Pandora 4.0 Hits iOS, Coming Soon to Android, Windows Phone

Pandora 4.0 Hits iOS, Coming Soon to Android, Windows Phone
PC Magazine
Dubbed Pandora 4.0, Apple and Android users will now have the power of improved listening features, social sharing, artist and track pages, and musical profiles. In a blog post, Pandora CTO Tom Conrad detailed the changes, including improvements to the ...

Android 4.2 Still 'Jelly Bean' Gets Miracast, Photo Spheres
PC Magazine
Google unveiled two completely new devices yesterday—the Nexus 4 smartphone and Nexus 10tablet—and upgraded the existing Nexus 7's storage capacity and wireless connectivity. But lost somewhere in the churning waves of Hurricane Sandy news ...

A Smartphone OS For The Regular Jessica? Windows Phone 8 Launches
Joe Belfiore, manager of the Windows Phone program and presenter of the Windows 8 launch, explained that Apple was about speed and Android was about feeds, whereas Windows Phone, and specifically Windows Phone 8, was “a smartphone for each of ...


Pentagon examines iPhone, Android options in another blow to RIM
Another blow to the future of RIM, as following up on an earlier story in which theBlackBerry maker lost a major federal contract with ICE, it was reported on Sunday that the company might be on the verge of losing another customer: the Department of...

Samsung, Apple Grab 106 Percent of Handset Profits During Q3
Apple and Samsung together captured 106 percent of the handset industry's profits during the third quarter of this year, as Nokia, Google-owned Motorola andBlackBerry-maker Research In Motion all posted losses during the quarter, according to ... Also ...


iOS growth outpaces Android in US and ...
Ahead of this week's formal introduction of Windows Phone 8, Microsoft's share in the U.S. essentially held steady, up a fraction to 2.9 percent for the 12-week period, and saw a slightly larger rise in Britain to 4.2 percent. The shares for Microsoft ...

Google unveils larger Nexus 7, new smartphone Nexus 4
... Android affected by these changes is known as Jelly Bean. The larger Nexus 7 tablet is being made by Samsung Electronics Co. and features a display screen that measures about 10 inches diagonally, about the same size as Apple Inc.'s top-selling iPad.

Barnes Noble Nook HD: Full Review
LAPTOP Magazine
In 2012, tablets with HD screens are now commonplace so the company has responded with the Nook HD, which ups the ante with a 1440 x 900 display that provides sharper images than competitors like the Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire HD. With this ...

New LED bulb enables wireless light control, personalized with smartphone or ...
It allows you to create and control the light using your smartphone or tablet. Bringing endless possibilities to help you get creative and help you personalize your lighting to suit yours and your family's lifestyle, Philips hue is available ...

Google Nexus 10 is ten inches of Android tablet for $400 | Joystiq
By JC Fletcher
Google counters the iPad mini with ... a bigger Nexus tablet! Actually, it's more directly targeted at the full-size iPad line. The Nexus 10, an Android 4.2 tablet shipping on November 13, packs a dual-core 1.7GHz CPU, a 2560 x 1600 screen, ...

Google's Nexus 4: A closer look at Android's new flagship phone ...
By JR Raphael
Google Nexus 4 Being an Android fan is a bit like being a kid in a candy store today. Along with its new Android 4.2 Jelly Bean release and all the new features it delivers, Google has officially launched two brand new Nexus devices: the Nexus ... If the Optimus G is any indication, I suspect the Nexus4's camera will be good, though likely less good than the super-high-end cameras used on phones like HTC's One X and One S. The Nexus 4 also has a 1.3-megapixel shooter on its front ...
Computerworld Blogs

Tablet and smartphone use detailed by age group, gender | TUAW ...
By Mike Wehner
In an effort to better understand the growing tablet and smartphone markets, Flurry Analytics studied over 30 million consumers to paint a picture of. ... The iPad 3rd-gen's "miraculous transformation" from magical device to object of shame ...
TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Hands-On With LG And Google's First Smartphone Collaboration ...
By Chris Velazco
After having seen its mug plastered all over the internet in the days leading up to its release, actually playing with LG and Google's new Nexus 4 seemed a..

