10 Essential Android Apps For SMBs

10 Essential Android Apps For SMBs
Kevin Casey 03/30/2012 No glitz, no glamour, just results: These 10 budget-friendly Androidapps help SMB users simplify everyday tasks and power through to-do lists. You don't need to look much past an app market's bestseller list for a reminder that ... 

Smartphone Market Share: Devices Make Up Almost Half Of All Phones, With 2 ...
Huffington Post
As of February 2012, nearly half (or about 49.7 percent) of US mobile subscribers now own asmartphone, according to a new Nielsen report. That's a 38 percent increase over last February, when only 36 percent of mobile subscribers owned smartphones.

Extreme mobility: Tools and tips for smartphone-only travel
In my travels, I relied on an LG Nitro HD smartphone ($100 with a two-year contract), which runs Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and can tap into AT&T's 4G LTEdata service for fast connectivity. It weighs 4.8 oz. (6.8 oz. with its power adapter), ...


Does Google earn more cash from Apple iPhone than Android?
Computerworld (blog)
Well, today it's relevant to Apple [AAPL] and fresh claims Google makes four times as much money out of iOS as it does from Android devices. So who really has the power in that unequal relationship? I can't claim to be completely convinced at the ...

Will Google-Branded Tablet Crash And Burn?
Google plans to sell Android-based tablets directly to consumers in a bid to increase adoption of its mobile platform. Remember the spectacular failure that was Google's Android smartphone store? Apparently Google doesn't, because it is going to ...

Hulu Plus Expands to Seven Android Tablets
By Ian Paul, PCWorld Mar 30, 2012 5:48 AM Online streaming service Hulu Plus rolled out toAndroid smartphone users last June, but Hulu has been slow to support tablets using Google's mobile OS supporting just two slates until recently.

Time to start the RIM death watch?
CBS News
The sale of 500000 playbooks makes Android tablet sales in a market virtually owned by Apple look robust in comparison. And, critically, RIM sold 21 percent fewer smartphones than in the third quarter. That means the rebound of unit sales in Q3 (which ...

CBS News

Google revisiting a once-failed strategy to boost Android tablet sales: report
Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)
The move is an effort to turn around sluggish sales of tablet computers powered by Google's Android software.The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, an Android-powered tablet that will go on sale later this year. Google went this route with Android-powered ...

Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)

Can a Google Tablet Succeed Where Nexus Phones Didn't?
By Daniel Ionescu, PCWorld Mar 30, 2012 8:08 AM So Google may enter the tablet fray directly by marketing its own Android challenger to the iPad while also licensing the OS to hardware partners. What makes it likely to succeed, after its Nexus phones ...

RIM CEO Pledges Enterprise Focus, But Clock Ticks
The company saw BlackBerry smartphone sales drop 21% to 11.1 million units and revenue plunge 19% to $4.2 billion. It recorded a loss of $125 million for the quarter, partly due to write-downs of unsold BlackBerry 7 inventory. It still has $2.1 billion ...

Is Google planning iPad competitors?
Washington Post
The battle between Android and iOS may be getting more heated, with the rumored addition of a Google tablet store and future co-branded Google tablets. According to unidentified “people familiar with the matter” who spoke to the Wall Street Journal, ...

Repeat after me: There is no perfect smartphone
ZDNet (blog)
By Larry Dignan | March 30, 2012, 2:33am PDT Summary: Bottom line: There is no perfect smartphone. A lot of these devices are starting to blend together. And they will all annoy you, but in different ways. Jason Perlow wants to break up withAndroid.

ZDNet (blog)

4G Is A Big Confusing Mess! Let's Make It Simple, OK?
Business Insider
So who do you believe when two carriers are telling you they have the largest 4Gnetwork? No wonder why people are so confused when it comes to choosing a carrier or a plan or a new phone. With each one boasting the biggest or best or fastest or ...

Business Insider

Verizon's LTE iPad has one clear advantage over AT&T counterpart
Washington Post
The Verizon LTE-enabled version of Apple's new iPad has one clear advantage over its AT&T counterpart: the ability to act as a 4G mobile hotspot. But what sort of performance and longevity can buyers expect from this feature?

Google may sell tablet computers to boost Android use
Chicago Tribune
Google, looking to boost use of its Android operating system, plans to sell its own tablet computers later this year, a news report says. The search giant, which has normally stuck to producing software when it comes to the smartphone and tablet ...

Ahead of the Bell: Research in Motion
The Associated Press
BlackBerrys also lag iPhones or Android phones when it comes to running third-party applications. Touch-screen models that lack physical keyboards have largely flopped. The shift in strategy came amid a management shakeup that includes longtime ...

