Android fragmentation--a problem yet addressed

More stories on the Android "fragmentation" problem for Google (see below). Google has several options. First, and probably most important long-term, Google is the clear leader in browsers (including mobile browsers) with its Chrome browser. It is also worth noting that Google has 2 operating systems, Android and Chrome OS, which give it a variety of options going forward with the multiple device ecosystem predominant today. Finally, at some point, Google can reign in the carriers and/or take more control over how Android is deployed and updated. Stay tuned.

Android Devs Turned Off By Fragmentation
"If you look at all the other numbers, such as Android smartphone market share, it's on the upswing, but for app developers it's a real challenge." Google measures the incidence of each Android variant accessing Google Play in 14-day chunks.

Android Fragmentation Contributing to Platform's 'Slow Erosion'
PC Magazine
"This approach will help developers innovate across a crowded mobile landscape that has seeniOS, Android, and Windows 7 claim the top 3 spots, while RIM and others have experienced significant declines," according to the report.

Has Apple lost its design edge? Not quite
Separately, I also explain how wireless operators may be allowing 4G LTE subscribers to get a little more bang for their buck. It seems like a simple thing. But if Apple knows everyone wants a newly designed exterior on their new devices, ...

Why Is Android A Complete And Utter Failure In The Tablet Market? (GOOG, AAPL)
San Francisco Chronicle
The iPad is obliterating Android, and Microsoft has yet to even enter the race. At the end of February, Andy Rubin said there were 12 million Android tablets on the market. Apple sold a fourth of that in four days. It sells that many every three months ...

Apple Sells 3 Million iPads: What It Means
Apple sold more iPads in four days than RIM has sold PlayBooks and Motorola has sold Xooms--combined--in the last year. Apple revealed late Monday that it sold more than three million iPads worldwide between Friday, March 16 and Monday, March 19.

What does the new iPad mean to business?
Consider that before the iPad even hit store shelves, Apple had pushed out iOS 5.1; unveiled an updated version of the iWork suite; rolled out a slick iOS version of iPhoto; and released the new Apple Configurator tool for managing various iOS devices ...

Free Android Apps Packed with Ads are Major Battery Drains
By Ian Paul, PCWorld Mar 20, 2012 7:53 AM Free Android smartphone apps loaded with advertising such as Angry Birds may be a boon for your wallet, but the apps cost your handset some battery life, according to a new study.

Is the new iPad too hot to handle?
"Mine does get warm on the lower left side," writes user Paranoid-Android. "Not super hot, but uncomfortably warm." It's unclear whether this is just a case of the device generating more heat than earlier iPad models or if this has resulted in more ...


Survey: Developer interest in Windows Phone remains steady, declines for Android
The Seattle Times
While mobile developers are most interested in developing for Apple's iOS and Google'sAndroid platforms, interest remains high in developing for Windows Phone, despite weak sales. That's according to a new survey, being released today, conducted by ...

Chinese regulators holding up Google, Motorola deal
CNET (blog)
Google's $12.5 billion offer to acquire Motorola is facing a regulatory hurdle from China, which has extended its investigation into the merger. by Lance Whitney March 20, 2012 6:38 AM PDT Follow @lancewhit Google's bid to buy Motorola Mobility is ...

Fragmentation bomb wounds Android in developer war
A new study conducted by IDC and mobile-developer platform and services company Appcelerator has determined that as Google's open source Android operating system becomes more and more fragmented, fewer and fewer developers are putting it on their ...

Cell-to-Wi-Fi Roaming Is on the Way, but May Come With a Price
By Stephen Lawson, IDG News Getting your phone onto Wi-Fi networks may get a lot easier starting in about a year, but it won't necessarily get cheaper. The main trade groups for mobile operators and Wi-Fi hotspot providers are working out the details ...

Android And Linux Reunite After Two Year Separation
Wired News
By Cade Metz As it stands, Linux and Google's Android OS are still separate operating systems. But that may change now that Android code has been readmitted to a staging area for inclusion the Linux kernel, the core Linux code maintained by project ...

Survey: Developer interest in Android slowly eroding
“If you look at all the other numbers such as Android smartphone market share it's on the upswing, but for app developers it's a real challenge.” Even so, Android still easily generates the second-greatest level of interest among mobile developers, ...

NetZero offers free Wi-Fi, no contracts
Greenville News
By Roger Yu As the need to constantly check e-mail, Twitter and YouTube videos grows, more options are becoming available for entry-level wireless broadband users who don't want to be locked into a pricey long-term contract. NetZero, which shook the ...

