows Phone 8 Smartphone Headed to Verizon This Year ...
By John Paczkowski
Verizon's move to diversify its Android and iPhone-heavy smartphone portfolio is both inevitable and expected. Earlier this year, Nokia's vice president of worldwide developer relations, Richard Kerris, told Neowin that it wouldn't be long ...

Nikon Reveals The Android-Powered Coolpix S800c, Its - TechCrunch
By Chris Velazco
Of course, all of that takes a backseat to the 3.5-inch LCD touch panel on the camera's rear end, which allows users to fire up apps and browse the web (thanks to a nifty embedded Wi-Fi radio). Nikon plans to launch the chubby little guy in the U.S. ... Smartphone producers like Apple and HTC have been pumping up the cameras in their devices because they know their users are going to be carrying the things around anyway. Giving those users (and potential customers, naturally) a ...

T-Mobile unlimited 4G data plan might be a boon to unofficial - TUAW
By Megan Lavey-Heaton
TmoNews broke the news that T-Mobile is rolling out a truly unlimited nationwide 4G data plan, but All Things D's Ina Fried offered an enticing.
TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Details on unlocking the bootloader for MOTOROLA PHOTON™ Q ...
Welcome to the Official Motorola Mobility Blog. ... First, is the PHOTON Q the only Motoroladevice that will have an unlockable bootloader? ... than most folks (such as loading a custom build ofAndroid on your phone). ... Tagged as: 4g, bootloader, lte, motorola, photon q, photon q 4g lte, unlock bootloader, unlocking phone ...

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