LG making next Nexus smartphone?

Is LG making next Nexus smartphone?
... would coincide with Microsoft's formal announcement of Windows Phone 8. Google now ownsnMotorola, which would seem to be the most likely Nexus 4 maker, though Google may be working with Samsung, HTC and LG as well, according to analysts.

Motorola Mobility Loses Bid to Seal Samsung Court Records
Google Inc. (GOOG)'s Motorola Mobility unit lost a court bid to seal “highly confidential” records of its patent-licensing talks with Samsung Electronics Co. (005930) that appeared in the South Korean company's intellectual property lawsuit against ...

Galaxy S3 Mini: Samsung's big new move
The new Galaxy smartphone comes is the latest entry in the ongoing war between Apple andSamsung -- not to mention all the other Android handset vendors. The companies are vying to control the mobile market, introducing new devices at a steady clip.

Appeals court nixes a Galaxy Nexus ban requested by Apple
CNET (blog)
The ruling reverses a lower-court sales ban on the Samsung smartphone, one based on the likelihood that Apple would prevail in a patent lawsuit. Lance Whitney ... But this search box is a feature of Android, not something specific to the Nexus. "The ...

HTC makes no promises for new tablets
HTC will certainly want to focus on pricing as consumers become more attracted to $200 devices like the Kindle Fire HD and Nexus 7. As we're learning, many buyers are willing to go with a tablet "lite" experience, just so long as they can play games ...

Amid Android, iOS Pressure, RIM Makes Its Pitch
Wireless Week
A long-time staple for business users, RIM is fighting to maintain its hold on the market as an increasing number of workers have turned to iOS and Android instead of BlackBerry. Bienfait pitched the new enterprise-friendly features for its ... RIM's ...

Microsoft alleges Google, Motorola's Android phones infringe its mapping patent
According to Microsoft, some products sold by Google-owned Motorola Mobility infringe on a patent that describes a method of obtaining the map from one database, resource information such as Starbucks locations from a second database, and overlaying ...

Instapaper founder launches iPad magazine, doubts it would work on Android
Also controversial, perhaps, will be Arment's decision to pan Android in The Magazine's initial release. Like Instapaper, which didn't appear on Android until four years after it was on iOS, The Magazine was developed with the iPad, iPhone, and iPod ...

RIM: Enterprise customers embracing Android, iOS devices
When asked if RIM would also support Windows Phone 8 devices with Mobile Fusion, Bienfait said RIM's customers are currently only asking for BlackBerry, iOS and Android support. However, she said RIM could add support for Windows Phone 8 if it ...

Android 4.2 Key Lime Pie Features, Release Date and other Rumors Roundup
Let's talk about Android 4.2 tidbits. Google's Mobility platform, Android has been doing great with a strong market share worldwide, beating its competitors Product Line pretty arduously. In the last few days the rumors about Google to unveil Android 4 ...

Google reportedly hiring staff for Nexus call center ... - Android Central
By Alex Dobie
Google is recruiting Android enthusiasts to staff a "Nexus call center," according to reports. ...Google is said to be using a third-party company to recruit from campuses in the San Francisco Bay Area, in time for the next Nexus launch. An advertisement doesn't mention Google by name, but an ad mentioning a "confidential client" in the Mountain View area, which recently launched an Android tablet doesn't leave much to the imagination. Geek.com ... Samsung Galaxy S3 Accessories ...
Android Central - Android Forums,...

Wednesday Poll: Do You Own an Android Tablet? – Droid Life
By Tim-o-tato
I have the ipad 2. Nate Davidson. Note 10.1. Much better than my iPad 2. giovanny. Im waiting for an official announcement of the nexus 10 tablet with the partnership with samsung!! if this doesn't become official then im going with the 32gb ...
Droid Life

LG Google Nexus smartphone: more images leak, 1.5GHz CPU - BGR
By Raymond Wong
4shael says the device is about as large as the Galaxy Nexus and doesn't have LTE, but does have DC-HSDPA — though it is possible that the companies are working on several versions of thesmartphone. The Verge ... Google, Samsung reportedly teaming up on a 10-inch 'super' tablet to take on the iPad Brad Reed ... How to bring Google Maps back to iOS 6 on the iPhone 1 day ago ... WithWindows Phone still failing to gain traction, Microsoft plans to launch its own smartphone ...
BGR: The Three Biggest Letters In Tech

Google reportedly hiring for Nexus call center | Android Community
By Dave LeClair
Could Google be looking to hire Android experts to get ready for the launch of their next Nexusdevice? If this ad ... It never mentions Google by name, but it does call out a “confidential client” that “recently unveil [sic] a new Android tablet.
Android Community

Why wait for Android 4.1.2 on that Nexus 7? Install it yourself - GigaOM
By Kevin C. Tofel
Got a Google Nexus 7 tablet that still hasn't seen the official update to Android 4.1.2? You might be anxious since the minor software tweak adds landscape support for your tablet's home screen, so if you're feeling adventurous, Android Police ...

