Wi-Fi Security (video)

(Bloomberg) -- Sophos Director of Technology Strategy James Lyne discusses security issue with Wi-Fi hotspots. He speaks with Cristina Alesci on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Rewind." (Source: Bloomberg)

Google Nexus 7 is Carphone Warehouse's Best-Selling Android Tablet To Date
The Droid Guy
Carphone Warehouse cites the Google Nexus 7's £159 price as its selling point versus the other Android-based tablets. Nonetheless, the numbers obtained by the Nexus 7 are still low as compared to Apple's three iPad tablets. It must be noted, however ...

The Droid Guy

Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 getting Android 4.1.2
TG Daily
While millions of Android users are still waiting to be upgraded out of Android 2.3, Google is already updating a few of its already-fully-updated devices to a new version ofAndroid. The Galaxy Nexus smartphone, the Nexus 7 tablet, and the Motorola ...

TG Daily

Sprint to begin $300 Samsung Galaxy Note II sales on Oct. 25
The device runs Android 4.1, also known as Jelly Bean, while other smartphones are still launching with Android 4.0, or Ice Cream Sandwich. The Galaxy Note II features a Samsung Exynos 1.6 GHz quad-core processor, and will run over the Sprint's 4G LTE ...

Asus unveils wacky PadFone 2 hybrid device
What makes the PadFone 2 so wild though isn't the Android smartphone's 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 4.7-inch (1280x720) HD IPS LCD display, or even 13-megapixel camera. Its real trick is the gadget's capability to slip in and out of a ...

Investors counting on big 3rd quarter from Google
CBS News
The overall results, due out after the stock market closes Thursday, may be more difficult to decipher because this marks the first full quarter that Google Inc. has owned Motorola Mobility since completing its $12.4 billion acquisition of the device ...

RIM Opens First BlackBerry Developer Tech Center
PC Magazine
Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, meanwhile, will be centered on helping Android, iOS, and Windows developers bring their respective apps to the new BlackBerry 10 platform. Developers must register online to work at the new center. Tech Centers will ...

Motorola Mobility GT-3 ABR Transcoder Breaks Gigapixel Barrier
At the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo, Motorola Mobility will introduce the Motorola GT-3 ABR Transcoder--the industry's only 3-gigapixel ABR transcoder. The Motorola GT-3 uses the latest silicon technology and Motorola's custom video compression algorithms to ...

Survey of IT managers suggests preference for Microsoft mobile platforms
Microsoft OSes have only a small share of the smartphone and tablet markets, trailing Google'sAndroid and Apple's iOS. Microsoft hopes to improve its position with the upcoming releases ofWindows Phone 8, Windows 8 and Windows RT, the latter being ...

FNB slashes smartphone, tablet prices
The offer will apply to all brands and models in the FNB range of more than 20 devices, including the Apple iPad and MacBooks; BlackBerry smartphones; Samsung SIII and new Samsung Note 10.1; and Acer Windows laptops. The discount of R50 kicks in ...


Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S start receiving Android 4.1.2 over the air ...
By Jon Fingas
Upgrades here aren't as noticeable as they are on the reference Android tablet; besides fixes, we've mostly heard that it's now possible to expand a notification with a single finger. Those with CDMA-based phones are left out so far, but if you ...
Engadget Mobile

Asus Marries the Smartphone and Tablet Again With PadFone 2
By Stan Schroeder
It is powered by Android 4.0 with a Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) update coming in the near future. If you thought that was ... Customers on the island will have to pay an additional $210 for atablet/smartphone bundle. The Padfone 2 will be ...
Mashable » Tech

Microsoft Surface RT Tablet Priced To Compete With iPad, Not ...
By Mark Hachman
It's official: the Windows RT version of Microsoft's Surface tablet is priced way higher than its Android competitors, and more on par with the new iPad. Is it worth it? ... Instead, the Surface RT should be compared against products like the $399 Motorola Xoom, a 10.1-inch Android tablet with 32GB of storage; the $499 Asus Transformer TF700T-B1-GR, also with a 10.1-inch display and 32GB of storage; and possibly the $479 Toshiba Thrive, a 10.1-inch tablet with, yes, 32GB of storage.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S getting Android 4.1.2 OTA update ...
By Eric Abent
Do you, by chance, own a Samsung Galaxy Nexus or a Nexus S? If you do, then here's some news you're bound to like: both phones are slowly getting an update to Android 4.1.2, and you don't have to do that much to get it. Since it's an OTA ...
Android Community

Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S, and Motorola Xoom WiFi Now Receiving ...
By Chris Chavez
Today, Galaxy Nexus (yakju), Nexus S and Motorola Xoom (WiFi) owners users were greeted by an over-the-air update, bringing their firmwares up to the latest version of Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. The 15.1MB update brings with it a few added ...
Android Phone Fans

Microsoft prices Wi-Fi Surface tablet below new Apple iPad
Surface 32GB Wi-Fi $499 vs $599 for new iPad. * Limited numbers available for pre-order. * Available in Microsoft Stores from Oct. 26. SEATTLE, Oct 16 (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp is setting the price of its new Surface tablet below comparable versions ...

South Africa's LTE race is far from over as nationwide 4G remains years away
South Africa's LTE race is far from over as nationwide 4G remains years away. Summary: South Africa's first commercial LTE service became available in parts of Johannesburg last week, but for most of the country, there's still a long wait for 4Gcoverage.


Boxee TV combines Internet video, TV tuner and DVR for $99
Boxee on Tuesday announced a $99 Boxee TV set-top device that combines Internet streaming video and audio apps, dual tuners for antenna-based and basic-cable TV reception and a $15-per-month unlimited online DVR service. The device goes on sale ...

Ericsson introduces new broadband network gateway for connected homes
Home life is becoming ever more connected as we adopt new broadband-enabled devices, such as Smart TVs, game consoles, powerful tablets and smartphones that are capable of delivering high-definition over-the-top videos and cloud-based services.

Xbox 360 Launches New Dashboard, Finally Offers Internet Explorer
The update ships with plenty of new features, but one of the most-anticipated has to be InternetExplorer. This will finally turn your console/HDTV into a capable web browser. “With InternetExplorer on Xbox, you can easily find and view internet ...

Ericsson launches stadium-optimized Wi-Fi solution
Delivering additional radio network capacity and coverage through the deployment of small cells as part of a heterogeneous network is central to most mobile operators' mobile broadband strategies, and Wi-Fi is a key element. With Wi-Fi fully integrated ...

LTE customers in the US pay 10 times what LTE customers in Sweden pay
After you add the cost of the device and the monthly service along with the huge overage fees most carriers charge if you use more data than you're allotted, 4G LTE is very expensive. A recent study by the research branch of the GSM Association based...


Logitech's Wi-Fi Webcam Turns Your MacBook Into a Broadcast Studio
Logitech's Wi-Fi Webcam Turns Your MacBook Into a Broadcast Studio Built-in webcams have been a standard option on Macs for the past six or seven years. So it seems a bit odd for Logitech to release an external webcam that's designed exclusively for ...

Logitech announces $200 Broadcaster WiFi webcam for iPhone ...
By Steve Dent
After trying (and failing) to surreptitiously shepherd it through the FCC, then seeing it leak out anyway, Logitech has formally outed the HD WiFi. ... Logitech announces $200 Broadcaster WiFi webcam for iPhone, iPad and Mac (video). By Steve Dent ... The Logitech Broadcaster Wi-FiWebcam makes it easy to create professional-looking high-definition videos from your Mac, whether you're a professor recording a lecture or a musician demonstrating how to play the guitar. You can ...

Keen On… The Daily Dot: Does The Internet Really Need A Daily ...
By Andrew Keen
Andrew Keen is an Anglo-American entrepreneur, writer, broadcaster and public speaker. He is the author of the international hit “Cult of the Amateur: How the Internet is Killing our Culture” which has been published in 17 different languages ...

Idea That May Spread Via the Internet - NYTimes.com
Idea That May Spread Via the Internet. By DEB AMLEN. Models present creations by fashion house Cune in Tokyo. Franck Robichon/European Pressphoto Agency Models present creations by fashion house Cune in Tokyo.

Exposing Internet Creeps
By Jill
And I have very little sympathy for cries about “privacy” from people who make it their primary hobby to violate the privacy of others. Sorry, but the internet is not, in fact, 100% anonymous. Just because you are ...

Internet Explorer on Xbox 360 - Broken Links
By Peter
The Xbox 360 software update is due to roll out today, and amongst the new features you can now download an Internet Explorer app and browse the web on your TV (if you're an Xbox Live Gold member). I was part of the Beta test programme ...
Broken Links

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