Wireless industry works on simplifying Wi-Fi hotspot access
The GSMA and Wireless Broadband Alliance say that they're working toget to make it easy forsmartphone and tablet owners to connect to Wi-Fi hotspots. by Don Reisinger March 20, 2012 9:13 AM PDT Connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots from your smartphone or ...

Aiseesoft Updated iPhone Transfer Platinum Supports the iOS 5.1 and iTunes 10.6
MarketWatch (press release)
BEIJING, March 20, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Together with the release of the new iPad, the new iOS 5.1 was introduced in Apple's annual spring conference. To offer the best assistant software to the iPhone device running iOS 5.1, ...

Android App Developers Angry With Google For Slow Payments
Google's tardy payments to Android developers has unleashed a litany of complaints on the company's forums. The issues lit up Google's support pages, which are the primary point of contact between the company and its developers.

Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G (T-Mobile)
The bad: The Blaze 4G's promised data speeds didn't always deliver during my tests, and the chassis looks a little plain. The bottom line: With the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G, you're looking at a solid midrange Android smartphone that packs a punch, ...

Android app ads account for up to 75 percent of battery drain
ZDNet (blog)
By Adrian Kingsley-Hughes | March 20, 2012, 3:24am PDT Apps that serve ads account for up to 75 percent of app-related battery drain on Android smartphones, according to research carried out by Purdue University and Microsoft [PDF].

ZDNet (blog)

Want your Android device battery to last longer? Pay for apps
ZDNet (blog)
By James Kendrick | March 20, 2012, 9:03am PDT Summary: The ads appearing in free apps may be using three times as much of the battery on Android devices than the apps themselves. A research project by Purdue shows that a big drain ofAndroid device ...

ZDNet (blog)

Wi-Fi Roaming Tech Will Let You Hop Between Hotspots
Instead, you had to continually look up the nearest cell tower and log into each one as you do with a Wi-Fi hotspot. Now imagine it the other way around: Your cellphone — or tablet — would automatically log into Wi-Fi hotspots as it does with cell ...

NetZero Launches 'Free' Wireless Broadband
PC Magazine
By Mark Hachman NetZero said Monday that it has entered the market for a "free" wirelessbroadband service - at least until a year is up. NetZero will offer a pair of plans, ranging from the "free" 1-Mbit connection up to a $49.95, 10-Mbit connection, ...

NetZero Offers Free 4G Wireless Service
NetZero Wireless, a subsidiary of United Online Inc. (NASDAQ: UNTD), announced the launch of NetZero 4G mobile broadband, protected Internet service for notebooks, iPads and other tablets, and netbooks. The service, which launches this week in more ...

Apple's new iPad: Still on the fence about whether to buy it? Join the club
Washington Post
The big question for many techies who may already have the original iPad, the iPad 2, or anAndroid, is whether to upgrade. Hayley Tsukayama rounds up the advice of some of the nation's top reviewers: For anyone looking to buy an Apple tablet who ...

China stalls investigation into Google, Motorola: Merger on hold
ZDNet (blog)
By Zack Whittaker | March 20, 2012, 3:45am PDT Summary: With one hurdle left, after the DoJ and European authorities accepted the deal, China is still causing headaches for Google in its proposed acquisition of Motorola Mobility.

LightSquared tries to revive broadband network
By ANICK JESDANUN A Virginia company is trying to revive its plan for a national high-speed wireless network, arguing that it can address federal regulators' concerns over interference with GPS devices. LightSquared's bid won't be easy.

Google porn-bans Reddit Android app for linking to… Reddit
ZDNet (blog)
Shu tells me that a member from the Android Developer Relations team (found via G+) encouraged Shu to enter the appeals process. Yet there is still no word from Google Play as to the app's fate, or why the app has been treated so harshly.

New iPad 16GB WiFi + 4G Costs $630: Guess How Much Profit Apple Makes?
International Business Times
The 16GB version of the new iPad, which also comes equipped with 4G LTE, is on sale for a whopping $630, but according to a preliminary teardown analysis performed by market research firm IHS iSuppli, the new iPad costs Apple no more than $360 to ...

Jailbreak and Unlock iPhone 4/4S/3gs Latest iOs 5.1 Released Now
The Star-Ledger -
By mariel444 The best way to Unlock and Untethered Jailbreak apple iphone 4/4S iOS 5.0.1 with EasyRa1n 0.9.9b8 on iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad 1, apple ipod touch 4G, 3G. As a result of Dev-team as Appleunlocker still in a position to jailbreak/unlock iOS 5.0.1 ...

Fitbit for Android helps track your I/O -- Engadget
By Andrew Munchbach
The fitness fanatics from Fitbit are looking to aid and abet the Android-loving, calorie-counting masses. The company has announced the ... NetZero launches '4G' wireless service, we go hands-on. 1 day ago. How would you change the Nook ...