Court orders internet ban on Meagher accused
The Age
Ms Broughton said she disagreed with the view that the internet was an unregulated and anarchic environment that meant any ban would be futile. Most websites such as Facebook had sophisticated organisational structures that could be held accountable,...

The Age

Internet wars: Reddit v. Gawker
Politico (blog)
We should all be afraid of the threat of having our personal information investigated and spread around the internet if someone disagrees with you. Reddit prides itself on having a subreddit foreverything, and no matter how much anyone may disapprove ...

Internet Ad Revenue Grew 14% in First Half of 2012, But CPG Staying In TV
Internet ad revenue hit $17 billion in the first half of the year, a 14% increase over the same period last year, according to the latest IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report, conducted by PwC. But the digital-ad world is still waiting for the ...

UN says world has 6 billion cell phone subscribers, 2.3 billion Internet users
Washington Post
The Geneva-based agency says 2.3 billion people — or about one in three of the world's 7 billion inhabitants — were Internet users by the end of 2011, but there's a strong disparity between rich and developing countries. ITU says 70 percent of people ...

Western Digital Wi-Fi extender boasts 3-by-3 antenna array
Western Digital on Thursday announced its first My Net Wi-Fi Range Extender so you can get wireless signal in those Wi-Fi dead zones in your house. My Net boasts a dual-band 3-by-3 antenna array, which WD claims gives a faster and more reliable signal ...

Comcast kicks off Internet access program in Va
RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Comcast Corp. is kicking off the second year of a program aimed at making sure low-income families in Virginia have Internet access. Company executives are joining officials from the Federal Communications Commission and local ...

Shares of Shutterstock soar after Internet stock photo provider raises $76.5 ...
Washington Post
NEW YORK — Shares of Shutterstock jumped nearly 30 percent in their first hours of trading, after the Internet provider of stock photos and videos raised $76.5 million in its initial public stock offering. The New York company, which was one of four ...

Fears grow that Syria may shut down Internet
The texts have increased Syria watchers' concerns that the embattled government has realized both the full potential of using the Internet and mobile carriers to communicate with its leaderless opposition, and the importance of the networks as domestic ...

Nvidia pushes 4G LTE compatible Tegra processors, puts pressure on Qualcomm
Summary: Now that AT&T has approved the HTC One X+, the first 4G LTE-compatible smartphone powered by the Tegra 3 processor, Nvidia is now in the perfect position to put pressure on Qualcomm and its Snapdagon S4 processors. Adrian Kingsley- ...


Report: U.S. Broadband Providers' Pay-TV Focus May Be Killing The ...
By Natasha Lomas
In a section on services, the report notes that in order to develop a new generation of internet services that utilise superfast broadband speeds Internet companies need a critical mass of subscribers in place before they can launch services ...

Leap finally gets LTE, rollout starts next week -- Engadget
By Nicole Lee
The CDMA-based carrier is finally rolling out its first LTE market next week after about a year of testing it in Tucson, Arizona. (The first official market has yet to be named, however.) With its spectrum swaps finally complete, Leap hopes to ...
Engadget Mobile

Internet Ad Sales Rise 14% To Record $17B In First Half Of 2012 ...
By DAVID LIEBERMAN, Executive Editor
The 95.4% increase in sales of ads for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices — to $1.2B in the first six months of 2012 — helped to propel the results from the Interactive Advertising Bureau's latest Internet Advertising Revenue Report ...

Paradoxes of Internet Regulation–Korea Edition
By Alex Tabarrok
Google's maps of Seoul are peculiar, they offer public transit directions but not driving directions. Turns out that this is due to Korean law (the Measurement Act) which prohibits the export of Korean map data without obtaining government ...
Marginal Revolution

FreedomPop Provides Free Wireless Internet Access You Can Take ...
By Adam Dachis
FreedomPop Provides Free Wireless Internet Access You Can Take (Almost) Anywhere FreedomPop offers free internet access over Sprint's WiMax network. You're limited to 500MB per month, and you have to cough up a refundable deposite ...

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