Seventeen Supersized Windows 8 And Android Tablets

Gallery: Seventeen Supersized Windows 8 And Android Tablets
As Apple apparently prepares to go small with the iPad Mini, every other tablet maker is going large, bringing out tablets that dwarf the 9.7-inch iPad. All can render web sites, maps and business dashboards ... back the convertible tablet-laptop, but ...

LG Nexus smartphone specs get detailed
TG Daily
LG is reportedly prepping an Android Nexus smartphone based on its flagship Optimus G handset. According to MoDaCo founder Paul O'Brien, the device, which is slated to launch in mid-November, will not be an exact copy or even resemble LG's current ...

TG Daily

Samsung sees quarterly earnings at new high
Huffington Post
Its growth has been driven by runaway demand for Samsung's Android-powered smartphones that outweighed weak orders for memory chips and thin margins in television sales. Samsung surpassed Apple and Nokia in annual smartphone sales for the first ...

This Android tablet has a built-in projector
TG Daily
These uber-mini devices allow users to connect a separate projector to a tablet or smartphone - and display content on the wall. The problem with such devices? It adds one more gadget to your mobile kit. Recently, a new Android-powered tablet surfaced ...

Sony Stops Selling Its New Android Tablet Because Of Design Flaw
Business Insider
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We reviewed the Xperia Tablet S a few days ago. While it's a decent option for Android lovers, we don't think it's the best you can buy. Check ...

Business Insider

Larger screen. Smaller screen. Get them both. Pay the green.
With the recent postings of, "No iOS 6 for my original iPad? Now, I'm an Angry Bird" and "Open source hardware answers the problem of mobile device obsolescence," I think most of you have noticed. If you haven't, please go back and notice. Since Apple ...

Hands On: Samsung Galaxy Express and Rugby Pro
PC Magazine
After all, the Samsung Rugby Pro was the only device in the room you could drop on the floor without having to worry about it breaking. But let's start with the Samsung Galaxy Express. Though pricing info isn't yet available, AT&T is pitching it as a ...

Samsung thinks LG will be the No.3 smartphone maker in the world next year
Unwired View
See, Samsung thinks that LG will become the third biggest smartphone maker in the world by the end of next year. There is one caveat here, though: the information comes from Samsung Securities, the brokerage arm of the Samsung group. So it's not ...

It's official: Windows Phone 8 will launch October 29th
Christian Science Monitor
On October 29, it'll unveil Windows Phone 8, the company's answer to the dominantAndroid and iOS phone software. ... Those will be out in November, as will models from Samsung (the Ativ S) and HTC (the 8X and 8S). ... by the rumors site Boy Genius ...

Christian Science Monitor

LG's First Nexus-Branded Smartphone Reportedly Set For A Late ...
By Chris Velazco
CNET has apparently confirmed with sources close to the matter that Google's next Nexus smartphone will indeed be based on LG's new Optimus G handset, and is slated to be officially revealed at the end of this month. ... There's some evidence that Samsung (who has worked with Google on Nexus hardware twice now) is busy putting together a follow-up to its venerable GalaxyNexus, and former hardware partner HTC may be working on a 5-inch Nexus-branded device of its own.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 update enables multi ... - Android Central
By Alex Dobie
Right now, not all Android apps are supported, but the multi-window feature isn't just limited toSamsung apps like it is on the Note 10.1. Multi-window on the Note 2 supports a wide range of Google apps, including Gmail, YouTube, Chrome ...
Android Central - Android Forums,...

LG's Google Nexus smartphone specs reportedly leak - BGR
By Raymond Wong
About a year after Google (GOOG) gave Samsung (005930) the rights to build its flagship GalaxyNexus, it's now rumored that LG (06657011) is next in line to build a Nexus-branded Android smartphone. According to MoDaCo, LG's Nexus ...
BGR: The Three Biggest Letters In Tech

LG Nexus Android smartphone details emerge in waves | Android ...
By Dave LeClair
LG's Nexus device has had a slew of details emerge recently. ... LG Nexus Android smartphonedetails emerge in waves ... Some of these should have Android fans quite excited, but one or two might leave a bad taste in their mouth. First, let's ...
Android Community

Alcatel unveils One Touch T10 budget 7 inch Android tablet - Liliputing
By Brad Linder
Email. Alcatel is probably best known in the US for making phones… if the company's known at all. But Alcatel is also getting into the Android tablet space with the One Touch T10. It's a 7 inch tabletwhich runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

'Internet Black Widow' case: Police were urged to warn husband
Toronto Star
A Nova Scotia justice of the peace says he urged police to warn his old friend 75-year-old Fred Weeks he could be in danger after marrying the woman known as InternetBlack Widow, the CBC's the fifth estate reports. However, George Megeney said police...