Android Overload: Linux Unites With Android, Zynga To Buy Draw ...
By Chris Chavez
The world of Android never sleeps and neither do we. Well, okay -- maybe we ... But before we turn in for the evening, we want to make sure that we left no story behind and that's why we have the Android Overload. This is where we stash all ...
Android Phone Fans » Carrier WiFi Moves Ahead
By Sam Churchill covers current developments in broadband wireless, including WiMAX, LTE,WiFi and mobile aps. Online ... The GSM Association and the Wireless Broadband Alliance aim to integrate license-free WiFi into their commercial carrier products to ease the traffic load on their crowded licensed networks. ... This Next Generation Hotspot initiative from the WirelessBroadband Alliance is a counterpart to the Hotspot 2.0 device specifications promoted by the Wi-Fi Alliance.

Latest Linux kernel release adds Android code | Android Community
By Michael Crider
Today that association gets a little closer, as the primary Linux kernel version 3.3 is adding some Android-specific code into the primary development branch. Android is technically a “fork” of Linux, but this brings a little of the work that Google ...
Android Community

Linux Throws a Bit of Android Into 3.3 Kernel
By Richard Adhikari
Linus Torvalds, the father of Linux, announced version 3.3 of the kernel Sunday. Among the most noteworthy changes found in 3.3 is the merging of kernel code from the Android project. Linux 3.3 also includes support for a new architecture, ...

Reddit Android app gets banned from Google Play app store ...
By Tom Cheredar
A third-party Android app for community news sharing site Reddit has been banned from the Google Play app store today. Both the free and pro version of the app, called "Reddit is Fun," have been removed from Google's store. The reason is ...

Roaming: the missing piece to the smartphone-Wi-Fi puzzle ...
By Kevin Fitchard
Soon your smartphone will be able to connect seamlessly to your mobile operator's Wi-Fihotspots. But what about hotspots that your carrier doesn't manage? It turns out the world of Wi-Fi roaming is a whole new bag of problems, but the ...

iOS Gaming is About to Get Massively Social -- and Asynchronous
By Lance Ulanoff
... it's also at the heart of the popular Infinity Blade II's new ClashMob feature. Infinity Blade, which across two versions and a book has grossed over $30 million dollars, has amassed a loyal following on the iPhone and iPad (but not Android).
Mashable » Tech

LogMeIn to provide Android mobile support for HTC | Ubergizmo
By George Wong
LogMeIn to provide Android mobile support for HTC. By George Wong on 03/19/2012 16:51 PDT. LogMeIn Rescue Today LogMeIn, the company behind remote access and remote desktop software apps for PCs, Macs and mobile devices, ...

Ask TUAW: SSDs, Bug Reports, and "4G" iPhones | TUAW - The ...
Since last we rounded up reader questions, we've seen the release of the iPhone 4S, iOS 5, iCloud, the announcement of OS X Mountain Lion, and, of course, the new iPad. You can head down ... The new iPad supports Verizon and AT&T's 4G LTE networks, which most folks agree is "next-generation" technology. However, the AT&T iPhone 4S supports a technology called HSPA+, which is considered a version of 4G by most carriers; Android HSPA+ phones have said4G for a while.
TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Panasonic unveils smartphone-syncing rice cooker – Cell Phones ...
By Natalie Shoemaker
The company has developed a series of rice cookers for the Japanese market that can be controlled by an Android smartphone device. By hovering said smartphone over the blue indicator (pictured above), consumers will be able to set the ...

Android Versus IPad
By Jay Yarow
Android eventually caught up... This time is different. Apple can sell iPads to everyone and it doesn't have to worry about Verizon or AT&T limiting the customer base. The iPad is cheaper than anything from rivals. Nobody has a comparable product at a .... In the tablet market, there is no "go to the carrier store" impulse because people aren't already on contracts and because Apple has made it so that even if you do want 4G service on your iPad, you can activate it yourself in seconds.
Business Insider

The No. 1 app on iOS and Android is OMGPOP's 'Draw Something ...
By Jordan Kahn · Tweet. March 19, 2012 at 12:46 pm. Pictionary-like drawing ...

Glancee's SXSW Adventure: Battling Bad WiFi, Battery Drain & The ...
By Richard MacManus
The wifi, as always the case at SXSW, was spotty and I didn't have his cellphone number. So for about 10 minutes we each wandered around the lobby, inside and out, looking for the other. Until a message popped up on my iPhone. Ah, WiFi ...

Android Apps - Google Help
Official Google Play Help Center where you can find tips and tutorials on using Google Play and other answers to frequently asked questions.

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