Nexus 10, Nexus 4, Nexus 7: Google Unveils Three New Android ...
By The Huffington Post News Editors
The Nexus family just keeps on growing. ... QuickRead... Loading... HuffPost's QuickRead... Loading... Instagram. iPhone app iPad app Android phone app Android tablet app More. Log in Create Account. Notifications. Profile · Settings; Logout ...
The Huffington Post | Full News Feed

EE sets 4G services live across the UK
EE sets 4G services live across the UK. Summary: The operator's LTE services have been turned on in 11 major cities, and EE has also started selling fibre-based super-fast fixed broadband across the country. David Meyer. By David Meyer | October 30 ...

Superfast Broadband Benefits Are Overstated, Report Says
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Hopes that a huge investment in high-speed broadband could rapidly transform flagging economies were shot down Tuesday with the publication of a report questioning this common wisdom. The report by the Economist Intelligence Unit found little evidence ...

Chicago 4G pioneer Clearwire upgrading to LTE technology
Chicago Tribune
The carrier, which initially launched 4G with a technology called WiMax, is now using a technology called LTE and expects to have 800 cell sites upgraded by year's end. Last week, Clearwire said it is reducing its 2012 capital spending target to better ...

The Best LTE Phones
PC Magazine
LTE is the gold standard for 4G. It's where wireless is going, so if you're buying a smartphone in 2012, you should get a phone that works with an LTE network. And it's not just about faster speeds, although LTE is dramatically faster than the 3G ...

Pandora Redefines Mobile Internet Radio
Benchmark Reviews
Pandora, the leading internet radio service, today announced that the company's popular mobile application for both iOS and Android smartphones has undergone its biggest redesign since launching on the two major platforms. Pandora 4.0 offers listeners ...

MetroPCS Q3: 1 million LTE subscribers, strong profit
As we enter the fourth quarter, our 4G LTE For All efforts are in full-swing and with over one million4G LTE subscribers at the end of the third quarter, we believe we are well positioned to meet the current demands for high-speed wireless broadband ...

Internet Awash In #FakeSandy Photos. Have You Shared Any?
As the damage from Super Storm Sandy gets tallied up, people and property were not the only victims. Sandy was also a high-water mark for the erosion of the veracity of social media. Fortunately multiple watchdogs saw the tide rising and immediately ...


4G World Expanding to India
Sacramento Bee
4G World India will include content rich conference sessions, summits and workshops, live technology demonstrations and an exposition covering a full range of 4G and mobile broadbandstrategies and solutions. The conference program and ... 4G World is ...

Livescribe's Sky WiFi Smartpen transmits notes to Evernote sans wires
Livescribe has launched a new smartpen capable of automatically uploading written text to Evernote over Wi-Fi. The Sky WiFi Smartpen includes 2GB (on entry-level models) of on-board memory to store information in the event you don't have wireless ...

EE switches on 4G in 11 UK cities, offers fiber broadband to 11 ...
By Jamie Rigg
We're investing £1.5 billion in our network to be the first company to offer mobile 4G in the UK, alongside the biggest 3G network. Combined with our Fibre Broadband and revolutionary service model we have a pioneering and unique offer to ...

Repair multiple Internet Explorer issues with one application ...
By Jack Wallen
Takeaway: The free Anvi Browser Repair Tool can repair a multitude of Internet Explorer problems. Find out why this is one of Jack Wallen's go-to tools. Internet Explorer is prone to plenty of issues. Sometimes the problems are fairly simple to ...
on TechRepublic

sky wi-fi digital smartpen by livescribe
when capturing notes, ideas and diagrams, the wifi smartpen wirelessly syncs the information to a personal online account, which can then be viewed at a later time.
Designboom - Weblog

Everything You need to Know About 4G Mobile Networks in the UK
By Nick Summers
In fact, users are being offered Internet speeds which sit somewhere between 8 and 12 Megabits per second (Mbps), which is more than some home owners receive on a standard broadband connection. EE, formerly known as ... Well, when the rebranded EE was unveiled in September, the company confirmed that it would be offering the 4G-enabled iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy SIII LTE, Samsung Galay Note 2 LTE, HTC One XL and Huawei Ascend P1 LTE. You might have noticed in ...
The Next Web

Nokia Lumia 920 4G available from EE on 9 November - Pocket-lint
By Chris Hall
It has been confirmed to Pocket-lint that the Nokia Lumia 920, complete with 4G, will be available on EE in the UK from 9 November. The information was.

ISC Diary | Internet Storm Center Diary 2012-10-29
A Clear Standard. A "Clear Desk Policy" is becoming a more commonly adopted STANDARD in the work place. The idea that a clean desk is a standard may ...

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