Report: Google Planning Online Store for Android Tablets
PC Magazine
By Damon Poeter Google is reportedly preparing to get back in the hardware retailing game with an online store to sell co-branded tablets running its Android mobile operating system that could launch this year. The search giant had mixed results with a ...

Young, affluent snap up smartphones
By Mike Snider, USA TODAY The smartphone continues to edge out traditional cellphones as the mobile device of choice, but there are holdouts among buyers. About 48% of smartphone owners have an Android device, while 32% own an Apple phone.


BlackBerry maker to cede most consumer markets
By ROB GILLIES Struggling BlackBerry maker Research in Motion Ltd. said Thursday that it will cede most consumer markets after failing to compete with flashier touch-screen phones such as Apple's iPhone and models that run Google's Android software.

BlackBerry Accounts For Only 5 Percent of U.S. Smartphone Sales: Rim CEO ...
International Business Times
By Surojit Chatterjee: Subscribe to Surojit's RSS feed The rise of Apple and Google in thesmartphone market has caused others to fall, notably RIM. The former powerhouse among business users has continued to lose market share, now accounting for five ...

BlackBerry maker to focus on business customers
The Associated Press
The Canadian company has long dominated the corporate smartphone market. Its BlackBerrys are known for their security and reliability as email devices. President Barack Obama even refused to part with his BlackBerry after he took office.

The Associated Press

Google to sell a branded tablet - Android game-changer?
ZDNet (blog)
But will it be enough to change public perceptions and get people to start purchasing Android-powered tablets instead of iPads? Naysayers have been quick to point out the dismal failure of Google's initial efforts to sell their Nexus One smartphone ...

Google to Sell Android Tablets Online, Report Says
Google hopes the move will increase the adoption of its Android operating system in tablets, the Journal reported, citing unnamed sources. But selling tablets online could be challenging, since consumers often prefer to see the hardware in person ...

Chinese Android Apps Are Bypassing Google's Play Store
But looking at the situation in China, amongst Chinese startups and major web companies alike, the picture doesn't look too good for Google's (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android OS, with its official app store, now called Google (NSDQ: GOOG) Play, generally being ...

New IPad '3' Release Date Came As Apple Solidified Smartphone Market Share: Study
International Business Times
By IBTimes Staff Reporter: Subscribe to IBTimes's RSS feed The release of the New iPad "3" earlier this month came as the Apple iPhone solidified itssmartphone market share. Apple's iPhone and Android devices have the USsmartphone market locked down ...

International Business Times

Report: Google to start selling Android tablets
By Brett Molina, USA TODAY Google reportedly plans on launching an online store to sell co-branded tablets running its Android operating system. According to the Wall Street Journal, the tablets will be manufactured by partners such as Samsung and Asus ...


Australia's IPad Problem Exposes LTE Roaming Challenge
The company had come under fire from Australia's competition authority for promoting the iPad 3 as a 4G device even though it's not compatible with any Australian LTE networks. iPad owners there have no option but to rely on 3G.

Dell Ditching Venue, Venue Pro, But Not US Smartphone Business
PC Magazine
Reports that Dell has exited the smartphone market in the US are "not true," Dell spokeswoman Ellen Murphy told PCMag. Dell ceased manufacturing of the Dell Venue Pro, which the company launched in 2010, and the Venue, a followup that Dell launched in ...

Google Android Tablet May be Sold Online, Challenge iPad: Report
International Business Times
By Surojit Chatterjee: Subscribe to Surojit's RSS feed The California based Internet search giant is reportedly working on a cheap android tablet that the company will release with a co-partnership with Asian tablet manufacturer - Asus.

For Struggling RIM, Sale Prospects Appear Tough
New York Times
RIM's value can generally be broken down into four areas: its hardware business; its vast network operating center, which processes the e-mails at the heart of its business; its messaging services; and its trove of smartphone and e-mail patents.

New York Times

PSA: TurboTax on Android is free through Sunday if you start your ...
By Dana Wollman
If you've ever filed your taxes on an iPad, you know Intuit's TurboTax app is free to download, but that you'll have to pay up once you're ready to submit those returns. But, in an effort to promote its newish apps for Android tablets and the Kindle ...

Android and iPhone Own Nearly The Entire U.S. Smartphone Market ...
By Jordan Golson
Thursday March 29, 2012 11:09 am PDT by Jordan Golson. The latest data from Nielsen suggests that between the two of them, Android and Apple's iOS have relegated othersmartphone operating systems to sub-single digit market share.
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors...