Toronto Star

Sprint's LTE coverage found lacking in four cities
In comprehensive testing in Dallas, Fort Worth, Kansas City and Atlanta in mid-August and early September, research firm Advanced Frequency Engineering (AFE) found that Sprint's LTE service was "not present or not accessible in 75% to 90% of Sprint's ...

Will Via's LTE licensing pool stop the mobile patent wars? Don't hold your breath
After all, Via announced the move by saying it "significantly reduces the risk of litigation for those organisations that are building products or services based on the LTE standard". Handy, you might think, when Samsung is threatening fresh lawsuits ...

EE to Launch UK 4G Service on October 30
Tom's Hardware Guide
Back in August, UK telecoms watchdog Ofcom gave Everything Everywhere, parent company of T-Mobile and Orange, the go-ahead to launch its own 4G LTE network. Though EE's competitors are stuck waiting for the spectrum auction before rolling out their ...

Concern over internet law in Philippines
Sydney Morning Herald
''The Philippines has been a leader in internet freedom,'' said Harry Roque, a law professor at the University of the Philippines and the president of Media Defence South-East Asia. ''This law makes the Philippines at par with other oppressive regimes ...

Internet Gets Big Bird's Back After Romney Says He'd Defund PBS
Wired (blog)
Political debates are never polite affairs — that's why they're called “debates” and not “friendly conversations” — but say that you're gonna cut funding for Big Bird and the whole internet gets in the fray. During last night's presidential debate ...

Wired (blog)

Clearwire to Launch LTE Later - Analyst Blog
Clearwire has formed a venture combining its infrastructure together with the wireless network of Sprint to install a nationwide mobile phone and broadband Internet network using the 4G WiMAXtechnology. However, WiMAX gradually lost its charm among ...

Zynga: Worst Internet IPO Ever?
Wall St. Cheat Sheet
It has been a difficult year for the popular crowd of Internet companies to say the least. Stock performances of the over-hyped social elites are becoming more reminiscent of the tech bubble by the day, with Zynga (NASDAQ:ZNGA) being the latest example.

If The Internet Explorer 9 Commercial Was Honest | TechCrunch
By Matt Burns
Matt is currently working as a writer for TechCrunch. Matt Burns is a family man first and attempts to be a writer second. Born and raised in the heart of the automotive world, only cars eclipse his love of gadgets. He previously wrote for ...

Toys R Us launches family-friendly internet movie service, plans ...
By Richard Lawler
The Toys"R"Us Movies app will soon be available for tabeo, the new Wi-Fi tablet designed and developed by Toys"R"Us®, as one of the 7,000 free apps in the tabeo App Store. tabeo will be introduced exclusively at Toys"R"Us stores ...
Engadget HD

Logitech's $180 WiFi webcam gets outed, targeted for the Mac ...
By Nicole Lee
That mysterious Logitech WiFi webcam we spotted on the FCC in July might have finally been outed, thanks to a tip sent to Zatz Not Funny. This Logitech.

Apple avoids group pooling LTE patents | TUAW - The Unofficial ...
By Kelly Hodgkins
Rather than fight patent lawsuits on an individual basis, 10 mobile phone carriers and electronics manufacturers are forming a patent pool to protect themselves from future litigation surrounding the use of 4G technology. Details on this patent ...
TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Internet Explorer 9 Commercial (The Honest Version) - YouTube
By wwideinterweb
Internet Explorer 9 Commercial (The Honest Version). wwideinterweb .... even when it's not on. hope they dont accidentally upload all of the personal information from your computer, like google streetcars "accidentally" did with wifi networks ...

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