Android Overload: Flashable Stock 4.0.4 ROMS Available For ...
By Chris Chavez
It's been another successful day of bringing the best Android news from all around the planet. Congrats ... Android Overload: Flashable Stock 4.0.4 ROMS Available For Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S, Dell Plans For 2012 Smartphones and More ...
Android Phone Fans

Wall Street Journal says Google will sell its own tablets this year ...
By Michael Crider
All of the rumor and hearsay thus far points to a 7-inch tablet from Google, placing Android 4.0 in direct competition with the likes of the Kindle and the Nook. That would mean that the price would be $200 or less, an achievement requiring ...
Android Community

Why you'll likely see Sprint LTE phones sooner than later — Mobile ...
By Kevin C. Tofel
On Thursday, Fierce Wireless heard Sprint's SVP of networks, Bob Azzi, confirm that no additional WiMAX phones will be launched. With Sprint's move to LTE for mobile broadband, this may not surprise, but earlier in the year, the operator said ...

Hulu app lands on 7 Android tablets, no love for Samsung Galaxy ...
By Tom Cheredar
Streaming video service Hulu has finally launched its Hulu Plus app on a handful of tablets that run Android OS, the company announced today on its blog. The app is available for free in the Google Play store, but users must subscribe to ...

Hulu Plus launches on seven Android tablets | Ubergizmo
By George Wong
Hulu Plus subscribers with Android tablets now have a reason to jump for joy – the premium online video streaming service is now available for certain Android tablets. In an official announcement today ... In an official announcement today, Hulu mentioned that the Hulu Plus app is now available for the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime, ASUS Eee Pad Transformer,Motorola Xoom, Motorola Xyboard 10.1, Toshiba Thrive, Acer Iconia and LG G-Slate. The app has also been revamped ...

Hulu Plus Arrives on Seven Android Tablets. With a Brand New ...
By Rajiv Makhijani and Zachary Pinter
Download the Hulu Plus app from Google Play and experience a new way to watch TV with the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime, Asus Eee Pad Transformer, Motorola Xoom, MotorolaXYBoard 10.1, Toshiba Thrive, Acer Iconia and LG ...
Hulu Blog

Apple's War On Android
By The Huffington Post News Editors
AppleMacGeek AppleInsider - Google earns 80% of its mobile revenue from iOS, just 20% fromAndroid http://t.co/Aihehj4U · 1 hour ago from twitterfeed ... TechCrunch Nielsen: As U.S. NearsSmartphone Majority, It's A Two-Horse Race Between Android and Apple's i.. http://t.co/gUYiqJCzby @ingridlunden · 5 hours ago from WordPress.com VIP ... Google, Motorola told to give AppleAndroid info - Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal ...
The Full Feed from HuffingtonPost.com

Sprint won't launch any new WiMAX devices, exec confirms
By Dan Graziano
The announcement comes after Sprint previously confirmed that it would continue to offer 4G WiMAX devices through 2012 and support the service through 2015. Instead, the company plans to focus on its Network Vision project and upcoming ...
BGR: The Three Biggest Letters In Tech

Apple's legal war with Android receives major blow due to a 1994 ...
By Adrian Diaconescu
However, what they probably didn't think their little video would do is seriously hurt Apple's chances of winning the design patent war against Samsung and other Android tablet manufacturers, a war that is heading towards a conclusion these ...
Android Authority

DoubleTwist's New Alarm Clock For Android Wakes You With Your ...
By Sarah Perez
Sarah currently works as a writer for TechCrunch, after having previously spent over three years at ReadWriteWeb. Prior to becoming a professional blogger, Sarah worked in I.T. across a number of industries, including banking, retail and ...

Making the Android Developer Console work for your whole team ...
By Tim Bray
Today, we're making it easier to work together on analyzing and managing your publishedAndroid apps. Sharing passwords is generally a bad idea; so as of now, there's no need to do that for the Android Developer Console — everyone can ...
Android Developers Blog

Apple clarifies iPad 4G in Australia | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple ...
By Kelly Hodgkins
Apple is under fire for its iPad 4G marketing in Australia and facing legal action from a consumer watchdog group which claims the company's. ... It is not compatible with current Australian LTEnetworks and WiMAX networks. For service from a wireless carrier, sign up for a simple, month-by-month plan on your iPad and cancel anytime without penalty. Apple will also contact current iPad WiFi+4G owners and offer them a refund. Apple's not delaying on this and has already changed the ...
TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Australian regulators taking Apple to task over LTE compatibilty
All iPad WiFi + 4G models sold in Australia have this sticker attached. Apple is reportedly misleading Australian customers about LTE compatibility in its ... The iPad with Wi-Fi + 4G model can roam worldwide on fast GSM/UMTS networks, ... iOS wins over more new smartphonebuyers as Android holds steady · Bezos ...

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